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The CoinTumbler

A Coin Tumbler? Yes, it protects your privacy by cleaning up your crypto transaction trail! 

Why you need the CoinTumbler

What is the most glaring deficiency in the cryptocurrency world today? The answer is simple: PRIVACY!

Despite the fact that the blockchain is quick, efficient and economic to use, everyone knows that privacy is the major issue that up to now has not been successfully addressed in any meaningful way. This problem has been one of the major stumbling blocks hindering major corporations, companies and investors entering the cryptocurrency market, as well as scaring off average users because of the over-transparent nature of the blockchain. 

How is privacy compromised on the blockchain?

Every cryptocurrency user knows that the blockchain is fully transparent, leaving unalterable records which serve as foolproof evidence of all transactions performed worldwide. However, unlike a normal bank transaction which ensures full privacy regarding your bank account balance and assets, a blockchain transaction allows anyone at all to track your movements straight back to your sending and/or storage wallets, with the result that the exact amounts of assets in your possession can easily be discovered! In the past, this kind of exposure has created hacking risks, unwanted compromise in business and personal dealings, as well as giving rise to serious personal safety and security issues. It is for this very reason that many people are unwilling to use the blockchain, and is the number one issue that needs to be addressed for the future development of cryptocurrencies. So far any solutions that have been offered are clumsy, primitive and expensive, while also lacking the flexibility and speed required for cryptocurrency users. 

At Last, the Answer!

Finally now, with the release of the CoinTumbler, this privacy issue has been met with a full-bore solution, and all the associated problems are solved in one hit. With the use of cutting-edge, state-of-the-art technology, the CoinTumbler allows users to send cryptocurrency to any receiver without leaving even the hint of a trail for anyone to follow. In two simple steps, your sent crypto will arrive in the receiver’s wallet while leaving no way to trace the transaction on the blockchain back to your sending or storage wallet. Our CoinTumbler service in effect now makes cryptocurrency transactions just as private as bank transfers- i.e the receiver takes receipt of the sent funds, but can in no wise know or discover how many crypto wallets or assets you possess.

How does the CoinTumbler work? 

Behind the CoinTumbler’s simple interface lies an extremely advanced piece of high-tech equipment that enables such untraceable crypto transactions to take place. 

Let’s say Bob owns 200 BTC and wants to send Jim 0.76 BTC as payment for certain services rendered. Bob normally would have to go to great lengths to attempt to hide the fact from Jim that he has 200 BTC, fearing that if Jim knew how much money he possessed in BTC assets, next time he would be at a negotiating disadvantage. 

But now, by utilizing the CoinTumbler service and with a very simple user-friendly process that can be completed in a couple of minutes, Bob can securely send his BTC to Jim without leaving any trail to follow to subsequently discover his asset value. 

A State-of-the-art Technology Shield 

Now, because Bob accessed the advantages of the CoinTumbler, when Jim goes onto the blockchain to attempt to trace the origin of the crypto transaction from Bob, he runs into the shield created by the CoinTumbler’s smart contract technology. All Jim can see is an anonymous smart contract address that leads nowhere. It is unbreakable, untraceable and irreversible, making the transaction water-tight with respect to privacy. 

This shield is created by the new cutting edge technology that is at the core of the CoinTumbler, where the coin is sent to a liquidity provider network used by DEX exchanges. As a result, when Bob sent his 0.76 BTC to Jim, instead of heading straight to Jim’s wallet, the BTC entered the CoinTumbler and was literally “tumbled” around in a series of transactions through our unique mechanism. Not only was the sending address tumbled, but the crypto amount was also split and tumbled, and then finally the coins were sent to Jim, making the original transfer impossible to trace in any way. 

After having gone through this “tumbling” process, the BTC then is released from the CoinTumbler into Jim’s wallet. When Jim attempts to track the transaction on the blockchain, he would only meet the impenetrable shield of privacy created by the CoinTumbler. 

Other Advantages of the CoinTumbler 

Formerly, any similar kind of platform has been cumbersome and limited in service scope. Now, the CoinTumbler offers a unique blend of services across the spectrum for cryptocurrency users. 

1)    The CoinTumbler system spans three different blockchains, enabling users to choose from BTC, ETH or USDT-TRC20 cryptocurrencies. More coins will be supported soon.

2)    Choose your own fees by selecting your own tailor-made transaction time down to the minute 

3)    Perform multiple transactions rapidly without waiting in a queue 

4)    Enjoy an uncomplicated user-friendly interface that even the “technologically challenged” will find simple and easy to use

5)    Because the CoinTumbler keeps no personal records of any transaction, users can enjoy full anonymity and privacy, never having to worry about blockchain over-transparency problems again. 

Now that your privacy is in your hands, start using the CoinTumbler today to enjoy its benefits!

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