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The Return of GRAM: MEXC Adds Listing of Bitcoin Analog to the Telegram Ecosystem

GRAM – one of the growth leaders of the crypto market in 2024 – has appeared in the listing of the popular cryptocurrency exchange MEXC. Since its launch in January, the coin has grown in price by 28,000 times, and the number of holders has since exceeded 30,000.

In the GRAM community, it is called the “Bitcoin on Telegram”. We’ll explain why buying the coin today can open up the opportunity to earn tens of multiples and how GRAM is similar to Bitcoin.


The team of the cryptocurrency exchange MEXC is already offering users the trading pair GRAM/USDT. GRAM is currently  the most popular token on the TON blockchain (one of the biggest ecosystems in the CIS countries), so it was important to launch the project on a reputable trading platform such as MEXC.

Before listing, major cryptocurrency exchanges conduct independent checks of the cryptocurrency, one of the tasks of which is to ensure that the cryptocurrency is of interest to members of the crypto community. 

After carrying out independent checks, MEXC decided to list GRAM on its exchange because it has good hopes for the future prospect of the project. This is only proof that now is the time to invest in GRAM. 

Before this, the coin was added to the list of tradable assets on a number of decentralized exchanges:, Ton.Diamonds, and DeDust. You can also buy cryptocurrency in the P2P section of the CryptoBot on Telegram.

In the near future, GRAM may appear in listings on other global cryptocurrency exchanges. Last week, users noticed that 1 million coins were sent to the wallets of cryptocurrency exchanges MEXC and OKX, so a lot of people in the community were already preparing for the big listing.

Why it’s time to buy GRAM right now

1. Powerful technical foundation. 

GRAM is the first and most popular crypto project on the TON blockchain, developed by the Telegram team and brought to a working state by a group of independent programmers. 

The high bandwidth of TON and competitive indicators ensure the stable operation of coins. GRAM has a strong technical foundation and its network seamlessly carries out calculations, stores savings, carries out exchanges, and other operations.

2. GRAM is a truly decentralized cryptocurrency. 

The project has a creator but no owner. It’s an open project that is built and maintained by the crypto community – the general public has full control over its market value and its future. 

GRAM was created by a group of TON enthusiast developers as an experiment but after the launch, the coin became so popular that the experiment got out of control. 

Just like Bitcoin in its early days, GRAM can be mined from any computer with a graphics card. Currently, 1,750,000,000 GRAM has been mined out of a total pool of 5 billion tokens. According to blockchain explorer data, the mined coins are not concentrated in one wallet but are evenly distributed among tens of thousands of users.

One of the main reasons why the token has a high level of decentralization is because the creators didn’t do any pre-mining or presale of coins to major investor-whales. The team of creators did not reserve any coins for themselves either so there’s no chance of market manipulation.

3. Excellent growth prospects. 

The crypto market is approaching the next Bitcoin halving – an event that occurs every four years and always launches new industry growth cycles. The BTC impulse is transmitted to altcoins. At the same time, only the most promising cryptocurrencies will be able to “squeeze” the maximum potential out of the bull market, and GRAM is the perfect contendant to achieve that.

Since its launch in January 2024, GRAM has grown 28,000 times its initial value – from a starting valuation of $0.00000107 to $0.03, peaking at $0.044. 

After the listing at MEXC, the coin is expected to get listed on other major cryptocurrency exchanges as well. As soon as a token gets listed on big exchanges, as seen in history, it quickly shoots up in value due to an overnight influx of new buyers.

There are a lot of factors that indicate great growth prospects for GRAM such as its prospects of getting listed on major exchanges, the interest shown by participants in new developments in the TON blockchain, and the upcoming altseason.

Therefore, there are strong indicators that show that GRAM buyers today will be able to see big multipliers in the near future.

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