Monday, July 22

HECO The First Game DAPP- HUT HERO UNION TOKEN Opens NFT New Ecological Circuit

With significant growth in DeFi and excellence in digital art in 2020, artists have come up with new ways to showcase their talents in new markets, and more and more creators have found the benefits of encrypted currencies and block chains. Many more radical artists have also advocated the integration of decentralized encrypted tokens into the world of digital art, and market interest in NFT is also surging. NFT is also an important part of the game, however, but the blockchain network structure based on Bitcoin and Ethernet Square may not be appropriate, because Bitcoin and Ethernet Square can only provide a small amount of TPS,, which will cause some congestion. Seriously affect the development of the game industry.

In fact, Ethernet’s early users were active because of the novelty of the “trading attributes” of the block chain. But because of Ethernet network congestion and high transaction fees also caused most players to leave.

But it proves to everyone the fact that in Ethernet Square, there is not only a token issue, there is more room for imagination and scenes to play and create. But in this stage of the birth of block chain games, more out of the exploration of the Token economy, and ignore the experience of the game, ultimately not enough to let players stay.

A lot of data shows that this kind of common chain is obviously not enough to support the block chain game. Based on this, many public chains have made great adjustments in the expansion scheme, have strong expansibility, and build an ecological network environment that can carry a large number of block chain games. A truly valuable public chain, in addition to being available for distribution, should also have decentralized applications and intelligent contracts. The public chain needs the participation of developers and users, the participation of developers will have the landing of applications, the recognition of users, and the attraction of more people to use —— and this is precisely the significance of public chains such as Huobi ecological chain .

As the Huobi ecological chain declaration said: help developers grow at every stage! Focusing on the discovery and support of high quality developers and early innovation encryption projects, and relying on the world’s largest trading ecology ——Huobi Global, it is bound to become a birthplace of technological innovation and business innovation, and to construct a complete ecological closed loop of collective technology development, application promotion and transaction processing.

Thanks to the technical support of the intelligent ecological chain of fire coins, we can perfectly transplant many classic works into the block chain network, thus realizing the transition from traditional games to block chain games. We believe that the birth of Hero Union Token will be a great change and will set off a wave of NFT wealth again.

HUT Hero Union Token is the first game category released  the American Hero Union Token Foundation in the Huobi ecological chain to realize a king-level star project that integrates decentralized financial agreements and decentralized community autonomy and non-fungible Token. It is 100% open source on the GitHub website. Developed jointly by the technical geek team who worked in American fist games and Ethernet cats.

The HUT Hero Union Token implements 100% open source code the Huobi ecological chain, with a highly transparent block chain network environment. The core values used to ensure fairness in all running games in the game ecology include game props acquisition probability, game hero upgrade probability, equipment synthesis probability, bonus and promotion reward data.

Compared with the server-side data manipulation in traditional games, the introduction of distributed community autonomy HUT Hero Union Token innovation to enable gamers to participate in governance, to determine major events through scientific voting, to weaken developer power, and to transmit all data through encrypted channels. Voting participants have valid contract addresses and times tamps to ensure that there is no hidden box operation, so as to be truly fair and just.

Block chain is not only a technology, but also a system. Only by relying on a complete and mature ecology can the whole public chain system play a practical value. It’s like Prometheus in ancient Greek mythology who brought fire to the world. Now, the Huobi ecological chain  has brought fire to the block chain industry, and the birth of the HUT, but also lit up the fire coin public chain NFT ecological spark and scorching sun, and finally let the beacon fire of prairie fire all over the mountains!

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