Thursday, May 23

Urgent Appeal: Help Our Family Escape the Devastation in Gaza

Dear compassionate souls,

We write to you from the heart of Gaza, where our family is enduring unimaginable hardships. Lamah Muhammad Al-Qudra, Bassam Al-Qudra, Hanaa Wadi, Khaled Al-Qudra, Muhammad Al-Qudra, Firas Al-Qudra, Karim Al-Qudra, and Amir Al-Qudra, these names are etched in our prayers, representing the faces we yearn to see safe.

Our grandmother Lamah, a symbol of resilience despite her frailty, sits in her wheelchair. Battling paraplegia and chronic illnesses, she faces this storm with unparalleled strength. Yet, the relentless bombings, crumbling buildings, and scarcity of essentials have tested her beyond measure.

Bassam, our uncle, stands as a pillar of strength for the family. His eyes, once hopeful, now reflect the horrors he’s witnessed. He shields his wife, Hanaa, and their children. Khaled, Muhammad, Firas, Karim, and Amir—from the worst, but the toll is heavy.

Gaza, once vibrant, now lies in ruins. Hospitals, universities, and schools are but memories. Our plea is simple: help us bring our family to safety. Each member needs $6,000 for their escape, transportation, medical aid, and a chance to rebuild their shattered lives. Every dollar counts; every donation is a lifeline.

Imagine Lamah’s relief feeling solid ground beneath her wheelchair, away from chaos. Picture Bassam holding his children close, tears of gratitude streaming down his face. Envision Hanaa, Khaled, Muhammad, Firas, Karim, and Amir breathing freely, far from explosions. Your donation can make hope bloom again.

Please, open your hearts. Share this plea with anyone who can lend a hand. Together, we can rewrite their story from despair to resilience. Donate now. Every dollar brings them closer to safety. Gratitude fills our hearts.

Thank you for being a beacon of compassion in these dark times. Your kindness matters more than you can imagine.

With hope and unwavering faith.

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