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FlyFin Offers Free 1099 Tax Calculator To Help with Self-Employment Tax

San Jose, CA, August 16, 2022 — FlyFin, a fintech provider, unveiled a free 1099 income tax calculator ideal for individuals who receive 1099 Forms. Powered by FlyFin’s proprietary A.I. and M.L. technology, FlyFin’s 1099 Tax Calculator makes it easy for 1099 self-employed individuals to compute their quarterly or annual income taxes owed quickly. Individuals who receive 1099 Forms are self-employed, sub-contractors, independent contractors, gig workers, freelancers, and creator economy workers. To use the free, self-employed tax calculator, a self-employed individual needs to download and install FlyFin’s mobile app and spend 10-to-15 minutes to obtain a self employment tax rate and calculation. FlyFin squarely addresses 1099 self-employed individuals and independent contractors’’ tax preparation pain, including accounting and tax filing uncertainties and knowing what 1099 deductions qualify. With FlyFin, users can avoid a late penalty for filing taxes

1099 Form: What, When, and Why
1099 Form is a record that an entity or person reports about money paid to an individual during the tax year. Trades or businesses make payments for rents, services provided, attorney fees, interest and dividends to investors, prizes and awards, or other income payments. When these payments are at least $600, the IRS requires that the trade or business (Payer) complete a 1099 MISC Form and send copies to the individual and IRS —  typically before January 31st, for the previous year’s income. 

FlyFin — Autopilot for your taxes
FlyFin helps users stay on top of expenses as they occur — year-round. FlyFin’s continuous expense tracking is a fundamentally different paradigm shift for the tax preparation industry that focuses on a once-per-year basis. FlyFin’s Man + Machine tax engine works in the background 24/7, 365 days per year, automatically scanning expense accounts daily to suggest which category to classify each expense based on profession. FlyFin’s A.I. and CPAs find all possible self employment tax deductions. Users also have access to the domain expertise of tax CPAs, who review each 1099 self-employed individual’s tax information and provide expert help to maximize 1099 tax deductions. Users have the option to consult FlyFin’s team of CPAs within the app and have its CPAs file their taxes for just $192. FlyFin ensures 100% accurate tax review and tax preparation, or users can also export their data in an IRS-ready format. 

About FlyFin
FlyFin is an A.I.-powered platform that provides self-employed, sub-contractors, independent contractors, gig workers, freelancers and creator economy workers with a convenient, easy-to-use and affordable tax filing solution. FlyFin helps individuals maximize self-employment tax deductions and income tax refunds. With a “Man + Machine” approach, FlyFin leverages A.I. paired with highly experienced tax CPAs to deliver automation that eliminates 95% of the work required for 1099 self-employed individuals to prepare their taxes. FlyFin is a privately-held, venture-backed company based in San Jose, California.

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Media Contact

Organization: FlyFin

Contact Person: Carmen Hughes

Email: Send Email

Phone: +1.650-576.6444

State: CA

City: San Jose

Country: United States


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RBTR Token launches WEB 3.0 technology for its Arbitrage Robot Token.

RBTR Token establishes itself as a newly launched crypto platform. Recently, it introduced the different types of advanced technology of WEB 3.0 to the users of Arbitrage Robot Token.

Boulder, Colorado, United States, 16th Aug 2022, King NewsWireRBTR Token yields a new opportunity to crypto traders where they can experience Arbitrage trading. The arbitrage trading process enables traders to simultaneously purchase and sale of the same asset in different markets to profit from tiny differences in the asset’s listed price. The company has created a platform for users where they can profit from their exclusive Arbitrage Robot Token.

WEB 3.0 Technology of RBTR 

The third generation of web technology is known as Web 3.0 (Web3). The World Wide Web, commonly referred to as the web, serves as the basic building block of the internet by offering website and application services.

There isn’t a single, recognized definition of Web 3.0 since it is continually changing and being defined. However, Web 3.0 technology developed by RBTR for its arbitrage robot token will heavily emphasize decentralized apps and utilize blockchain-based technology. Many websites and nearly all applications in Webs 1.0 and 2.0 rely on a centralized database to deliver data and help to enable functionality. 

With RBTR’s Web 3.0 technology, apps and services employ a decentralized blockchain instead of a centralized database. The fundamental notion behind blockchain is a distributed consensus rather than an arbitrary central authority. 

The RBTR Token company has strategized two types of exchanges for its Arbitrage trading system, which are explained as follows:

1.     Centralized exchanges 

Centralized Exchanges launched by RBTR work as essential marketplaces for arbitrage – crypto traders. They are helpful when many traders are simultaneously trying to buy and sell the same type of asset. Many companies have developed applications on top of Web 2.0 to let users exchange assets instantly and with minimal effort. These exchanges are called CEX (abbreviation for centralized exchanges)

2.     Decentralized exchanges
Despite the nascent stage of Web 3.0, there are currently many applications developed by RBTR, one of which is the decentralized exchanges, also known as DEXs. RBTR’s arbitrage traders can use these exchanges to swap their assets decentralized, which is one of the inherent benefits of Web 3.0.

Furthermore, RBTR has launched Arbitrage Robot Token, which is exclusively developed for arbitrage traders. The team of experts has created an arbitrage platform where users can use a native arbitrage engine to find and exploit arbitrage opportunities across cryptocurrency platforms.

Intending users and potential clients must visit the official Website for further information. Join  Twitter to join their community.  

Media Contact

Organization: RBTR Token

Contact Person: Pasha Ivanov

Email: Send Email

Address 1: 1942 Broadway, Suite 314C, Boulder, Colorado 80302, US

State: Colorado

City: Boulder

Country: United States


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Arbitrage Robot shares the 30-day free access to enable users to utilize the Auto trading bot.

Arbitrage Robot designed by Robot.Trade LLC is an arbitrage trading platform for crypto users to trade between two crypto exchanges and make profits. The platform recently announced 30-day free trial access for its users on Auto trading bot.

The popularity of cryptocurrency is a result of its erratic behavior. The attribute that helps traders and investors increase their passive income also has certain drawbacks. No trader or investor invests with the intent of losing it. However, it is impossible to predict what will happen in the crypto market in the next few minutes. The market is so volatile that it may cause shocks for those who have put their money.

Considering the market’s volatility, traders and investors rely more on Auto trading bot. Arbitrage trading presents relatively thin and constrained chances in cryptocurrency trades. The success rate is ultimately impacted by the traders’ need to make decisions in a very brief amount of time, often in just a few seconds.

In other words, arbitrage trading is all about buying low and selling high between two cryptocurrency exchanges; however, it can be difficult for traders and investors to grab chances without Trading Bots.

The launch of a platform by Arbitrage Robot that uses its in-built robotic technology to assist traders and investors in arbitrage trading is announced. According to team representatives, the platform is integrated with crypto-trading bots, which are kept fully operational to monitor the market and spot price dispensaries in the available crypto exchanges to maximize user earnings.

According to a recent statement made by the company, this platform was created specifically for traders and investors looking to apply their arbitrage method on
Auto trading bot to the cryptocurrency market. Also, according to the statement, traders and investors can open an account on an arbitrage robot, customize its settings to their requirements, link their wallet to the website, deposit funds, and watch as the robot generates profits on their behalf.

Users interested in signing up for an arbitrage robot platform can click the website here.

It is with great pleasure that Arbitrage Robot announces a 30-day free trial for prospective traders and investors on its Trading Bots. The platform is launching a 30-day plan that enables customers to sign up, log in, and enjoy all services for 30 days without paying a dime. Officials claim that the platform offers the same access to features like the arbitrage robot, 1168 tokens, 15 exchanges, 8 robot functions, and 24/7 support as other plans have been publicly revealed.

Arbitrage Robot is a trading platform developed by a US-based company “ROBOT.TRADE LLC Limited.” The company developed the Crypto trading bot considering the trading issues faced by the crypto traders but also provided solutions to automated trading with profitable gains.

For more information on Crypto trading bot, interested users can click here.

Media Contact

Organization: Robot.Trade LLC

Contact Person: pasha ivanov

Email: Send Email

Address 1: 1942 Broadway, Suite 314C, Boulder, CO 80302, US

Phone: +1 (888) 665 3262

State: Colorado

City: Boulder

Country: United States


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KSN Token- The Next Biggest Growing Crypto

Satish Sangwan, Founder of KSN Token, says, “Cryptocurrency has taken public imagination by storm in the past two years. Its exchange rates with fiat currencies have fluctuated immensely, increased mechanisms for its purchase and usage have been adopted, and governments have taken an increasing interest in its activity and potential regulation.”

Chandigarh, Punjab, 16th August 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, He is an entrepreneur and founder of KSN Group, and by putting all his blood, sweat and tears, he managed to join more than 20000 kissans with him and which will soon be an army of over 2 lakh Kissan in his KSN Token group, which is a huge achievement.

Satish Sangwan is also an ordinary young man who believes in hard work and created his image as a proud Kissan son. Satish belongs to Rajgarh, a small town in Rajasthan. He was pursuing his career in farming just like his other family members, but he intended to develop the agriculture sector to whole another level. He planned to uplift the agriculture sector into digital currencies for the betterment and brighter future of Kissan.

Satish has been working in the field of Agriculture and IT for a very long time and has immense knowledge of both. He always wanted to connect the agriculture sector with IT. Using his experience and gains, Satish decided to introduce Kissan’s to a digital platform and make them enter the world of cryptocurrencies. Two years ago, he established ‘Kissan Token’ in the crypto market. He created a group Named KSN (Kissan Global Network) Token, which will give a new ray of hope to Kissan and the young generation to invest and trade in the agro-industrial market.

Satish is quite familiar with the banking and crypto world, which arouse his interest in launching Kissan Token in the market. He is a successful IT field specialist who works in the IT sector along with agriculture & Cryptocurrency. He is a social worker and works for the welfare of Kissan and encourages them to invest and be a part of the KSN ( Kisan Global Network) Token group and make the agricultural sector reach heights.

He established Kissan Token but the struggle behind the success is worth mentioning. 

Satish life was no less than a rollercoaster ride as he faced ample obstacles and various issues at every different stage. At first, no one appreciated his idea of Kissan Token, but somehow he managed to lead ahead. Then he failed even to find any of the investors for his project. Also, he was unsuccessful in finding any of the productive opportunities in his village. He thought of sacrificing his family and hometown behind in proportion to make Kissan Token a big name in the world of Cryptocurrency, and he shifted to another city.

Satish moved to Chandigarh by taking all his savings and profits he earned through his farming and agricultural sector. He managed to invest and start his project through all his savings. Also, with the help of his friends, he initiated some investment, who didn’t leave his back in his most challenging time. The next step was to find a Blockchain company to lead his KSN project and handle the technical system to maintain it.

He began searching for popular Blockchain companies and tried contacting them. Still, he was shattered and got no positive response from any company he pitched and tried convincing end number of companies globally. However, the response was always disappointing, and no one gave him a fair chance, but still, he tried and never thought of giving up on his project.

Satish was motivated, and he continued his search. This time, he opted to look around in Chandigarh. He presented his project to many companies, but as it is said, ‘handwork pays off’ and managed to find an eminent Blockchain company GNI Soft Solutions Located in located in Chandigarh and Abohar. Satish crossed the last hurdle, and the KSN Token project developed massively in the world of Cryptocurrency.

–Let’s talk about Satish’s strategies he planned to develop KSN Token in the market and also his further plans

Q. 3. 2020:
Concept Design
Technical Specification
KSN Prototype
Strategic Plan

Q. 1. 2021:
Released Technical
Legal Structure
Social Media
Q. 2. 2021:
Version 2 of Whitepaper
Private Token Sale Begins
Q. 3. 2021:
Private Token Sale Live
Q. 4. 2021:
Redesign Of Website
goes live
Public Sale Start

Q. 1. 2022:
Kissan Unique NFT
Creation Start
Token List On Pancake Swap
Kissan Multi Crypto Wallet
Creation Start
Q. 2. 2022:
Listed on DEX TRADE exchange
Kissan Agriculture Base
Metaverse Game
Creation Start
Q. 3. 2022:
Listed on Coin Market Cap
Listed on CoinGecko
Kissan Agriculture Base
Ksn List On More Exchange
Kissan Multi Crypto Wallet
Q. 4. 2022:
Charity Events Start
Kissan Unique NFT
Metaverse Game Launch

Q. 1. 2023:
Structure design of KissanX
Charity Events
Ksn list on more exchange
Testing Of Kissanx Exchange
Q. 2. 2023:
Organic production team
KissanX Exchange launch

Q. 3. 2023:
Self kissan blockchain
Organic research center &
Organic production training
for kissan @ free of cost
Building organic production
team zone wise

Satish Sangwan was capable of turning his dream into reality. He is now a proud Kissan’s son who made his name in the world of Cryptocurrency by inventing Kissan Token as a leading crypto asset for every Kissan. He is leading in IT, representing his KSN Token worldwide, and encouraging more and more Kissan to be a part of his network.

Media Contact


Email:-[email protected]

Company Website:-

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XPeer Continues to Help Businesses Reach Target Service Providers Through Their AI-Enhanced Matching Services

The leading online B2B marketplace stands out for its use of innovative technologies to generate intelligent results with minimum input

Baar, Switzerland, 16th August 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Technology is taking over people’s  lives  and it continues to reach new heights of scientific research and development. Each new invention renders its predecessor obsolete, opening new horizons for humanity to prosper. Technology has progressed to a point where machines have started imitating human intelligence and learning capabilities. Within two centuries, humans have witnessed the fourth industrial revolution in the form of artificial intelligence. AI has radically altered how individuals acquire, handle, and process data. The invention of “thinking” process for machines has  how businesses operate in conventional environments. From personalization to future business predictions and automated decision-making, AI has altered the perception of big data and how it can be processed to benefit a business. Be it search engines, customer services, or matching results, AI-based algorithms, also called bots, have been helping businesses and customers get the precise information they are looking for.

Xpeer, an emerging online B2B marketplace, is leading from the front with AI-enhanced matching services. Using business information and search preferences, the AI-powered search bots look for the best possible matches of businesses and service providers. It uses the data input to filter out search results and present the user with optimal matching results. It also auto-generates proposals for businesses that are planning to outsource services or digital product development. With thousands of companies registered with Xpeer, its AI-enhanced matching services prove to be a groundbreaking technology to help businesses in effective decision-making.

“Xpeer is not an ordinary B2B business listings site; we have much more to offer.”, said a spokesperson from Xpeer. He further added, “We have detailed business profiles, performance histories, evaluations, and even testimonials on record. Our cutting-edge AI-enhanced Xpeer Score and matching services assist organizations in narrowing their alternatives and selecting the best among the best. Our advanced algorithms offer organizations a clear picture of where each service provider stands. Instead of scanning whole business directories, our AI-enhanced algorithms are essentially assisting them in deciding which firm to select.”

Xpeer has come a long way in its use of technology in practically all essential operations of B2B marketplaces. Xpeer is consistently outsmarting competition and winning consumers’ trust with cutting-edge technology and smart decision-making capabilities with each breakthrough solution they provide. With extraordinary features and unswerving service, Xpeer is slowly taking over the B2B marketplace.

About Xpeer

Xpeer is a leading online B2B marketplace with an aim to provide a single platform for businesses to connect with each other for digital products and services. Thousands of companies from diverse areas of service are currently registered with Xpeer. If a company needs services from another business, it can explore the online platform for the best match or use Xpeer’s AI-enhanced search tool.

Media Contacts

Company Name: Xpeer GmbH


Phone: +41 79 794 48 99 / +41 78 909 32 72

Email: [email protected] / [email protected]

Address: Xpeer GmbH Rathausstrasse 14, 6340 Baar


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deltAlyz Allows Companies To Increase Their Market Share With State-Of-The-Art CRM and ERP Technologies

deltAlyz, an acclaimed big data company, is allowing businesses to form better relationships with more customers using their CRM and ERP services.

Vancouver, Canada, 16th August 2022, ZEXPRWIREdeltAlyz is a big data company offering CRM and ERP services to small businesses, allowing companies to offer a better experience to a larger number of customers and increase their market share. The company also offers big data analysis, machine learning, and business analytics to businesses of all sizes, making these technologies accessible even to small businesses.

Traditionally small businesses with a limited number of clients and returning customers have been able to offer a more personalized customer experience than larger companies. However, an increasingly large number of businesses are using digital media to expand their target market beyond the limitations of their physical location. This makes it harder for small businesses to connect with their target audience and threatens one of the few advantages small businesses have over larger companies.

In a recent interview, a representative from deltAlyz told the press, “Small businesses can adapt to customer needs better than large companies. However, with recent development in data science, large companies are increasingly getting better at targeting niche markets, making business difficult for small players. Our CRM and ERP services allow small companies access to the same advanced tools, giving them an upper hand once again.”

The representative said, “The data age will be disruptive for small and large businesses. However, small businesses adapting faster than the less flexible large companies can easily increase their market share.”

In addition to CRM and ERP, deltAlyz also offers Big Data services such as data analytics and machine learning. The company has data warehouses that store mined data for its clients, making digitization easier for businesses. Their cloud computing services also include state-of-the-art cybersecurity, minimizing the risk of data braces and cybercrimes.

Anyone looking for more information about deltAlyz can follow the link to their website provided below.

About deltAlyz

deltAlyz is a big data company that focuses on making big data technologies accessible to businesses regardless of size. The company offers data analytics, machine learning, AI, cloud computing, data mining, app development, and other digital services to businesses worldwide. deltAlyz also offers data warehousing, making digitization easier, faster, and less expensive.

Media Contacts

Company Name: Deltalyz


Phone: +1 604 724 5891

Email: [email protected]



Location: 602 W Hastings St #721, Vancouver, BC V6B 1P2, Canada

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Crane Warning Systems Atlanta Offers Wireless and Wired ATB Systems for Telescopic Boom and Mobile Cranes in the US

The USA-based Company Provides High-Quality RaycoWylie R147 Wireless ATB Warning System And R140 ATB Wired Anti Two-Block Warning System All Across The US

Georgia, US, 16th August 2022, ZEXPRWIRETwo-blocking occurs when a crane’s partial load component collides with the crane’s upper weight component, the boom tip. This exerts a lot of strain on the equipment, leading the crane cable to malfunction.

The real kicker is that technology improvements have made preventing two-blocking incidents quite simple. Crane controllers can assure correct machine operation and prevent the hook from colliding with the boom end by using anti-two-blocking alert devices. This is where Crane Warning Systems Atlanta comes into the picture.

RaycoWylie Systems is known for its quality and reliability. From designing the first crane overload warning system in 1933 to introducing the first safe load indicator in 1964, RaycoWylie has been a torchbearer of safe crane warning and load indicating systems.

CWSA enjoys a strong reputation among its valuable customers and the market competition. The company offers everything from RCI and LMI systems to wire ropes, helping crane owners and project managers comply with OSHA’s stringent requirements about workplace safety. The authorized distributor is a dependable source of high-end crane safety equipment in the US.

Crane Warning Systems Atlanta provides its customers with a product range of crane instrumentation and indicator systems designed to ensure the safety of the workers. In addition to wired and wireless anti-two-block systems, they also provide products such as rated capacity indicators (RCI), camera systems, and more.

Speaking about their products, a company representative stated, “In the United States, we provide wireless and wired ATB Systems for telescopic boom and mobile cranes. Our ATB systems have a cable, making them ideal for tethered boom cranes. You must have integrated ATB equipment for your crane if your procedures include hoisting workers and employing a lock-out. Both forms of ATB Warning systems are premium in preventing boom degradation and catastrophes, and they are the bare minimum of protection features that all cranes must have.”

Crane Warning Systems Atlanta is committed to delivering products within their clients’ budgetary constraints and is thus renowned as an economical crane instrumentation supplier in Atlanta.

At Crane Warning Systems Atlanta, businesses can contact expert crane safety personnel for consultation. Interested readers can contact CWSA’s team using the details given below.

About the Company

Crane Warning System Atlanta is a leading and reliable crane safety equipment distributor in the US. They’re an authorized dealer of robust RaycoWylie crane products and warning systems. The company has been offering high-quality control boxes, shackles, wire ropes, and cutting-edge RCI and LMI systems since 2001.

Media Contacts

Company Name: Crane Warning Systems Atlanta
Email Address: [email protected]
Phone Number: 770-888-8083

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Crane Warning Systems Atlanta Continues to Promote Crane Safety for Several American Construction Companies with Their Top-Quality Warning Systems

Businesses can avail top-of-the-line crane warning devices and products available at Crane Warning Systems Atlanta

Canton, GA, 16th August 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Cranes are a vital part of the US construction industry. They’re used for loading, unloading, lifting, and moving bulk items at construction sites. Due to the high risk involved in crane operations, businesses need to comply with stringent safety codes and regulations.

Crane Warning Systems Atlanta is a leading crane safety instrumentation provider in the US. The company strives to offer support and technical assistance regarding crane safety to businesses across the country. They have a robust product range comprising load moment, rated capacity, wind speed, and other crane safety indicators.

Talking about the company’s products, a senior representative said, “Crane safety products are essential for any business that owns or rents crane equipment. Our RaycoWylie product range provides cutting edge tools that can help crane operators understand the ins and outs. Our LMI systems measure and detect overloading instances using a pair of transducers rod and bore side of the boom lift cylinder. Head over to our website to check out our high-end range of LMI and RCI systems for cranes.”

In addition to indicator systems, Crane Warning Systems Atlanta also offers free access manuals. These are related to different types of crane safety devices. There are many other manuals such as wiring diagrams, troubleshooting manuals, and product safety guidelines for customer assistance.

Crane Warning Systems Atlanta is a reliable supplier of crane safety equipment across America. The company has been in the business for several years, guaranteeing that construction project managers have access to unswerving crane safety devices such as RaycoWylie products.

“Businesses should understand OSHA crane safety requirements and their local laws revolving around crane installation, operation, worker safety, and equipment protection. We also offer live technical support 24/7 to assist business managers with everything cranes!” The senior representative continued.

The company is a proud distributor of RaycoWylie’s world-renowned i4000, i4300, and i4500 indicator systems, among much more.

About the Company

Crane Warning Systems Atlanta is a crane safety products and service provider for products created by RaycoWylie and has been doing so since 2001. They offer technologically advanced crane load and radius indicator systems and other safety equipment at the best prices. They also pride themselves on providing budget-friendly options for their clients’ safety needs.

Media Contacts

Company Name: Crane Warning Systems Atlanta
Email Address: [email protected]
Direct Phone Number: 1 770 888 8083
Toll-Free Phone Number: 1 877 672 2951

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deltAlyz Is Helping Companies To Stay Protected From The Emerging Cyber Threats With Its Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solutions And Services In Vancouver, Canada

The Vancouver-based Consultancy helps companies stay protected from cybercrimes like data breaches, DDoS attacks, and other attacks with its cybersecurity services.

Vancouver, British Columbia, 16th August 2022, ZEXPRWIRECybercrime has become a growing problem for many organizations. Research shows that global cybercrime costs increase by 15 percent annually. Cybersecurity Ventures expects cybercrime to cost organizations worldwide $10.5 trillion annually by 2025. These numbers are staggering, reflecting a significant income loss for corporations. Corporations are profit-making enterprises, and, as a result, they don’t want cybercrimes affecting their bottom line. That’s where cybersecurity services come into the mix.

Statistics show that cybercrime increased by over 600 percent during the pandemic. Most organizations started working remotely because of government-imposed lockdowns and social distancing regulations. Many weren’t prepared for the change. As a result, they scrambled to adopt cloud-based solutions quickly. Unfortunately, they didn’t have time to establish proper cybersecurity protocols or best practices, making them vulnerable to cybercrime. Better prepared organizations didn’t fare much better. While they managed to reduce cybercrime effects, they were still vulnerable.

Countering cybercrime is easier said than done. It requires establishing proper cybersecurity protocols and infrastructure. In addition, organizations must also train their employees in the best cybersecurity practices to eliminate any chinks in their armor.

deltAlyz is a Vancouver-based business intelligence and data analytics consultancy. The organization consists of a team of passionate data scientists, Power BI experts, and software developers ready to help organizations ascend to the next level with their services. deltAlyz offers numerous services to help organizations achieve digital transformation success. The company’s primary objective is to help organizations capitalize on data collection and storage to make more calculated decisions. As a result, the consultancy also provides numerous cutting-edge technology solutions to assist organizations. Among its various offerings, the company also provides cybersecurity solutions to organizations.

deltAlyz is one of Canada’s leading cybersecurity companies. The organization can help businesses improve their cybersecurity strategy, architecture, and security posture using various technologies and training. The Vancouver-based cybersecurity experts also add layers of protection to businesses, shielding them from cyberattacks. deltAlyz’s cybersecurity services are suitable for companies of all sizes.

deltAlyz provides managed security services, including customized security information and event monitoring, and security operations center services in a single package. Their expert team works round the clock to protect clients from any threats by proactively eliminating them. In addition, deltAlyz also offers managed detection and response services and cybersecurity assessments.

In conversation, a company spokesperson shared, “Cybersecurity has become more crucial than ever for businesses. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a small, medium, or large-sized organization. No one is safe from cybercriminals. That’s where we enter the picture. As one of Canada’s leading cybersecurity companies, our focus is on protecting organizations from cyber threats round the clock. As a result, we offer comprehensive cybersecurity services, including Endpoint Protection and Endpoint Detection and Response. We also offer cybersecurity assessments and managed security services to protect clients from dangerous cyber criminals.”

Organizations interested in premier cybersecurity services can contact deltAlyz by the information provided below. Alternatively, they can also visit this link to get in touch with the company.

About deltAlyz

deltAlyz is a Vancouver-based business intelligence and data analytics consultancy. The company offers numerous cutting-edge technology solutions to help businesses of all sizes achieve digital transformation success. deltAlyz’s primary goal is to help organizations convert data into actionable insights, driving growth and streamlining business operations and processes.

Media Contacts

Company Name: Deltalyz


Phone: +1 604 724 5891

Email: [email protected]

Location: 602 W Hastings St #721, Vancouver, BC V6B 1P2, Canada

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Crane Warning Systems Atlanta Offers High-Grade RaycoWylie i4500 RCI-LMI System for The Ultimate Crane Safety Upgrade

Crane owners and operators rely on Crane Warning System Atlanta’s crane safety products for their regular equipment upgrades

Atlanta, GA, 16th August 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Crane safety has become a prime concern for modern-day construction and manufacturing businesses. As highly efficient and difficult-to-operate material management machines, cranes always put operators and riggers to safety hazards. Crane Warning Systems Atlanta is an unswerving crane safety products supplier in the US.

With over 20 years of experience, Crane Warning Systems Atlanta has built an impressive client portfolio and market reach nationwide. Their product range is updated and improved regularly, and the company strives to introduce newer, better crane safety devices for its customers.

Talking about the company’s products, a senior manager said, “We take pride in being our customer’s first choice when it comes to improving crane equipment safety and reliability. Our product range entails everything from anti-two blocking devices and LMI systems to RCI systems and anemometers. We strive to ensure the best quality and customer services across the US.”

Crane Warning Systems Atlanta is an authorized RaycoWylie crane safety products distributor. Their team is well-versed in cutting-edge crane safety devices such as the i4000 load indicator, i4300 LMI, and R174 wireless ATB system. In addition, Crane Warning Systems Atlanta also stocks one of the best crane safety products known as the i4500 LMI-RCI system for cranes.

The i4500 LMI-RCI system is a two-in-one rated capacity and load moment indicator that helps crane operators stay abreast of load weight, height, and fragility. This system timely updates operators about potential glitches or limiting issues in real-time allowing prompt resolution.

“RaycoWylie is the pioneer of crane warning products and they introduced the first-ever safeload indicator for cranes back in 1933. The company invested in their R&D practices and managed to win the hearts of global businesses by improving their product line and coming up with robust crane safety instrumentation such as the i4500 LMI-RCI systems.” The senior manager continued.

Crane owners, operators, riggers, spotters, and signalers can benefit from Crane Warning Systems Atlanta’s free wiring, product, and troubleshooting guides. The company’s website also has an informative blog section that offers incredible crane safety guides, product reviews, and insights.

About the Company

Crane Warning System Atlanta is a crane safety product and device distributor in the US. The company is an authorizedRaycoWyliecrane safety devices seller and has been offering cutting-edge products since 2001. Its crane safety products are available for telescopic boom cranes for maximum safety optimization. Crane Warning Systems Atlanta also offers troubleshooting guides, wiring diagrams, crane alarm and product manuals for free on their website.

Media Contacts

Company Name: Crane Warning Systems Atlanta
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The Post Crane Warning Systems Atlanta Offers High-Grade RaycoWylie i4500 RCI-LMI System for The Ultimate Crane Safety Upgrade appeared first on Zex PR Wire