Friday, May 24

You can Now use Google Maps to Calculate Distance and Area

Google is always coming up with breathtaking technology time after time. Thanks to it, we always have improved and updated software in the name of search engines. The Android operating system, all its packages, and much more.

Now with Google maps, you have the ability to calculate both distance and area from one point to another. Google maps have had the ability to help you calculate the distance between two points but only in a planned route. If you entered two points, Google would help you find the fastest route and give you a distance with it.

The latest Google maps edition lets you calculate the exact distance between two points without following a specific route. To use this amazing distance-measuring tool, just right click on any point on your map and select measure distance. Click on another point on the map to create a path and Google maps will show you the distance between the two selected points.

To calculate area using this tool, just draw over the map the shape on which you want to calculate the area. Google maps will then show the area of the defined area for you. You can also do this by entering the address or GPS coordinates of a plot and then find the area.

This tool is however available only for the desktop version of Google maps. This feature was added back in a 2014 update and has been quite useful ever since. Instead of traditionally marking out physical points and measuring the area of a given land, you can do it on the internet with the use of Google maps. Hikers and joggers can utilize the distance-measuring tool to easily get an idea of the distance they will cover before embarking on their expeditions.

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