Monday, July 22

Synthetic Protocol smart contract innovates a new field of digital assets

Latest news: Synthetic Protocol is about to launch innovative smart contracts.

Synthetic Protocol is the world’s first multi-chain and multi-dimensional synthetic asset protocol based on the mixed casting of encryption algorithms. As an innovative open source economic model and value discovery feedback mechanism, it aims to continue to fund open source projects, developers and community members based on the SYN protocol. Committed to building a real-value blockchain technology encrypted financial platform.

Synthetic Protocol is led by NAWA Foundation. Dr. James Elbaja is a core contributor to Synthetic Protocol, NAWA Foundation’s global strategy consultant, European DeFi Research Association expert, business management consulting mentor, senior scholar in digital economy, and early member of Bitcoin Fund. The core team members are technical elites and business leaders from well-known digital asset exchanges, public chains, and financial institutions, focusing on bringing real-world assets into the encrypted world through blockchain technology.

SYN is rooted in the world’s first multi-chain mechanism fusion main chain. It is a new paradigm of synthetic asset protocol. It adopts the Raft+DPoS consensus algorithm and comes with a SPEEDFORCE fast transaction transmission network. Most importantly, SYN also comes with an open cross-chain transaction API. , Smart contracts, container operation SDK, shared ledger system, etc., do not need to rely on centralized custody of trillion-level off-chain asset parallel mapping, without trust and centralized custody, auditing, and clearing. It is more scalable, accessible, and Programmability effectively supports the rapid development of DeFi and NFT sectors.

SYN adopts the DAO governance operation method. Voting rights will be allocated to platform contributors and value users along with the daily operation of the system, and power will be delegated to global nodes, and regulatory risks will be avoided to the greatest extent on a global scale. SYN aims to develop a complete decentralized encrypted financial ecological platform to create a cross-chain financial technology service ecosystem that integrates fund products, capital appreciation management, lending, financing, trading, games, financial incubation and other functions, and realizes the digital world of encryption Maximize the value of assets.

Synthetic Protocol is committed to becoming a value link bridge between the real world and the virtual world, linking pricing tools between different encryption ecosystems and usage scenarios, providing full-chain digital asset product transactions and related services, and providing customization for traditional enterprises, institutions, and large customers Blockchain technology services, incubate high-quality blockchain encrypted financial products, provide multi-dimensional support for technological development, enterprise upgrades and ecological development, and create the future of encrypted digital finance.

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