Saturday, July 13

BBAY,The King Of The Perpetual Contract Track

According to Tokeninsight’s 2020 Q3 digital asset derivatives exchange industry research report, the derivatives market turnover reached an astonishing US $2.7 trillion, an increase of 159.4% compared with that in 2019. According to media statistics, there were 11000 digital currency exchanges in the world at the most time. With the deepening of contract trading mode and the continuous improvement of market and user demand, the traditional contract trading mode has been upgraded to the perpetual contract trading mode, which has become the most popular tomorrow star of current users!

BBAY , a professional perpetual contract exchange, has become the king of the track since it was born! Under the market situation of serious homogenization, lack of transaction depth and user precipitation, the original double warehouse and double Token guarantee mechanism is created. Based on self precipitation and liquidity solutions, it not only has a strong security network, but also has strong liquidity.

Through BBAY’s rare innovative concept, the platform and the community have achieved high viscosity ecological integration. BBAY enables all digital contract exchangers to realize simple operation and easy profit in the market. It uses blockchain technology to completely decentralize and create non centralized control. In BBAY perpetual contract exchange, the transaction process is connected to the blockchain, and the data is open, fair, transparent and traceable. Even hackers can not tamper with the data and forge transactions.

In the design of the circular circulation, BBAY is even more innovative in using the double pass mode, subverting the traditional stock exchange and digital currency centralized exchange. The double Token support each other with high liquidity and stability. By separating the investment and expenditure functions of the token, BBAY has the ability to resist the drastic price fluctuations, and at the same time, it makes the implementation of multi ecological and novel applications possible.

BBAY perpetual contract provides high-performance order matching service, even novices can play with the contract. Adhere to the principle of transparent transaction, realize fully transparent value-added by means of open data, and make the transaction simple.

BBAY exchange’s financial service and management system adopts plane cooperation mechanism, which forms mutual cooperation and correlation among various applications. Through the smart contract and consensus coordination mechanism to achieve cooperation, greatly reducing the information asymmetry among users, thus improving the financial infrastructure and changing the business model of the financial industry. To fundamentally build a sound ecological chain, BBAY attracts more value consensus makers to participate in the construction of business transactions and share ecological dividends.

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