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To Create a New Era of Digital Finance, PRC Reconstructs the Value of Financial Token Economy

The long-awaited bull market in bitcoin and recent signs that a large number of corporate and institutional have invested most of their savings in Bitcoin indicate that the development of a mainstream cryptocurrency market is accelerating.

Bitcoin broke through the shackles of traditional finance and opened the door to digital finance. After decades of thriving, it has formed a decentralized, open and transparent digital financial ecosystem with blockchain technology as the core and has become a challenge to the traditional financial system. Based on this development, both the payment industry and the blockchain payment technology are all require innovative solutions. Proxima Centauri (PRC) rose in response to the proper time and conditions and became a leader in the new era of digital finance.


Proxima Centauri has always been committed to creating a financial scene suitable for the mass market, adhering to the purpose of providing the most suitable financial services for anyone. In order to fulfill our promise, we started to build an ecosystem around Proxima Centauri. As an emerging decentralized finance in the world, it has created an application scenario of “ecosphere” on the basis of the Internet. It is our mission to break national boundaries to achieve a community of shared future and create a better world together.


PRC Empowers the Development of Digital Economy with Comprehensive Services


As a pioneer in the digital asset industry, digital asset transactions can drive the development, application and promotion of a series of technologies in the blockchain industry. Proxima Centauri is based on its experience and capabilities in technology research, development and product design, from basic services to ecological operations, etc. Starting from different dimensions, we are committed to providing safer and more efficient services for the global digital financial sector.


For industry giants, while setting up the scene and ecology becomes an important consideration, there is a lack of in-depth polishing and optimization for complex application scenarios. Therefore, how to better create and get through the “whole chain” of the industry has become a difficult problem. Therefore, the PRC, which has its own rich business ecology, massive branches and accumulated experience in global operation activities, to be the first to break the game.


PRC Main Network Launching Plan

Dedicated to Empower Global Entities with Blockchain+”

In 2021Q2, the PRC test network will be launched with the main network, and will become a blockchain network that can operate independently. Transactions on the network are recognized by the community and will build the DeFi ecosystem in the future.


The PRC team will realize the coupling of its own alliance chain system + multi-mainstream public chain data in the 2021Q4 phase. Based on the technical characteristics, PRC will solve the trust problem and ensure the openness and transparency of asset circulation and investment.


In the future, through the PRC data on-chain system, offline physical assets of traditional industries can pledge equity valuations and convert them into tokens, complete data on-chain, and realize the digitization of real industrial assets, which has brought more flexible funds and a more relaxed investment environment at the same time, allowing anyone to participate without any threshold, and the efficiency of asset circulation is greatly improved.


PRC will Optimize the Drawbacks and Create the Real DEX In the Future

Although the DEX under the banner of Justswap has brought an encouraging performance this year, and PRC officially launched Justswap on November 9, but through the feedback of PRC users, the DEX type of the AMM model is not suitable for normal users. The traditional model is plagued by old problems, such as slow transaction speed, poor transaction depth, large transaction slippage, and normal APP experience.


Therefore, for ordinary users, especially the larger number of incremental users, the PRC team is studying how to combine the using skills and thresholds, so that DEX trading can truly fit CEX in terms of user experience and trading habits, achieving the security advantage of “Got the private key in hand, and my asset is safe”. Security issues will be a real breakthrough for DEX and an important part of the PRC’s ecological future.

PRC Foundation Construction to Accelerate the Expansion of Fuel for the Ecosystem

The construction of the PRC foundation is also an important part of the ecology. It will be used in four sectors in the future: PRC Developer Community Support Fund, PRC Main Network Construction Fund, PRC Charity Fund, and PRC Technology Innovation Investment Fund.

  1. The PRC Developer Community Support Fund

It is used to encourage outstanding development teams or individuals to participate in the development of PRC mainnet DApp, solve the short-term problems caused by developers due to funds, and quickly expand the PRC ecosystem.

  1. PRC Main Network Construction Fund

It is mainly used to reward community developers who participate in the development of ACC mainnet and check and correct vulnerabilities.

  1. PRC Charity Fund

It is mainly used to help the construction of infrastructure in poverty areas around the world, improve the skills of professionals, and improve the living conditions of disadvantaged children.

  1. PRC Technology Innovation Investment Fund

The Foundation will integrate into the global network to enhance the ability of international technology strategic resource allocation; Carry out venture capital, private equity investment and other financial innovations; We will develop commercial finance in key areas and expand financing channels for energy technology innovation.


The Most Valuable Digital Asset for Investment, and to Create a Global Community Financial Consensus


The development of PRC’s future application ecology is inseparable from the establishment of community consensus. With PRC’s strong ecological fission ability and consensus building experience, PRC community consensus will be the foundation for promoting the construction, development and prosperity of PRC financial application ecology.


In order to accelerate the construction of community consensus, Proxima Centauri is about to launch a global community node recruitment plan to recruit more capable and thoughtful community leaders to participate in autonomy to develop and promote market value together. In the future, driven by the strong consensus of the community, the ecology of PRC will be more prosperous.





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