Monday, July 22

Super New Energy (EWS) Builds a Blockchain Technology-based Infrastructure for Whole Industry Chain of New Energy Vehicles

In recent years, with the change of global energy demand and consumption structure, energy industry has seen reforms, remarkable but still with problems. Under this background, blockchain technology, naturally featured by decentralization, distributed storage, highly transparent information and non-tamperable data, has gradually become a new reform direction. The automobile industry, as an important field in energy consumption, is also changing to new energy.

As an end product, it is an inevitable trend for automobiles to move from mechanization and electrification to intelligence. The essence of new energy trend is to realize electrified vehicles, namely electric vehicles, and new energy vehicle industry helps to alleviate energy security problems. Meanwhile its development is beneficial to global environmental protection.

New energy vehicles have become an inevitable trend, and the traditional car market is a super market of trillions of dollars, and new energy vehicles will gradually replace traditional fuel cars, facing a blue ocean of trillions of dollars. Opportunities and challenges coexist, and with the bright future, it is also bound to accompanied with growing pains.

Therefore, the New Energy Vehicle Industry Alliance Foundation announces that it is joining hands with world-renowned car companies and blockchain technology teams to create Super New Energy, which aims to form a new operation and incentive model with blockchain technology + new energy vehicles. As a decentralized and distributed ecosystem of new energy vehicle industry chain, Super New Energy will integrate participants such as new energy vehicle manufacturers, dealers, consumers, auto finance, and third-party service platforms, etc. Based on blockchain consensus mechanism, smart contracts, multi-signature wallet technology and other technologies, it will solve the problems of information asymmetry, high transaction costs, credit risks and so on in the current market to accelerate development of global new energy vehicle industry.

In terms of solving the pain points, Super New Energy is able to break the information barriers between enterprises and links in the supply chain with the features of decentralization, immutability, traceability, and multi-party trustworthy collaboration mechanism, and cooperate with service operators, logistics vehicle operators, charging pile operators, parking lot operators, etc., and realize the credit transfer and open multilateral sharing through credit transfer. Through credit transfer and open multilateral sharing, it brings trust, credit, security and privacy of user data, vehicle data and driving data of multiple nodes. Each participant becomes a node in the chain to build a new energy vehicle ecosystem.

In addition, in order to drive Super New Energy to become the infrastructure of the whole industry chain, the Foundation will also lead the development of EWS Chain public chain, focus on blockchain infrastructure and platform layer core technology, build a fully distributed anonymous P2P network communication protocol with original, new anti-quantum attack cryptographic hash algorithm and signature algorithm, create two-tier consensus and mining mechanism,  support features such as transaction anonymity protection, Turing-complete smart contracts, etc., adopt fair distribution mechanism, support third-party asset issuance, cross-chain communication, multi-chain integration and other functions, to form finally a fair and open comprehensive business application system.

In terms of application, Super New Energy, taking new energy vehicles as the entry point, gradually covers diversified scenarios including new energy vehicle intelligent manufacturing, auto industry service chain, energy system, auto finance, big data and vehicle networking, etc., forming a pattern of continuously empowering the whole industry chain of new energy vehicles.

As a value circulation chain focused on promoting the integration of blockchain technology and the new energy vehicle industry, Super New Energy will also issue EWS, a circulation pass, based on the value application of the whole industry chain in multiple fields. As the only value link in the ecology, EWS is an application token redeemed for value resources and rights within the ecology, and is an incentive for users and third-party partners to participate in ecological construction. Meanwhile, EWS is also the governance token. Holders can participate in the governance of the platform and make decisions on the products to be launched, the proportion and method of allocating platform fees, and the future development direction.

At present, blockchain technology is accelerating the transformation of the energy industry, and new energy vehicles have unlimited future potential as a breakthrough. The landing of Super New Energy will fill the market gap, form a catfish effect, and continuously promote the transformation and development of the whole industry.

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