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CHINA Landscape Jiangnan is included in “2021 The Asia’s 10 Super Prime Houses”

Great creation will become an eternal symbol of the process of human civilization.

In the 21st century, China ushered in the prosperous times, the super-cultural symbol of the big eastern countries stepped onto the world stage with leisurely steps.

In 2021, China Landscape creation seeking the glory of the era with the pose of great works of art

Live Shot of New York Times Square Nasdaq Big Screen

Eastern beliefs that keep the world on its feet make the world’s attention-grabbing ideas extremely simple. In June 2021, New York Times Square of the United States, the crossroads of the world, welcome the great bloom of Chinese landscape. CHINA landscape Jiangnan, the world’s fourth landscape series work of Sunac, stands in the international show where the world’s top luxury goods gather, becoming the global eye-catching Eastern art work making the world refreshing its views to China.

CHINA Landscape Jiangnan, the Chinese aesthetics of contemporary world and the Chinese pride honoring Asia, shows the world the top art of Chinese landscape with the honor of listed in “2021 The Asia’s 10 Super Prime Houses”. As an age symbol of Chinese landscape, this colorful cultural prosperity has triggered a global landscape boom, and declared a global return to the landscape of the times proposition.

Boarding on “2021 The Asia’s 10 Super Prime Houses” list, landscape wins glory

The strong economic trend in Asia has greatly contributed to the growth of demand for home purchases by the wealthy in Asia. “The Asia’s 10 Super Prime Houses” list provides valuable data and reports for real estate developers and home buyers. The list was reviewed by Robert A. Mundell, the Nobel laureate in economics and the “father of the Euro”, and an expert panel is formed with academics from the world’s top universities, including Yale University, Harvard University and University of Oxford.

Robert A. Mundell

The CHINA Landscape Jiangnan review, referring to the international popular standards and under the guidance of senior experts in the industry, carried out extensive publicity in more than 50 media by using the indexes and methods established by super prime houses competitiveness value tool – CVA, 50 experts and scholars carried out the collection, collation and comprehensive evaluation of super prime houses materials to ensure that the scientific and authoritative selection.

“Asia’s super prime houses are all landmarks” almost became slogan of “The Asia’s 10 Super Prime Houses”, enjoying popular support in the professional field and the top-level super prime houses circle. It has become almost a spiritual belief, and each of the works selected by “The Asia’s 10 Super Prime Houses” is a monument to the world. Each entry can be said to be a city’s high representative.

China’s landscape series, world works of art

China has a history of five thousand years of landscape civilization.

When the world aesthetics meets with Chinese landscape, it is doomed to start a world-class cultural feast.

Landscape, as a part of Chinese faith, has long been infiltrated in the character of the Chinese people. The landscape is not only in the east, but also in the common phase of global culture. It is the birthplace of human art treasures. It is the Chinese people’s dependence and feelings on the landscape, as well as the aesthetic thought displayed in the landscape that makes China’s landscape aesthetics go to the world, integrate into the stage of the world aesthetics, and make contributions to the development of the world aesthetics.

Landscape diagram

Today’s China is entering a new era of “cultural revival”, calling for and advocating a return. The return to landscape represents the highest feeling in the global context. Sunac has an insight of the global high net worth people’s desire of exploring the cultural origin from the natural landscape, keenly captures the aesthetic trend of the return of minimalist aesthetics, and creates a world of landscape art on behalf of the Chinese art with the unique expression of international Chinese. Thus CHINA “Landscape Series” works came into being based on the era.

“CHINA Landscape Series”, with landscape as the idea and the extremely simple as the principle, opens an innovative international Chinese aesthetic world view with the word’s leading ultimate aesthetic. The perfect combination of Chinese landscape tradition and international aesthetic appreciation is undoubtedly a subversion of the Eastern and Western traditional landscape cognition.

In 2021, CHINA Landscape Jiangnan, created jointly by Sunac, Nanchang municipal real estate and Rongzheng platform, is settled in Wuxi Economic Development Zone of China. Wuxi, as a city in the south of the Yangtze River, has a long history and culture of three thousand years and is a well-deserved “landscape city” with the surrounded hills and rivers. Wuxi Economic Development Zone, the new center, stands in the axis of China’s Yangtze River Delta Finance, and the Golden Lake, leading the world-class urban group, is the next eye-catching “Lujiazui”.

Architecture is the mirror of the times, CHINA Landscape Jiangnan integrates into the mountains and rivers without trace with the extremely simple style. By following the “three to nine” aesthetic law, with folding the mountains and waters, moderate and calm posture and tranquility of white space freehand brushwork, it makes the modern living art of Chinese culture a wonderful workmanship excelling nature, leading the new spiritual conversion and inscribing the world Wuxi art cover works.

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