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Debut Authors Spiro and David Unlock Self-Love Code for Indians in the Book “Beyond Bullshit to Bliss”

“Beyond Bullshit to Bliss” Stands out in Saturated Self-Help Market in India, with Practical Techniques to Overcome Adversity and Find Lasting Self-Love.

London, UK Samantha Spiro, a seasoned spiritual and clinical cognitive behavioral hypnotherapist, and Noah David, an experienced spiritual mentor and energy healer, are thrilled to announce the release of their guide, “Beyond Bullshit to Bliss – A Transformative Guide to Self-Love, Abundance, and In-Lightenment”. The book is a practical manual designed to help readers explore their limiting narratives, fostering lasting Self-Love, and manifesting their dreams.

The launch of the book is especially important for Indians, as according to a 2021 study, currently, people in India have a self-love index score of 52, which is below the global average. The same study also said that those under 35 are more likely to be in the lowest 25% of the self-love scores. 

According to the authors, Beyond Bullshit to Bliss is more than a book on spiritual theory; it’s a deep journey inwards toward authenticity, freedom, and peace. It invites its Indian readers to break free from the shackles of negative beliefs and embrace a life of true self-love and In-Lightenment (as the authors call it). Sam Spiro, known for her teachings across the globe (including many clients in India) and her inspiring personal journey, brings a rich history of overcoming adversity and a deep understanding of self-love to the book. Together with Noah David, her husband, whose experiences range from facing death to thriving post-cancer, the authors offer an authentic roadmap to recognizing the Bliss of true self-awareness.

Beyond Bullshit to Bliss provides direct and repeatable steps to actually FEELING true self-love,” Spiro says. “It applies to everyone on the planet (especially our Indian readers) who wants to wake up to their own bullshit and live a life of more bliss. It’s not rocket science, but it does take commitment.”

At its core, “Beyond Bullshit to Bliss” is different to other spiritual self-help books due to its approachability and universal appeal. It is not reserved to a specific demographic, but instead speaks to stressed executives, busy mothers, lonely individuals, and anyone yearning to feel better about themselves and life. 

“In a world saturated with self-help material, Beyond Bullshit to Bliss stands out by offering not just insights but also actionable and repeatable tools for real, tangible change,” David states. “This book does not shy away from the hardships and realities of life that one faces in India, but embraces them as the very fabric from which we can weave a tapestry of true self-love and peace.”

In this memoir/self-help fusion, the authors, who call themselves fellow “bullshit busters,” will show readers how to:

  • Unlock the True Self: Ask “Who am I?” and recognize the limitless being that they are beyond labels and their own limitations. As the great Indian spiritual teacher Sri Ramana Maharshi (Ramana) put it, asking “Who Am I?” is not meant to elicit an answer, it’s meant to dissolve the questioner and that’s exactly what it did for Spiro and David
  • Embrace self-love: Experience profound self-acceptance and self-love in minutes, in a way that will significantly improve their well-being. 
  • Master emotions: Practice proven techniques to dismantle negativity and reclaim their bliss and emotional balance.
  • Manifest with ease: Understand the link between self-awareness and drawing in their heart’s desires, from fulfilling relationships to successful careers. This is a concept that taps into manifestation and the law of attraction.
  • Find lasting bliss: Embark on a 28-Day “Deepening Love” Challenge to anchor themselves in peace and joy, no matter what life dumps on them.

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About Samantha Spiro 

Samantha Spiro is a personal-growth mentor with an extensive background that includes being a Spiritual and Clinical Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master Teacher, Meditation and Yoga Teacher, and Psychic Medium. She offers a holistic approach to transformation, promoting self-love for deeper self and interpersonal connections. Her own life’s adversities have shaped her into a symbol of resilience, turning her personal struggles into empowerment. Samantha is recognised globally, including being called a “Love Coach Expert” on BBC Radio, and extends her reach through online platforms. Additionally, she leverages her experience in journalism and PR to contribute to major publications and is working on other books on love, self-realization, and spiritual development.

About Noah David

Noah David is a diverse figure whose rich life story informs his work as a spiritual mentor, Conscious-Tantra facilitator, artist, and filmmaker. His varied background includes professional soccer, encounters with celebrities, and profound spiritual exploration. Overcoming personal health challenges, including cancer, he has found deeper meaning and self-love, leading to his awakening under a Zen Master in Pune, India. Noah now helps others confront their fears (particularly around cancer), find their true self, and attain peace through various practices including Reiki, the Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) and Tantra.

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