Monday, July 22

Deep analysis of HGI Digital Fund

Data is the soil, and everything grows on data. Digital economy, all kinds of new applications and new trends are based on data.

With the rapid development of digitalization, the tide is sweeping the world, and all walks of life are undergoing digital transformation. The world is ushering in a new era and new opportunities. The future is the world of digital economy.

In the 21st century, with the rapid development of computer technology, the application of blockchain in the financial field has become a hot topic. Bitcoin, which is based on blockchain technology, challenges and impacts the traditional monetary system with its unique form of existence and operation rules. Digital currency not only strongly promotes the development of payment technology and financial security, but also brings opportunities to the development of traditional enterprises. Many enterprises begin to enter the field of digital currency. This will surely usher in a historic financial revolution. In this context, HGI digital fund was born. Global members can obtain front-end wealth through dividends of digital monetary fund, and share the wealth dividends in the era of digital economy with multi ecological integration DAPP.

Henderson was founded in 1934, the global asset management group, headquartered in London, is Europe’s largest investment management company, with assets under management of 400 billion pounds , listed on both the New York Stock Exchange and the Australian Stock Exchange. The group has the world’s best financial trading team, jointly managed by six heavyweights in the financial sector, implanted their concept of financial funds, keen investment eyes, the most advanced financial management methods, and the most accurate trading strategies, bringing huge profits to investors. Henderson has offices in Amsterdam, Chicago, Frankfurt, Hartford, London, Luxembourg, Madrid, Milan, Paris, Singapore, Stockholm, Sydney and Vienna, with more than 20000 employees worldwide.

With the wave of digital economy sweeping across the world, Henderson digital fund platform is also in the global layout. The European market in 2019 and the North American market in 2020 have achieved remarkable results. The average return rate of all kinds of funds has reached 30% – 60%, which has been widely praised by the local market. In 2021, Henderson digital Fund Group officially arranged the Asia Pacific market. The Asia Pacific headquarters is set up in Singapore, serving China Henderson, the representative of Asia Pacific emerging countries, will rely on its own strong capital and fund management ability, on the basis of many original fund categories, provide digital fund financing, chain games, digital mines, etc. for users in the Asia Pacific region through HGI digital fund platform, and continue to provide stable and safe returns for investors in the Asia Pacific region and around the world.

HGI digital fund DAPP is a decentralized and multi ecological HGI digital fund investment platform designed with advanced blockchain technology. It is developed by Singapore Tenx technology and aims to build a digital money fund ecosystem. HGI will build the world’s first digital fund platform with digital fund as the flow entrance, chain games and digital mines as the ecological foundation

HGI digital fund Ecology:

To build a global community through digital fund platform, adhere to the concept of “openness, transparency and trust”, become a participant in the reform of digital economy, build a fund ecological platform with strong appreciation space, and let global members enjoy the high returns brought by fund dividends by quantifying stocks, overseas global funds, family allocation trust funds and other fund types.

HGI chain game Ecology:

With the development of HGI platform, the value of HGI will be quickly recognized by members all over the world. Members can see the increase of HGI value and the change of corresponding legal currency exchange at any time, and withdraw business with OTC legal currency at any time.

HGI digital mine ecology:

Members can open the mine through the chain game ecology to a certain level, and obtain the mining income. In addition to the mining income of mining machine, they can also obtain the daily platform income dividend of HGI platform.

HGI digital fund development plan:

The first stage: a community of 100000 people was initially formed

The second stage: establish 100 community service centers around the world

The third stage: global ecological layout helps to double wealth

The fourth stage: 1 billion users, 1000 ecological projects, global market value of more than 100 billion US dollars

HGI digital fund platform always adheres to the principle of fair, just, open, CO creation, sharing and win-win development, builds a trustworthy digital economy ecosystem, promotes the orderly development of digital economy, promotes the opening and innovation of fund field, and reduces financial risks. With the support of strong technology and asset management ability, HGI has built a functional complex of digital funds, built a fair, just, open, CO created, shared and win-win digital economic fund ecosystem, and accelerated the transformation and upgrading of economic society.

Opportunities always favor the wise men with foresight. Let’s join hands with HGI to win the future!

Welcome to HGI digital fund!

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