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EV Hotel The Path to Rebrand: From Vision to Execution

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Atlanta, Georgia Apr 23, 2024 ( – The EVolution Venue EV Hotel Redefines The Hospitality Experience With Next-Gen Tech And Sustainability.
The EVolution Venue EV Hotel, an innovative tech-forward hospitality brand, today announced the launch of its rebrand and new model focused on select service and extended stay hotels. The new model is expected to lower development and operating costs by 20-30% compared to typical hotel brands.

Over the last six months, The EVolution Venue’s development team has been working to refine the new model, which provides owners and operators with significant cost savings through efficient design and operations. The rebrand will also focus the brand on core principles of technology, sustainability, and experience.

“We aim to change hospitality globally by delivering a brand that benefits owners, employees, and guests alike,” said Ken Patel, CEO and Chairman of The EVolution Venue. “Our tech-enabled model provides meaningful cost savings and revenue opportunities for owners while allowing guests to customize their stay through an integrated smart room experience and mobile app.”

Guest rooms feature over 12 IoT devices, including smart mirrors, showers, toilets, and more, that can be controlled through a single mobile app. The app provides guests with a personalized stay with control over lighting, temperature, entertainment, and other amenities. The integrated technology also enables new revenue streams through Crypto, and NFT Programs like disruptive loyalty membership, lobby and guest rooms, digital content, commerce, and sponsorships.

The brand’s efficient design and operations reduce energy usage and waste. The Revolutionary customized EV charging stations will be available at all locations for guests and the local community.

The rebrand and new model demonstrate The EVolution Venue’s commitment to shaping the future of hospitality through technology, sustainability, and experience. The company is in active discussions with owners and developers to bring the innovative brand to key markets in North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia.

About The EVolution Venue EV Hotel
The EVolution Venue EV Hotel is a tech-forward hospitality brand focused on Ultra Luxury and select service hotels. The brand provides owners and operators with significant cost savings and new revenue opportunities through an efficient model, integrated technology, and sustainability programs. Guests can customize their stay through a single app that controls the smart devices and amenities in their room. The EVolution Venue aims to deliver an innovative experience for owners, employees, and guests.
“Transforming hospitality, one innovative stay at a time. EV Hotel combines cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices to redefine the guest experience and pave the way for a brighter future NOW” Says Nancy Patel VP of Operations.

The EV Hotel is redefining the hospitality experience, not only through cutting-edge technology but also through forward-thinking financial strategies,” stated Neeti Dewan, CFO of The EV Hotel. Our unique integration of NFTs and a dedicated crypto trading floor unlocks additional revenue streams for franchisees.

We are focused on efficiency all across, and that demonstrates our commitment to maximizing value for both guests and investors – a commitment reflected in our EBITDA exceeding 54.4%.
We also anticipate significant cost savings compared to a traditional PIP with our technology-focused approach to hotel renovations. Says Neeti Dewan CFO

Our vision and commitment to innovation do not stop at our services but also in our project development. Our streamlined process development system results in less time and less cost. We see up to 30% savings vs a PIP. The development arm is the driving force in implementing the vision and recognition of the EV Brand. We ensure that the result is unmistakably EV all the while mitigating days, cost, and risk. Guiding the process is our Project Tracker to ensure we are providing a streamlined process with budget benchmarks placed at meaningful intervals. Proactive, thoughtful, and detailed is what makes our development process the most innovative in the Hospitality Industry. Says CEO ServiceTry General Contractor EV Hotel
The EVolution Venue EV Hotel Redefines Hospitality with Next-Gen Tech and Sustainability
Introduction to the Rebrand and its Significance in the Hospitality Industry
The EVolution Venue EV Hotel, a trailblazer in the tech-forward hospitality space, today unveiled its comprehensive rebrand and innovative new model, designed to revolutionize the select service hotel sector. This transformative approach is projected to yield a remarkable 20-30% reduction in development and operating costs, setting a new benchmark for efficiency in the industry.

The rebrand also crystalizes the brand’s core tenets of cutting-edge technology, eco-consciousness, and unparalleled guest experiences.

For investors, franchisees, and the public eager to be part of this transformative journey, The EVolution Venue EV Hotel invites you to explore the possibilities of a smarter, greener, and more innovative hospitality experience. Embrace the future with The EVolution Venue EV Hotel. So, don’t wait any longer, and join us in revolutionizing the hospitality industry! #EVHotel #EVolutionVenue #HospitalityInnovation #SustainableFuture

Conclusion: Redefining Hospitality, One Stay at a Time
The EVolution Venue EV Hotel’s rebrand marks an exciting new chapter for the hospitality industry. With its combination of cutting-edge technology, sustainable practices, and forward-thinking financial strategies, this brand is paving the way for a brighter future. From efficient operations to personalized stays and new revenue streams, The EVolution Venue EV Hotel is setting a new standard for excellence in the industry. Stay tuned for more updates on our journey to revolutionize hospitality! #EVHotel #HospitalityInnovation #SustainableFuture #TheEVolutionStartsNow.

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