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“Today will never be forgotten” Pastor’s confession at the Shincheonji Continental Bible Seminar in the Philippines

2024 Shincheonjis Bible Seminars by Continent Asia   Shincheonji Church of Jesus

Amidst chaos across the world Chairman Man-hee Lee of Shincheonji made his 1st Stop of the 2024 Great Bible Seminar by continents starting in the Philippines

Chicago, Illinois Apr 26, 2024 ( – “Through today’s lecture, I saw and heard the reality that Revelation has been fulfilled. I will never forget today.”

This sentiment was expressed by a female pastor from the Philippines who attended the ‘2024 Great Bible Seminar by continents’ hosted by Shincheonji Church of Jesus, the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony (Chairman Man-hee Lee ), in the afternoon (local time) of the 20th in the Philippines.

The ‘2024 Great Bible Seminar by continents’ was organized in response to requests from international religious leaders. Following last year’s Shincheonji Bible Seminar in South Korea, which received favorable reviews from Korean pastors, there were requests to host similar events overseas. In the wake of the news of the ‘2024 Great Bible Seminar by continents’, international religious leaders showed enthusiasm, calling it “a long-awaited lecture that is necessary for believers.” Such reactions have garnered attention on the remaining schedule of the Great Bible Seminar by continents.

So far, the number of participants who have registered or been counted for the ‘2024 Great Bible Seminar by continents’ includes 28,818 ministers, 889 journalists, and 83,242 laymen, totaling over 150,000 people. The number of attendees is expected to increase significantly by the time the event is actually held.

The ‘2024 Great Bible Seminar by Continents’ in the Philippines, signaling the beginning of the seminar series, was successfully held. The event was attended by people from all walks of life of faith, including pastors, journalists, and the general public, filling the venue’s capacity of 4,000 people. Due to the limited capacity of the venue and physical distancing measures, about 90,000 people who could not attend in person participated through live streaming on YouTube, reflecting strong interest in the fulfillment of the Book of Revelation.

During the event, Man-hee Lee, the Chairman of Shincheonji Church of Jesus, gave the lecture on the topic of ‘Testimony on the fulfilled realities of Revelation,’ explaining the prophecies of the Book of Revelation and their fulfilled realities.

Chairman Lee confidently stated, “Today, I want to share with you the prophecies of Revelation and the reality of these prophecies that I have seen and heard. This is my mission.”

He continued, “Today, when Revelation is fulfilled, Jesus shows and tells (fulfilled things) to one person. Then, he commands this person to go and testify to the churches. If you ask me (regarding the fulfilled realities of the prophecies), I can let you know (the realities) a thousand times, ten thousand times based on Bible verses because I have seen all the realities and can testify to them.”

Especially Chairman Lee emphasized the need to know and learn the Book of Revelation by explaining the verse stating, that if one adds to or subtracts from the Book of Revelation, he cannot go to heaven, several times. He stressed, “It is fulfilled as recorded in the Book of Revelation, so even a single letter cannot be omitted.”

He also mentioned, “In the 6,000-year history of God, there has never been a time when (what He promised) was not fulfilled. He has fulfilled His words at the appointed time,” and added, “Currently, Revelation has been fulfilled up to Chapter 17. To achieve the goal of faith, which is heaven and eternal life, one must know what has been fulfilled and what has not.”

He encouraged, “The Philippines, please become one with us and work together to fulfill our hopes. Pastors here, please strive towards this.”

The event received high praise. Pastors and believers who attended this Bible Seminar expressed amazement at finally hearing the fulfilled words of the Book of Revelation that they had long awaited.

A Filipino journalist who attended the seminar stated, “The concept of the Second Coming is still taboo in many churches in the Philippines. They talk about the New Testament every Sunday but do not mention Revelation.” He evaluated, “Now is the time for other religions to discuss Revelation as well. Therefore, the Chairman’s message is very timely.”

After the lecture, Shincheonji Church of Jesus and the attending religious leaders signed a ‘Joint Cooperation Agreement’. The agreement aims to cease religious conflicts and persecution and to carry out peace work based on the scriptures. Chairman Man-hee Lee and five other religious leaders from Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism participated.

An official from Shincheonji Church of Jesus stated, “All attendees are amazed that the Book of Revelation has been fulfilled and everything is being testified non-stop. We expect a new wind to blow through the religious world as we tour all five continents starting with the Philippines.”

Meanwhile, as the Word of Revelation is testified, the number of established churches that are changing their signboards to Shincheonji Church of Jesus is also increasing significantly. As of April this year, 1,314 churches in 40 countries have changed their signage to Shincheonji Church of Jesus, and the number of pastors affiliated with these churches is 1,572, with a total congregation members of 97,793

To watch the Seminar please visit this link: 2024 Shincheonji’s Bible Seminars by Continent: Asia …| Shincheonji Church of Jesus

To learn more about Shincheonji, visit its official website at or email to connect with the Midwest branch of Shincheonji.

2024 Shincheonjis Bible Seminars by Continent Asia   Shincheonji Church of Jesus2024 Shincheonjis Bible Seminars by Continent Asia   Shincheonji Church of Jesus2024 Shincheonjis Bible Seminars by Continent Asia   Shincheonji Church of Jesus2024 Shincheonjis Bible Seminars by Continent Asia   Shincheonji Church of Jesus

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