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SAV launches its Beta program in the UAE

Sav the New Fintech company launches its Beta version

SAV the new Fintech App to take UAE market by Storm

Dubai, United Arab Emirates Aug 16, 2022 ( – The household savings rates in the GCC region registered alarmingly low percentages in the previous years. This situation is pressing governments to intensify efforts and advance strategies towards a brighter future for household savings. GCC residents benefit from very low to no taxes yet remain challenged to save enough money due to rapid consumption.

Sav has emanated from an in-depth understanding of the GCC financial landscape, a concern about the future repercussions in case the situation persists, and a clear mission to be the drivers of change in the scene.

Sav has marked a memorable milestone by launching its beta program on August 3rd, 2022. It represents a significant moment for the UAE to witness the rise of the country’s first woman-led, savings-focused fintech company.

Geared with first-class technology and backed with the craftsmanship of some of the finest ex-bankers, ex-fintech-founders, and technology evangelists, Sav is here to re-design the money-saving culture. Its mission is powerful and modern-times-relevant: to make savings accessible, convenient, rewarding, and fun.

Sav is a user-friendly and highly automated platform with a fun component to it. It helps customers save money while being rewarded for it. Initially, it allows for creating different saving goals (e.g., buying a house, a car, going on a vacation, etc.) and having funds added to them via an automated funding system according to three main saving options:

  • Income Sorter:

A pre-set percentage is automatically deducted from the customer’s paycheck and incorporated into one of the saving goals.

  • Automated Funding option:

Every time a customer spends an amount on a purchase, the automated system rounds up the bill and redirects the difference into a respective savings goal.

  • Set and forget:

Customers can set up a day and time where a predetermined amount regularly goes into a specific saving goal.

The most exciting part of Sav is the hidden reward gems. For every dirham saved on the platform, customers receive one coin. Coins can later be used to redeem offers like free coffee, a free movie night, a discount on one of their favourite merchants, etc. Sav app gives access to more than a hundred merchants until today.

The virtues of Sav are not yet over. Customers are granted a Sav prepaid card and benefit from a peer-to-peer money transfer option from and to another Sav account.

For the curious public, Sav offers a waitlist to join as they look forward to the official application launch.

About SAV:

Sav is a fintech platform that helps users understand, save, and organize their money effortlessly. By harnessing the power of automation and rewards, Sav is building products that will help customers stress less about day-to-day money management while also laying a sustainable foundation for their financial future.

Media Contact


[email protected]


Unit 13, Level 6, Gate District Precinct Building 4, DIFC, Dubai


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Eugene Giudice Named Fellow of the Special Libraries Association

EMG Headshot Cropped

Chicago, Illinois Aug 16, 2022 ( – Eugene Giudice, a Chicago’s Edgebrook neighborhood resident, was recently named a Fellow of the Special Libraries Association (SLA).

The award was made at SLA’s annual conference on August 1, 2022, in Charlotte, North Carolina. SLA President Catherine Lavallee-Welch made the presentation of Bishop’s University in Sherbrooke, Quebec, and Immediate Past President Tara Murray Grove of Pennsylvania State University. Eugene was presented with his Fellows Pin by Past SLA President Jill Strand, Director of Research and Knowledge Services at the law firm of Fish and Richardson in Minneapolis, MN.

The designation as an SLA Fellow is a singular honor and reflects the work an honoree has done and will continue to do for the profession and SLA. In addition, SLA Fellows are expected to act as mentors to those entering the profession and offer their knowledge and wisdom in the governance of SLA.

When asked about the award, Eugene stated, “I accept this award in trust because it is up to each of us to act as trustees of this profession. Being a trustee of the profession means turning it over to the librarians and other information professionals who will come after and support the institutions that sustain the profession. SLA is the premier organization for special librarians and information professionals. SLA is my professional home, and I want that home to be strong”.

Eugene has served in several leadership roles. Currently, he is chair of the SLA Legal Community, has chaired the Workplace Emergency Preparedness Council, and has been a member of several task forces and committees, such as the Mentoring Task Force and the Annual Conference Advisory Council. He is also currently running for SLA Treasurer.

Eugene is also a published author. His first book of pandemic-related reflections, entitled Reflections During a Pandemic: Thoughts While Sheltering in Place was published in June 2021. A second volume entitled A Librarian’s Sojourn: Messages of Hope and Inspiration will be published later this year.

Eugene is a law librarian, and his career has taken him to several law firms, including Schiff Hardin, Baker McKenzie, Latham, and Watkins. Currently, Eugene is the Senior Research Services Training Specialist with Dentons US LLP in their Chicago office. He holds a Bachelor of Arts from Concordia University, an MBA from DePaul University, and a Master of Library and Information Sciences from Dominican University. Eugene lives with his wife, Colleen, in Chicago’s Edgebrook neighborhood. Eugene is an active member of the Special Libraries Association, the Chicago Association of Law Libraries, the American Association of Law Libraries, the Illinois Library Association, MENSA, and the Knights of Columbus, and is Librarian in Residence for the Italian American Veterans Museum in Stone Park, Illinois.


Media Contact

Eugene Giudice

[email protected]


6550 North Leoti Avenue

Source :Eugene Michael Giudice

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The Kindling Project is creating space for that tiny fire inside all of us that needs fuel and fanning.

Dreaming, supporting, and empowering one another, this podcast is igniting a fire for fierce women and their passion projects.

West Bloomfield Township, Michigan Aug 16, 2022 ( – The Kindling Project is a collaboration between Melissa Halpin, Experience Design Agency Owner, and Digital Product Developer, and Amy E. Parravano Drummond, Social Worker, Therapist, and Yoga Instructor. We work with an array of other woman-owned businesses on producing content, events, and products that improve women’s lives.

The Kindling Project vision is to combine Amy’s background as a social worker and therapist (the mindset part) and Melissa’s background as an entrepreneur and creative director (the make it happen part) to address both sides of pursuing a project, a passion, or a business. The most recent TKP podcast episode dealt with how to get honest and let go of the all-or-nothing thinking mentality. The hosts share with each other how they don’t always listen to the internal voice that says “stop” “halt” and “do not enter.” Both women are active in The Kindling Project – Ignite private Facebook group, and are looking forward to launching a series of workbook-style journals that get to the root of the barriers to starting a Kindling Project.

Guests for the podcast episodes are at varying stages of their own Kindling Projects. Amy will provide real-time counseling and Melissa will provide real-time coaching as it comes up. Some “kindling” on every episode will be shared; these are ideas or habits you can implement to get your own fire started. This show is primarily for women and will address concerns that are unique to women in prioritizing themselves, and their talents and interests, whether they pursue them for personal or professional goals.

Take a look at recent guests who have stopped in to share their Kindling Projects:

Young People Travel founder Sanya Tyson Weston– gets vulnerable with Melissa and Amy in the conversation before the conversion, sharing how she was able to finally start grieving the loss of her father at a recent conference with six other female travel executives for support. We discuss the importance of having women who support other women in our circles. Then we get into Sanya’s Kindling Project, the non-profit she founded to provide international travel opportunities to minority and underserved youth and the impact it can have on their future. Sanya’s servant heart comes naturally to her from her mother, who taught her the importance of giving to those we know, and those we do not know. Learn more about Sanya’s mission and book your next dream vacation with her at her 3rd generation black-owned travel agency: &

Linda Wagner-Schlesinger, the founder of Skinny Tees, overcame challenges and barriers to building a brand for women that continues to empower and inspire.

After 30+ years in the apparel industry, Michigan native Linda Schlesinger-Wagner was inspired to create a brand that filled a void in the women’s apparel market. It started with a one-size-fits-most silhouette and has grown into a multi-million-dollar brand featured on QVC and Macy’s. Linda remains firmly rooted in her commitment to offering a product for all women – all sizes, all colors, and all ages. Linda remains firmly rooted in her commitment to offering a product for all women – all sizes, all colors, and all ages.

But business growth isn’t the whole story. Linda shares the decades of life lessons along the way with Melissa and Amy. She’s survived many heartaches and trials that come with a full life, from pregnancy loss to the premature death of her father and mentor. She’s dealt with family addiction, divorce, and finding her voice. Her story is inspiring, and she just keeps on giving. In her 70s now, she says she better live forever because she has a lot more to offer!

Schlesinger-Wagner is also a longtime advocate for women’s and children’s charities, actively working with many nonprofits such as The Ovarian Cancer Research Fund, Super Saturday, and the Make-a-Wish Foundation. She has served as a Co-Chair for Jewish Vocational Services: Women to Work Program and has been involved in the non-profit Pictures of Hope, where she received the Salvation Army Angel Award.

Together Joy! with Monica Inestroza-Curtis was the first guest on The Kindling Project and she does not disappoint. Monica shares with us her journey to starting her blog, To-Get-Her-Joy, and the layered meaning of its title. She explains that during the height of pandemic chaos she was compelled to put herself in a timeout. She had to get real with herself and call herself on her own BS. From holding up a mirror to herself and to others, to truly showing up in life, Monica takes us down her own path of vulnerability, humility, and overall badassery. Get to know our favorite girl with a pen by subscribing to her blog:

Amy Parravano Drummond, LMSW, ACSW, RYT is a social worker, therapist, yoga teacher, healer, wife, and mother. She specializes in meeting people where they are emotionally, physically, and spiritually. With 30+ years of experience working with diverse individuals and families across the legal and health care systems, on medical frontlines with end-of-life care, and in individual therapy, her commitment is to work through personal limitations and barriers while focusing on empowerment, truth, and intentional vulnerability.

Melissa Halpin is CEO & Principal of Memora, a woman-owned virtual design agency that creates memorable experiences for clients around the world. She is also co-founder of several start-ups, that range from the digital signage software, Screen Future, and the iOS gear app, Tonechaser, to an online community for women, The Kindling Project Ignite. Outside of titles and roles, Melissa identifies as an artist and is committed to supporting other women in their creative pursuits. She is supported by a husband, two kids, two dogs, and more friends and more co-creators than she can count!

Learn more about The Kindling Project at our website: and join our Facebook group for women looking for that extra bit of kindling to start their next big fire! The Kindling Project – Ignite. The Kindling Project is sponsored by Memora, an experience design agency, that creates memorable brand experiences.

Memora is offering our listeners a FREE 30-minute brand consultation. Schedule yours now. You can listen to The Kindling Project Podcast from our website:

Media Contact

Sari Cicurel

[email protected]


Source :The Kindling Project Podcast:

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21 Year Old Chesney Claire releasing NEW SINGLE August 26, 2022

Chesney Claire

Las Vegas, Nevada Aug 16, 2022 ( – Las Vegas, NV– Well, it looks as though Chesney Claire has done it again with her new single, “The Problem”. Chesney Claire, a 21-year-old Pop/R&B award-winning singer/songwriter/producer, is all the rage this Summer as she keeps showing the world her talent(s).

Jumping from one red carpet event to the next is what’s happening now. In the last few weeks, Chesney has walked the red carpet and was a Presenter for “Best Set Design” at the LaJolla, CA Fashion & Film Festival. Just a few days later she was in Atlanta, GA presenting awards on the red carpet for the International Singer Songwriter’s Association.

Chesney has worked in every capacity from an award winner to Presenter of awards and has taken some bold strides in modeling. In August 2022 Chesney Claire made it through 7 rounds of the Maxim CoverGirl Contest and finished 4th in the world for the coveted “Maxim CoverGirl” front cover of the magazine but Chesney could not devote enough time to the contest- as she was traveling from state to state during that time. Nevertheless, Chesney was asked to do a model photoshoot for a very well-known Fashion Magazine in California while she was there at the International Film and Fashion Festival. The shoot drew lots of attention from the Fashion Industry and propelled Chesney Claire into the limelight in the Film Industry as well. Chesney is scheduled to star in a feature film with A-list actors that starts filming in March 2023 in Arizona.

Not only has she gained tons of experience in those fields, but her main passion is also music.

Last year Chesney won 25+ Music Industry Awards; including but not limited to Female Vocalist of The Year at the International Singer Songwriter’s Association, and at Indie Star Radio in Hollywood, CA. She won (4) World Songwriting Awards, a Nomination from The Hollywood Music In Media Awards, got her first original song in a Television reality series, earned a “Half A Million Streams” Spotify Award, and a coveted Josie Music Awards Nomination amongst others.

Now Chesney Claire is learning music production and engineering.

Chesney won a Hermes Award this year for her music video that accompanied her latest single release “Not In The Mood“. That song was written by Chesney, produced by Chesney, and engineered by her.

Chesney’s latest release “The Problem” is scheduled to debut on August 26th, 2022- And it’s already been nominated to receive a Grammy at this year’s Grammy Awards. (Not to mention that Chesney just also became a voting member of the Recording Academy- Class of 2022). Chesney’s nominations are for “Best New Artist” and “Single of The Year” and although Academy Members may not know Chesney yet, her talent and absolute resolve to make it in the Music business shines brighter than all the stars in the sky.

“I know God has blessed me with undeniable talent. My goal is to make Him proud by using my talents to the best of my ability. I want to shine! I have a lot of Angels to make proud,” Chesney says.

Quite sure there will be many more opportunities for Chesney Claire as she continues down this road to international stardom.

I’m now writing all my own songs. I’m producing my own songs, and I am engineering everything myself. Hopefully, that will count for something and help advance my career quickly“, she said.

The new song “The Problem” is a saucy, hot tropical Afro Pop dance vibe. It will be available on all streaming platforms on August 26th so please stream it. Listen on repeat, and share.

Chesney has just been commissioned to write a theme song for another upcoming feature film and is working on that now.

We all see great things in her future. She’s the hardest-working Female in the entertainment industry right now and if you haven’t heard of her, it’s time to do some research!

You can Google “Chesney Claire” to learn more. You can visit her website: You can contact her manager(s), David Davidian (Tour Manager for Alice Cooper/The Hollywood Vampires) at [email protected] or her Music and Television sync manager, Charlie Mac at [email protected]

Stay tuned. There’s so much more to come!

Media Contact

Chesney Claire, LLC

[email protected]

Source :Chesney Claire, LLC

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RBTR Token is all set to change the narratives with its Arbitrage Trading System

RBTR Token establishes itself as an arbitrage trading platform in the crypto world. Recently, it changed the narratives by offering three different arbitrage trading processes.

RBTR.INFO launches three new strategies to its arbitrage trading system using its exclusive Arbitrage Robot Token. Due to the rapid surge in cryptocurrency, many people are considering safe trading through the Arbitrage Trading system. It is the simultaneous purchase and sale of the same asset in different markets to profit from tiny differences in the asset’s listed price. 

As the cryptocurrency market expands, more people are involved in exchanging assets in different markets. Every one of them has its trading ways. These differences cause inefficiencies in the markets. Smart people can use these inefficiencies to profit for themselves and improve markets through the arbitrage trading process. 

Different types of arbitrage strategies can be used in various markets; Here, we will explain three types of Arbitrages: 

1. Exchange arbitrage, 

2. Funding rate arbitrage, and 

3. Triangular arbitrage.

Exchange arbitrage

As the crypto ecosystem grows, different exchanges emerge that provide various tools for users to do their trading. Due to market inefficiencies, an asset can have different prices in different exchanges. An intelligent user can buy the assets using the RBTR.INFO platform from the exchange where the price is lower, transfer them to the exchange where their price is higher, sell them, and make a profit. 

Buying the asset from the first exchange by RBTR Token‘s arbitrage trading strategy will raise the asset’s price and selling it in another exchange will lower its price. It will also affect the prices in the exchanges to converge and make the market less volatile and more trade-friendly, a win-win situation.

Funding rate arbitrage

Funding rates arbitrage by RBTR.INFO helps balance the demand for these derivatives’ short and long sides, keeping the perp price in line with its underlying spot price.

Funding rates vary as the derivatives price deviates in either direction of the underlying assets. Traders will either pay or receive funding rates depending on their open positions: when the funding rate is positive (Trading above the underlying asset price), the longs pay the shorts, and vice versa.

Due to these unique mechanics in futures trading, there is an incentive to arbitrage the funding rate difference between two exchanges.

Triangular arbitrage

A triangular arbitrage opportunity is a trading strategy launched by RBTR Token exploits the arbitrage opportunities among three assets in exchange. The arbitrage is executed through the consecutive exchange of one currency to another because of discrepancies in asset prices. In the end, if the user is fast enough, he can exit the trade with a small profit.

For further information about Arbitrage Robot Token, potential users must visit the website

Media Contact

Organization: RBTR Token

Contact Person: Pasha Ivanov

Email: Send Email

Address 1: 1942 Broadway, Suite 314C, Boulder, Colorado 80302, US

State: Colorado

City: Boulder

Country: United States


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The Center for Advancing Innovation 2022 New York City Conference: Advancing Technologies to Impact the World

CAI Logo

Bethesda, Maryland Aug 16, 2022 ( – The Center for Advancing Innovation (CAI) – a global public-private partnership, non-profit with a mission to ignite entrepreneurship, bolster the economy and enable inclusivity – will host the first Center for Advancing Innovation Conference in New York City on August 23rd, 2022. The conference is generously sponsored by the Polsinelli Law Firm. Through this conference, CAI will highlight its plans to continue bridging the gap between valuable inventions and the impact they can make on the world as well as the architecture of financing that organizations could receive from investor forums, wealth management, family offices, and securing critical relationships with counsel. Conference speakers will include Peter Thurlow, Chair and Shareholder at Polsinelli Law Firm, Rosemarie Truman, the Founder and CEO of CAI and Co-Founder and CEO of Ignite Social Impact, Lisa Morales-Hellebo, Founder & Co-Managing General Partner of REFASHIOND Ventures, as well as founders of a collection of CAI’s impact-focused, venture-backed startups.

Rosemarie Truman said, “This conference is an opportunity for entrepreneurs, investors, and other key stakeholders in CAI’s community to come together in person for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic began. With support from the conference attendees, CAI will amplify our social impact by putting the necessary tools in regional ecosystems, including New York City, our home of Washington, DC, and elsewhere globally. We’re always searching for others with an entrepreneurial spirit to be a part of our journey as we advance breakthrough inventions that directly impact humanity by fostering positive change, healthy ecosystems, and global sustainability.”

Coined the “Tinder for Startups“, “Shark Tank on Steroids“, and “Kickstarter for IP“, CAI is a catalyst to maximize the potential of publicly-funded breakthrough technologies that benefit society. CAI leverages a first-of-its-kind, White House-recognized startup accelerator to build companies around commercially-viable inventions and inspiring entrepreneurs. CAI harvests value from inventions by putting them into the hands of hard-working, enterprising entrepreneurs to boost economic growth, create knowledge-based jobs and launch new markets. Since CAI’s first startup challenge in 2013, CAI has trained over 3,500 entrepreneurs and launched over 350 startups, which have raised over $1.3 billion in capital and directly created over 1300 jobs in total. 70% of CAI’s startups are minority or woman-led.

Dr. Cody Locke, Chief Innovation Officer at CAI, said, “I’m often asked how CAI launches startups. The answer is Rosemarie Truman’s secret sauce, which uniquely enabled her to lead growth strategy for 50 of the global Fortune 100 companies in over 15 countries, mixed with the strength of CAI’s multidisciplinary and inclusive community. With CAI’s tenth and largest global innovation challenge – the Innovate Children’s Health Challenge II – in the books, CAI is eager to connect some of our best founders with some of our best investors, and ensure that CAI will remain as a ‘Powerful Innovation Toolkit‘ for future generations.”

Private, US-based, impact-focused companies presenting from the CAI community are listed on the website below:


The Center for Advancing Innovation (CAI) is a global public-private partnership, non-profit focused on creating a virtuous circle of innovation and driving growth breakthroughs through novel, creative paradigms, and models. CAI’s mission is to accelerate and increase the volume of technology commercialization to ignite entrepreneurship, bolster the global economy, and maximize the potential of promising inventions. CAI’s award-winning challenge-based accelerator, rigorous evidence-based due diligence, and capital-efficient lean management models serve to hyper-accelerate “gazelle” high-performing startups for outsized investor returns. For additional information about CAI, please visit

Media Contact

Center for Advancing Innovation

[email protected]


9508 Burning Tree Rd

Source :The Center for Advancing Innovation, Inc

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Two times INDYCAR champion Gil de Ferran joins DynamoEdge.

Former Indy 500 winner Gil de Ferran joins forces with Latinx tech company in Carmel.

Carmel, Indiana Aug 16, 2022 ( – Wish-TV reported:

In 2021, -DynamoEdge- partnered with Juncos Hollinger Racing to predict car failures during the last three IndyCar races of the season. The cars were equipped with over 300 sensors that collected data and fed it back to the crews, allowing them to react to a problem before it could happen.

This, in turn, helped keep the drivers safer.

Thanks to their widely popular success, Bessolo is bringing the technology to any driver with French-Brazilian former Indy 500 champion Gil de Ferran, NXP, and AT&T.

The ex-racing driver and former sporting director for McLaren Racing now has a special focus on DynamoEdge, working as the company’s appointed advisor.

“I really enjoy technology. I really enjoy working with smart people. I find that very exciting. It just keeps your mind going, (and) it keeps you young,” de Ferran said

Watch the full interview at:

Source :Dynamoedge

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Robot.Trade emerges as a safe platform to send auto trading bot to exchanges.

Arbitrage robot is an automated crypto trading platform developed by ROBOT.TRADE LLC. The company has recently launched a platform that promises to be a gateway to send automated trading instructions to popular exchanges.

Boulder, Colorado, United States, 17th Aug 2022, King NewsWire Investors and traders worldwide seek more beneficial strategies to profit in crypto trading. One strategy that has been discovered and fully adapted is arbitrage trading. 

In the crypto world, arbitrage trading is buying a coin at a lower price from one marketplace and selling it to another marketplace for a higher price. However, grabbing arbitrage opportunities without a bot is very hard because these opportunities are limited and happen in short intervals, sometimes in a few seconds.

Robot.Trade brings the bestcrypto trading bot platform that enables the chances of grabbing arbitrage opportunities much easier. The platform includes the built-in cryptocurrency trading bot to capitalize on arbitrage trading and give customers a much faster way to generate profit.

According to the official website of arbitrage robots, the platform is set to help its users succeed in trades. It guarantees its registered traders and investors an instant risk-free daily profit despite the market fluctuations. The platform has integrated automated trading bots to help its users buy low and sell high automatically 24 hours and 7 days a week.

Furthermore, the platform also promises its global traders and investors a super accessible application and user-friendly interface on Auto trading bot. As claimed by the official website, the platform is ready to provide its users with a customer panel that is simple to use without having any technical skills.

Arbitrage Robot is a completely automated platform that relies on a robotic trading bot and not on a manual setup. Considering arbitrage trading is very difficult, users can easily trade with the help of bots. However, the arbitrage robot also provides the manual setting in a separate section. According to the platform, it also gives users a manual switch that they can activate very conveniently. Users can sign in to the customer panel, click on the manual option, and then transfer the system from an automated trading bot to manual trading.

To register for an account on the arbitrage robot platform, interested users can click here.

Arbitrage Robot is happy to announce a secure trading environment across the crypto exchanges for its users. According to the platform, the arbitrage robot has recently started collaborating with multiple crypto exchanges, including BINANCE, Coinbase, Kraken, Bitstamp, BitMax, Bilaxy, CoinEx, and BITTREX. The platform announced its development as the best crypto trading bot platform that is safe to send automated trading instructions to popular exchanges. Also, because the platform works completely on Artificial Intelligence (AI), it has a better chance of delivering positive trading results.

Arbitrage Robot is an automated trading bot platform developed by a US-based company “ROBOT.TRADE LLC.” The company aims to deliver arbitrage trading solutions through the use of robots by developing this platform.

For more information about the auto trading bot, click here.

Media Contact

Organization: Robot.Trade LLC

Contact Person: pasha ivanov

Email: Send Email

Address 1: 1942 Broadway, Suite 314C, Boulder, CO 80302, US

Phone: +1 (888) 665 3262

State: Colorado

City: Boulder

Country: United States


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Turn every day into a blessing with DigiCalender’s latest Bible verse desk calendar

Boca Raton, Florida Aug 16, 2022 ( – DigiCalender has come up with the latest desk calendar integrated with day-to-day Bible verses. The calendar is the result of many religious organizations and pastors’ joint endorsement. Coming with a lifetime guarantee, this product is a perfect gift for every Christian. This one-of-a-kind digital calendar is made in a way that the quotes and scriptures from the Bible changes every day. Automatically generated, this calendar is offering an alternative medium for the learning from Bible. The calendar is currently available on Amazon for purchase.

DigiCalender’s latest Bible verse calendar is programmed till 2075 along with a time clock and alarm system. On the digital screen, the users are able to see time, calendar, and beautiful snaps from nature accompanied by daily Biblical quotes. Powered by electricity, this digital product comes with motion sensors and easy remote control settings.

This latest digital calendar is not only offering daily Bible readings but also saves the wastage of paper. With its noble goal and advanced automated technology, the Bible verse desk calendar by DigiCalender is one of the most unique products made for Christian and religious users. Find out the digital calendar at

Source :Digital Calendar

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Hélice launches a new crypto feature that lowers the price of high-end prostheses.

Hélice develops a crypto platform that makes high-end prostheses affordable. Recently, the company has been seeking partner companies in the United States, especially in California.


                                   Héloïse Ravaz – Founder and CEO of Hélice

Hélice launches a new crypto feature that lowers the price of the high-end prosthesis. It is halving the price of artificial organs and bionic prostheses. In the recent expansion, to make the cause achievable for all the needy patients, the company is seeking partner companies in the United States, especially in California.

Hélice Prosthesis aims to make things happen regarding high-tech reconstructive medicine funding. It also aims at driving the sector forward with a token as the propeller moves the ship. It is a small but necessary part for energy to be converted into movement.

The movement is at the genesis of the project as conceived by Hélice Prosthesis. 

  • Hélice works as a systemic move (by disrupting the business model)
  • The company is allowing amputees, disabled people, or people confined to a hospital bed to move again, thanks to prostheses that are easier to live with.
  • For the Hélice token to be more robust (to help more and more patients)

Furthermore, Hélice’s objective is to reduce medical prostheses costs drastically. To name a few, bionic arms, retinal implants, heart implant prostheses, or exoskeletons are costly. The specific technology has already been on the market for more than ten years. But time has not come for price reductions. Indeed, here are the main reasons explaining this situation: 

  1. These sophisticated technologies require a very high degree of individualization. 
  2. Several weeks and even several months are necessary to implant the prosthesis. 
  3. This creates physical pain in patients, resulting in discouragement. 
  4. The fragility and the evolution of the patient’s condition generate high ongoing costs. 
  5. Even the most sophisticated prostheses do not last for a long time, discouraging patients. 
  6. It takes several years for new products to obtain some regulatory approval. 


The Hélice Token 

The Hélice token (H́) is the simplest solution provided by current crypto asset technology. It should act as a booster over time to lower prices, break the vicious cycle, and trigger some capital inflow to develop prosthetic technologies.

About Hélice:

Hélice is a multiblockchain project developed by the Héloïse Ravaz – the CEO of the company. Users can use several different blockchains if they are public. To date, an Hélice token, divisible by 18 decimal places, is registered on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC-20). The contract can be found on Etherscan: (the token is not for sale yet)

Intending users must visit the website for further information. 

Media Contact

Organization: Hélice

Contact Person: Héloïse Ravaz

Email: Send Email

City: Toulon

Country: France


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