Friday, April 12

SAAS Security and Management Supported by the Partnership of Better Cloud and Dropbox Platforms

Dropbox Inc., which is a leading global collaboration platform, has formed a coalition with Bettercloud for revolutionizing technology. This partnership will enable business organizations to boost security of the business data with drobox. Customers who have enrolled partially or jointly with drop-box can now perform and manage policies to achieve their daily operational management and security qualifications within their jurisdiction of dropbox application.

The Chief Business Strategy Officer, Shreyas Sadalgi, confirmed that SaaS organization has increased the yields of the employees and has motivated companies like dropbox to empower their IT teams with advanced security features. It is evident that the partnership of these two platforms has created a very huge positive impact and improvement.

The partnership of dropbox and bettercloud is making IT teams more productive as hundreds of customers provided with enormous data security thus improving their operations management capabilities. However, for more esteemed and curious customers, a version of “bettercloud for dropbox “will be available at $2 for individual customers on a monthly basis.

In addition to that, the partnership has come up with new features like On-Demand Workflows not to forget Time-Based Roles. The advantage of using On-Demand workflows is dropbox administrators can run automated sequences of dropbox directly from the customers and combine grids of better cloud. By doing so, they would easily aim for the right sets of users after taking advantage of in-built filtering. On the other hand, Time-based roles allows drop box admins to pass through bettercloud security, however, not anytime but at the only specific selected times. This will ensure that for one to access dropbox, it will only be when necessary and when it coincides with the least threat of model security.

The amazing bettercloud is responsible for empowering IT to put into consideration security policies for SaaS applications. Bettercloud is depended by many customers for the purpose of continuous surveillance, quick elimination of threats and wholly digitalized policy enforcement. It is through bettercloud that SaaS has expanded its partnership with Google thus creating more profits.

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