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Transgender Actress Hera Anderson Stars In Upcoming Film “THE BLACK ROSE”

Hera Anderson

Los Angeles, California Oct 11, 2021 ( – 3Films Entertainment has made an official disclosure, confirming that star actress and writer Hera Anderson will play the leading role in their highly anticipated LGBT short film “The Black Rose.”

Hera, who is also a producer and actress, is scheduled for the movies, A Life In Multiple Scenes (2022), Is He Gay (2022), and the most recent- The Black Rose (2021), where she will feature alongside her other casts that are yet to be unveiled.

As expectations continue to build up, the movie is now; scheduled to commence between the 15th to 30th of November. And possibly wrap up production following its shoot in Los Angeles, California. Just in time for it to hit every available streaming platform.

At the helm of the production of the LGBT short film “The Black Rose” is Alexander Kurbonov as the Production Manager. Also boarding as the director is Sinan Yalvac.

The movie, which is predicted to make headlines; And garner lots of attention from fans and critics alike, is based on the story of Ellie, who also happens to be a transgender sex worker in her late twenties.

Along the line, life happens, and for the first time in a long time, Ellie will see reasons to reorganize her life (one day), when she encounters an event that will cause the things she lost in her life to become a mirror.

The gender-reversed movie is set to revolutionize and bring to the limelight the originality of the LGBT community, especially with the committed and fearless casts that deserve a voice and an identity in the industry, despite being gender non-conforming.

So far, production has described the movie as intriguing, evolving, and reimagining and further remarks go thus:

“3Films Entertainment is an award-winning film production company based in Europe and the US. Our films selected and competed in worldwide prestigious film festivals. We are a small young creative team.”

The Europe-based award-winning film production company has also confirmed recently that Hakan Yildiz and Selcen Lombardi will be overseeing the production of the debut.

Overall, the production of the LGBT short film “The Black Rose” is still set to start November 2021, Los Angeles, CA, with transgender actress Hera Anderson starring in the upcoming movie.

The Black Rose

Media Contact

3Films Entertainment

[email protected]

Source :3filmsentertainment

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Lyca Group Chairman Allirajah Subaskaran new owner of Jaffna LPL franchise


Colombo, Sri Lanka Oct 11, 2021 ( – Winner of the inaugural edition of the Lanka Premier League (LPL) Jaffna Stallions has a new owner as Sri Lanka-born British entrepreneur, Allirajah Subaskaran, enters the second season of the premier T20 tournament of the Island Nation by acquiring the Jaffna-based franchise in the tournament.

Speaking about the new venture, Subaskaran said, “I have been observing the gradual growth of the LPL. It has turned out to be a spectacular sporting event, and I believe that the LPL can become a major event in the cricketing calendar. Many Sri Lankans globally look forward to this tournament, with better funding and drafting of bigger names, the league is bound to be a global phenomenon, and I don’t want to be left out of the party.”

Subaskaran is the founder and chairman of Lyca Group of companies in the UK, and the group has been diversifying its businesses in the South Asian region with a strong presence in India and Sri Lanka, making their venture into the LPL, a well-calculated move. When asked why he chose the Jaffna team, Subaskaran said: “Well, it makes sense to put your money on the team that won last year, and, I do have some sentimental attachments to the North of the Island.”

Welcoming the new owner, Mr. Anil Mohan, Founder, and CEO of Dubai-based production giant IPG, the official promoter of LPL, said, “It gives me immense pleasure to welcome on board Lyca Group Chairman Mr. Allirajah Subaskaran as the owner of the Jaffna franchise. I am sure that his love and passion for the game will enable him to connect with the team and engage the fans and all its stakeholders going forward.”

Mr. Jawad Ghulam Rasool, COO & CCMO of Dubai-based production giant IPG, the official promoter of LPL, said, “We at the IPG group recognize that it takes many individuals whether in management, players or franchise owners to put together a league that we can be proud of, a league like LPL. We would like to welcome Jaffna franchise owner Mr. Allirajah Subaskaran, chairman of the LYCA Group to the LPL community and look forward to growing stronger together

With the LPL Player’s Draft scheduled for next month, the new owner of the Jaffna franchise expects to rope in some big international and local stars. He said, that like last year, he’s confident of having a very competitive team this year too.

The inaugural edition of the Lanka Premier League (LPL) which was played in a bio-secure bubble at the Mahinda Rajapaksa International Cricket Stadium in Hambantota from November 26 till December 16, 2020, reached a cumulative audience of 557 million people through TV, digital-social space, and traditional media outlets. Sponsors enjoyed a media evaluation (visibility) of $54.5m and title sponsor MY11CIRCLE enjoyed an ROI of 9.85x. Winner of the first edition of LPL Jaffna Stallions tops the valuation chart with $3.98m followed by Galle Gladiators ($3.82m), Dambulla Viikings (Now Dambulla Giants) ($3.54m) Colombo Kings ($3.44m), and Kandy Tuskers ($3.19m).

The LPL matches which were telecast live by Sky Sports, Sony Sports Network, Geo, PTV, and Willow TV in Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, UK, US, Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand saw 155 million people tuning in to catch live action. On social media, it achieved a reach of 218 million and LPL found 133478 mentions as the league came alive with each and every match with some scintillating performances on the ground.

About Lyca Group

The Lyca Group is a British multinational corporation delivering low-cost, high-quality products and services to communities across the globe. Since Lyca Mobile’s founding in 2006, a number of additional products and services have been added to Lyca Group’s portfolio, diversifying its offering across Telecommunications, Entertainment, Travel, and Tourism, Healthcare, Media, Technology, Financial Services, Marketing, and Hospitality.

Jaffna KingsThe IPG GroupLPL T20

Media Contact

The IPG Group

[email protected]

Source :Lanka Premiere League

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Mango Power launches expanded portfolio at EES Europe Restart 2021


Mango Power launches expanded portfolio at EES Europe Restart 2021

    Auburn, California Oct 11, 2021 ( –

  • Mango Power Union broke into the industry earlier in the year with the world’s first 2-in-1, home-and-portable battery system expected to open sales in late 2021
  • At EES, the company launches 2 products that further complete its ecosystem:, Mango Home mBattery, Mango Home mIverter

After capturing many eyeballs earlier in the year with the launch of its unique home-and-portable battery system, Mango Power attends EES Europe Restart 2021, making a new splash by showcasing even more additions to its portfolio. The clean energy brand further challenges established market players by launching 2 new products in addition to its existing Mango Power Union: Mango Home mBattery, and Mango Home mIverter, adding value to an already world-class portfolio of home battery systems. The company also announced its readiness to discuss orders with distributors and sales partners in Europe, North America, and Asia. To do that, interested parties can write to [email protected]

Mango Power Union – the ultimate breakthrough in power storage with a 2-in-1, extendable solution

Mango Power Union, is the world’s rst integrated portable and home battery system designed to meet users’ power needs whether inside or outside the home. The Mango Power Union can be used as a backup home power supply and as storage for the green energy a house generates. The Union’s detachable module, the Power Move, is a grab-and-go battery that gives users more than enough energy for any outdoor adventure. The system’s advanced settings feature enables full customization so users can tailor it to their needs, whatever they are.

The station itself has a maximum battery capacity of 6.9 KWh, a power output of 4.0 KW, and is expandable to up to 10 packs in parallel for a whopping 69 kWh and 40 kW output

while the detachable module is rated for 6,000+ charging cycles. That means savings on home electricity bills along with the power to take power with you wherever you go. More detailed specifications and exciting reveals can be found at and will be released further with the official Indiegogo launch later in the year.

This combination of portability, heavy-duty power delivery, and ease of use make the Mango Power Union significantly different from any other modular portable power station currently on the market. When the family is out of power, you can use the main module alone or attach the power move to bring 4,000W/6,900WH emergency power to the family, enabling devices such as refrigerators, kitchens, heating, or aircon to work as usual.

Mango Power Move – Portable, powerful, and versatile option that stands on its own

Power Move – the detachable and more portable module – is presented at EES as a separate option that will likely have an option to be purchased individually through a separate Indigogo campaign, with more details coming soon on It is a 2.3 kWh battery with 2 kW of continuous output capability. It has 15x output ports and supports 1500W MPPT solar input / 1100W wall outlet charging. Just like the Power Union, Power Move uses high-class EV Polymer NCM Battery Cells that have 38% greater energy density, and are capable of operating in a broader range of temperatures than traditional LFP cells.

Mango Power Move is designed to be carried wherever you might want power, becoming a perfectly portable option for places where there’s no grid and portable energy is required. Be it road trips, camping outings, or ADUs. It can charge by either portable solar panels or by roof systems.

Mango Power mBattery – Efficient and Powerful

The Mango Power mBattery is designed for PV self-consumption, backup power, load shifting, and o-grid solutions for household applications. With the modularized 5 kWh LFP battery, users can supply backup energy for the emergency appliances, but with 10 kWh or 15 kWh, it’s quite easier to power the whole house, or just part of it. It has a 6,000 cycle life and stacks up to 96kWh

Mango Power mInverter – Efficient and Powerful

The Power Home mInverter is a 4.6K/5K hybrid tool that reduces reliance on the grid thanks to its 8,000W 2X MPPT Input, 5,000W AC Output, and 97.5% efficiency. When the Mango Power mInverter is coupled with the Mango Power mBattery, users reduce their carbon footprint even further, save even more on energy bills and better prepare their homes for power outages.

App control – A smart way of optimizing resources & tracking your environmental footprint

One aspect that makes Mango Power Union stand out from the competition is the rich amount of power data you can track with their app. Available for iOS and Android, you can track:

  • Available power
  • Charging rate
  • Temperature
  • Charging mode

Apart from that, the application has a series of social functions, such as a leaderboard sharing function that will allow you to compare how sustainable you are compared to other users of the app. It can also enable consumers to control the power station remotely in a fast manner. By selecting dierent modes in the Customize section of your Mango Power App, users can change how the device is charged and discharged and meet the dierent needs in dierent situations.

The app is also able to give you environmental data that allows you to track your environmental impact footprint. It displays the conversion of solar energy in KWh, Carbon emissions expressed in tons, and tree planting equivalents thanks to the partnership of Mango Power Union with One Tree Planted. The app also estimates how much you’re saving by utilizing solar power, if you choose to do so, in comparison to just using the grid.

About Mango Power

Mango Powder is a green energy brand focused on developing home power supply solutions, portable power devices, and related accessories. Mango Power’s mission is to bring smart green energy products into every home and help every family realize a zero carbon emission future. The Mango Power Union, its first product, is the world’s rst battery system to integrate both home and portable power solutions. Its iconic look and all-in-one detachable design are expected to make a successful launch in late 2021 through Indigogo. More information here or visiting

Press Contact

[email protected]

Sale, Distribution, or Commercial Enquiries

[email protected]


Source :Mango Future Co.,Ltd

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Get the most unique tattoo ideas and designs even during the pandemic at World Tattoo Portal

, Oct 11, 2021 ( – The pandemic had a great negative impact on almost every industry in the world. What is most surprising is that, compared to others, the tattoo business has rather flourished at a tremendous speed during this time globally. It has made people treat every day as their last day on earth. Many have decided to act upon the things that they have been meaning to do for a long time. The most common thing among them is tattooing. World Tattoo Portal, a platform that offers tattoo enthusiasts the most unique designs for their body art shares its experience on how the tattoo market is booming during the pandemic.

They say that more and more people are visiting their website and going through their articles, blogs, and tattoo designs. Even when the pandemic was at its peak, the traffic on the platform never decreased. When the pandemic started at the beginning of 2020, all businesses including tattoo shops were forced to shut down. When people could not physically go to the shops they started relying more on online platforms for tattoo ideas. World Tattoo Portal reported a record rise in the number of visitors during the entire pandemic period. People getting frustrated with the new social restrictions and their isolated life wanted nothing more than to express their oppressed thoughts. They turned to one of the most popular forms of body art that is tattooing.

In the early stages of the crisis, the tattoo shops were bombarded with queries. The situation could not stop people from wanting to have tattoos. That is why the tattoo business resumed sooner than other businesses. Following all the safety measures and social distancing restrictions, the tattoo shops started operating gaining a huge boost after a long time. The total revenue of the tattoo industry has increased tremendously breaking all the records. The social distancing stigma could not keep tattoo lovers away from getting their favorite kind of body at all. Rather the hype has been amplified due to the need to feel eloquent. As per a survey, the tattoo industry is supposed to increase its market size by more than 23% in 2021. No other consumer goods and services industry was able to experience such fast growth during the crisis period.

The pandemic was able to decrease the stigma surrounding tattoos on many levels. Many, who decided to get tattoos later in life, chose to do it during that time becoming uncertain about life. Tattooing is one of the fastest recovering businesses among the consumer-driven industries. Though other fields experienced much slower growth, the tattoo business already had customers lining up as soon as they opened the shops. World Tattoo Portal has been one of the top choices for tattoo lovers to get ideas and designs for their tattoos. The platform has a countless number of tattoo designs and ideas on its website. From men’s to women’s and small tattoo designs, they have it all. People can easily find their desired tattoo designs from their separately categorized library.

Just selecting a design is not enough to get a tattoo in the current situation. People must know about the measures both the artists and the consumers have to take regarding safety. World Tattoo Portal provides all the necessary information and safety tips that a consumer must know. The experts there also help people find the best tattoo artists in their area who abide by all the safety protocols in addition to offering flawless work. The clients can get all the latest updates from the body tattoo industry with the blogs and articles regularly posted on the platform.

World Tattoo Portal is an online platform providing a complete guide about the contemporary tattoo industry and unique tattoo ideas and designs to clients all over the world. The website is extremely easy to use and has a large collection of tattoos for both men and women. They also have an impressive collection of small but meaningful tattoos that are not just trendy but express individuality as well. The platform also has ideas for body piercing. The articles educate people about the procedure and safety of the piercing industry. For more information, visit

Media Contact

World Tattoo Portal

[email protected]

Source :World Tattoo Portal

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JOONTO officially launches cloud platform for mobile phone metrics

Introducing Joonto

Lehi, Utah Oct 11, 2021 ( – Today, JOONTO released its mobile phone cloud platform which uniquely brings the native power and capability of business phone systems into the convenience of mobile devices, including the first-ever ability for tracking mobile phone metrics.

Prior to the beginning of the pandemic, employees were already trending close to 71% utilization of mobile devices in their daily work assignments. Additionally, 80% of employees have been reported as using SMS text messaging specifically for work purposes in communicating both internally as well as externally with clients and customers alike. (1)

As companies moved from an estimated 2% of remotely working full-time employees prior to the pandemic, to an estimated 70% of remote workers during the pandemic; current analysts expect that 33% of all U.S. workers will normalize to work remotely, while 92% of employees are expected to work within a hybrid model (more than a few hours per week outside of the office). With such a dramatic change to daily work behavior, the utilization and necessity of mobile phones to counter such sudden as well as long-term changes have become both a challenge and opportunity for businesses of all sizes.

As the growth in VoIP utilization including that of soft-phone app capabilities has become the standard in many corporate environments over the past decade, the real driver of these solutions is a result of their ease of compatibility and integration with data platform solutions such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Oracle, Tableau, DOMO, and Zapier. However, as the result of massive adoption and growth of mobile phone utilization in the workplace, the reality has become such that the business desk phone has in essence become a glorified mobile phone forwarding device.

Prior to the pandemic, BYOD (bring-your-own-device) patterns have long been gaining momentum. Post-pandemic that momentum has only continued to grow exponentially. Although this seemingly creates great opportunities for companies to expand their real-time communications both internally and externally through the increase and saturation of mobile devices in the workplace, one major challenge has risen: user’s mobile activities such as how many text messages, how many phone calls, to who is calling and receiving calls, etc.; has become a literal ‘black hole’ of data and information for business managers.

To further add to the challenge, some solutions have attempted to coax user adoption through their own proprietary VoIP mobile app requiring the user to both send and receive calls and text messages through this 3rd party app. The reality is stark when compared to how users actually utilize these 3rd party apps on their mobile devices. Only an estimated 5% of users who install these 3rd party dialer apps and messaging platforms, use these mobile apps. This means that 95% of all actual company mobile phone users prefer and utilize their native mobile platform for calls and texts, creating a huge disconnect with the adoption of these 3rd party apps. With such little adoption occurring, this only adds to the incredibly large disconnect of visibility for managers in viewing their team’s mobile phone user activity.

So how do companies solve this huge missing component of data and real-time communications activities taking place within their companies on mobile devices?

Joonto’s mobile phone cloud platform seamlessly solves this issue by providing companies the ability to track all mobile phone activities such as SMS texting and phone calls through routing these activities through Joonto’s cloud platform. Unlike 3rd party apps which require users to open to make inbound/outbound calls and texts, Joonto instead relies on the built-in native phone dialer and text messaging solutions such as iMessage, to send and receive inbound and outbound calls and texts. Instead of using an “app,” Joonto seamlessly assigns a virtual phone number to each user’s contact details. This occurs through connecting and syncing a user’s Gmail or Office 365 account in the background and automatically assigns a random private secondary number to each contact. When this number is dialed or texted, it automatically routes through Joonto’s platform and then forwards to the original contact’s number.

In addition, each user also receives their own proprietary “Joonto Business Number” (which acts similarly to other services such as Google Voice, forwarding the mobile phone activity for incoming calls through Joonto’s mobile platform. But unlike other services, Joonto offers a completely seamless and native solution for users to call and text all their team members, peers, customers, and clients alike with a new catch: the ability for their managers to also track, manage, and monitor all their call activity, thus preventing these calls from entering the proverbial ‘data black hole.’

JOONTO has also developed a complete API marketplace for developers looking for enhanced customization and integration, allowing, for example, CRM solutions and platforms such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and Zapier the ability to communicate with JOONTO and track call and text activities associated with leads and contacts. “Joonto not only provides an innovative solution for gaining high user adoption rate for tracking mobile phone activities, but also creates a unique value proposition for companies looking to virtualize and tokenize their leads and contacts’ personal information,” stated Spence Angerbauer, Managing Partner of Venture Slopes, an angel investor of Joonto.

Joonto’s mobile phone cloud platform can be accessed via a FREE trial by going to their website at and registering for a free account.

  • Source: Owl Labs,, SHRM, Signal 2021
TodayGoodbye to the Desk PhoneJoontoJoonto

Media Contact

Joonto, Inc.

[email protected]

Source :Joonto, Inc.

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Contactless Credit Card Payment – Small Business/No Fee Digital Solution Launch

The company’s newly launched digital payment services offer businesses a convenient way to get paid while reducing staff and unnecessary physical contact with customers. Their contactless payment solutions are fast, simple to use, and help to ensure the safety of the business and its customers.

More information can be found at

Obahn Marketing’s recently launched services allow businesses to accept payment via text message, email, website, or QR code. The innovative system will work on every cellphone and will not require the download of any application.

When businesses accept credit cards, they lose an average of 3% to 5% of their total earnings. With the company’s proprietary digital payment solution, clients will only need to pay a nominal monthly fee which will allow them to accept an unlimited amount of credit card payments. They will keep 100% of their profits and see credit card processing savings of up to 30%.

Obahn Marketing’s clients will receive the full billed amount deposited right into their bank account within just two business days. They may also get notified when a customer pays by choosing to receive email notifications or by simply logging into their accounts. All transactions will be recorded in real-time.

To ensure complete satisfaction, clients can cancel their digital payment solution at any time and without worrying about any cancellation fees. Those interested can try out the demos located on the company’s website.

Furthermore, the company also provides a way to send invoices instantaneously. Clients can upload a spreadsheet with their customer’s data and send it straight to them. All they need is an email address to start sending click-to-pay invoices in under a minute.

Obahn Marketing is dedicated to providing businesses with advanced solutions to simplify their processes and increase their overall revenue. Their digital marketing experts offer additional services including automated marketing assistants, local marketing, social media marketing, SEO ranking, and website accessibility.

A spokesperson for the company said: “With people across the globe practicing “social distancing”, phones are now an even larger force for driving digital payments in almost every sector of the economy.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting

Obahn Marketing
Obahn Marketing
[email protected]

32910 Morrison Road
Suite A
United States

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Military Defense Lawyers win Air Force military sexual assault trial

Military criminal defense lawyers, Gonzalez & Waddington, recently published a new review of their Military Sexual Assault Defense Practice – with a focus on helping military service members facing a court-martial.. The aim of Gonzalez & Waddington, Military Defense Lawyers is to provide the most relevant and useful information to military service members facing a court-martial., so they may hire the best military defense lawyers for their case, with confidence.

In their niche criminal defense law practice, Gonzalez & Waddington chooses to focus on helping military service members in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard that are under investigation or facing a military court-martial. More specifically, because the firm has aggressively defended court-martial cases for years, the firm is now one of the most experienced and successful military defense law firms in the world.

While most military lawyers simply list their positive selling points, such as having served as a JAG lawyer or having been a former prosecutor. Our firm has been involved in some of the highest-profile court-martial cases from the “War on Sexual Assault” and the “War on Terror” and they strive to be the best military lawyers possible. The lawyers at Gonzalez and Waddington have a winning track record of taking on and beating military prosecution teams striving to give military members the best legal defense possible….

The law firm only handles serious court-martial cases such as military sexual assault, and they limit their caseload and the number of military clients so they can dedicate time and resources to being the best military lawyers possible….

… Gonzalez & Waddington endeavour to go one step further in its mission to provide more value to military service members in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard that are under investigation or facing a military court-martial.. One example of such specific court-martial result is found below.

In a recent Air Force military sexual assault trial, the firm’s client was found not guilty and wrote the following review: “In my court-martial, OSI got shredded on cross examination – The jury found me NOT GUILTY, and I was a free man. Yes, I had to rebuild my life and reputation, but that is better than sitting in jail for a crime you did not commit. I am grateful that I hired Alexandra and Michael when I did and cannot recommend them enough.”

Gonzalez & Waddington, got its start in 2006 and was founded by Michael Waddington & Alexandra Gonzalez-Waddington. Ever since, Gonzalez & Waddington, has made a point to provide the most value and best information to military service members in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard that are under investigation or facing a military court-martial.

Gonzalez & Waddington’s complete reviews can be found at

Gonzalez & Waddington, LLC
Gonzalez & Waddington, LLC
[email protected]
15800 Pines Blvd, Suite 3101

Pembroke Pines
United States

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Chandler AZ HVAC Contractor Insurance Coverage Policy Advisory Services Launched

IBOAZ, which represents leading business insurance companies, provides reliable advisory services to HVAC, as well as plumbing contractors in areas including Chandler, Mesa and Scottsdale.

For more information, please visit

With the new announcement, the company is helping clients get insurance coverage that best suits the needs of their specific business by offering them access to licensed agents.

It is important for owners of HVAC and plumbing companies to choose the right insurance policy as appliances in their line of business are susceptible to emergencies such as fire or flooding that could cause injury. Uninsured companies leave themselves vulnerable to large financial losses and legal fees.

The independent insurance experts at IBOAZ are well-equipped to advise clients on picking an appropriate insurance plan and commercial carrier. As the agency is located in Arizona, it understands the unique needs of local businesses and takes special care to safeguard their interests in adverse situations.

The agents inform clients about the various types of policies at their disposal. Common insurance policies for HVAC businesses include commercial general liability, worker compensation and business interruption. IBOAZ also recommends that clients register for commercial auto insurance for the vehicles that their technicians drive from job to job.

The agency, which has a team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals, caters to businesses across sectors and also offers guidance to individuals and families. Its portal offers quick access to more than 40 insurance companies and also enables customers to make payments online.

IBOAZ was founded in 2005 and is well known for its excellent customer service. The agency is committed to protecting HVAC and plumbing businesses against multiple risks.

A satisfied client said: “Researching and shopping for insurance is never an easy task, but working with Amy at Insurance Brokers of Arizona was a stress- free experience. She was able to find me the best rate, saved me money, and I have better coverage than with my former insurance carrier.”

Additional information about the services offered by Insurance Brokers of Arizona can be accessed at

Insurance Brokers of Arizona
Insurance Brokers of Arizona
[email protected]
690 E Warner Rd
Suite 108
United States

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Video Lecture Released: Controlling Difficult Witnesses on Cross-Examination

Law Firm, Gonzalez & Waddington, LLC, has published a new video lecture dedicated to helping trial lawyers control difficult or hostile witnesses during cross-examination.. This video lecture will also have information useful to anybody facing the task of controlling challenging opposing witnesses on cross-examination.

Interested parties are invited to review the video lecture on their website:

This most recent video lecture from Gonzalez & Waddington, LLC contains precise and detailed steps and instructions, designed to be used by trial attorneys that want to learn the best cross-examination techniques and others who need help controlling hostile witnesses during cross-examination with as little stress as possible.

Gonzalez & Waddington, LLC states that this accessible, easy to follow video lecture provides all of the information necessary to fully understand the topic, to get the results they want.

The Full One-Hour Video Lecture, Cross-Examination Techniques – Controlling Difficult Witnesses on Cross-Examination Covers: How to use the Chapter Method to control any witness, especially difficult ones. How to ask only one new fact per question. Why not to use adjectives when cross-examining a witness, such as enormous, many, few, silly, yellow, fun. Why? Because adjectives are not facts, adjectives describe the qualities or quantities of nouns such as: enormous, many, few, doglike, silly, yellow, fun, fast. Therefore, adjectives allow the witness to equivocate on responses. Don’t use adverbs when cross-examining a witness. Why? Because adverbs are not facts, adverbs modifies or qualifies an adjective, verb, or other adverb or a word group. Therefore, adverbs allow the witness to quibble and not answer yes or no to your question.

When asked for more information about their reasons behind creating a the video lecture on Cross-Examination Techniques – Controlling Difficult Witnesses on Cross-Examination and what they hope to accomplish with it, Michael Waddington, Partner at Gonzalez & Waddington, LLC said: “Cross-examining difficult witnesses does not have to be so stressful. It should be fun, especially with these easy to follow techniques.”

Lawyers and anybody interested in Cross-Examination Techniques – Controlling Difficult Witnesses on Cross-Examination are invited to review the how-to guide online:

More information about Gonzalez & Waddington, LLC itself can be found at

Gonzalez & Waddington, LLC
Gonzalez & Waddington, LLC
[email protected]
15800 Pines Blvd, Suite 3101

Pembroke Pines
United States

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Teachers help to spot early signs of eye problems in kids

Spotting the Blind Spots in Special Needs Pedagogy: What Teachers’ Need to Know About Identifying Early Signs of Vision Problems in Children

October brings the month of World Sight Day and World Teacher’s day, in commemoration of both annual events, this article aims to bring awareness to blindness and vision impairment in children.

Vision impairment or loss can affect people of all ages, but it can be detected at an early age. Reduced eyesight can have minor or long-lasting effects on all aspects of life including personal daily activities and participation in school and work.

Jacqueline Gattegno, a Smart Vision Optometrist at Eyes InDesign Bondi, provides insight into identifying signs of vision problems in children.

The role of educators in detecting early signs in learner

Millions of children around the world experience signs of significant visual impairment, many of which are preventable and treatable.

Educators spend a significant amount of time with learners, therefore, they “play an important role in identifying early signs of eye problems in children,” Jacquie says. This detection reduces the risk of blindness.

There is an increase in the rate of vision-related issues in children, such as diabetic retinopathy, untreated glaucoma, un-operated cataract and myopia. These are preventable causes of blindness that can easily be attended to.

Teaching methods to accommodate such issues

Much of the information and education that we receive is through vision, therefore it is important to adopt this knowledge in teaching children who are visually impaired.

Educators can play a crucial role in assisting the comfort of a child’s learning, regardless of a child’s diagnosis of vision impairment; acute or severe. An adjustment in teaching methods and techniques can help reduce the severity of vision impairment in children.

Much of the strain of the eyes is caused by reading and focusing, particularly in the classroom and on digital screens. However, there are other causes to consider that are hereditary.

Here are a few examples teachers can assist with children who experience the following conditions and diagnoses:

Retinopathy of Pre-maturity (ROP)

Retinopathy refers to the disease of the retina that is caused by an abnormal growth of the blood vessel. ROP usually affects children who are born prematurely with a low body mass.

Adaptation in teaching methods can be made by discouraging physical activity as a compulsory requirement as it may result in retinal detachment.


Albinism is a lack of pigmentation in skin, hair and eyes. The pigment is necessary for retinal development, therefore, albinism impacts vision.

In learning environments, high contrast of colours may be beneficial for children with albinism. For example, bright colours against dark backgrounds.

Coloboma of the eye

This is a physical defect of the eyes in children that occurs from birth. To treat this in classrooms, it is important to reduce the glare in learning environments, which can be decreased with dark curtains.

How to identify signs of myopia

The more myopic the higher the risk of screening issues that cause blindness. “It is important to know the difference between high and mild myopia as the level of severity increases the chances of blindness,” Jacquie says.

Mild myopia does not immediately increase a person’s risk of developing serious eye problems but left untreated it can.

High myopia, on the other hand, happens when a child’s eyeball grows longer than it should. If left untreated, high myopia complications can lead to blindness, so regular comprehensive visual eye examinations are critical. These are not the common sight tests offered by regular optometrists.

High myopia may raise the risk of a child developing serious conditions such as cataracts, detached retinas and glaucoma.

Educators can identify signs of myopia in classrooms in the child has:

1. Poor school grades

2. Short attention span

3. Holding objects close to the face

4. Squinting

This month brings awareness to vision impairment and blindness. The awareness of the role teachers play in a child’s sight to reduce preventable blindness is crucial.

Vision problems such as myopia can be treated with highly successful, non-invasive, smart vision eye health treatment programmes, yet some optometrists and ophthalmologists recommend invasive laser eye surgery as the only option or quick fix. “Smart Vision Optometrists have a holistic approach to eye care and therefore invasive surgery, which is a permanent disfigurement, is not considered a viable option and would only be suggested in extreme cases as an absolute last resort,” Jacquie said.

“If a child has any of the above symptoms then a comprehensive vision skills assessment is recommended immediately,” Jacquie concludes.

Smart Vision Optometry clinics are located in Sydney. Book a Smart Vision Comprehensive Vision Skills Assessment or Advanced Eye Health Test for any child or adult by calling the Bondi clinic (02) 9365 5047 or the Mosman clinic (02) 9969 1600, alternatively book an appointment online.

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