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Deep Ellum Art Company’s Live Music Venue To Spice Things Up in Dallas, Texas For Music and Art Lovers

The leading venue, Deep Ellum Art Company is looking to up the game in 2023

Dallas, Texas, United States, 20th Mar 2023 – Deep Ellum Art Company has reached out to the public of Dallas by announcing that it will be taking things up a notch when it comes to fulfilling requirements as a live music venue in Dallas, TX. This exciting new addition to the area will bring a unique and vibrant atmosphere for residents and visitors alike. With its state-of-the-art sound system, comfortable seating, and inviting atmosphere, this live music venue offers an experience that can’t be found anywhere else in Dallas. Music lovers from all walks of life can come together to enjoy a night out filled with great music and great company.

The venue also features a backyard for guests to enjoy the Texas weather with their favorite drinks and snacks. With its diverse lineup of local and national acts, It is the perfect place to enjoy live music in Dallas, TX. This amazing venue is open 7 days a week and offers something for everyone. From live music and art classes to an art gallery with local art for purchase and a huge drink selection, there’s something for everyone at this unique venue. Plus, it even has food trucks available to satisfy customers’ hunger. Whether someone’s looking for a laid-back evening or an energetic night out on the town, this venue is taking Dallas by storm. Come experience the best live music in Dallas at Deep Ellum Art Company.

The 5000 sqft. interior of the mixed-use creative facility in Dallas is a great example of this. It combines an art gallery with projection mapping technology, a state-of-the-art live music venue, and a full bar. This innovative facility provides an amazing experience for both locals and visitors alike to enjoy live music in Dallas. Whether it’s an intimate acoustic show or a headbanging electronic music show, this live music venue is the one to visit. Including the 15,000 sq. ft. venue outside which is a great venue for hosting outdoor art events as well.

“We are thrilled about our new live music venue in Dallas TX and we can’t wait to show our guests what we have in store for them,” said the spokesperson. They also added, “We believe this is going to be one of the most exciting venues in town and we look forward to making it a place where people can come together, enjoy great music, and have an unforgettable time.”

The Dallas TX live music venue is excited to spice things up and bring a new level of entertainment to the city. According to the spokesperson of the venue, they are looking forward to providing an unforgettable experience for their guests and are confident that they will be able to deliver on that promise.


About Deep Ellum Art Company

Deep Ellum Art Company is a popular venue in Dallas, TX. The venue is based around promoting art and helping local and global artists to a stage where the Dallas-based public can enjoy their performances.

Media Contact

Organization: Deep Ellum Art Company

Contact Person: Media Contact

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 214-697-8086


Address 1: 3200 Commerce St.

City: Dallas

State: Texas

Country: United States

Release Id: 2003232820

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Hudson Lofts Completes Overhaul of Fitness Center

West New York, New Jersey Mar 20, 2023 ( – The Hudson Lofts, a 111 year old textile mill turned luxury apartment building, has completed a round of large upgrades to their fitness center. The classic brick clad edifice located at 6200 Hudson Avenue in West New York boasts a well equipped fitness center located six floors up on the top level, where prime NYC views greet residents.

“In response to a changing fitness landscape, the fitness center at Hudson Lofts is now featuring a brand new Pilates reformer, in addition to new treadmills, a rower, and more” – says Zack Evar, the property manager at the community.

Residents are already enjoying the new equipment, and the enhanced atmosphere, in the Hudson Lofts fitness center. The apartment complex, one of the first to open in a growing wave of luxurious new multifamily residential developments scattered throughout West New York, plays off of the historic industrial energy of the stout building. While others have built new ground-up developments, the developers at Hudson Lofts felt it important to let the building stand, and expand upon it. The results show – soaring 19 foot ceilings and exposed brick walls are bountiful throughout the building’s four residential floors.

About Hudson Lofts

Hudson Lofts is a luxury rental community of 56 loft style apartments with various 1 and 2 bedroom layouts located at 6200 Hudson Avenue in West New York, New Jersey. For more, visit

Media Contact

Hudson Lofts

[email protected]



Source :Hudson Lofts

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With the Copper Crunch Still Looming, Keep an Eye on Trigon Metals

As the race to renewables heats up the demand for electrification, the increasing demands for copper are set to lead us deep into a copper crunch. Exacerbating the situation are political tensions in large copper-producing nations.

Vancouver, British Columbia Mar 19, 2023 ( – We’ve been hearing about the demands that the race toward electrification and renewable energy will place on copper for a while. However, looking at the price data alone, you’d be forgiven for thinking this theory is far from playing out.

Unfortunately, price data alone doesn’t tell the whole story, with inflation-driven rate rises playing a significant role in suppressing copper prices over the post-Covid recovery period. Recently, commodity strategist at WisdomTree, Nitesh Shah, told Reuters that “every time there’s an indication of more hawkish policy, markets fall further.”

However, the effects of inflation will only work to temporarily suppress copper markets, with FOMC estimates forecasting the PCE deflator to fall back to 2.8% by the end of this year, and a return to the Fed target rate of 2% by the end of 2025.

Further, alarming figures are emerging as LME warehouse stockpile figures tumble to historical lows across the board, with copper stockpiles, in particular, falling to the lowest level in 17 years. This deficit, combined with decreasing inflation over the course of this year, is leading analysts at Goldman Sachs to predict copper prices will hit a record $11,000 a ton by year-end.

And this won’t be a temporary blip on the price charts, either, with the supply side’s inability to match global demand being exacerbated by increasing political risks in major copper-producing nations such as Peru, Chile, and the DRC.

All of this is combining to create an urgent demand for new copper projects to not only meet growing demand from the global electrification race, but also to secure the supply chain by moving copper production into more geopolitically favorable regions.

Trigon Metals Inc. Eyes Morocco for Copper and Silver Production

Trigon Metals Inc. (TSXV: TM | FRA: TZU2 | (OTCQB: PNTZF) is one of a handful of companies leading the charge to secure copper supplies over the next decade and beyond by developing projects within politically-stable, mining-friendly African continent jurisdictions.

A particular focus for Trigon Metals here is its Silver Hill project in Morocco — a nation that is not only politically stable, but also has a rich history as a major historical copper supplier. In fact, according to Trigon Metals Director Mohammed Benharref, Morocco was the world’s largest supplier of copper and silver between the 13th and 17th centuries. This led him to believe that “there’s a lot to discover, based on what has been done in the past.”

However, while extensive copper resources may well be an asset going in its favor, Morocco is also notable for its political and economic stability, with the country being widely regarded as a low-risk environment for international business on both fronts. It has also firmly established itself as the premier commercial gateway to Africa, serving as a crucial bridge to Europe and the rest of the world.

Trigon Metals Assay Results Confirm Silver Hill as Valuable Copper Site

Fortunately, recent exploration at the Silver Hill site has confirmed Benharref’s belief in Morocco as a potential copper-producing heavyweight, with the results of geophysical surveys showing promising signs of high copper and silver mineralization near the surface. These indications were then further backed up by the results from both drill- and trench-based testing.

Most recently, assay results from a four-hole drill program returned 14 meters of 1.08% copper and 74 parts per million silver. Jed Richardson, Trigon Metals CEO, noted that “the drilling lines up with one of the changeability anomalies from the geophysical survey.”

Further, the drill program also corroborated the results of an earlier trench testing on the site some 2km away, confirming the extensive mineralization present at the Silver Hill site.

Estimating the implied value of the mineralization observed on site, Richardson comments, “that’s $250/tonne metal over 14 meters” at the drill site, “and the trench we dug, some 2 kilometers distant is even better, with an implied value of almost $400/tonne.”

Silver Hill Promising Target for Further Exploration and Development

With the assay results from both the trench and drill program aligning with the promising geophysical surveys conducted at Silver Hill, Trigon is now gearing up for further drill programs targeting even stronger anomalies.

On this, Richardson says that “the strongest anomalies from that survey are places we have not tested, and those targets are our next bit of work at Silver Hill.” In addition, Trigon is also working to secure additional land or possible grant of a new land package for the project.

Once this work is complete, the company will be looking to quickly ramp up production at the site, which it is confident will pose no problem. Both Richardson and Benharref confirm that Morocco is a highly-favorable mining jurisdiction, not only for the ability to get projects permitted easily but also for its world-class infrastructure and a ready supply of mining professionals.

Trigon Metals Inc., an Undervalued Copper Miner With Big Upside Potential

Far from being a one-trick junior mining pony, Trigon also has its advanced-stage Kombat copper project in Namibia to keep an eye on. With a full feasibility study already completed, the company is looking to ramp up production at the site soon, which is expected to return an EBITA of about US$0.55/lb (Cu Eq Lb) mining a total of 1.5Mt ore, at an average grade of 1.14% copper and 7.49 g/t silver.

With the Kombat project already at an advanced pre-production stage and Silver Hill showing a high probability of widespread high-grade mineralization, the coming year is indeed an exciting time for Trigon Metals.

Further, with copper prices unlikely to remain suppressed for long as inflation eases and supplies dwindle in the face of increasing demand, there’s a solid case to be made that Trigon remains significantly undervalued.

With that said, nothing is certain, and there remains a minority of analysts asserting copper price suppression will be an ongoing theme for the remainder of the year. However, if such a scenario were to play out, all it would be doing is delaying the inevitable, making Trigon Metals a must-watch for any mining investor looking for a solid copper bet.

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2251 S Fort Apache Road, Apt 2060

Source :Born2Invest

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Blue Chip Comics Announces Launch of BattleSpecies NFT, the Future of Digital Art

March 19, 2023 – Blue Chip Comics, the world-renowned digital media company, is thrilled to announce the highly-anticipated launch of BattleSpecies, a groundbreaking sci-fi comic for the digital age, exclusively available as an NFT on the Polygon blockchain.


In a post-apocalyptic world where humanity has been devastated by an alien invasion, the world’s strongest superhumans emerge as the final hope for salvation. The limited-edition BattleSpecies NFT will be available for only 4500 lucky fans and collectors, providing an exclusive and highly sought-after addition to any collection.


But the BattleSpecies NFT is more than just a collectible; it’s a key to a universe of exclusive content, including new editions of the comic, episodes of the anime, digital avatars, online games, random gifts, airdrops, and much more. Holders of the BattleSpecies NFT will be among the privileged few to enjoy access to this exclusive content.

As an investment, the BattleSpecies NFT is also an exciting proposition, with the potential to grow in value over time. Blue Chip Comics has a clear vision for the future, and the BattleSpecies NFT is just the first step towards becoming the world’s leading digital media company.


“BattleSpecies represents a new era of digital art and entertainment,” said Blue Chip Comics CEO, Kang Le. “We’re excited to share this groundbreaking project with fans and collectors around the world, and we’re confident that it will exceed their expectations in every way.”


The launch date for BattleSpecies is March 19, 2023, and fans and collectors are urged to act fast to secure their limited edition NFT. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a piece of digital art history and gain access to exclusive content that can’t be found anywhere else.


Minting will be live on March 19, 2023. The battle starts now!

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KUMMUNI, the Berlin-Based Real Estate Startup is Revolutionizing Short-Term Rentals

Berlin,Germany — KUMMUNI offers short-term rental options to international students and young professionals

Berlin, Germany–KUMMUNI, a Berlin-based real estate startup, has introduced a groundbreaking concept to the market. As the first and only CoLiving company, KUMMUNI offers its tenants the freedom to choose their furniture at no additional cost. The entire process, from applying for an apartment to selecting furniture and requesting facility support, is conducted online. The company has already tested its business model with hundreds of tenants and units throughout Berlin and is now ready to take the next step in the market. The company’s unique feature of allowing tenants to choose their furniture style sets them apart from competitors, giving tenants the freedom to make their new home their own.

At KUMMUNI, home is where everyone’s story begins. The company’s focus on diversity and inclusivity ensures that every tenant feels welcome, regardless of their language, race, or nationality. The company’s goal is to provide affordable furnished apartments to young professionals and international students. KUMMUNI offers a range of fully furnished and shared apartments, accommodating hundreds of foreign tenants annually.

Professionals at KUMMUNI understand that finding an apartment can be quite a hustle, which is why the company provides a hassle-free experience. All costs, including energy and internet, are included in the monthly rent. Necessary repairs are also completed by KUMMUNI at no extra cost. KUMMUNI’s success in the real estate industry has attracted the attention of venture capitalists. The best thing about the company is that it’s not seeking funding from anywhere but VCs are approaching the company to invest in it. KUMMUNI’s unique approach to short-term rentals has put them in high demand among VC firms.

KUMMUNI’s commitment to utilizing technology to overcome discrimination in housing is just one of the ways the company is transforming the real estate industry. With KUMMUNI, tenants can expect a safe, affordable, and comfortable space to call home. KUMMUNI’s CEO and co-founder, Toomaj Freydouny, had this to say about the company’s success: “We are thrilled with the positive response we have received from tenants and VC firms. Our unique approach to short-term rentals has set us apart from the competition, and we are excited to continue growing and expanding our business. At KUMMUNI, we believe that everyone deserves a safe and comfortable space to call home, and we are committed to making that a reality.”

KUMMUNI’s dedication to providing affordable, furnished apartments to young professionals and international students has made them a leader in the short-term rental industry. With the company’s digitalized workflow process and tenant-focused approach, KUMMUNI is changing the way people think about renting a home.

People looking to find a suitable place for a rental can visit the official website of KUMMUNI today and upgrade their style of living. 

About the Company:

KUMMUNI, a startup in the real estate industry located in Berlin, offers fully furnished apartments and CoLiving spaces to young professionals and international students, with the added benefit of allowing tenants to choose their furniture style without incurring extra costs.

Media Contact

Company name: KUMMUNI

Contact person: Jennifer Seidel

Email: [email protected]


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Kanban Tool launches its AI Assistant to make project management smarter and more efficient

Katowice,Poland, EU — Kanban Tool’s AI Assistant provides personalized suggestions for project workflows, checklists, and tasks, improving efficiency and productivity.

Kanban Tool Launches Groundbreaking AI Assistant Feature for Visual Project Management on Kanban Boards.

Kanban Tool, a leading provider of online project management software, is proud to announce the launch of its groundbreaking AI Assistant. This innovative feature integrates cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to help users work more efficiently, stay ahead of the curve, and achieve their project goals.

Kanban Tool’s AI Assistant for Kanban Boards introduces a game-changing approach by generating tailored suggestions for workflows, card types, checklists, and tasks. By using machine learning algorithms, the AI Assistant can analyze user needs and suggest optimal workflows and checklists for each project, allowing users to work smarter, not harder.

“Artificial Intelligence is a game changer and has the power to revolutionize the way we work,” said a Kanban Tool spokesperson. “With Kanban Tool’s AI Assistant, we empower users to work smarter and stay focused on their goals. Our team is proud to be at the forefront of this technology, and we look forward to continuing to innovate and deliver powerful solutions for our clients.”

Kanban Tool is the first visual project management service that offers Kanban Boards with smart AI Assistant suggestions based on user-provided descriptions. This groundbreaking feature sets Kanban Tool apart from its competitors and reaffirms the company’s commitment to providing innovative and efficient project management solutions.

“With this integration, we are yet again pioneering the online project management space,” said the Kanban Tool spokesperson. “By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, the AI Assistant provides users with recommendations that help them achieve better results and stay focused on their goals. With its user-friendly interface and powerful functionality, the AI Assistant is a must-have for any team looking to take project management to the next level.”

Developed by Shore Labs, Kanban Tool started in 2009 as one of the first online visual management services and quickly gained a global presence in 100+ countries. Their goal is to continue to lead the way in offering easy-to-use, innovative, efficient, and affordable project management platforms for business teamwork.

The AI Assistant power-up for Kanban Tool is now available to all users. To learn more and get started, visit:

About Shore Labs:

Shore Labs is a fast-growing web development company that specializes in providing innovative web applications. Since its founding in 2009, Shore Labs has established a global presence through the success of its flagship product, Kanban Tool. Kanban Tool has received several awards and recognitions, including SOURCEFORGE’s “Top Performer” in Spring 2022 and was listed on Software Advice “Front Runners,” Capterra SHORTLIST 2022, and GetApp Category Leaders 2022. The experienced developers are dedicated to providing custom solutions that help businesses streamline their processes and improve productivity.

Media Contact

Company Name: Shore Labs / Kanban Tool

Contact Person: Zbigniew Zemła

Email: [email protected]


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Queensland CTP Claim Scheme Review – Splatt Lawyers, CTP Lawyers Explain

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia — An essential review involving discussions with relevant stakeholders will occur in 2023 and is estimated for completion by the end of the year.

Splatt Lawyers – a Brisbane personal injury law firm with a team of expert CTP lawyers, welcomes the Queensland Government’s announcement of the compulsory third-party (CTP) insurance scheme review.

The review will be conducted by MAIC as requested by the Hon. Cameron Dick MP and will seek to find opportunities to enhance the sustainability of the CTP programme. The good news for Queensland motorists is that there will be no change in calculating insurance premiums or the compensation benefits paid for CTP claims to injured road users.

MAIC reports that the insurance scheme brings in $1.7 billion in gross premiums and levies annually. The outstanding claims liability across the four licensed insurers is estimated at over $3 billion. Annually, there are approximately 7,500 claims lodged against the scheme allowing injured motorists to seek timely and fair compensation benefits for their injuries and access rehabilitation and treatment to assist recovery.

All Australian states and territories have CTP personal injury compensation schemes. However, they differ significantly in their underwriting model, coverage, design, delivery mechanisms and the benefits provided to injured persons. These design elements influence the cost of third-party insurance coverage. Queensland is one of four Australian states that use a private underwritten CTP insurance scheme featuring four different insurers (AAI, Allianz, QBE and RACQ).

Queensland’s compulsory third-party insurance scheme is widely acknowledged as one of Australia’s best, delivering fair and fast compensation payouts to people injured in car accidents where they were not at fault. The announcement is timely, given the CTP system was last reviewed in 2016.

Kerry Splatt, Brisbane law firm principal, welcomes the review, stating that Splatt Lawyers has a 28-year history of helping injured Queensland motorists negotiate the sometimes challenging CTP insurance claim system to access their fair personal injury compensation.

He stated that of Australia’s centrally funded schemes, Queensland’s CTP scheme had one of the best payout systems for injured road users with efficient administrative costs, making it an Australian leader in third-party insurance systems.

“Mr Splatt stated that the Queensland CTP insurance scheme is among the best in Australia, citing its financial soundness and fairness to all stakeholders.”

MAIC has released a discussion paper for the 2023 review, which seeks feedback on Queensland’s CTP scheme from key industry stakeholders and the greater community.

This discussion paper reviews various issues related to the CTP scheme in Queensland and encourages feedback on potential improvements.

Kerry Splatt welcomes the opportunity for ongoing improvements to the Queensland accident insurance scheme, which is already acknowledged as stable, affordable, and well-managed; continual improvement is one of the vital factors in the scheme’s success.

“I support competition between third-party insurance companies to maintain our competitive edge in Australia, with the same number of (or more) accident insurers and keeping premiums affordable.”

Insurance providers will likely attempt to reduce operating costs by limiting the rights of injured road users during the review process. This behaviour has been observed during previous CTP insurance scheme reviews. Kerry stated, “Splatt Lawyers takes motorists’ legal rights seriously and relentlessly pursues all their due entitlements.”

“As one of Queensland’s leading car accident compensation law firms, we see the significant consequences collisions have on the lives of everyday people by the actions of negligent road users. The CTP insurance scheme must maintain its track record of providing equitable and appropriate results for those harmed on the road.”

Media Contact

Company Name: Splatt Lawyers

Contact Person: Michael Ford

Email: [email protected]


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Arizona Hope-Centered Curriculum For Private Schools | EI Program Expanded

The company’s recently expanded emotional intelligence curriculum has been hailed as a hope-centered program because it teaches students practical goal-setting and goal-achieving skills to increase their sense of hope for the future. Private school educators can implement this EI curriculum, called “My Best Me,” as a one-hour session each week or tailor it to their classroom schedule, to complement their primary academic syllabus.

Interested parties can learn more at

With its updated curriculum, Hope Rising seeks to improve the learning environment and optimize academic success at private schools across Arizona. “My Best Me” has been proven to result in reduced classroom disruptions, fewer disciplinary actions needed, better education outcomes, and heightened academic performance among Pre-K-12 students.

The conversation around emotional intelligence has been intensifying within Arizona school districts in the past few years. In a 2020 review, the Arizona Department of Education outlined the need for including emotional intelligence competencies in Arizona school curriculums. This need has only increased since, aggravated by the social interruption and isolation challenges experienced by students during quarantines.

The concept of Hope Rising’s curriculum, “My Best Me,” is rooted in this definition of hope: “Hope is the belief that tomorrow will be better than today, and that you have the power to make it so”. As such, the program teaches students practical skills for setting personal and academic goals. Students then learn how to develop a pathway to achieve their set objectives. Setting goals and making them happen helps build students’ confidence and personal accountability, while also encouraging them to be actively engaged in directing their own education.

Schools implementing “My Best Me” have reported higher graduation rates, increased respect for authority, and improved grades. Educators using this interactive curriculum have also reported a decrease in issues like absenteeism, unwanted teen pregnancies, suicides, bullying, violence, and suspensions.

About Hope Rising

Hope Rising strives to provide educators and students with a comprehensive curriculum that intersects hope and emotional intelligence. With a core team, advisory board, and board of directors with diverse backgrounds in education, social work, and social sciences, the company uses scientific research to design its curriculum, which has resulted in measurable improvements for schools around the world.

Interested parties can learn more and preview Hope Rising’s EI curriculum by visiting

Hope Rising
[email protected]
3750 West Main Street
Suite AA
United States

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El Segundo Creative Marketing Strategy For Memorable Brand Building Guide Launch

With the latest report, the agency continues to expand its library of guides and frameworks to encourage companies to think differently about their communication with potential clients. The guide highlights differentiation, memorability, emotional connection, shareability, and innovation as the key elements of a successful brand strategy developed with creativity in mind.

More information is available at

LO:LA’s latest guide argues that creativity is essential for promoting a brand, helping a business capture clients’ attention more easily. The agency states that since the goal of all businesses is to stand out and be remembered, utilizing creative marketing approaches can be an effective way to achieve this.

A brand encompasses the entire identity of a company and its products or services. As such, in today’s crowded marketplace, differentiation is important for businesses looking to succeed, the agency says.

LO:LA explains that, when consumers are presented with numerous options, they often choose the one that grabs their interest first. By creating a strong, memorable brand, businesses can build trust and loyalty among their target audience and also increase customer awareness and recognition.

To create a memorable marketing campaign, companies must first identify their unique selling proposition and target market. They should then tailor their branding and messaging to appeal to this audience, the agency says.

According to the guide, using consistent colors, logos, and fonts across all marketing materials is a proven approach that companies should embrace to create a cohesive and recognizable brand identity.

An excerpt from the guide reads: “Creativity helps to differentiate your brand from competitors. When you use creative marketing techniques, you set your brand apart and help it to stand out in a sea of similar products or services. In today’s marketplace, consumers are bombarded with advertising messages from countless brands every day. To capture their attention, you need to stand out.”

LO:LA offers several customizable marketing services to help businesses launch and scale their brand. This includes its unique ‘brand in a box’ solution, designed to give clients a strong foundation for online success.

The service includes niche-specific guidelines for content creation, practical strategies for communicating with customers, and mechanisms for establishing a clear brand voice and online identity. The team will present a clear vision for the client’s brand, and help them to achieve their visibility goals.

Those wishing to find out more can visit:

London : Los Angeles (LO:LA)
[email protected]

840 Apollo Street
Suite 100
United States

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Entrepreneur Shereena Delgado Helps Young Girls Develop Confidence Through Modeling Academy

Shereena D

White Plains, New York Mar 19, 2023 ( – Serial Entrepreneur and Social Media Influencer Shereena Delgado announced today that she is seeking to help young girls develop confidence through modeling and mentorship via her Modeling Academy “Straight Walk Runway“. Aware of the challenges that many young girls face when it comes to confidence and self-esteem, Delgado is committed to using her expertise in the modeling industry and her Christian faith to empower young girls to become confident, successful women.

According to Delgado, modeling can be a powerful tool to help young girls build self-confidence and develop a positive self-image. Many girls struggle with body image and self-esteem issues, and modeling can provide an avenue for them to learn how to celebrate and love their unique features.

As a successful model and entrepreneur herself, Delgado understands the importance of having strong female role models. She believes that mentorship is an essential component of empowering young girls to succeed in life. Through her mentorship via her Modeling Academy: Straight Walk Runway, Delgado is committed to providing young girls with the guidance and support they need to achieve their goals.

Shereena Delgado is a devout Christian and believes that her faith plays a role in her work as a mentor and entrepreneur. She sees every young girl as a child of God and believes that it is her duty to help them realize their full potential.

“I am excited to launch this new initiative and help young girls develop confidence through modeling and mentorship,” said Delgado. “As a Christian, I believe that it is important to use my gifts and talents to serve and help others. I hope that my work will inspire young girls to become confident, successful women who know that they are loved and valued.”

For more information about Shereena Delgado’s modeling academy please contact her directly via email.


Straight Walk RunwayShereena DShereena DStraight Walk Runway

Media Contact

Straight Walk Runway



Source :Shereena Delgado

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