Musician Rouzbeh Merati got numerous opportunities by traveling around the world.


Every day when we scroll through social media, we come across a handful of influencers and travellers who are sharing their journey. But hardly we come across someone who possesses multiple skills. Rouzbeh Merati is one of those multi-faceted personalities. He is a  Musician .

He had been a guitar player who dreamt of travelling the globe playing music. He has his roots in Tehran, Iran and has established a lot of strong connections in the music industry.

He has spent many years travelling and performing around the world. Rouzbeh has closely observed the events behind the curtain which helped him to develop an Entrepreneurial mind and gave the idea to invest in Music Festivals around the world and even hosting his own Music Festival in Turkey which would be taking place in 2022.

Travelling makes you more social. You learn to make friends out of strangers and get more comfortable talking to new people. You’re going to feel a lot more confident in your ability to achieve anything you set your mind to. You will develop adaptability in every situation.

Travelling will make you smart. You’ll learn about people, history, and culture, and arcane facts about places some people could only dream about. In short, you’ll have a better understanding of how everything works.

Rouzbeh has shared very thoughtful experiences that might motivate us to travel more

You can follow his official Instagram handle: @meratsound



Keagan Hoffman, born in Tokyo, Japan, has been creating art since a very young age. After the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, Hoffman decided to move to the United States to secure his dream career of creating art, music, and fashion for everyone to share, adore, and inevitably copy.

Hoffman shared with us that his first time learning graphic design was through pixel art, a very out-dated, simple application. He learned that usually you don’t need a bunch of fancy tools to spread a message and create ideas. And I’ve heard this narrative a lot to be honest, this type of thinking is what drives a lot of artists to success.

Currently living in Los Angeles, California, Hoffman has come a long way since then. He is now a known designer in the U.S music scene, and a very popular influencer for fashion and style on the internet.


Hoffman is known for designing many album covers and merchandise designs for many Los Angeles singers and rappers. You’ve probably seen a Keagan Hoffman piece and never even knew it. But his biggest claim to fame is an entire trend that he created and watched become an every-day style choice. Hoffman is known for creating the “Chained” Nike Air Force 1’s seen on people like Playboi Carti and more. Yes you heard me correct. He is the one who first put small silver chains through the laces of Nike Air Force 1’s. The trend that exploded on the internet, Hoffman visualized, and created himself.

Since the massive success of many of his ideas, Hoffman has since worked with artists such as Thouxanbanfauni, Hella Sketchy, Drippinsopretty, Lil Tracy, Lil CandyPaint, Xavier Wulf, Ghoulavelii, Kamiyada, Cold Hart, Atlantic Records and many more.


He plans on releasing more clothes through his brand “Soviet Angels” and more music as “Keagan Hoffman”. Be sure to check out the man of many talents! And don’t be afraid to talk to him! He’s actually a really nice guy! Thanks again for sitting down with us Keagan!



Varender Singh Masterpieces Leave Mark On The Music Industry

Varender Singh  announced a new way for fans to enjoy a moment of synesthesia as he unveiled her new partnership with Shazam and Spotify. For example, in the video he first turned the dial to Never Really Over, and the all-white room.

Both the melodies have music made by in all honesty Varender Singh himself. The tunes were written in just 1hr. Yet, the significant work was to execute the compositions in a grateful tune. Many individuals worked for this tune to be respectable to the crowd.

Varender himself watched out for and checked everything. At the point when we got some information about his response he saw the reaction from the melodies. This is the thing that he said ” I’m amazingly overpowered and glad for acquiring such a reaction for my work. The reaction is the best honor I get for my persistent effort. ” Discussing grants he has 36 honors and 8 awards in singing. Also, presently we plainly know the explanation. He has substantiated himself with the works of art he gave us as the melodies.

The singer bares her soul with soulful and heartfelt vocals, which will instantly connect with listeners who want to dance and disconnect from reality. With several musical projects now to her name, Varender Singh proves that her place is among the greatest. His music is extremely versatile and expressive, Most of his soundtracks are inspired by her very own real-life experiences making them quite relatable to the audience.


Autonomous robot utilizes ‘UVC light’ to clean warehouses

Analysts from MIT have built up another approach to keep shared spaces free of the coronavirus and different pathogens: an UVC light-equipped robot. UVC light is fit for sanitizing surfaces and killing aerosolized infection particles, yet it’s perilous for people to be uncovered.

In light of this current, MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) collaborated with Ava Robotics to build up a robot that can go through and purify spaces independently.

The accomplices included a custom UVC light installation structured by CSAIL to Ava Robotics’ versatile robot base. They sent the model at the Greater Boston Food Bank (GBFB). The robot passed through GBFB’s distribution center at about 0.22 miles every hour. At this speed, it could cover around 4,000 square feet (the whole distribution center) in 30 minutes and kill roughly 90 percent of coronavirus particles on surfaces.

The specialists accept the methodology could be utilized to self-sufficiently purify different situations, similar to factories, cafés, grocery stores and schools. The framework is equipped for planning a given space, and it can explore among waypoints and other indicated territories.

“As we drive the robot around the food bank, we are also researching new control policies that will allow the robot to adapt to changes in the environment and ensure all areas receive the proper estimated dosage,” Alyssa Pierson, CSAIL research researcher and a specialized lead on this venture, said in an announcement. “We are focused on remote operation to minimize human supervision, and therefore, the additional risk of spreading Covid-19, while running our system.”

UVC light is once in a while used to disinfect quiet rooms and other clinical settings. The MTA is as of now testing UV light boxes as an approach to sterilize trams and transports. We’ve likewise observed UV light used to clean humidifiers and airplane bathrooms.

“We are excited to see the UVC disinfecting robot support our community in this time of need,” said CSAIL chief and venture lead Daniela Rus. “The insights we received from the work at GBFB has highlighted several algorithmic challenges. We plan to tackle these in order to extend the scope of autonomous UV disinfection in complex spaces, including dorms, schools, airplanes, and grocery stores.”


‘NVIDAA and Mercedes Benz’ unite forces in an autonomous car power play

The race for independent driving is on and today NVIDIA and Mercedes-Benz are declaring a consent to propel the whole armada of the German Automaker’s premium vehicles, with AI-empowered innovation controlled by NVIDIA’s self-sufficient vehicle register stages.

In particular, Mercedes-Benz will utilize NVIDIA’s new DRIVE stage advancements as standard gear in all vehicles, beginning in 2024. This is obviously a gigantic plan win for NVIDIA, just as a key move for Mercedes-Benz, and it accompanies upgradeability includes that will be basic to both the advancement of the innovation itself, yet additionally new plans of action that it will help empower also.

NVIDIA and Mercedes are underscoring this is a “software-defined” registering design for automated driving. Despite the fact that Tesla has could give new highlights and capacities by means of over-the-air updates to its clients, NVIDIA and Mercedes are underscoring that this will be a significant preferred position of the stage, with the capacity to arrange and buy highlights and abilities for the framework, both at time of purchase and sometime in the not too distant future, as a driver’s needs may change.

“We are excited to work with Mercedes-Benz. It’s the perfect partner for us given its long record of innovation and our strong technical relationship. It’s clear from our extensive discussions with Ola and his team that we share a common vision of the automobile of the future. Together, we’re going to revolutionize the car ownership experience, making the vehicle software programmable and continuously upgradeable via over-the-air updates. Every future Mercedes-Benz with the NVIDIA DRIVE system will come with a team of expert AI and software engineers continuously developing, refining and enhancing the car over its lifetime,” noted Jensen Huang, author and CEO of NVIDIA.

NVIDIA is additionally touting the capacity to automate driving of customary courses from address to address, just as SAE level 3 automation. Level 3 driving assumes control over all control elements of the vehicle in specific regions and conditions, with vehicles moving a similar way and no people on foot, likewise with roadway driving, for instance.

Drivers are as yet required to be in the vehicle with level 3 mechanization, however Mercedes has recently spearheaded full driverless level 4 self-rule for leaving, which will likewise be empowered on the new NVIDIA stage.

The innovation Mercedes will utilize depends on NVIDIA’s cutting edge DRIVE stage and its new Orin system-on-chip engineering with Ampere GPU-quickened, AI-fueled robotization. NVIDIA will likewise be giving a full programming stack as well as cloud server farm GPU figure power as preparing and deduction AI infrastructure too.

NVIDIA and Mercedes-Benz additionally noticed that NVIDIA’s new innovations will manage the cost of Mercedes the capacity to fabricate vehicles with a solitary computerization stage, diminishing the quantity of on-board PCs for controlling things like sensors, cameras and infotainment frameworks, and so forth.

For NVIDIA, this is an immense plan win opportunity with one of the top standard premium vehicle marks that moves over 2.3 million vehicles per year. On the off chance that we crunch the numbers, the numbers will mean a monstrous uptick in NVIDIA’s Automotive business.

For Mercedes-Benz it’s likewise a key partnership that will permit the company to quicken its endeavors to put up autonomous vehicles for sale to the public, without rehashing an already solved problem, as it were, planning a mechanization stage themselves.

To put it plainly, NVIDIA’s new DRIVE stage will kick Mercedes-Benz into a genuinely necessary higher rigging in the race for self-sufficient driving, offering pursue to Tesla and numerous others.


Facebook’s WhatsApp has introduced digital payments for users in Brazilil

Facebook Inc’s WhatsApp messaging administration revealed a system across Brazil on Monday that will permit clients to send cash to people or nearby businesses inside a visit, joining installments as they would a photograph or video.

WhatsApp is working with Cielo, Brazil’s biggest credit and check card administrator, to process the payments. The news sent Cielo’s offers taking off 30% on a day when stocks around the world, remembering for Brazil, were in red because of fears of a second coronavirus wave.

WhatsApp tried the framework in India starting in 2018. The Brazil dispatch will be the principal across the country rollout and will acquaint the capacity with legitimately pay a business.

The company has more than 120 million individual clients in Brazil, its second-biggest market behind India.

“WhatsApp is heavily used there, both by people and small businesses,” Matt Idema, head working official of WhatsApp, said of Brazil. “We think we can help grow digital payments, help grow the digital economy with small businesses, and help support financial inclusion.”

A significant number of Brazil’s private ventures as of now use WhatsApp as a showcasing apparatus to address questions or send indexes, Idema said.

Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg said in April that the organization was extending apparatuses for businesses in WhatsApp.

The rollout in Brazil was for quite some time arranged, yet may help clients who are closed in during the coronavirus pandemic, Idema said.

“We can’t have the kind of interactions with each other that we normally would, if you want to lend someone cash or if you want to buy something from a local business,” he said.

The system will utilize Facebook Pay and be allowed to singular clients, while charging organizations an expense for getting payments.

At first, the system will acknowledge payments from charge and Visas from Banco do Brasil, Nubank and Sicredi.


Square stock heads for most elevated close since October 2018 after Visa information show U.S. spending recuperation

Square Inc. shares are up about 6% in Tuesday trading and on track for their highest close in over a year and a half amid certain indications of stabilization in the payments universe.

Shares SQ, +6.38% of the payment processor as of late changed hands at above $87 and are on pace for their first close over their 2020 closing high of $85.70 that was determined to Feb. 20, as indicated by Dow Jones Market Data. The stock is likewise on track for its highest close since Oct. 5, 2018, when the shares completed the session at $94.11.

New information from Visa Inc. V, +1.03% point to a proceeded with recuperation in spending activity, which could come to profit Square as more states permit businesses to revive. Visa revealed in a Monday afternoon recording that complete U.S. payment volume was down 5% on a year-over-year premise in May yet up 13 percentage points from April levels. Trends improved as the month wore on.

“Many countries are showing spending improvement,” Visa said in the filing, however, the recuperation in various international markets has slacked the U.S. recuperation.

Square is principally centered around the U.S., however, it has a small international business in Canada, Japan, Australia, and the U.K.

Square’s stock has demonstrated flexibility regardless of interruptions to its business from COVID-19. The organization has a heavy introduction to littler bricks-and-mortar merchants as 48% of its gross payment volume (GPV) in the first quarter originated from merchants doing under $125,000 in annualized GPV. The organization cautioned of a “material impact to our second-quarter results” on its last earnings call.

However Square has seen momentum with its purchaser confronting Cash App, which individuals can use to send payments to companions, get direct deposits, and make face to face or online payments with a related debit card.

The Cash App was at that point something of a pop culture phenomenon preceding the COVID-19 flare-up, however, the pandemic likely drove more individuals to the application: Square included its biggest number of net new transacting active clients in March as the Cash App became a high-profile tool for fundraisers and tipping, and the organization saw its most noteworthy ever month to month direct-deposit volumes in April as individuals selected to get their stimulus payments delivered through the platform.

Examiners have been upbeat about the Cash App as of late however some have communicated alert about the seller portion of the business. UBS expert Eric Wasserstrom said in a May 21 downgrade that there was limited visibility into the recuperation trajectory for the seller business, and Bank of America’s Jason Kupferberg pondered in a May 18 downgrade about the survival rates for small businesses that may, in any case, be dependent upon limit limitations and different impediments in the months to come.

Square shares have included 39% over the previous month as the S&P 500 SPX, +0.82% has increased by 8.4%.


Tips for a Successful Senior Living Community Search

AgingChoices Unfiltered: Episode 7

So it’s time to start searching for a senior living community for yourself or a loved one, and you have no idea where to begin!

That’s perfectly normal and we totally understand. Searching for senior living options can seem overwhelming and it’s a big decision to make. But don’t worry, we’re here to interject a sense of calm and focus to this process with some helpful tips to consider when searching for senior living community options.

Our guest this week is Victoria Archable, owner of CarePatrol of Metro Atlanta. Archable works side-by-side with families as they go through the process of selecting a senior living community. CarePatrol helps families build a list of prospective senior living communities based on the needs of their loved one and attends the tours as well.

Victoria Archable - CarePatrol of Metro Atlanta

What Questions Should You Ask When Touring Senior Living Communities?

You’ve done your research and compiled a shortlist of potential senior living communities that could be a good fit for you or a loved one. Now it’s time to take a tour, whether done virtually due to COVID-19 or in-person. Listed below are some questions Archable recommends asking while on your tours:

  • What is the ratio of caregivers to residents?
  • For memory care facilities: How many caregivers are on the floor at night? How many are on the floor during the day?
  • What is the staff turnover?
  • How often is my loved one checked on by staff?
  • What is the food like?
  • Can I sample the food during lunch or dinner?
  • Will the community provide feeding assistance if my loved one can no longer feed themselves?
  • Will they be able to transfer them from a bed into a wheelchair if they decline to that point?
  • Can my loved one age in place?

Who Should Go on Tours of Senior Living Communities?

Archable said it’s not uncommon for the adult children or decision-makers to attend the initial tours with a CarePatrol local advisor, without their loved one. This allows the adult children to visit multiple senior living communities and then narrow down the options to one or two. Plus, it may be too physically overwhelming to bring your loved one on multiple tours.

Once the list of prospective senior living communities has been pared down to one or two, the adult children can make a return visit with their loved one to make a final decision.

How to Talk With Your Parents About Senior Living Options

Feeling a little bit better about the situation now that you have some questions ready to ask?


Now, let’s tackle the big question that everyone asks during this process: How do I talk with my parents about senior living options?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered on this, with some sound advice from Archable.

To begin with, Archable recommends having a discussion with your parents about senior living options before you are in a situation where you have to make a quick decision.

“Starting out earlier, you have more choices,” said Archable. “The later you wait and if you become impaired physically or cognitively, your choices become narrower.”

One strategy Archable uses to speak with loved ones who are hesitant about moving into a senior living community is to try it out on a temporary basis. Find a senior living community that suits the needs of your loved one and have them try it out for a week or two and see how they like it.

Archable said in most cases once their loved one is at a senior living community and see how much fun the residents are having and how much easier their lives are, they warm up to the idea of moving to a senior living community.

“Sometimes you have to ease them into that because it is a big adjustment for folks who have been living in their own home and their own environment for so long,” Archable said.

Start Your Senior Living Community Search

We created a super helpful tool to help you find a senior living community that fits the needs of your loved one. Our Choice! Wizard© makes the research process super easy! Just follow our simple 3-step process to discover the recommended options that best fit your specific needs. The Choice Wizard is free and easy to use.

Try Our Choice! Wizard©

Enjoy More Episodes of AgingChoices Unfiltered!

We’re so excited to launch our podcast featuring real talk about senior care options. Each week we discuss timely topics with industry insiders and give you an unfiltered view of senior care.

Take a listen to our other episodes:

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Episode 6– Support Options for Caregivers Guest Molly Rowe, co-owner of FirstLight Home Care of the North Shore in Massachusetts, explains why it’s important for caregivers to take a break, the benefits of taking a break and how to find support options.


Due to coronavirus, Disney Cruise Line to exclude activities

Add Disney Cruise Line to the rundown of voyage administrators closing down for the present.

Refering to the spreading coronavirus flare-up, the cruising arm of Disney late Thursday said it would suspend tasks of its four ships through the month’s end.

The shutdown is viable with takeoffs on Saturday. All Disney sailings from that day on through the finish of March have been dropped.

Disney likewise is shutting its amusement parks around the world, incorporating those in Florida and California.

Disney Cruise Line is the fifth journey administrator to suspend tasks since President Donald Trump’s location to the country late Wednesday. Viking declared it was ending activities through the finish of April soon after the President’s location.

Princess Cruises, Europe-based Celestyal Cruises and stream line Avalon Waterways declared comparative shutdowns on Thursday.

As they distribute this story, Windstar Cruises and AmaWaterways have additionally declared that they are incidentally delaying all sailings — that makes the 6th and seventh voyage lines to make such move.

Moreover, fire up line Virgin Voyages on Thursday said it would defer the debut cruising of its first vessel, Scarlet Lady, until Aug. 7. Red Lady had been booked to cruise its first “sneak-a-peek” journey with paying travelers out of Miami on March 26, only two weeks from today.

Disney Cruise Line didn’t make reference to a repayment strategy for travelers on dropped sailings. Different lines that have dropped sailings because of a suspension of tasks have offered travelers full discounts or vouchers for future travels that incorporate additional impetuses to rebook sometime in the future.

The journey line shutdowns come as a developing number of ports the world over near voyage transport appearances. Port terminations have been especially broad in Europe as of late as instances of the new coronavirus have detonated.

Ports in Italy, for example, quit tolerating voyage travelers this week in the wake of its nation wide lockdown. Ports in Monaco, Spain, Norway and Estonia additionally have shut to journey ships.

Voyage lines likewise have been confronted with the aftermath from two prominent flare-ups of the new coronavirus of Princess ships.

TPG will keep on refreshing on significant travel-related terminations and undoings.


Author Bob Boog Reveals a New Shakespeare Discovery!

Did Willy-boy Plagiarize Another Writer?

Los Angeles, CA— 2/25/2020 — Local author, Bob Boog, declared a major find in the Shakespeare authorship question and accuses William Shakespeare of being a plagiarist.

“For hundreds of years, who questioned the authorship of William Shakespeare?” asks Bob Boog, “No one did, because right on the title page anyone could see Shakespeare’s name. In addition, he acted in many of the plays. But that still doesn’t mean he didn’t do it.”

Many Shakespeare experts are quick to dismiss any claims to Shakespeare’s authorship. “It’s like Bigfoot,” says one expert. “People love to make things up. So, if it is true, the person should prove their nominee first. Let us judge the proof because most likely there is none.”

However, Boog insists that he does have proof. “If you have an open mind, you will see for yourself, because Ben Jonson tells us there are two individuals involved in this dispute. The smoking gun evidence can be seen in the Sonnets too – as well as the First Folio. I’m not crazy. The man from Stratford-upon-Avon did NOT create the poems, plays and sonnets that we attribute to William Shakespeare.”

Is this just talk? Boog doesn’t think so. He claims his evidence has been over-looked because people are busy.  “Think about it logically, if a professor has doubts about whether a student wrote a paper by himself, the teacher will usually want to see hard proof. After all, who can write a beautiful sonnet, or a drama out of thin air? But what if there is none? If you are Shakespeare, an expert will make up an excuse. What if a student turns in an essay that does not compare to any of his previous work, won’t most teachers wonder what is going on? Yes, but again, not with Shakespeare. The experts will explain it away with even more excuses.”

Boog, a real estate agent from Los Angeles, claims he stumbled upon this evidence by accident because he enjoys writing songs and solving Sudoku puzzles as a hobby.

 “I was staring at the First Folio and one word called to me. It was the word, “drawne”. I wondered to myself, hmm, why wasn’t the word “draw’de” used? “Draw’de is a Renaissance word that means the same thing as “drawne”. That’s when I realized, “drawde” is an anagram for the word “Edward”, right? And for years people like Mark Twain and Sigmund Freud have claimed Edward DeVere was really Shakespeare but he had to hide his identity. So, I looked down from “drawne” and guess what word showed up? D-E-V-E-R-E. I’m not making this up. You can see it for yourself in my book.”

Interested in learning more? If so, Boog is launching his 45-page Amazon Kindle book “Hang Shakespeare” this upcoming weekend: Saturday February 30 – midnight March 1, 2020. You can grab a FREE copy! It will also be available for free on March 15,2020 to celebrate the “Ides of March”.

(Note: the e-book normally costs $4.65 and is available for sale if you don’t want to wait.)

For more information, press only:

Robert Boog


[email protected]

For more information on e-Book: