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Increasing Acts of Senseless Violence in Our Communities and Psychiatric Drugs

The increasing acts of senseless violence in our communities, exemplified so tragically by the shooting in Uvalde, Texas, has left everyone deeply disturbed and demanding answers as well as solutions. But are the right questions being asked?

As we look for the best solutions and for ways to prevent further, similar events, which seem to have reached an alarming frequency across our country, it is imperative that we think outside the box. As usual when a tragedy, such as the recent spate of mass acts of violence occurs, there is a groundswell of support for increasing gun law restrictions. However, young men have had the legal authority to own firearms for nearly 250 years per the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution, the issue of mass killings, often executed by troubled young men or teenagers, did not arise until the past 20 years or so.

What Changed?

The basic change in the dynamics of this phenomenon is the widespread distribution of psychotropic drugs.

This one possible aspect of violence in our communities is addressed in a report produced by the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) titled “Psychiatric Drugs Create Violence and Suicide: School Shootings & Other Acts of Violence” which notes that more than 30 studies, drug regulatory agency warnings and expert opinion link psychotropic drugs to violent and suicidal behavior.

Of course, with millions of people taking such drugs, clearly not everyone will experience these reactions. But what drug regulatory agency warnings confirm is that a percentage of the population will.

Drug proponents or pharmaceutical companies with a vested interest in discounting this well-documented link may claim that “studies do not find an association between mental illness and violence or homicides, except for persons using illicit intoxicating substances or alcohol.”

And while it is correct that there’s no association between mental illness and violence or homicides, there have been no clinical drug trials conducted to establish violence as a side effect. Why? Because such experiments could not get approval by the Institutional Review Board. Instead, after a drug is FDA-approved, the drug is prescribed to thousands and adverse effects monitored over a long period. It is then that serious violent and suicidal adverse events are noticed.

What Do the Medical Experts Have to Say?

David Healy, a leading psychopharmacology expert and professor of psychiatry in Wales says, “Violence and other potentially criminal behavior caused by prescription drugs are medicine’s best kept secret.” Professor Healy, who has testified in cases where a psychotropic drug was blamed, in part, for the killing of a family says: “Legal systems are likely to continue to be faced with cases of violence associated with the use of psychotropic drugs, and it may fall to the courts to demand access to currently unavailable data. The problem is international and calls for an international response.”

David Kirschner, Ph.D., a New York forensic psychologist who has evaluated 30 teenage and young adult murderers, found that most had “been in ‘treatment’ and were using prescribed stimulant/amphetamine type drugs before and during the killing events. These medications did not prevent but instead contributed to the violence….” Dr. Kirschner advised that “despite ongoing congressional debates regarding stricter gun control laws vs. improved access to mental health treatment, our concern should be about the quality of mental health care, not just a societal safety net insuring treatment for all children and young adults.”

Proposed “Solutions” that could Exacerbate the Problem

The “solutions” proposed to address violence include mental health screening that oftentimes leads to prescriptions for psychotropic drugs that, in a percentage of those taking them, can cause the violent or suicidal behavior they’re supposed to prevent. One depression screening test had an 84% chance of incorrectly identifying students as suicidal.

Nationally it is estimated that more than $2 billion has been authorized and/or used for mental health and violence prevention programs in schools and foster care since 2014. This doesn’t include security equipment and services for education that reached $2.7 billion in revenue in 2017. Then there’s research that also doesn’t appear to have stemmed suicide or violence. In 2017, the National Institutes of Health, the largest public funder of biomedical research in the world, spent $68 million on suicide alone and $2.7 billion on mental health.

There appears to be no cost-benefit analysis of or accountability for money already expended on mental health services in schools and what percent of students have been prescribed psychotropic drugs as a result.

What is the Solution?

While we all agree that providing a safe environment for schoolchildren is paramount, the role that psychotropic drugs may play in altering students’ behavior and mental state putting them and others at potential risk cannot be ignored.

Individuals who have been labeled as mentally ill face poor quality care and violations of their human rights This demands significant changes in the mental health industry. We cannot continue to throw money at this problem or continue to rely on a profession that has demonstrated no results.

CCHR is calling for an investigation into the link between psychotropic drugs and violence/suicide and what oversight exists for this; the introduction of a law or regulation that requires police and/or other appropriate agencies to report on certain crimes and suicides committed by a person who was using psychotropic drugs and focus placed on nutrition, health and alternative solutions to mental health.

About CCHR: Initially established by the Church of Scientology and renowned psychiatrist Dr. Thomas Szasz in 1969, CCHR’s mission is to eradicate abuses committed under the guise of mental health and enact patient and consumer protections. L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology, first brought psychiatric imprisonment to wide public notice: “Thousands and thousands are seized without process of law, every week, over the ‘free world’ tortured, castrated, killed. All in the name of ‘mental health,’” he wrote in March 1969.

Source: “Psychiatric Drugs Create Violence and Suicide: School Shootings & Other Acts of Violence”

Citizens Commission on Human Rights of Florida
[email protected]
109 North Fort Harrison Avenue

United States

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Website Form Submission Spam Prevention | CRM Integrated Filter Service Updated

The enhanced solution has been developed in line with a global directory of spamming agents, and offers automatic filtering for up to 99% of spam website form submissions. An improved dashboard offers greater control over leads, while GDPR and HIPAA-compliant encryption helps to protect client data.

More details can be found at: has recognized the growing threat the malicious spam submissions pose, and the latest revisions are designed to provide additional protection. The system now works with all major business website platforms, including WordPress, Wix, Shopify, and Woo.

While website forms are an effective way for small businesses to generate leads, they are also vulnerable to targeting by manual spammers and spam bots. In addition to being an annoyance, spam forms can have malicious intent, containing links to phishing websites, stealing personal information, or taking control of a website.

The improved dashboard from aims to minimize these threats, offering rapid oversight of all website leads, as well as allowing customized control over which leads are good or bad. The platform does not delete spam leads entirely, giving businesses the opportunity to review them if required.

As mentioned, maintains a continuously updated database of known spammers, including unsolicited business requests, spam bots, scams, phishers, and fake accounts. The company states that its platform successfully removes 99% of spam form submissions, with customization offering additional flexibility.


Now in use by over 24,000 businesses, continues to expand its capabilities in an effort to provide more safe and efficient spam removal solutions for the small business community. The platform does not require any technical expertise, and can be connected to any website. The team includes considerable technical and sales support representatives, with system demonstrations also now available.

A company representative recently stated: “Automatically filter your website messages against our continuously updated global list of spammers. SpamBurner filters out bad leads, but doesn’t delete them unless you say so. You can still see every lead from your member dashboard.”

Interested parties can learn more by visiting:
[email protected]
2800 Lakeland Hills Blvd.
Ste #92866
United States

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Visalia, CA Workers’ Compensation 30-Year Spanish Speaking Attorney

Current workers, employees, and applicants of companies that have been injured on the job and are looking for experience workers’ compensation representation that can also speak Spanish can now take advantage of the new offering from The Law Office of Farley and Ketendjian.

The Law Office of Farley and Ketendjian has implemented a new element to its workers’ comp services, speaking Spanish, to benefit both new and existing customers, in order to bring an even greater level of service to their clients.

To take full advantage of this new Spanish speaking service, people can visit the website at for full details.

Specifically, this will deliver quality representation to people who would not typically have access to experienced injured workers counsel. The Law Office of Farley and Ketendjian has been able to do this by seeing the large numbers of immigration coming into California over the last decade.

The Law Office of Farley and Ketendjian is excited to unveil the latest bilingual benefit for current and new workers’ comp clients as it’s specifically designed to meet the needs of injured workers, employees, and applicants in California.

On this subject, Ka’ren Ketendjian, Co-Owner at The Law Office of Farley and Ketendjian said:

“I think it’s important to consider the large numbers of those immigrating to California over the last decade. These working people are oftentimes worried about losing their salary because of an on-the-job injury. They may not speak great English, so they may not trust an attorney who cannot communicate with them. The good news is, we speak Spanish (Armenian and Russian as well) at Farley & Ketendjian, and can be the voice they need to get just compensation for their work-related injuries.”

To take full advantage of this new Spanish speaking service, people can visit the website at for full details.

The Law Office of Farley and Ketendjian has made a point of listening to its customers and taking feedback wherever possible. They reportedly do this because the client makes the business viable, and the business exists to make sure those people injured in the workplace get the just compensation they deserve.

Having been in business now for 30-years, The Law Office of Farley and Ketendjian strives to change the lives of as many injured workers as possible, for the better, in the great state of California. This dedication has made them known among people as being the one company clients can truly trust and rely on.

Interested parties who would like to be among the first to experience the bilingual service with The Law Office of Farley and Ketendjian are encouraged to visit the website at: for full details and to get started.

The Law Office of Farley and Ketendjian

1535 East Shaw Avenue
Suite 101
United States

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Kauai Affordable Beach Wedding Planner | Venue & Photography Package Updated

Depending on the specifics of the client’s wedding requirements, Bridal Dream Hawaii offers competitive pricing that covers photography, marriage license, venue, cake, flowers, and other related activities. Its wedding packages also include military discounts.

More details are available at

For many couples, getting married in Hawaii is a dream come true. However, a lot of groundwork is needed to ensure everything goes as planned. With this update, couples can collaborate actively with an industry expert to plan and deliver their dream wedding at many great Hawaiian destinations.

Bridal Dream Hawaii offers wedding packages to suit most couples, with the option to build around the basics to create a custom wedding plan. In which case, the wedding company’s packages can then include additional services such as a bridal flower bouquet, wedding video, and a framed certificate.

One of the company’s prominent beach wedding packages, the Kahala Beach Wedding, covers a ceremony that takes about 10-15 minutes and includes live music, a brief speech, wedding vows, an exchange of rings, flower leis, and a wedding kiss. Each ceremony is crafted according to the couple’s personal style, and the company has sample wedding videos upon request.

The package also covers photo shoots during and after the wedding ceremony, and the on-ground photographer delivers a total of 100 high-resolution images with no watermarks or copyright restrictions. Find out more at

About Bridal Dream Hawaii

Bridal Dream Hawaii also provides beach wedding services on the island of Oahu. The planning team aims to help every couple make their special day unique and memorable. Its most popular packages cover the basic elements, but the a la carte services are also available for couples who want a little extra detail to make their event more memorable.

A satisfied client said: “I had the pleasure of having my wedding with Bridal Dream Hawaii and everything was so perfect. My family who attended the ceremony thought everything was amazing, especially the view from the ceremony. Robert was great to work with, great at responding to questions, and just an all-around nice guy.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting

Bridal Dream Hawaii
[email protected]
P.O. Box 23311
Honolulu, HI 96823
United States

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Chicago Bridal Trade Show | Lotus Threads Wedding Gown Collection Announced

The wholesaler and bridal gown designer, which is known for its unique dresses and the feminine power they exude, is going to be exhibiting a selection of bestsellers from its current collections as well as introducing a number of previously unseen gowns from its new unedited collection.

More details can be found at

Lotus Threads is proud to announce its recent addition to the slate of bridal providers that are going to be exhibited at the popular bridal market. This year, the event will be taking place in Chicago, at theMART, between August 28 and August 30.

This annual event is a critical date in any Chicago or Illinois bride’s calendar, as it the state’s leading trade show for everything bridal. This year, it is exhibiting over 150 brands in 14 different categories, including wedding dresses, event organizers, venues, florists, make-up artists and more.

Lotus Threads’ inclusion in the National Bridal Market Chicago showcases its nationwide reputation as one of the industry’s top designers and B2B wholesalers.

The bridal store’s stall will be Booth #1094 on the 7th Floor Market Suites at 222 Merchandise Mart Plaza, better known to locals as theMART.

Lotus Threads currently has three popular collections. Firstly, they have their Forces of Nature collection, which channels the power and beauty of mother nature with its floral, flowing water and fire-inspired motifs. Also popular is their Evolution collection, which channels vintage elegance, classic lines and old Hollywood glamour. Finally, they have their The Mystical Garden collection, which offers brides a dreamy and feminine aesthetic.

Attendees at the National Bridal Market Chicago will have the opportunity to view some of the distinct gowns from each of these beautiful collections and also enjoy a sneak peek at their next season looks.

Lotus Threads is a Demi Couture Bridal Brand . The collection is sold across the country and in Europe.

A spokesperson for the company said, “Lotus Threads will be attending the National Bridal Market Chicago from August 28 to August 30. One of the biggest bridal and special occasion shows of the year. We will be showing our collection’s best sellers and introducing some new gowns from our new unedited collection. Retailers, don’t miss our new trending and all-time best seller gowns.”

More information is available at

Lotus Threads

42 Oak Ave, Tuckahoe
Tuckahoe, NY 10707
United States

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Albany Creek Emergency Home Plumber | Burst Pipe 24-Hour Service Expanded

As part of the updated services, the company helps local families resolve plumbing malfunctions as soon as they arise. Its team members are on standby 24 hours, including on weekends, after-hours, and holidays, to meet customers’ plumbing needs.

More information is available at

Following the announcement, Plumbaround now offers Albany Creek homeowners its full suite of residential plumbing solutions, including backflow testing and prevention, burst water and sewage pipes repair, as well as clogged drains and pipes repair.

Plumbaround is a locally owned and operated business that has been in operation since 2004. Leveraging this experience, the team diagnoses and fixes plumbing issues, no matter how small or complex the job is. They also provide scheduled residential pipework maintenance that may include fixing leaking taps and installing new kitchen, toilet, and bathroom appliances.

Their tradespeople arrive at clients’ premises fully equipped with the latest tools and technologies for a prompt resolution to the problem. They use non-destructive techniques that include sensitive audio equipment and waterproofed tiny cameras to locate and view subsurface conditions of the pipework without drilling holes in clients’ walls and grounds.

Alongside plumbing services, the team also offers 24/7 gas leak detection and repair. They can also upgrade dated gas fittings to meet current regulatory and safety standards.

The plumbers at Plumbaround are fully licensed and insured. The professionals also test, install, and certify customers’ backflow prevention devices.

The team cleans up after each job, leaving no debris or dirt behind. They also provide price quotes that enable homeowners confidently plan for the repair or installation.

“Big thanks to the contractor and staff at Plumbaround. We won’t be using another plumber from here out,” a happy customer said. “The tradesperson who attended to our job was on time, very informative, and more helpful than previous plumbers we have enlisted. The cost was reasonable, and that is so hard to find these days.”

With the latest move, Plumbaround reiterates its commitment to helping customers optimise their building’s comfort, efficiency, and functionality, starting with their pipes.

Additional details about the contractor’s services are available at

Plumbaround Pty Ltd
[email protected]
48b Ainsdale St,
Chermside West

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Australia Hotel & Travel Club 2022 Holiday Concierge Membership Plans Expanded

The Corporate Travel Club based in Southport Australia has expanded its travel packages to include top destinations in and around the country. Club members gain access to wholesale rates at more than 800,000 hotels worldwide.

For more information please visit

With this latest expansion, The Corporate Travel Club offers members more opportunities to enjoy luxurious Australian accommodations at affordable prices. Non-members are encouraged to take advantage of the 14-day Sneak Peak Offer.

The Corporate Travel Club is an online travel concierge platform that provides leisure and business travellers access to premium getaway deals. According to the team, travel costs are rising steadily in the wake of the pandemic. Thanks to its collaboration with top-tier travel and hospitality partners, travel brokers, and hotels, the company is able to provide members with wholesale rates not available to the general public.

Currently, The Corporate Travel Club is offering average savings between 25 -70% on select resorts and hotels in and around Australia.

Locations include the highly-rated Point Brisbane Hotel, Kihaa Maldives, and the Oaks Port Stephens Pacific Blue Resort. The concierge team at The Corporate Travel Club works with members to source the best travel deals and suggests a comprehensive itinerary for each trip including flights, attractions, and excursions. The site does not charge commission fees on each booking and all concierge services are included in the annual membership fee. Membership is valid for up to six family members.

This recent expansion is in line with The Corporate Travel Club’s ongoing commitment to sharing the best rates for its travel-savvy community of members. Additional information is available at

A satisfied customer recently said, “I purchased an annual membership and was keen to test out the concierge service. It was good to be able to have someone there to answer questions, and they really knew their stuff. I got some great ideas for our next family getaway.”

Interested parties can learn more at

The Corporate Travel Club

U6/100 Cotlew Street East


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Scoop Soldiers ranks on Inc. 5000

For the first time, Scoop Soldiers has been ranked in the top 5000 of the fastest growing businesses by Inc. Magazine.

Scoop Soldiers, a pet waste removal company that was established in 2010, specializes in sanitizing and the removal of pet waste for both residential and pet-friendly commercial clients. Scoop Soldiers has ranked 3,573 out of 5,000 of the fastest growing businesses by Inc. Magazine, is currently operating in 9 states and expanding with new franchise opportunities. The ranking is based on three years of revenue growth and was announced today by Inc.

Additionally, Scoop Soldiers ranks 336 in Texas, 61 in consumer services, and 134 in the Dallas – Fort Worth metro area with an astounding 144% of growth between 2018 and 2021. These achievements demonstrate Scoop Soldiers’ incredible resiliency amid supply chain woes and the continuing challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic among their customer base and their franchise owners.

The Inc. 5000 list is an annual ranking of the fastest growing private companies in America. “We are absolutely thrilled to be included among such elite companies on this list, as it highlights our ability to effectively scale quickly despite the challenging business climate and economic conditions. We are honored to be recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in America”, said Joshua Cahill, owner of Scoop Soldiers. “This recognition is a testament to the dedicated team of employees and franchisees who have helped Scoop Soldiers achieve these milestones along with the loyal customer base and their dogs. The entire team at Scoop Soldiers is excited about the growth because it means that the team gets to meet more dogs, and yes, their owners too. Scoop Soldiers looks forward to delivering on the promise to never leave a pile behind!”

For more information, please visit, email [email protected] or call 877-930-7667

Scoop Soldiers
[email protected]
2323 North Akard Street

United States

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The effects of Water Damage – Quest Public Adjusters are here for you

The effects of water damage to a property can be stressful and overwhelming for the owner and the insurance claims process can be difficult to navigate. The latest update provides guidelines for response to prevent the damage from worsening and ensure the best outcome for a compensation claim.

More information is available at

Many water insurance claims are wrongfully denied or underpaid and certain types of damage caused by floods, sewer, and drainage backup may not be covered by standard policies. The update recommends reviewing existing policies to ensure comprehensive cover and lists the steps to be taken by the insured to maximize compensation.

Public adjusters evaluate property loss on behalf of the policyholder and advocate for the client’s claim. The report recommends that the claimant should contact an adjuster before starting the claims process, although the company can still provide assistance if the claim has been initiated.

Steps to be taken during a claim include obtaining a copy of the original insurance policy and policy number, noting the names of representatives from the policy provider who are involved in the claim, exercising extreme caution before signing forms, and taking extensive photos and videos of the damage that started the claim.

Mr. Alvarado’s website also provides recommendations for emergency plumbers and water restoration specialists. A free insurance claim evaluation can be arranged by phone or through his website. It may be possible for claims to be reopened up to five years from the date of loss.

Mr. Alvarado and his team have been providing assistance to victims of major Florida hurricanes and have handled thousands of claims totaling over $100 million, ranging from homeowner’s insurance residential claims to commercial businesses and major manufacturing companies.

A satisfied client said: “Following damage to my home, dealing with the insurance and mortgage companies seemed very overwhelming. John helped me get back a very fair amount for the damages. My insurance company tried to give me half of what John achieved and I am more than pleased with his services.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting

John Alvarado
[email protected]
15137 79TH Terrace North

United States

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Safeguard Your Roof With Guaranteed Roof Restoration In Christchurch

Is the metal roof showing signs of age and neglect? Is it a guaranteed roof repair service to protect the roof against Christchurch maritime climate? Don’t go with any vendor who promises the lowest price. Instead, choose a company that offers guaranteed roof restoration.

Roof Painting Christchurch now offers complete roof restoration packages for both residential and commercial properties.

The residential roof painting company in Christchurch customizes the roof restoration package to the specific needs and the budget. The Roof Painting Christchurch package includes cleaning and lichen removal, also with roof repairs Christchurch can include re-pointing, re-mortaring, sheeting and tile replacements, and the application of a special roof coating system.

Roof Painting Christchurch’s elite roof covering services are designed to protect the roof and roofing elements–tiles, pointing, from rust, corrosion, and weather damage. Experienced roof repairs Christchurch specialists provide a free quote on all residential, commercial, and industrial roof restoration services. The team specialises in re-coating corrosion-resistant Colorsteel roofs, mould removal, and membrane application.

The Christchurch local roof repair company assesses the roof to customize its roof restoration service. Roof Painting Christchurch roof treatments protect against damage caused by the region’s unique maritime climate.

The roof repairs Christchurch company offers a service guarantee for restorations performed on tile and metal roofs. Roof Painting Christchurch is authorized and insured for roof painting, repairs, rust-proofing, and cleaning in the Canterbury region.

Roof Painting Christchurch has expertise in roofing restoration for historic buildings or modern buildings with complex multi-level roofing.

Roof Painting Christchurch is a full-service roof protection solutions company serving residential, commercial, and industrial customers in Christchurch. The company has more than 30 years of operational experience in site assessment, roof repairs, and roof coating.

Enjoy a stress-free roof restoration from Roof Painting Christchurch. For more information about complete roof restoration and repair in Christchurch and a free quote, call 0210 851 8931 or visit today!

Roof Painting Christchurch
[email protected]
2/44 Division Street
New Zealand

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