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DOLLTRX brings a newly launched platform that offers liquidity Security Protocol. The services secure Business Licenses promising the Investors Safety and Security.

United States, 17th May 2022, King NewsWire, DOLLTRX is an open-source non-custodial and liquidity security protocol for earning investment interest. DOLLTRX is based on the TRX currency market, providing a potentially cost-effective mining method. At the same time, whether quantitative trading or Defi technology, users can easily participate in blockchain transactions with a small number of funds and obtain safe, stable, and high returns.


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DOLLTRX mining is a blockchain protocol. It is like a decentralized central bank, establishing a currency market through smart contracts. The provider of USDT assets without any actual mortgage interacts directly with the smart contract agreement and automatically earns floating interest rates without negotiating expiration and interest rates or collateral with peers or counterparties and other terms. 

The protocol allows USDT holders to automatically explore the borrowing needs of the currency market and automatically match higher interest orders after agreeing to authorize the execution of this contract (becoming a “miner”). It is an AMM mechanism and an automatic quantization procedure. The user’s deposit is always in their wallet, no withdrawal is required, and they can withdraw the earned interest to their wallet at any time. 

In a recent development, DOLLTRX mining will build a blockchain-based underlying communication protocol and a massive, shared network to realize the exchange of sharing value, saving social resources such as bandwidth, storage, hotspot, power, and energy, time, etc. In the DOLLTRX mining network, the reward mechanism is based on a smart contract. The DOLLTRX mining Foundation will form a shared cooperation alliance to support various hardware and software. The developed protocol is open to third-party development teams, and the DOLLTRX mining protocol will be applied in more scenarios. 

Intending users can visit the official website for further information or follow on below social link to connect with the community:


Media Contact

Media Contact: Dolltrx.Ltd

Contact Person: Adams W Mary

Email: Send Email

Country: United States



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Adam Zalta requests shareholder value creation at VirTra (Nasdaq: VTSI)

New York City, New York May 16, 2022 ( – Adam Zalta, a long-term patient investor in the stock of VirTra today stated that there are a number of opportunities to create shareholder value at the company.

Most importantly, Zalta would like to see a new sales and marketing effort at VirTra. Zalta stated “VirTra has developed and built world-class products. Unfortunately, the products do not sell themselves. In my opinion, VirTra requires an experienced and effective sales force in order to achieve appropriate levels of sales.”

Zalta would also like to see more cost-effective operations at VirTra. Zalta stated “It appears that VirTra recently took on the extraordinary cost burden of having two co-CEOs. Money spent on two separate CEOs could have perhaps been better spent putting in place an effective accounting operation at VirTra and towards a more robust sales force.” Zalta continued “While I am confident that the current delay in completing VirTra’s financial statements will eventually be resolved, this delay, along with the sub-optimal sales force, indicates deeper organizational weaknesses which need to be addressed. “

Zalta stated that he has asked the Foundation for Stockholder Democracy to meet with sell-side analysts, journalists, industry experts, and others in an effort to unlock value at VirTra.

Zalta also noted that the Foundation for Stockholder Democracy has unlocked value at a large number of small publicly-traded companies.

Zalta said that anyone interested in understanding the work of the foundation for Stockholder Democracy should go to the website of the foundation

Zalta’s initial press release can be read at

Media Contact:
Foundation for Stockholder Democracy


Don Chambers
Direct phone line 310 401 4724
[email protected]

Media Contact

Foundation for Stockholder Democracy[email protected]

Media Contact

Foundation for Stockholder Democracy

[email protected]

Source :Foundation for Stockholder Democracy

This article was originally published by IssueWire. Read the original article here.

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Mayor Rosalynn Bliss and City Leaders Explore Alliant Enterprises’ Medical Device Facility and Novel Company Culture

Bliss Group Photo

Grand Rapids, Michigan May 16, 2022 ( – Alliant Enterprises hosted Grand Rapids City Mayor, Rosalynn Bliss, and Randy Thelen, President, and CEO of The Right Place. Also in attendance were Jeremiah Gracia, Grand Rapids Director of Economic Development, and Eric Icard, Business Development Director of The Right Place.

The aim of the meeting was to create a collaborative environment between Alliant Enterprises, city leaders, venture capital firms, and start-ups to drive a new way of bringing medical device technologies to life in Grand Rapids. The visit included deep discussions around Medisurge’s ability to manufacture medical devices on location and how Alliant Healthcare Products can provide direct-to-government market access. Kelli Jonas, Vice President of Quality and Regulatory for Alliant, shared the company’s nearly 0% customer complaint rate over the last year, which included an incredibly challenging company move to the new facility. ‘Our quality metrics are world-class. I’ve yet to find another mid-west manufacturer that can beat or even match them,’ said Brian Kimble, Vice President of New Business Development for Alliant.

Jeremiah Gracia was impressed with the ‘plug-and-play’ opportunity for local incubator startup companies to leverage Alliant’s internal operational resources in marketing, accounting, engineering, and quality. ‘This opens many opportunities for startups with funding to accelerate their time-to-market and avoid additional start-up costs and delays in product introductions.’ Brian Kimble, VP of Business Development was pleased to further expand on the thriving relationship with The Right Place. ‘Not only is Medisurge primed for startups, but large OEMs are seeking us because of our ability to remediate and often overcome common supply chain issues.’ Randy Thelen, the new CEO of The Right Place, was heartened by Medisurge’s ability to take an idea ‘from a napkin drawing to distribution’ and the additional office space for startups to use while working alongside Medisurge during all stages of product development. ‘Medisurge removes many risks associated with the start-up phase of new businesses,’ according to Brian Kimble.

The meeting concluded with a tour of the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and veteran memorabilia that is a tribute to the owner, Bob Taylor’s veteran history, and the veteran relatives of Alliant employees. The two-story ‘northern lodge’ dining room with space for yoga classes was just one example of how the company is upping the game for company culture. With the Class 7 Cleanroom, Medisurge proved to be equipped and ready for immediate expansion. More cleanrooms and automation plans are in place as new customers bring a variety of projects.

Alliant Enterprises, LLC, is a family of companies focused on medical device manufacturing, government distribution, and innovative biotechnology offerings. Alliant Healthcare Products, established in 2002, is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business that specializes in federal government reselling, contracting, and distribution. The company reached $112,000,000 in annual government sales last year while selling over 140,000 SKUs. In 2016, Medisurge was formed, offering full-service contract manufacturing for startups and OEMs with unmatched quality metrics and proven continuous improvement to drive cost savings at every step of the process. Alliant Biotech, founded in 2020, is a growing company dedicated to sourcing unique biotechnology solutions to prevent the spread of disease and infection. For more information, visit,, and

Mayor Rosalynn Bliss Tour LobbyQuality PolicyNorthern Lodge

Media Contact

Alliant Enterprises

[email protected]


2140 Oak Industrial Drive Northeast

Source :Alliant Enterprises

This article was originally published by IssueWire. Read the original article here.

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Servers, Storage & Network Products for sale & rental at a Discounted price.

In an ongoing effort to streamline and improve business, announced that it will be discontinuing Discounted prices on the Rental & Sale of IT Products as of 30/06/2022. Datacenter, Software Companies have used these servers for sale & rental, storage for sale & rental, network products for sale & rental for 45 Days to get Server rental offers servers for sale and rental to power AI and Edge Computing with Next Generation Servers., With high-quality Dell PowerEdge, HP Proliant, IBM System x and Oracle Sun x86 Servers, clients can easily choose the right server for business needs. Serverental inventory is stocked with the highest quality servers to get the most out of the investment. recognizes that finding alternatives may be challenging, and is providing customers with additional information and resources on the company website: Serverental offers Servers Rental, Storage & Networking Products on Rentals in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Cochin, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Noida & Gurgaon.

When asked about the reasons behind the decision why & why to end the product, Serverentalcom, Sales of said, Limited Availability of Stock and their features

Flexible Duration: Servers and Storage can be rented for flexible duration, be it for a short term or long term.

15+ Years of Experience: 15+ years of experience in Server and storage Rental, Upgrade or Repair.

Fastest Response: Serverental support team works around the clock to help customers on time.

Lowest Prices: Server Rental Rates promise to beat any server rental rate by up to 10%.

Datacenter, Software Companies looking for the most up-to-date information about the sunset process for a Discounted prices on Rental & Sale of IT Products can view specific information at Customers who have specific questions about their purchase may contact via their website.

Contact today to learn more about server rental options.
[email protected]
St Johns Rd, DasappaColony, Hermit Colony,
Sivanchetti Gardens,

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Cleveland OH Real-Time SOCaaS – Small Business Outsourced Cybersecurity Launched

Cognizant of the ever-growing threat of cybercrime particularly during this time, SubRosa has recently improved its patented SOC as a Service solution. The company uses proactive machine-learning technologies to help businesses identify cyber threats as they are happening and immediately resolve them within minutes.

More details can be found at

The announcement solidifies the commitment of the IT security group to offer adaptive and intuitive service for next-generation cyber security. Once engaged, the company immediately conducts a vulnerability assessment and performs intrusion detection on all existing software. If an anomalous behavior is seen, the team applies the appropriate security response.

According to the latest IT research, cybercriminals have become more sophisticated and employed complex attacking mechanisms to hack into small to mid-sized organizations for their own purposes. It has become crucial for companies to have a 24/7 monitoring security system and service to protect their sensitive information and maintain their operations.

SubRosa explains that most businesses remain unaware that their networks are constantly being attacked by cyber threats. While most are mitigated with generic IT solutions, a small percentage of dangerous malware is left unguarded against.

With SubRosa’s SOC as a Service, business owners have immediate access to a responsive and experienced team. From regulatory compliance to risk management, the company identifies zero-day attacks and resolves them before they can do any harm.

Further, its SOC as a Service is compatible with over 1,000 network components and operating systems. This means that businesses do not need to install new software or buy expensive hardware. The transition happens seamlessly so that companies can focus on their core business without fear.

New clients are encouraged to schedule a discovery call with the team. A live demo may also be arranged.

Security Operations Center (SOC) as a Service is a way for companies to improve their security department. The centralized function uses the latest technologies to prevent and detect any cybersecurity incident. When selecting a SOCaaS, businesses should look for a company with a proven track record for success.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting

[email protected]
2000 Auburn Drive
Suite 200
United States

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CCHR Encourages Support for Paris Hilton & Congressional Child Abuse Reforms

Media across the nation reported celebrity Paris Hilton’s meeting with White House administration officials on May 10, as part of her continued advocacy against and call for oversight of abuse in the troubled teen behavioral industry. She was joined by abuse survivors and national advocates working to educate lawmakers “about how badly children placed in the troubled teen industry are treated,” she said.[1] The Citizens Commission on Human Rights International, a 53-year mental health industry watchdog, applauded Ms. Hilton and her affiliated groups for speaking out about this grossly neglected area and spearheading a campaign for effective reform.

CCHR also supports their call for a Federal Bill of Rights for Youths, and wants to see this for every state. CCHR has been exposing child abuse, including restraint deaths, in for-profit behavioral-psychiatric residential facilities since 1990, when chains of facilities closed in the wake of government investigations and fines paid over abuse and fraud found.

“The multibillion-dollar troubled teen industry has been able to mislead parents, school districts, child welfare agencies and juvenile justice systems for decades,” said Hilton. “The reason is a systemwide lack of transparency and accountability.”[2]

CCHR agrees and says a national bill of rights for youths sought under a proposed Stop Institutional Child Abuse Act is vital. Since 1990, there have been numerous investigations into the assault of children in residential behavioral and psychiatric facilities. CCHR was instrumental in investigating and exposing the now defunct Charter Behavioral Health that owned the facility, Provo Canyon center that Ms. Hilton said she was abused at in 1999. Charter sold the facility and others to another for-profit behavioral care company in 2000, where abuses have continued since.

Charter also owned a Texas psychiatric facility where in 1997, 16-year-old Roshelle Clayborne pleaded for her life during a restraint. “I can’t breathe,” the African American girl gasped, before she died. Texas state regulators recommended the facility be closed but instead placed it on a one-year probation and the center remains open under different ownership.[3]

A ground-breaking 1998 Hartford Courant and a Sixty Minutes II documentary in March of 1999 exposing conditions in psychiatric facilities prompted a Congressional investigation that confirmed the risks inherent in the use of restraints.[4] Amended regulations in 2000 were intended to prevent restraint deaths.

But restraint deaths have continued, including another 16-year-old African American youth, Cornelius Frederick, who in 2020, gasped, “I can’t breathe,” while several staff at the now closed Lakeside Behavioral Academy in Kalamazoo, Michigan restrained him. He died two days later.[5]

Since 1999, there have been at least four General Accounting Office (GAO) investigations/reports on restraint use or related issues (1999, 2008, 2009, 2022) involving mental health services/youth centers. Congressional investigations have also occurred.

In 2008, Mother Jones found that “Despite thousands of reports of abuse in such programs–including torturous tactics like food deprivation, sleep deprivation, vicious and extended emotional attacks, sexual humiliation and punitive use of isolation and restraint–the programs have remained unregulated and have suffered few legal consequences.”[6]

Ms. Hilton’s campaign to raise awareness about abuses and the rights of youths has already prompted state legislative efforts to curb restraint abuse. She said: “I want these places shut down. I want them to be held accountable.”[7]

Oregon state Senator Gelser Blouin, who sponsored legislation to increase oversight of residential treatment centers in her state, keenly noted: “The survivors have been telling us what’s wrong for a long time…. As legislators we just hold up the megaphone, but we need to do what these kids have been telling us all along. It’s that simple.”[8]

CCHR said that it is astonishing how widespread the abuse is, given that spending on treatment of “behavioral” conditions was $171 billion in 2009 and increased 65% to an estimated $280.5 billion in 2020.[9]

For what result? Fraud and abuse, including restraint deaths, says CCHR.

Ricky Watson Jr., head of the National Juvenile Justice Network, says: “Tax dollars are being used ultimately to abuse and mistreat children.”[10]

Given 30 years of promises of reforms and regulation changes, with significant abuses still occurring, much greater penalties for violating youth rights, including criminal and financial fines and hospital closures are needed. Oversight of the behavioral-psychiatric youth residential treatment industry needs to be dramatically increased. Individual facilities, their owners and mental health care staff and treating psychiatrists/doctors authorizing or involved in restraints, should be held accountable. Children and youths need a safe and nurturing environment, not one based on punitive, coercive and damaging treatment and practices. Report abuse to CCHR.

Read the full article here.

[1] Virginia Chamlee, “Paris Hilton Heads to D.C. to Continue Advocacy Work for Child Abuse: ‘Such an Inspiring Time’” People, 11 May 2022,; Jessica Miller, “Paris Hilton urges federal oversight after revealing she was sexually abused at a Utah teen treatment center,” The Salt Lake Tribune, 11 May 2022,

[2] Tyler Kingkade, Kate Snow and Erin Einhorn, “Paris Hilton pushes for bill to crack down on abusive youth facilities,” NBC News, 20 Oct. 2021,

[3] Eric Weiss, Dave Altimari, Dwight F. Blint and Kathleen Megan, “Deadly Restraint,” Hartford Courant, 11 Oct. 1998,

[4] Wanda K Mohr, PhD, RN, FAAN, “Adverse Effects Associated with Physical Restraint,” Crisis Prevention Institute, 27 Oct. 2010,

[5] “Lawsuit filed against company that owned Lakeside Academy,”, 7 Oct. 2021,; Tyler Kincade, “Video shows fatal restraint of Cornelius Frederick, 16, in Michigan foster facility,” NBC News, 7 July 2020,

[6], citing:

[7] Aili Nahas, “Paris Hilton Opens Up About the Secret Terrifying Abuse She Suffered as a Teen,” People, 22 Aug. 2020,

[8] Katie McKeller, “Paris Hilton returns to Utah for ceremonial bill signing to regulate troubled-teen centers,” Deseret News, 6 Apr. 2021,

[9] “Increasing Access to Behavioral Health Care Advances Value for Patients, Providers and Communities,” Trendwatch, American Hospitals Association, May 2019, p. 4

[10], citing: Hannah Rappleye, Tyler Kingkade and Kate Snow, “A profitable ‘death trap’” NBC News, 16 Dec. 2020,

Citizens Commission on Human Rights International
Citizens Commission on Human Rights International
[email protected]
6616 Sunset Boulevard

Los Angeles
United States

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Thunder Bay ON SEO | Local Search Marketing/Brand Visibility Solution Updated

The agency’s latest update includes advanced search and Google Maps optimization, quality content creation, Google Business Profile optimization, and other essential solutions to help clients dominate their local area.

More details are available at

With the update, Thunder Bay companies can now access proven search engine optimization services to drive brand awareness and put their business in front of thousands of potential customers in a cost-effective and sustainable manner.

Compared to paid advertising, SEO can lower customer acquisition costs by up to 87.4%. Its ROI can be as high as 12.2x of the marketing spend. By working with Bruno Auger Marketing, clients can benefit from the team’s extensive expertise to achieve its business objectives.

The agency uses a multi-channel, integrated approach to deliver a cohesive customer experience. They use blogging, in-depth keyword research, mobile optimization, and link building to rank clients on Google’s result pages. The team stays abreast of recent changes in search engine algorithms in order to deliver consistent results for clients.

Besides improving local businesses’ web exposure, experienced marketing professionals also help build clients’ online credibility, which is vital for gaining customers’ trust.

As a full-service agency, Bruno Auger Marketing offers a range of other digital solutions, such as custom website design, video marketing, and reputation management, among others.

The team of marketing professionals understands that each client’s needs are different, and works closely with them to create a custom marketing plan tailored to their unique situation.

Bruno Auger Marketing takes pride in helping small companies grow – their services are competitively priced and delivered by professionals committed to exceeding expectations. The team provides ongoing support and is available to answer any questions clients may have.

A company spokesperson said: “We use our digital marketing expertise to help you build a strong online presence, drive brand awareness, and organic traffic to your business. Our goal is to make sure the traffic that’s coming to your website is converting and doing what it’s supposed to do–providing income for you.”

Interested parties can visit to learn more about the agency’s services or call +1-807-699-6070 to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Bruno Auger Marketing
Bruno Auger Marketing

101-110 Castlegreen Dr

Thunder Bay

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Voices People/Operations VP Ann Walton Talks Employee Wellness In New Interview

Interviewed by Medium staff writer David Liu in the article, titled ‘Ann Walton Of Voices On 5 Ways That Businesses Can Help Promote The Mental Wellness Of Their Employees’, Walton focuses on actionable strategies to improve workplace culture.

More details can be found at

Walton’s contributions in the interview are particularly timely given the latest figures from the CDC which indicate that 1 in 5 Americans will struggle with a mental illness this year, with over 50% of the nation being diagnosed with a mental illness or disorder over the course of their life.

Moreover, according to a recent expose from Harvard Business Review, 76% of respondents reported having at least one symptom of a mental health condition that was directly related to their job and workplace. Another 81% of respondents also stated that they had left a job due to mental health factors such as overwhelming and unsustainable work.

The evidence is increasingly prevalent that poor mental health in the workplace leads to high rates of attrition, increased absenteeism, a reduction in productivity and often a negative spiral of dropping staff morale.

As such, Ann Walton stresses that it is imperative for a company to ensure that their employees feel genuinely valued, seen and cared for.

In conversation with David Liu, she channels her experiences at the forefront of a modern, multinational corporation to develop a list of best practices for creating a healthy, mental wellness-promoting workplace culture.

Citing Voices’ recent collective subscription to the Calm app, Walton argues that companies simply must invest in wellness and mental health initiatives. She suggests that these should cover essentials like therapy and counseling benefits as well as healthy lifestyle benefits like gym memberships or meditation opportunities.

About Voices and Ann Walton

Ann Walton is the Voices VP of People & Operations. She has over 25 years of experience in people management and culture-creating and is proud to be representing Voices and their innovative approach to work and culture building on the global stage.

As Walton was quoted in Medium’s thought leadership piece, “The first thing we need to accept and embrace is that supporting the mental health of your colleagues is not a “nice to have,” but a “must-have.” If you believe your people are your strongest asset, then you have to invest in all facets of your people. It’s not enough to merely say you care about your colleagues. You have to actually do something about it.”

More information is available at


100 Dundas St Suite 700


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San Francisco CA Luxury Residential Real Estate – Bay Area Market Report Release

The new report, entitled “Bay Area Real Estate Market Analysis as Employees Return to Offices”, addresses the pressing and recurring question of the state of the Bay Area real estate market in the wake of widespread employment changes.

More details can be found at:

The new report discusses the question of fewer taxes and restrictions in places like Texas leading to an exodus from the Bay Area. Farnham notes that leading companies are unwilling to waste the billions of dollars invested in their infrastructure, and have veered away from their initial encouragement of remote work. A hybrid model has been widely adopted, and recalling to the workplace is expected to continue.

The Bay Area has a rich and colorful cultural history, the latest chapter of which has seen it become the home of technological titans like Apple, Facebook, and Salesforce. Demand for real estate has been consistently high. However, the pandemic led many to question the durability of the Bay Area real estate market, given the widespread adoption of remote work.

The report lists several recent Bay Area company policies relating to remote work, reflecting a shift towards a return to offices or a part-time hybrid model. Companies cited include Google, Uber, Twitter, Facebook, and Apple.

Despite many people indeed leaving the Bay Area because of the pandemic, the real estate market has increased. With the return to offices, Farnham predicts that demand will grow even more.

Black Label Real Estate is a San Francisco-based luxury realtor serving San Francisco, Sonoma County, Napa County, and East Bay. Its mission is to provide top-quality residential real estate services, with a particular emphasis on clients’ needs and concerns.

A satisfied client said: “I can’t say enough good things about Tim. He is a real estate expert. He represented me when I sold my home in San Francisco last year and really nailed it. It was in the middle of the pandemic and I was expecting the process to be a nightmare. I’m happy to say my realtor prevented that from being a reality.”

All interested parties can find further information at

Black Label Real Estate
Black Label Real Estate
[email protected]
1160 Battery St. East
Suite 100
San Francisco
United States

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North Little Rock AR Clothing Store | Relaxed Wear/Dog Bandana Collection Update

This is not a typical clothing store, every item at Dogtowne Dry Goods has been designed in-house. The items are entirely original, and can’t be bought elsewhere.

More details can be found at

Developed to offer outdoor clothing, unique garments, and dog accessories to customers in-store and online, the brand is headquartered in a dog-friendly brick-and-mortar store in North Little Rock – also known as ‘Dogtown.’

Founded by a group of individuals with a shared passion for quality goods and adventure, Dogtowne Dry Goods aims to outfit people from all walks of life, no matter their lifestyle. Their range includes a wide variety of relaxed wear, outdoor clothing, and unique dog toys and apparel, all of which are only available in the store or via the company’s website. Since everything is designed in-house you can expect the unexpected when you walk through the doors of Dogtowne Dry Goods.

The brand’s love of man’s best friend is evident in the designs customers will find in the Mahalo Collection, which offers a selection of muted and colorful t-shirts featuring vintage-style dog photography and classic retro-style logos. Created using high-quality screen-printing techniques, favorites in the collection include the Mahalo Cotton Surfing Dog T-Shirt which features a free-spirited canine out for a quick surf in the waves. Set against a comfortably washed, bay leaf color shirt, the overall effect is one of relaxed style and ease, much like most of the items available from the brand.

Further adding to the laid-back feel of the Dogtowne Dry Goods brand, the Mahalo Classic Cap Collection is a fun spirited and comfortable accessory. Available in seven embroidered designs and three colors, each is made using pre-washed 100% cotton twill, and features retro images such as Classic Dog, Pineapple, a Hula Girl, and more.

Customers who are looking to accessorize their dogs will also find the store has a range of pet apparel, accessories, and toys to explore. The brand’s Borzoi Dog Bandana is a favorite, in 35 funky prints and three sizes, to fit most dog breeds comfortably. Each bandana is printed to be reversed, so pet owners can choose from two styles depending on their (or their dog’s) mood.

Interested parties can find out more by visiting

Dogtowne Dry Goods
Dogtowne Dry Goods

713A N Main St.

North Little Rock
United States

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