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MKEcoin Global Node Mobilization Conference was successfully held on 12 December 2020 in Jeju Island, Korea

Block Chain commercial application has always been the most concerned hot spot, but also MKEcoin future vision, block chain technology and value Internet combination, one of the most imaginative industries. MKEcoin has been committed to the development of commercial block chain technology, with sub-chain technology based on CryptoNote protocol, to provide more efficient enterprise asset digitization and circulation solutions and R & D services for global enterprises. Accelerate the process of global asset digitization.

12 December 2020, MKEcoin Global Node Mobilization Conference, Jeju Island, Korea, MKEcoin node communities from around the world, MKEcoin strategic partners, blockchain businesses, The mobilization conference also invited 임명환, president of the Korea Block chain Research and Education Institute (KBCI ), Asia Block chain Foundation (ABF), Jointly study and explore the transformation and upgrading technology of MKEcoin block chain to entity commerce and MKEcoin the statistics of global nodes.

 임명환, president of the Korean Block Chain of Institute (KBCI), delivered an opening speech at the meeting. Addressing the rigid demand of target users is the most essential starting point of tuyere industry. The empowerment of block chain can make people feel the convenience of science and technology. Under the encouragement of top-level technology, block chain will affect all aspects of our life. MKecoin sub-chain technology is indeed a more advanced technology application. I think MKecoin is expected to become a representative of commercial block chain technology.

On behalf of commercial block chain technology, MKE technical team representative Aria Lorence explained the application of MKEcoin sub-chain technology on the spot. He pointed out that sub-chain technology is one of the core technologies of MKEcoin. It plays an important role in commercial application. The MKEcoin will develop high performance intelligent contract technology for commercial applications one after another. According to the different needs of enterprises, it will design and build intelligent contract DAPP applications in depth to meet the digital needs of commercial applications.

The meeting entered the global node mobilization link, the conference scene atmosphere is extremely warm, the global big MKE community node has launched the thorough discussion on the MKEcoin technology, the ecology, the application and so on aspect, the question-and-answer exchange link has lasted for more than an hour, enough to see everybody to this mobilization conference attention, the MKEcoin ecology development can not be separated from each constructor’s support and the promotion, relies on the MKE ecology perfect economic system, the small individual strength can become the huge consensus strength, promotes the MKEcoin ecology prosperity, creates the thousand times value MKEcoin.

Lastly, the MKEcoin global node mobilization conference has also attracted great popularity in the industry. The Korean industry is optimistic about the MKEcoin commercial block chain technology potential and market prospects, and said at the scene that it wants to reach strategic cooperation. Willing to build commercial block chain technology industry ecology with MKEcoin, about the future development of MKEcoin, let us wait and see!

Press Release Announced the Primary Listing of Yield App to Support DeFi Banking (, an industry-leading digital asset trading platform built by Wall Street quant trading veterans, has announced the primary listing of Yield App (YLD) under the trading pair of YLD/USDT on Dec 14 at 9:00 a.m. EST.

YIELD, a FinTech company licensed and regulated by Mwali International Services Authority, offers Defi-based banking services and high-yield investment solutions using crypto or traditional currencies with an objective to make the full potential of Defi accessible to everyone. Leveraging their intuitive app and web platform, users worldwide can start earning up to 20% APY without experiencing a lengthy, complex, and costly learning process.

On the backend, YIELD’s team is constantly evaluating the profitable market-neutral strategies such as liquidity mining, arbitrage, margin, and collateralized lending. The highly sophisticated risk management process will also help investors realize portfolio diversification within a trusted environment.

At the core of YIELD’s strategy is the YLD utility token, which allows users to considerably boost their APYand support the ecosystem. While YIELD offers a minimum APY of 12%, users will be able to boost it to 20% by holding YLD on the platform with signing up for the Loyalty & Rewards program.

YIELD’s team brings together veterans from investment banking, blockchain, and cybersecurity with core members from fintech payment providers like Paxful and Wirex. The team is backed by leading blockchain investment institutions, including Alphabit Fund, Digital Strategies, and PALcapital. 


Launched in August 2018, is a leading digital asset trading platform with a broad range of financial products and services for both retail and institutional clients, with robust design ranging from innovative volatility products to margin trading, derivatives trading, staking products, and other investment solutions.

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About Yield App

Yield is a Mwali licensed and regulated FinTech company that provides an innovative platform to bridge the gap between traditional and decentralized finance. The YLD utility token allows users to boost their APY, earn interest, and support YIELD’s ecosystem.

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A Touch Of Elegance Podcast Launches The Authors Virtual Conference “Becoming”

December 12, 2020 — A Touch Of Elegance Podcast announced the launching of The Authors Virtual Conference “Becoming” on December 13, 2020, 11 Am to 1 PM.

The current COVID-19 situation is impacted everything from the economy to people’s lives and social meetings. People are now forced to keep safe physical distance from others because of this deadly coronavirus. Only, a virtual conference can connect a person with others, across the world, soul to soul, no matter in which part of the world they are present.  This made virtual conferences a call of the day now.

“A Touch of Elegance Podcast” was founded on September 21, 2020. Since its inception it keeps the audience posted on everything about etiquette, charm, self-esteem, confidence building, self-care, and many more.

As a result, this has earned great popularity for its excellent episodes that coverage a wide range of subjects. The discussions held are elaborate, informative, and are perfect for motivating people to bring substantial changes in their lives.

“My only objective of having this podcast is to enlighten women, especially those who are doing things in excellence. I love to do things with excellence. I believe that presentation is very important.  We should do wonderful things in this world. I want to help people around the world to succeed through elegance, this is a podcast where class and elegance happens simultaneously for moving one ahead in everything he or she does,” said Dr. Verna Caddie, the Founder of the A Touch of Elegance Podcast. “I have a firm belief that good grooming and good manners are very intimately related. You can only feel good by looking good,” she further added.

Dr. Verna Caddie is an expert in etiquette coach. She trains ladies to attain the very best self-image through etiquette and the right skills to succeed in their lives. She has had the privilege to work with over a thousand young ladies. She gave them the right training that encouraged the young ladies to be what they could be. She received her honorary doctorate in humanity from Grace International Bible University. 

The Authors Virtual Conference will be a Facebook live program. This virtual conference is expected to reveal in-depth insights about elegance, posture and poise, life coaching, counseling, and a lot more related matters.

The virtual conference will feature the following guest speakers:

  • Jamila D. Smith
  • Chatiela Underwood
  • Lynaia Jordan Tammie Lilly

Please contact [email protected]  for more information on being a guest.

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How to realize the unity of ten thousand chains in the public chain of CTC?

Looking back on the development of block chain, from the 1.0 era represented by BTC, to the 2.0 era represented by ETH, and to the 3.0 era now represented by EOS, we can see that the history of encrypted currency is actually the history of the underlying public chain.

Throughout the encrypted money market, block chain projects and platforms basically follow the development logic of “bottom public chain → solutions → industry applications “, which is equivalent to the upstream and downstream relationship of an industry. The underlying common chain is the basis, the solution expands the performance, or facilitates the commercial application built on the common chain, on which the large-scale application of the block chain can really develop.

At present, although the blockchain has entered the 3.0 era, and the application scenarios integrating various physical fields are increasing, the entire industry is still in its infancy, and there seem to be many applications. In fact, if there is no safe, reliable and efficient public chain, , The story similar to the collapse of Ethereum by CryptoKitties will repeat itself.

The birth of the cultural tourism public chain may break the difficulties of the public chain. CTC does not want to be a simple blockchain + cultural tourism platform, but strives to build a global digital cultural tourism ecosystem based on blockchain technology, and uses a more scientific token economic system to provide global high-quality scenic spots and traditional cultural tourism industry Empowerment.

Any ecosystem has its own goal, it does not haunt the details, it is a computer, mobile phone operating system, all applications are running on it, the operating system is very important, but not so conspicuous, like moisturizing all things silent spring rain, In the spring rain system, everything in the world began to recover and thrive.

CTC the premise of ensuring the security of the chain data in the scenic area, the economic logic of the block chain technology is emphasized. What we have to do is focus on the blockchain technology of scenic area resources, which will meet the following requirements:

1. Concurrency and linear expansion

Develop excellent algorithms, support large-scale task processing, solve technical problems of network congestion, and support up to one million levels of trading volume per second.

2. Low delays

Task processing speed is the difficulty of block chain technology at present. Ensure a good user experience, ensure that the delay time is reduced to the same level as the ViLT, enhance the competitiveness of the platform.

3. Safety and reliability

Focus on the development of confidential and tamper-proof.

High concurrency, high performance, and security have built the foundation for the sustainable development and large-scale commercial use of the CTC digital cultural tourism ecosystem. Since the launch of the cultural tourism public chain in August 2019, based on the advancement of the global strategy, there have been 14 global scenic spots that meet the public chain standards and we have reached a consensus on scenic resources on the chain, providing tourists with a wealth of valuable scenic spots Transaction services.

The CTC Cultural Tourism Public Chain has implemented applications such as the issuance of exclusive tokens for resources on the chain, blockchain native resource circulation transactions, priority on the chain of digital rights and interests resources, and batches of high and low value scenic resources on the chain. The chain technology realizes the state of interconnection between the chains, without the need for relevant cooperation under the chain, and the users of each chain and the circulating assets are shared with each other, thereby promoting the overall asset circulation efficiency.

In the future, based on the rigid demand of cultural and tourism digitization, there will continue to be new side chains issued on the CTC cultural and tourism public chain, and it is completely possible to realize the integration of ten thousand chains from the technical and ecological application level. At the same time, each side chain issuance is a value investment opportunity for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. It’s just a matter of how big or small the opportunity is. These scenic Tokens are all usable, value-added, and long-term real token assets.

From the analysis of the three elements of the success of ancient Chinese art of war, we can see the bright prospects of CTC. The emerging business trend of the digital economy is the time, the technical and operational team is strong and the people, and the geographical advantage is the physical scenic spots on the public chain all over the world. In the future, a public chain plus unlimited side chains will form a diversified portfolio ecosystem, realizing traffic interoperability, value building, and ultimately a distributed digital cultural tourism business nation that radiates the world and benefits hundreds of millions of people.

Press Release Announces the Joint Primary Listing & Auction of Bonfida (FIDA) in Support of the Serum Ecosystem (, an industry-leading digital asset trading platform built by Wall Street quant trading veterans, has announced the joint primary listing and auction of the Bonfida token (FIDA). The auction will begin on BitMax on December 17th, at 9:00 a.m. EST, and the listing will go live on BitMax, FTX, and Serum on December 22nd, at 9:00 a.m. EST.

Bonfida provides the full product suite that bridges the gap between Serum, Solana, and the growing userbase actively trading on the Serum DEX. Building on the flagship Serum GUI, the platform brings the first Solana data analytics to the ecosystem, aiming to make Bonfida a one-stop solution to replicate prominent players in the Ethereum DeFi ecosystem. The Bonfida API is currently utilized by some of the largest market makers in the cryptocurrency industry and has experienced an impressive growth with over 25%, week-over-week increase in usage

FIDA, the native token of Bonfida, is anticipated to have a broad spectrum of utility on the platform. An estimated 95% of the net fees on Bonfida will be governed with the FIDA token which could also be used for token buy & burn initiatives, similar to other exchange tokens such as BNB, FTT, and HT. FIDA will also be used transactionally for access to the platform’s VIP API, trading bots, and other consulting services.

Bonfida will conduct public sales through BitMax, FTX and Serum on December 17th. The last public sale collaboration between BitMax and FTX occurred in August, when the two platforms facilitated a joint sale of Serum (SRM) which then saw price performance in excess of 1,500% within the first 12 hours of listing.

The Bonfida team brings together veterans from FTX. The project is backed by industry-leading institutions including Alameda Research, CMS Holdings, Three Arrows Capital, Spartan Group, FBG Capital, Sino Global, Koinbros, and the Primordial Group.


Launched in August 2018, is a leading digital asset trading platform with a broad range of financial products and services for both retail and institutional clients, with robust design ranging from innovative volatility products to margin trading, derivatives trading, staking products, and other investment solutions.

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About Bonfida

Bonfida is the full product suite that bridges the gap between Serum, Solana, and the growing userbase actively trading on the Serum DEX. As a flagship Serum GUI, the platform brings the first Solana data analytics to the ecosystem, aiming to make Bonfida a one-stop solution to replicate prominent players in the Ethereum DeFi ecosystem.

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Build the world’s first decentralized auction exchange

1:There were many similar auction items as early as 2017. What is the difference between us?

Auction uses DeFi technology, and the circulation of ACT is completely open and transparent. The total circulation of ACT is 100,000, of which 10,000 will be in circulation, and the remaining 90,000 will be automatically distributed in all auction mining pools. Among them, 8,000 of the 10,000 in circulation are injected into the uniswap liquidity pool, 1,000 are held by the technical team, and 1,000 are airdropped in the market.

2:Following the topic, apart from combining NFT, what else do we have different?

In traditional auctions, all those who participate in the auction will ultimately get only the auction item itself, which cannot create more value.

In the Auction auction system, all users participating in the auction can not only compete for the auction item, but also participate in the mining pool of the auction item to obtain more value.

3:How to participate in mining?

All users who want to participate in the auction activities go to the decentralized exchange uniswap to buy ACT tokens

Any user or team leader can initiate an auction in the decentralized DAPP. The auction amount and starting price are set by the initiator. The token being auctioned is ETH,

The user’s funds to participate in the auction are ACT

(For example, player A initiates 100 ETH auction activities in DAPP, then player A can set the starting price by himself, which can be set to 50ETH, 40ETH, 30ETH, etc.

For example, the starting price set by user A is 30ETH, then all users who want to participate in the auction can go to uniswap to purchase 30 ACTs of the same value to participate in the auction)

4:Mining ratio calculation

As long as a player initiates an auction on the DAPP, any global user can go to uniswap to buy ACT to participate in the auction. The amount of each user participating in the auction is:

On the basis of the auction amount of the previous user, an ACT equivalent to 30×1%=0.3ETH is added. (For example, the amount of the first user to participate in the auction is 30 ETH equivalent ACT, then the amount of the second user to participate in the auction

It is the value (30+30×1%)=30.3ETH equivalent ACT. If there is no user participating in the auction within half an hour, the bid of the highest bidder is successful, and the successful bid of the user means the end of the auction.

The 100 ETH auctioned on the chain is automatically sent to the wallet address of the successful bidder by the smart contract. All the ACT pledged by users participating in the auction and mining profits will be returned to the user’s wallet address.

Promoter’s income:

After a single auction is over, 1% of the total amount of ACT participating in the auction is automatically sent to the wallet address of the initiator of the auction by the smart contract.

Participants’ income:

Users who participated in the bidding but did not succeed in the bidding automatically mine, and the mining income is not fixed, and it is estimated that 2 to 3 points. Auction is mining.

Promotion reward:

Take 20% of each auction revenue of the first generation of the market + 10% of each auction revenue of the second generation of the market

5:How to get more ACT?

Users can participate in mining, how to allocate the mining ratio? In fact, it’s very simple. The system uses an invitation system to apply. That is to say, all users must fill in the invitation code to participate. The mining ratio will be 30% to the inviter, and the remaining 70% will be earned by participating users. In other words, in addition to obtaining ACT from mining by users, inviting users can also obtain more ACT.

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The 20th-24th side chain of CTC Cultural Tourism Public Chain is officially launched

On December 10, the chief executive of the CEO、CTC of Singapore’s Dorn Fund Management Daniel Smith and and five new side chain leaders after many in-depth communication and discussion, finally reached a strategic consensus, and announced that the LBA、PGE、RBT、BAS、PAN five side chains of the global travel chain were officially linked. Affected by the global COVID-19 epidemic, the strategic conference scheduled for Singapore was not held as scheduled, and the multi-party strategic cooperation was finally reached in the form of electronic contract.

The chief executive of the CEO、CTC of the Dorn fund management agency in singapore Daniel Smith praised the unique human geography and beautiful scenery of the five side chain anchoring sites (lisbon, portugal, bragg, morocco, abate, buenos aires, panama city), saying that after the outbreak, you must go to the local area to feel these unique customs. It is reported that the five new side chain operation centers are set up in five city business centers and reached a strategic consensus with local famous travel companies.

Lisbon, the capital of the Portuguese Republic, Mainland westernmost city of Europe, one of the famous cities in southern Europe. It is said that people who have not seen Lisbon have not seen the beauty. The best street in this beautiful city is located at the mouth of Taiga River (Tihe River), the Taiga River flows to the Atlantic Ocean and forms an inland sea called the “haggard Sea “. It is one of the most magnificent natural ports in the world. As the sun set on the hill on the north shore, Lisbon proudly showed the world palaces, churches and old streets across seven hills.

Prague, the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic, is located in the center of the European Mainland, has always played an important role in transportation and has close ties with neighboring countries. For thousands of years, Prague’s Voltava section is a commercial route between North and South Europe. Prague is a famous tourist city, the city has a large number of historical periods, various styles of architecture, covering from Roman, Gothic architecture, Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Neo-classicism, neo-art movement style to cubism and ultra-modernism and so on. Prague architecture as a whole gives the feeling that the top of the building is particularly rich in changes, and the color is extremely brilliant ( red tile yellow wall ), so it has “thousand tower city “, ” golden city”  and other laudatory names, known as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

Rabat, the capital of Morocco, is a city on the Atlantic Ocean at the mouth of the Bragg River in northwest Morocco. Rabat consists of two closely connected sister cities, the new city of Rabat and the old city of Sal. The new town is a western-style building and a delicate Arab-style house with trees on both sides of the street. The royal palace, government agencies and the national institutions of higher learning are located in the new city. Many ancient Arab buildings and mosques in the old city, residents’ life and production methods still retain a strong medieval style. The city has many monuments, and the Hassan Mosque, built in the 12th century, was the largest mosque in North Africa. In 2012, according to the criteria for the selection of cultural heritage, the modern city and historic city of Rabat was approved by the UNESCO World Heritage Committee for inclusion in the World Heritage List as a cultural heritage.

Buenos Aires is Argentina’s capital, political center and economic, technological, cultural and transportation center. Buenos Aires beautiful scenery, fresh air, pleasant climate, known as “South America Paris” reputation. Buenos Aires is a beautiful, clean and modern city with wide and tidy streets covered with green shade. The ancient buildings that have so far been well preserved have a strong color of European classical architectural art, both Gothic churches, Roman theatres and Spanish courtyards. People have to admire the cultural diversity of the city. Buenos Aires is a well-known tourist city with many tourist attractions, such as Buenos Aires obelisk ,79th Avenue, Columbus Theatre, May Square, Argentine Presidential Palace, Women’s Bridge, Raboka and so on.

Panama City, the capital of Latin American countries Panama, is a coastal, picturesque Seaside port city. To Panama, be sure to visit the Panama Canal. It is a “water bridge” between the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean, like a flowing blue ribbon, connecting North America to South America. Located in Panama in Central America, the Panama Canal, which crosses the isthmus of Panama and connects the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean, is an important shipping route, known as “one of the seven wonders of the world’s engineering” and “the bridge of the world “.

With the complex and changeable global economy and the continuous downward economic pressure, tourism is still the strongest industry, which has exceeded the global economic growth rate for seven consecutive years and become the fastest growing industry economy. With the integration of tourism industry and digitization, tourism industry has realized leapfrog development, brought a new vision for holiday economy and new development opportunities for the industry.

Both the CTC and the five side chain leaders said that the development trend of the cultural tourism industry will be the integration of block chain technology into the cultural tourism industry, which is the need for the integration of culture and tourism in the new period. The cultural tourism industry constructs a new industrial ecological application system through block chain technology, accelerates the circulation of cultural tourism industry assets, enables economic development, and promotes the sustainable development of digital, asset and ecological industries.

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Le Bond Finance, How Real Asset and GameFi Empower NFT Ecosystem?

Intro:Le Bond Finance is to become a global real estate blockchain trading platform empowered by NFT. The in-depth goal is to introduce physical assets into the decentralized finance (DeFi) system, that is, to transform them into on-chain assets. Users can enjoy a convenient global asset circulation (purchase and trading) and a series of financial derivative services such as on-chain crypto lending by pledging physical assets (construction of digital credit system).

On 9th, December, 2020, Kenny Chai, the founder of Le Bond Finance is invited to VirgoX Telegram official community for an AMA. Here is the entire interview.

Host:Hi Kenny Nice to meet you! Lets get started! Thank you for joining us here at VirgoX AMA today. We have invited the Co-Founder of Le Bond Finance – Kenny and VirgoX CEO Adam to join us today. Welcome Kenny and Adam! Le Bond is a new NFT project that gonna do pre-sale on VirgoX. Today we are glad to bring both VirgoX Founder and Le Bond Finance Founder to an AMA.

Kenny: A slight introduction of myself, I’m Kenny from Singapore. As an aspiring entrepreneur, I had travel china, Malaysia, Hongkong and Macau dealing with IT and property business. I believe in putting ideas into reality. The keywords to my current career is action and innovation. Currently we are the first property developer to re-innovate commercial building into high end cutting edge smart building. We are using clean energy technology and had been acknowledge by Singapore government in our designs. We also launch a fin-tech platform that help smart building with human resource management with payment feature add-in. Using this as a base, bond token is launch to aid this technology. I am proud to introduce Lebond Finance to everyone.

Adam:Hey everyone, thank you for joining us a new series of AMA with Le Bond Finance fonder Kenny. For today’s session, you will be able to see a very interesting combination of NFT token supported by real life property.  Kenny has tremendous experience in the real estate market and has a solid understanding of financial markets . It is excited for us to host Kenny here for today’s AMA. Please also pay attention to our Le Bond token Pre-sale starting in less than 24 hours. The Presale is the first of its kind for Le Bond Project. It will also be listed with us first in the middle of December.

Please notice that for this project Kenny’s team does put up minimum guaranteed price at 0.03 usdt per token to show the confidence within the project as well. Please ask any questions to Kenny to ensure you have a good understanding of the project and contribute to the ecosystem!

Kenny C: Yes definitely! We are actually the first Singapore property developer to re-innovate commercial building into high end cutting edge smart building. Currently we focus on clean energy technology and had been acknowledge by Singapore government.

Using our property business as a base, we launched a fin tech plate form (Lebond Finance) that help smart building manage human resource and payment (both building fees and vendors goods)

Using this as a base, we launched BOND token to aid our technology for rapid expansion. And yap that’s it for a short intro.

Host:The second question here will be more on the project, Why Lebond Finance select Real Estate to be its target?

Kenny C: Sure! Actually, that’s greatly due to our line of work and experience, allow me to explain:

We had been working on property and international IT business for more than 10 years. We had substantial number of contacts in Singapore, Malaysia, China, Hongkong and Macau. Turning concept into business is what we do. As Akira Mori said: “in my experience, in the real estate business pass success stories are generally not applicable to new situations. We must continually reinvent ourselves, responding to changing times with innovative new business modes”. That’s why we combine blockchain and real estate business together.

And also Real estate in Singapore had been on a healthy track. CBRE data shows that in 2019, capital flight from mainland China and Hongkong led to surge in cross border capital transaction in Singapore, during transaction volume to 4.9Billion USD in 2nd half of the year. Up from 73%. Comparing rental ratio, Singapore Tokyo, Hongkong and Beijing are still the most expensive cities in Asia region. Singapore rose the most (6.9%) vs Tokyo (3.7%) and Beijing (stagnant)

We believe that I order to make one thing work, first you had to have strength and resources in the region, combining with the correct resources and direction. That’s how Lebond finance is bond.

Host: The data is impressive! and also, I agree. In order to make one thing work, you had to have strength and resource in the region! So let’s come with our Fourth question, we all know that a lot of NFT products rising in the market right now. What’s the difference that make Lebond Finance Stand Out?

Kenny C: NFT is now regarded as a digitalized ownership of an art but it has no impact beyond that while the most prominent and real problem we solved is to “Give NFT Utility”. We want to create something addressing users’ need while bring the obscure blockchain to simple but useful and fun apps, only a few clicks away.

Le Bond Finance is designed to provide liquidity for the property market. Aiming to be the first NFT platform to serve the real estate market, we use decentralized financial model (DeFi) to tokenize property projects.

As for the advantages over other NFT projects, we would take it into two parts:

1. Tangible backed asset is the key advantage. In the current NFT market, most of the project only had projected value base on their “limited quantity” which doesn’t provide any real collective purpose.

Le Bond Finance used Singapore financial tower with valuation of 50 million USD as baseline to issue Le Bond NFT, Lux Card. Lux card can enjoy both on chain growth as well as CBD asset class dividend payout.

2. Innovation is the key to success. We combine our Bond Token with NFT Lux card, their interchange relationship will boost each other value, increasing each other demand and limit supply cap.

While we enabled Mining, Auction and Trading for an NFT, so its utility goes beyond just ownership.

Our whole team believes in “Blockchain for Good” and has a track record of delivering applications that gains mass adoption.

Host: Sounds good! I believe we can see that Lebond Finance is prepared to be one of the best project!

We know that Lebond Finance is coming to VirgoX around mid-December, What’s the future listing plan and road map for LeBond Finance?

Kenny C:For the roadmap, we’d love to focus on our tokenomics perfection and promotion first. That’s part of the key how this GameFi can finally work.  

Basically, People can get involved with 2 parts.

1. Stake to Play (S2P)

user simply stake BOND into BOND POOL to get 2 types of rewards.

A. BOND token, 50% of the total supply will be used for this reward. Daily max staking reward is fixed at 150,000 BOND

B. Lux Card (NFT), Daily generating 15 NFT cards to reward staking user, regardless of stake amount

– 2. NFT Mining

Lux Card (NFT) is the proof of eligibility for CBD asset dividend payout. User can buy, sell or trade it (on our own marketplace). For users that own it shall be able to receive up to 20% of Le Bond Tower dividend payout. Lux Card series will add in branded merchant name as indicators, they will be differentiate into Common, Rare, Epic types of card. The different of each card only affects NFT mining rate, payout of Le Bond Tower dividend however will be same rate through regardless the types of card. 

Common: 1

Rare: 1.2

Epic: 2

Bond NFT Mining (NM) is designed reward user for long-term holding. Total quantity of 5%, 15,000 BOND daily will be reward to holders.

– 3. Lux Card Booster

User that holds “B”, “O”, “N”, “D” combination can activate the booster effect. The S2P mining rewards will double in 24 hours (max cap at daily total cap 15%) 

After acceleration, the used Lux Card will be destroyed. Other rules of Lux Booster will be release at later stage.

As for the exchanges, we would be really grateful for the support of Virgox and Virgox will be the first batch of your listing exchanges, the others will be announced later. All I can say is that we are pushing it forward right now. And you guys can definitely see a good result from it!

Host: Wow that’s something really interesting! Looking forward to see all of that! So that’s the end of our first part! The second part is questions we collected from twitter.

First question from Twitter user Lopyou @Lopyou54804819

what makes #Lebond_Finance more unique and superior that no other project has?

Kenny C : As I mentioned before, Le Bond Finance is the first NFT project backed by real asset and also a project with GameFi. Those two designs make Le Bond Finance a gene in NFT sphere. 

Besides, Le Bond Finance had partner up with Singapore property development firm, Blue Sun Holdings in using Le Bond Tower (10 story CBD building, Singapore first clean energy and IOT base high tech management system, located at MacPherson Road and Upper Paya Lebar Road) to tokenize using NFT design. More of our partners at the following: Envision digital, SENE, ST Engineering, Porsche, Pomeroy Studio, Pinata, Openlaw,etc.

As you can see, we are a really solid team here to make it work. Hopefully that answer your question @sss00002018

Host: Wow we can see a lot of huge name here! Partners are always important! Definitely, solid partners will help a project to stand out! So next question from [email protected]

What are your plans to place for global adoption and expansion? Is lebond finance focusing only on the market or focusing on developing the concept of the project?

Kenny C: This is a very interesting question !The key is focus in these 3 aspects: Government, community and business model

Government is the biggest support in both publicity and local connection in Singapore. They also gave a lot of advice to speed up our development process

Community (both local and global partners) are our next key aspect. We actually LISTEN to what the market wants. 

Business model is the key to glue everything together. As Steve job said, it’s all about connecting the dots together.

Le Bond Finance definitely aims for international market! For us, marketing and developing are both important. Get real asset into Le Bond ecosystem and NFT + GameFi just for version one. 

For our ultimate goals, we’d love to solve the following problems:

(1) Real estate investment becomes small and transparent. The transaction amount of traditional real estate is relatively large. Le Bond Finance will fragment the real estate usufruct, and each person will hold the on-chain credential (NFT), which will significantly reduce the investment threshold for investors. 

(2) Globalization of real estate transactions. Users do not need to be responsible for property purchase qualifications, taxation, laws, and other miscellaneous businesses, but the platform is responsible for the audit. Users can experience global real estate transactions, where users’ dividends will be supervised by lawyers and automatically executed through OpenLaw. After the project is listed, the liquidity of the products will improve greatly. 

(3) Real estate information becomes transparent. All transactions are recorded in detail on the blockchain. So, the entire transaction is made clear through authorized and accessible distributed ledgers. Global users will find it convenient to store the project operating details through Pinata permanently. 

  • Real estate composite assets & on-chain lending. In addition to the transaction, Le Bond Finance will launch the entity asset lending program, where mortgaging the real estate can lend a certain amount of cryptocurrency. The physical assets can genuinely realize the on-chain finance and the on-chain/off-chain interactive loop. (5) Not only real estate but real assets worldwide. After removing the intermediary agent or complicated procedures, many real assets, such as the film and television copyrights, music copyrights, etc., can be directly brought into the DeFi scenarios through Le Bond Finance to complete the handover between fundraisers and the investors.

Host:That’s amazing! Next Question! From VIOLET @iamzeasli

Most investors are only interested in the immediate benefits rather than the real long-term value of the project. How can you convince investors to invest in your platform over the long term?

Kenny C: Ok well, we must let investors see what we can offer in the long term! Personally, I believe investors are willing to look for long term investment. I mean it’s really tiring to keep hopping from one basket to another, constantly right?

We use our concrete plans backed with solid asset and combine with technology to make it even juicier.

User experience is very important, when our gamefi platform is out, give it a try! It will definitely bring huge value to players, converting them into our loyal fanbase

Host:For sure. User experience is always important!

Fourth question for second part DEVARA @R7Clover

What are the future plans for Lebond Finance Project? Do you have any exciting things down the pipeline that you can share?

I believe Kenny already answer some of that in the first part

@kennycbk do you have anything to add for this question?

Kenny C:Sure, let me add a bit more to this part. 

For the marketing and exchanges, we have several options lined out already which will be announced very soon!

For Le Bond Finance fund-raising, we are open to private-sale right now and anyone love to participate can join VirgoX IEO and also contact us is fine. 

For cooperation, Le Bond Tower is just the first case of Le Bond Finance and we are getting more real assets into our ecosystem. And for Le Bond Tower, we are working with Porsche, there will be certain cooperation lined out!

Host: Wow looking forward to that!

Noyonvai @Noyonvai9

Why Lebond_Finance chosen and interest in VirgoX_exchange?

Kenny C:Virgox is an amazing partner for us! Firstly Virgox is one of the team that understand NFT the most and also have the most passion to explore the new trend in blockchain sphere. 

Most exchanges just don’t get it and just follow the trend. That’s not we see in Virgox. Besides, Virgox has shown the biggest sincerity for helping us with promotion and community building. That’s fantastic partner for us.

Host: Thanks Kenny!

Press Release Announced the Primary Listing of Terra Virtua to Support NFT (, an industry-leading digital asset trading platform built by Wall Street quant trading veterans, has announced the primary listing of Terra Virtua (TVK) under the trading pair of TVK/USDT on Dec 11 at 10:00 a.m. EST.

Terra Virtua is the first mass-market Non-Fungible Token (NFT) ecosystem to collect, showcase, and trade rare digital collectibles. The platform aims to reinvent collecting and merchandising by combining social, gamification, and virtual reality (“VR”) to promote greater engagement within the collectible ecosystem. With a 3D art gallery launching soon, the team has already partnered with some of the established brands such as Paramount and Legendary.

Kolect (TVK) is the fuel of the Terra Virtua ecosystem. Soon, the project will introduce a loyalty scheme for TVK holders to unlock benefits such as early access and discounts on invitations of exclusive events. TVK holders will also be able to stake tokens to create their own NFTs using the Terra Forma toolset.

The Terra Virtua team brings together veterans from Ocean Software, one of the largest European video game companies, to introduce digital products to both Western and Asian demographics. Terra Virtua is breaking new ground by engaging users in an immersive experience. The team is backed by leading institutions including Woodstock, Hashed, and Twin Apex Ventures.


Launched in August 2018, is a leading digital asset trading platform with a broad range of financial products and services for both retail and institutional clients, with robust design ranging from innovative volatility products to margin trading, derivatives trading, staking products, and other investment solutions.

For more information and updates, please visit:





About Terra Virtua

Terra Virtua is the first mass-market NFT ecosystem to collect, showcase, and trade rare digital collectibles. The platform aims to reinvent collecting and merchandising by bringing together social, gamification, and virtual reality (“VR”). The TVK token is the fuel of the Terra Virtua ecosystem, which include features such as staking, and yield farming.

For more information and updates, please visit:





Cloud PRWire

10-4 Tow Announces Launch of New Hayward, CA Towing Branch

Hayward, CA — 10-4 Tow, a growing franchise company specializing in towing, roadside assistance, and car lockout services, announces the launch of its new branch in Hayward, CA.

The Hayward branch will offer drivers a long list of services, covering emergencies and non-urgent situations. Solutions available include local towing, heavy duty towing, motorcycle towing, battery replacements, unlocking car doors, and removing broken ignition keys.

The company has grown significantly in the past few years, and each new branch launched is run by a highly-trained, experienced team. 10-4 Tow operates in more than a dozen locations across California and Texas: Stockton, Oakland, San Diego, San Jose, Fremont, Oakland, Arlington, Irving, San Antonio, Houston, and more.

Each 10-4 Tow branch brings local customers an extensive portfolio of towing, roadside assistance, and car lockout services provided by professional technicians. These experts have an in-depth knowledge of the Hayward area, which helps them to reach drivers in need of assistance quickly. 

The company is available 24 hours a day, every day of the week. This round-the-clock availability applies to all of 10-4 Tow’s branches and services. The new Hayward branch’s in-house team will be ready to take customer calls at any time of the day or night. 

10-4 Tow is also continually improving its website to provide customers with all the information on the company and its solutions they need. Its team has made changes across the site to keep the design fresh and maintain seamless navigation on all devices.

A 10-4 Tow executive highlighted how important the company’s ongoing expansion is, and its plans for the future:

“We’re all thrilled to see our franchise continue to flourish, launching new locations regularly across California, Texas, and beyond. We work tirelessly to ensure every single customer who calls 10-4 Tow for assistance receives the highest standard of service. Whether this is a small job (such as delivering gas) or something bigger (towing a heavy-duty truck), we treat them all with equal importance.

“We’re dedicated to expanding 10-4 Tow nationwide, bringing our highly-competitive prices and skilled technicians to countless customers. Our updated website ensures visitors can find the solution they’re looking for quickly and easily, which is crucial in any emergency.

“We wish our new Hayward, CA team the best of luck, and know everyone will do a fantastic job!”

To learn more about 10-4 Tow, its Hayward branch, and other locations, visit the company’s website or call 1 (877) 836-4869.

About 10-4 Tow:

10-4 Tow is a franchise company with branches across California and Texas. It provides an extensive range of towing, roadside assistance, and car lockout services. These include heavy-duty towing, long-distance towing, local towing, emergency towing, gas deliveries, battery replacements, broken ignition key removal, and more. 10-4 Tow operates in Sacramento, Stockton, Oakland, San Mateo, Concord, Plano, Irving, San Antonio, and Houston.

Contact 10-4 Tow:

10-4 Tow LLC

Central Headquarters:

1941 Jackson St. suite #4,

Oakland, CA 94612

(877) 836-4869

[email protected]