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The KansasGate National Scandal: Fraud Upon Children’s Family Courts


Chief Judge of the Johnson County Court Accused in Leaked Judicial Conduct Dockets Engaged in a Prejudice Crossing Criminal Statutes to Conceal Burmaster
Misconduct in Multiple Mens Cases

Olathe, Kansas Apr 7, 2024 ( – In a shocking, 12 month long discovery and revelation already involving a family court judge suspended off multiple men’s proceeding in South Kansas City, more continues to unfold as the Kansas matter of Misconduct garners national attention. On Friday, April 5th 2024, the Chief Judge of Johnson County Charles Droege, was found in leaked Kansas Commission of Judicial Conduct and Kansas Attorney General Reports on Wiki, that provide a single case record from JoCo Civil Case 22CV00890, and a purported signed Administrative Order, that is missing entirely from public record. The Chief Judge, once held as a highly respected Kansas City leader, now stands accused of prejudicing respondent fathers who were under Droege’s subordinate Burmaster, to such a degree in the last 6 months, that it now constitutes a form of Criminal Judicial Misconduct. The Leaked judiciary reports to the Kansas Commission of Judicial Conduct show that the Administrative Order in K vs. K, 22-CV00890, is not an authentic order not having been file stamped with the Clerk of Johnson County. The false Administrative Order is attempting to conceal that Respondent Father S.K, has a report with his children from the Children’s Peace Alliance that is completely counter to the narrative that Judge Burmaster was projecting since 2022. Droege’s district family court subordinates judicial misconduct within the family court of division 14, was first discovered in March 2022 by another respondent father M.A.E, in the case of 18CV03813.

Kansas Dads Family Court Whistleblow on viral tik tok account, The Kansas Dadvocate
The scandal starts there in 2022 around Family Court Judge Burmaster, and becomes affirmed with the Commission rulings yet as Judge was suspended from several men’s cases on November 16, 2023 alongside father S.K, and father M.E.

According to emerging evidence on WikiLeaks and WikiAlpha, on Friday, The Chief Judge, knowingly issued that False Administrative order and that it was not just misconduct. The report details that is was a criminal statute violation of KSA 21-5907, simulating legal process to no effect, by attempting to suppress the respondent father from blowing the whistle further on their suspended Judge Burmaster’s actions to the KBI. There is an oddity to the fake order in generalities, in that it is attempting to not let the children’s own parents have a printed copy of their own kids interactions with the other parent. Droege shows having removed Burmaster on November 16, 2023.

The accusations, then of 2022 and now, suggest a pattern of behavior aimed at protecting Judge Burmaster actions against Rule 601b and preventing the exposure of corruption within the judiciary. Respondent fathers, who were involved in cases overseen by Judge Burmaster, claim they were unfairly treated and their rights were violated under the Chief Judge’s administration.

That above claim is the mantra in all of the dads cases. And further scandalous when it’s seen what Chief Judge is doing in another whistleblowers docket. Father M.E, shows a Motion to Change Venue in 18CV03813, pursuant statute was declined docketing on Friday April 5th 2023, and the grounds for venue change are affirmative in that case. The pro se father holds a discrimination charge and letter to sue the JoCo Court in the case record attached to the motion. This is the same respondent pro se father who just pushed three lawsuit onto Burmaster, over the last 6 months of Escalante vs Burmaster I, II and III, in which the defendant Judge oddly escaped. And now the EEOC has come in and said, sue the Judge Burmaster again in a Burmaster IV lawsuit!

These revelations of Droege’s docket and document manipulation has sparked outrage among legal experts and the public, with demands for a thorough investigation into the conduct of both Judge Burmaster and the Chief Judge. Critics argue that such actions undermine the integrity of the judicial system and erode public trust in the judiciary.

Calls for transparency and accountability have intensified, with many urging swift action to address the alleged misconduct and restore faith in the legal system. The implications of these allegations are significant, raising questions about the fairness and impartiality of the judiciary in Johnson County.

And there still is one more massive corruption affirmative here and the Dept of Justice is now fully aware. Both of these Respondents show that they have been whistleblowing of misconduct, for over 12 months and there’s evidence of judicial fraud in their civil cases. The fathers both also show that the Johnson County criminal court was trying to defraud them for whistleblowing, in 3 criminal cases that all now show signs of intent to deceive by the Johnson County court in 22DV00361, 23-DV00908, and 24-DV00172. The Johnson County criminal case 22DV00361, is a case almost 2 years unable to prosecute the dad, S.K., from alleged ‘violation’ of a purported protection order…….that stems out of suspended civil judge Burmasters court. The case has a transcript affirmative of the arrest warrant of civil rights violated and the prosecution acknowleding in certified form. And the other father, shows in newest case 24-DV00172, that a minor child was weaponized against him and made to go to police to report a purported protection violation against the minor by the dad. That criminal case of that allegation just received the motions, from Defendant father, that there is no protection order over the dad/daughter that prosecution is attempting to charge against the child. And the dad, now motioning inquistion on the other parent and demanding accountability on the mother. And he has another purported charge in 23-DV00908, and the police affidavit in that county case just also got put into the federal court case of 2:23-CV02529 Escalante vs City of Gardner/Gardner Police Dept, as the dad just sued the Gardner Police for $13 million dollars in injunctive lawsuit with his alienated daughter as plaintiff alongside him. The federal suit of Escalante vs Gardner Police Dept has case records docketed that state false criminal affidavits were presented by Sgt Miguel Viruetes and furthered by Detective Jeff Brenneman, on July 5, 2023, as they gave Judge Curtis Sample of M3 Criminal Courtroom, statements that show impossible to be known as true just by the layout of that county case. Those two dads are moving to stop fraud led by the Court and Corrupt, that all appears now in judiciary reports as attempt to suppress a massive misconduct discovery still unfolding.

The Dept of Justice is sure to become involved as the certificates of service on one of the cases has now began to show the DOJ, and those fathers also serving cease and desist letters onto the Court and Prosecution.

As investigations unfold on KansasGate: Family Court Fraud Scandal, the accused Chief Judge faces mounting pressure to address the allegations and ensure justice is served for all parties involved. The outcome of this scandal could have far-reaching consequences for the legal landscape in Johnson County and beyond.

The Kansas Father M.A.E, who initiated the discovery of family court fraud, has taken an unprecedent and unconventional approach at exposure of Kansas corruption. By the use of Tik Tok, his account can be found here

23DV00908KansasGate National ScandalDocument simulating to be an Admin Order issued by Chief is not a case recordDenied Motion to Change Venue with EEOC Charge Discrimination of a Court attached

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