Saturday, July 13

The Next Big Thing in Fintech to watch out for- Alphatrion Tech

AlphaTrion Tech now combines blockchain technology with its financial services, helping its AlphaX trading platform gain an edge in a highly competitive market.

AlphaTrion Technology is registered in Cyprus on the 20th of July, 2015 with the Cyprus Registrar of Companies. Founded in 2015, the goal is to build a team with a trusted platform from the ground up that can help everyone stabilize their crypto earnings, keeping in mind investor sentiment that can lead to losses. AlphaX, a trading platform of AlphaTrion is committed towards revolutionizing cryptocurrency trading owing to the unfavourable trading of cryptocurrencies directly on exchanges due to constant monitoring of positions so as to maximize profits and avoid losses.

Fintech is gaining momentum, especially in the minds of many investors. The astronomical growth of financial technology and the integration of financial technology and services are consistent with the needs of the time. These technologies can not only improve service, but also consolidate the customer experience.

Chris Skinner claimed that “ignoring technological change in a technology-based financial system is like a mouse starving because someone moved its cheese.” It sounds hilarious, but it is factual and obvious, as can be seen from the explosive development of financial companies and start-ups to the technological dimension after following the trend. Furthermore, as the banking industry has evolved from a traditional system in a closed physical building to a technical support system for financial services, the system has been greatly improved by integrating blockchain technology, as seen by AlphaTrion Technology.

AlphaTrion Technology is committed to spreading financial technology, integrating innovative technology components such as big data and artificial intelligence, and transforming business software, keeping in mind AlphaTrion Technology’s pioneering role in subverting traditional industries in automated data trading algorithms.

Following the overwhelming popularity of using data to optimize data-driven decision making, AlphaTrion has made the most of the enormous opportunities of cryptocurrencies and their proprietary algorithms.

The desire to educate, support and strive to see investors succeed in their goals are some of the approaches to business adopted by AlphaTrion Technology, with these approaches built around four cornerstone tenets which are;

  1. High Quality Performance: Ensuring a sustainable high return-on-investment with a very low risk despite market conditions
  2. Competence: Inculcating skills, knowledge, relationships and attitude dedicated to establishing strength.
  3. Diligence: Diligently approaching all work situations with integrity and commitment to duty.
  4. Innovation: Open to new ideas, products, structures, and markets with the hope of creating unique and innovative products to the market.

AlphaX Trading Platform possess an ardent focus on social trading, user experience and knowledge sharing. The trading platform is built with utmost security in mind, simplicity, and functionality. It is an invaluable tool well equipped for both expert and novice investors.

New investors in AlphaX platform are allowed to enter the highly lucrative crypto assets market with reduced risk and reward expert investors with tokens from their followers after offering value-added services to their follower base.

Benefits of AlphaX Automated Trading Platform

  1. Guaranteed profits
  2. Able to operate 24/7 with high-speed auto-trading
  3. No transfer time required; less liquidity tied up
  4. More markets to arbitrage

Averagely, traders tend to have at least 2-3 exchange accounts since their tokens are listed on different exchanges. Managing portfolio and trading across different exchanges poses a serious bottleneck and thus, AlphaX remains resolute about addressing this problem.

It is quite challenging for investors to track all profit through many exchanges. Rather, tracking profits through diverse platforms wastes time and consumes energy. AlphaX Portfolio Tracker was designed to address this menace.

In order to manage portfolios and trade effectively and efficiently, compared with other arbitrage software, AlphaX possess the following features;

  1. Simple/Fast Registration
  2. Profit sharing program
  3. Easy to add Fiat/Crypto
  4. World Standard Security
  5. 24/7 Customer support
  6. Advanced Trading Design
  7. Advanced Trading Engine

In short, AlphaX focuses on building a platform that monitors major cryptocurrency exchanges and is constantly looking for arbitrage opportunities and thousands of other types of transactions to use robots to initiate these transactions.

A real advantage of AlphaX is that it has a powerful and advanced combination of cross trade order books and uses statistical methods to predict potential arbitrage opportunities.

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