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Pompeo doesn’t debate charges in Bolton’s book , In Kyiv

“We didn’t get involved in the noise in Washington,” Pompeo said of his gathering.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo declined to legitimately question charges purportedly contained in an unpublished original copy of previous national security counselor John Bolton’s prospective book, saying he would not remark on press reports “off in the lands of the hypothetical.”

The New York Times detailed lately that Bolton’s unpublished original copy contains claims that President Donald Trump tried to retain military guide to Ukraine as influence to pressure Kyiv to declare examinations concerning the president’s local political rivals.

In Kyiv on Friday, Pompeo made light of the report’s believability – however didn’t expressly deny its substance.

“So you’re now commenting on reports on an alleged book about notes that someone claims to have seen,” Pompeo said Friday during an interview with ABC News’ Kyra Phillips in Kyiv. “I don’t engage in that. I’ve said everything I have to say about what took place.”

Asked whether he trusts Bolton as a solid storyteller – a subject of expanding pressure and political maneuvering in the Senate indictment preliminary of President Trump – Pompeo challenged.

“There were times that we always had to work through things to make sure we had it accurate between us,” Pompeo said, adding, “To be honest with you, I probably won’t read the book.”

Pompeo looked to redirect inquiries regarding the idea of the prosecution test, including whether he and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy talked about previous Vice President Joe Biden or his child, Hunter, who has drawn analysis for his job serving on the leading group of a Ukrainian oil goliath while his dad fronted U.S. strategy toward Kyiv.

“We talked about all the things that matter,” Pompeo said. “We didn’t talk about all the silliness that’s gone on back there in Washington.”

Inquired as to whether he at any point heard President Trump expressly interface help to Ukraine to examinations concerning the Bidens, Pompeo stated, “I don’t talk about conversations with the president. I’m telling you what our policy was.”

The planning of Pompeo’s visit to the previous Soviet state agrees with an essential minute in the Senate prosecution preliminary of his chief – the reason for which includes the Trump organization’s stance toward Kyiv in pre-fall of 2019.

Pompeo has over and over said he would respect any legitimate prerequisite to affirm as a major aspect of the reprimand preliminary, and in Davos a week ago, President Trump told columnists he “couldn’t want anything more than to have Mike Pompeo” affirm – even as the White House has flagged its aim to square senior organization authorities from going after swearing to tell the truth. Senate Republicans seem ready to hinder a vote to call observers, making Pompeo’s declaration progressively impossible.

In his meeting with ABC News, Pompeo demanded the indictment preliminary assumed an insignificant job in his gathering with the Ukrainian head.

“We didn’t get involved in the noise in Washington, D.C. We were focused on the future and the path forward for Ukraine, and for the relationship between America and Ukraine,” Pompeo said. “We talked about all the things that [President Zelenskiy] needs to do to deliver on the commitments that he made during his campaign.”

Pompeo said he and Kyiv’s initiative rather centered around fortifying ties and passing on a consolation of steadfast American help, calling Ukraine “the hinge of freedom that sits right on the edge between Russia and Europe.”

In any case, Pompeo’s warm open remarks about U.S.- Ukraine relations mark a striking takeoff from remarks credited to him in private. A week ago, after a petulant meeting with a National Public Radio journalist, Pompeo supposedly asked logically, “Do you contemplate Ukraine?”

After the showdown, the State Department restricted another NPR journalist from going with Pompeo on his visit to Kyiv. Not long ago, President Trump praised Pompeo’s treatment of the circumstance.

Solicited whether he lamented his dealing with from the circumstance with NPR, Pompeo multiplied down on his analysis, asserting the supporter “Do you think Americans care about Ukraine?”

From Kyiv, Pompeo will proceed to Belarus, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

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