Sunday, April 14

Amlex Looks Towards Automotive Industry after Listing

Amlex Holdings is renowned for manufacturing solutions for precision and complex mechanical electro-mechanical components and assemblies. It mainly focuses on emerging technologies so as to provide solutions to its customers. Based in Malaysia, it majorly concentrated on Medical, Semiconductor, Imaging/Navigation, Consumer electronics/Lighting, Industrial/Aerospace.

The most recent unit is Automotive. Soon after listing on Bursa Malaysia Securities’ LEAP Market in September 2018, Amlex has prospected on numerous opportunities ahead in this sector. It aims to expand its electronic packaging and interconnect solutions for the automotive industry.

The increased use of electronics and the disruptions yet to be realized in the Automotive industry are major driving forces for this promising venture. It is quite a milestone for Amlex to realize how Autonomous vehicles (AVs) represent a major innovation for this industry. It therefore means that this new paradigm is not just a factitious dream but an actual innovation yet to be tapped and Amlex is well placed to realize this.

These Autonomous vehicles are expected to be guided by an array of sensors and require no human intervention. Therefore, electronic components must be incorporated in these future cars. Amlex has the capability to manufacturer these components. They have managed to embody these components into the navigation systems, electronic ignition, fuel injection, stabilizers among other areas.

Moreover, Amlex has access to technologies such as RADAR, LIDAR, GPS, Odometer and computer vision which cars can use to detect their surroundings. With the intelligent electronic components, it manufacturers, Amlex has the capacity to design a car with advanced integrated systems which will be used in interpreting sensory inputs to detect or avoid collision.

Co-Founder and Managing Director Lim Say Soon acknowledged that there is an increased demand for automotive lighting products given the regulations requiring the installation of daytime running lights for new passenger and commercial vehicles in the European Union, the United Kingdom and Canada.

Therefore, they are in the right venture and ready to provide these solutions. State of the art plating machines, high speed stamping presses, precision molding and IATF6949 certification are a clearly indication that Amlex is not only ready to venture in this huge industry but are also visionaries of the future cars.

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