Monday, July 22

A rising star of DeFi : Whale Network

DeFi( decentralization finance) heat lasted a whole year. DeFi locked value rose from $2 billion in July to $11 billion in October, Throughout July and August, A number of DeFi Token appreciate more than 5-10 times. DeFi projects are popular. And this summer, NFT markets have also seen explosive growth, Trading volume soared 57%, bringing the market value of the industry to about $100 million. Investors involved in involved in the DeFi are profitable. Now, Developers are feverishly designing platforms that use NFT in innovative and surprising ways. A number of project parties and investors have turned their attention to“DeFi+NFT”, and this combination gives NFT more opportunities.

 The new agreement in the art market allows you to divide the NFT into thousands and then regroup; the game platform sells land for a decentralized virtual world; and the loan agreement accepts NFT as collateral.

Whale Network NFT casting system

The full name of the NFT is Non-FugibleToken, meaning “non-homogeneous token “, which means that each token of this kind is unique and the price is different. Whale Network is committed to providing users with an open, equitable and interconnected decentralized financial ecosystem. In the project 1.0 plan, the Whale Network provides users with a variety of decentralized financial services from asset exchange to the implementation of automatic trading strategies to the creation of stable coins. Development Whale Network further improve its services by allowing users to mortgage real-world assets as collateral and borrow from them. To achieve this ideal, Whale Network 2.0 program, the NFT casting system, was born.

 Physical assets NFT is a very promising industry, because the market space of physical assets themselves is already very large, and through the Whale Network NFT system, the ownership of property is now represented by the ownership of tokens. Transaction costs have now been reduced to the gas fee required to send NFT only to another address.

But the most critical problem of physical assets is the need for credible third parties to issue and accept NFT. To link NFT market trends, Whale Network will create a sound physical chain mortgage ecology through the DAO governance mechanism. Whale Network will start the first step of physical mortgage through cooperation with offline third-party trusteeship institutions and property management institutions to realize the chain mortgage of all things. Through the Whale Network NFT system, the regional restriction of real estate investment will be broken based on block chain technology, and the ownership of assets will be represented by token ownership, which will reduce the transaction cost.

Whale Network, as a pioneer practitioner of NFT chain, is steadily advancing the NFT casting system so that users can easily place real-world assets as collateral, borrow and mine, and lead the exploration of business innovation and application scenarios in the NFT industry. Whale Network believe that NFT will be the next step in DeFi development, more real-world assets on the chain, let more users benefit, is the mission and vision of Whale Network. Future Whale Network will have more development!

At present, the DeFi market is still in the early stage, the opportunity is huge. DeFi sector currently has more than $8.6 billion in locked assets, and the overall encrypted asset market value is about $350 billion, but it is still very small relative to CeFi. The GDP generated by the centralized financial system is very large. For example, the average 4.5% of the $20 trillion GDP, in the United States is generated by the financial industry, the traditional financial markets are millions of dollars, and the assets of the whole encryption field are less than 0.1% of its size.

“The GDP generated by these centralized financial services will be DeFi replaced in the future, including the chain of physical assets brought by NFT, and the opportunities for future development will be enormous, and Whale Network are trying to achieve it .” — said Thomas Kuhn co-founder of Whale Network.

Recently, Whale Network’s Whale Token is about to launch an initial public offering on uniswapex, Whale platform coin (WT) is the Whale network proof token, Has a variety of use scenarios. As the Whale Network delegate share of consensus rights, holders of the WT will directly participate in the consensus proxy vote. First, Users can pledge WT and get a series of stable coins such as WUSD. As the platform’s value exchange medium, WT can be used to pay for the consumption of resources within the community, the functions of the exchange platform, the consumption and the circulation of digital assets, and consumption and resource exchange of Whale ecology (e.g. GAS needed to use Whale-NFT). In addition, WT will be rated as a Whale crowdfunding platform, Decision voting, Exchange recommended items on the currency rights and other governance tokens. At the Whale strategic exchange, WT can be used as exchange platform currency, In addition, WT tokens can also be used for decentralized multi-scene market forecasting, Used to build markets, Transactions, Report and liquidation.

Uniswapex(, founded in 2018, is an innovative global digital asset exchange with a legal financial license supervised and issued by the Financial Crime Enforcement Agency of the of the United States Treasury Department. Business scope covers digital asset transactions and digital asset management and other aspects.

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