Sunday, July 14

CryptoNote protocol-based e-cash system —MKEcoin (Monke Coin)

The successful application of Bitcoin as the first point-to-point transmission electronic cash model. Compared with legal currency, Bitcoin does not have a centralized issuer, but is generated by the calculation of network nodes. Anyone can participate in the manufacture of Bitcoin, circulate around the world, buy and sell on any computer connected to the Internet.

The original Bitcoin was just a few thousand lines of code, and the value was not reflected, but because of its decentralization and encryption, it was essentially an anti-inflation currency, because of its decentralized “mining” incentive mechanism. Coupled with the inherent scarcity of Bitcoin and the 21 million Bitcoin output cap, many people and even institutions regard Bitcoin as hard currency. This means that internal monetary policy is driving the purchasing power of Bitcoin. On the other hand, Bitcoin’s biggest innovation is the application of blockchain technology, each block representing transactions in a Bitcoin network. The more blocks, the longer the trading time, thus forming a “chain “, although this” chain “has no actual commercial value, but because of the decentralization of value demand continues to increase, prices also rise with the water.

As technology advances, it’s not a problem to replicate any more Bitcoin networks, but so far no blockchain network has been able to match Bitcoin. A lot of facts have proved that blockchain networks in the digital economy, if separated from commercial applications, mean that bubbles are made purely. The strong have been established since ancient times, and only “killer apps” can shake Bitcoin’s position, although there are inevitable defects, but it will not affect its value at all, unless emerging technologies break the balance and make this decentralized environment no longer exist, But this is not impossible, plus Bitcoin in the transaction confirmation time is slow, poor value support and other hard injuries. There is no credit endorsement from any government or institution behind Bitcoin, which is prone to deflation with obvious market ups and downs. In terms of vision, it is already a bit contrary to the initial anti-inflationary heart, and it is difficult to realize commercial applications. The contribution to the development of digital economy is insignificant. Therefore, we think that in the development mechanism of digital economy, it is more effective to introduce a new application than to permanently repair the original application without a block chain network with commercial applications. MKEcoin (Monke Coin) is also born on this demand.

MKEcoin is a subchain technique based on Monero CryptoNote protocols. MKEcoin effectively inherits the privacy, decentralization and extensibility of the main chain Monero, and its powerful expansibility alleviates the storage pressure of the main chain. With its custom DPOS consensus mechanism, it meets the needs of more DAPP and other commercial applications in the future.

MKEcoin based on CryptoNote protocols, significant algorithm differences blur blockchain transactions, focusing on private and censored boycott transactions, transactions are confidential and untraceable to ensure user information security for each transaction. CryptoNote is an application layer protocol that supports a variety of decentralized, privacy-oriented digital currencies. Its goal is to become the evolution of ideas behind Bitcoin.

Different from Bitcoin, CryptoNote transactions can not display the way money is sent or received through block links. The approximate number of transactions can be known, but the sender, receiver and actual number can not be known. the only information available is that the actual quantity is lower than the quantity shown. the only person accessing the entire dataset about a transaction is the sender or receiver of the transaction and the person with one or two secret keys; another significant difference is the CryptoNote hash-based workload proof algorithm. Bitcoin is used SHA256, It is CPU binding function. this means that participants (miners) are only limited by their computational speed, and it is relatively cheap to create dedicated integrated circuit (ASIC) devices, which will have a hash per unit of currency over the normal computer. CryptoNote use memory binding functions CryptoNight, can not easily pipeline production.

MKEcoin sub-chain technology realizes the scalability of block chain system and provides a feasible solution to block chain fragmentation. MKEcoin subchain derived from the main chain platform with independent functions of the block chain. These subchains can not exist alone and must be run through the infrastructure provided by the main chain, so the subchain inherits all the attributes of the main chain.

A significant feature of MKEcoin subchains is the ability to define their own consensus approach and execution modules. Far from being limited to the different consensus modes of the main chain, the consensus mode of the sub-chain can be POW ,PBFT ,POS ,DPOS, even the consensus mode that different industries can define themselves. Of course, the user must define the consensus engine separately to implement the task under the custom consensus mechanism. There are several advantages to this :1. The function of the subchain is greatly enriched in a flexible way. The function of the sub-chain is not only limited to the scope of intelligent contract processing, but also increases the practicability. 2. can make full use of MKEcoin main chain to quickly deploy subchains with new functions without the need to maintain the nodes needed for a separate block chain and the cost of attracting new users to participate. 3. the difficulty of deploying subchains is greatly reduced, we only need to write subchain consensus and execution module.

MKEcoin unique custom consensus mechanism and execution module, according to the needs of the application scene, quickly form a consensus module to achieve its commercial value, and MKEcoin the block speed is independent, not limited by the public chain, Can customize block speed according to application requirements to meet transaction fluency and balance.

MKEcoin sub-chain technology can not only be used as a DAPP support platform to build complex application scenarios, but also can be deployed as a common service platform to provide specific services for other sub-chains or DAPP. MKEcoin realizes the cross-chain transaction with other block chains, and more broadly, realizes the communication between block chains and other networks, forming the interconnection of all things.

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