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Sohimi Introduces New Male Masturbation Series for Easy Sexual Pleasure

LOS ANGELES, Calif., April 8, 2021 — Sohimi, which focus on safe and innovative sex toys for over a decade, today unveils two new series for men’s sexual pleasure: realistic sex doll and automatic masturbator. For better male masturbation, the material plays a very important role.

Sohimi new sex dolls are made of high-quality TPR silicone. Along with the realistic details and torso design, it makes it easier for men to reach orgasm with the most realistic feeling. To meet different demands, this series includes half body sex doll, double-hole male masturbator, gay male butt, tiny vagina sex doll, etc. For example, someone would like to receive much more tactile stimulation. He can choose a tiny or mini one. Someone who enjoys both anal and vagina channels can choose the double-hole male masturbator. Particularly, those sex dolls weigh from 2kg to 6kg according to various shapes. The good sense of grip makes users feel like making love with a real girl.

Another new collection mainly focuses on hands-free male masturbation. Sohimi automatic male masturbator is revolutionary and creative. Similar to the sex doll series, the inner part of the masturbator uses skin-friendly TPE material and 3D realistic texture which grows granules on it, as well as internal multi-layered spiral pleats. With multiple thrusting modes, different frequencies, and sexy female voice function, it brings all-around stimulation. These masturbators are designed with a firm suction base that allows users to enjoy them anywhere without using their hands. Besides, they all feature USB charging, easy cleaning, and discreet packing.

“Sohimi focuses on sexual pleasure. Flying pussy is the best gift for men.” says Hugo Halen, the manager of the product research and development department of Sohimi, “No matter you like the oral job, vagina penetration or anal sex, there could be a good choice for you at Sohimi. We also care about sexual health and solve part of the male problem such as erectile dysfunction and ejaculatory dysfunction.”

For the new series launch, Sohimi offers special coupon to reward customers for easy sexual pleasure. Copy code SOHIMINEW and buy at 10% off on Sohimi official website.

About Sohimi:

Sohimi is a leading sex toy company, who focuses on safe and innovative adult products for over a decade. Sohimi cares about users’ sexual pleasure as well as health. Sex should be fun, adventurous, and pleasurable but not at the cost of health, safety, and lifestyle. At Sohimi, users could easily find their best fits to enjoy their bodies and explore their sexuality safely including huge dildos, vibrators, male masturbators for men, anal toys, sex dolls, BDSM accessories, and other adult products. Sohimi is devoted to exploring high-quality and safe products, which are backed by extensive research. The development comes in exquisite and unique designs and uses the latest technology, ushering users to a world of limitless pleasure when it comes to lovemaking.

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Hanover Adams and York Painting Contractors Offers Exquisite and Inexpensive Painting and Decorating Services in Hanover, PA

Hanover, PA – Hanover Adams and York Painting Contractors has been a leading supplier of high-quality painting services in Central Pennsylvania for many years. The company takes pride in its cutting-edge technology and highly skilled artisans who ensure that every job is completed to perfection.

The team at Hanover Adams and York Painting Contractors only uses the best materials for their painting projects. They are committed to their clients’ happiness from the start to the finish of the project and work hard to keep their communication lines open during the project’s course, from collecting paint and color to the client’s association with them. They take great care with every stroke, from residential home repaints to commercial buildings. Their main goal is to create a stunning, high-quality, and long-lasting finish. Clients can rely on Hanover Adams and York Painting Contractors to provide professional quality services for the interior, exterior, or the entire house.

With no-cost estimates, full-service warranties, simple project design assistance, management, fully insured and licensed procedures, and friendly, background-checked crew members, the Hanover painter will help clients customize their home. Since it requires an Intelligent painting approach by meticulous preparation, their high-quality bar is difficult for other painting companies to meet. Furthermore, the painters are supervised by a professional and knowledgeable supervisor who ensures that everything is on schedule and pays close attention to detail while offering a guarantee on all of their work.

Committed to providing state-of-the-art painting solutions to its clients, Hanover Adams and York Painting Contractors offers excellent faux finishes, thus, changing ideas to reality. Through the use of quality products and impressive techniques, Hanover Adams and York Painting Contractors faux painting is an affordable way of brightening various surfaces while achieving high-end results to create an effect with nothing else but color, texture, and paint. Their faux painters use new materials such as suede and Venetian plasters for versatility and durability. Techniques such as stenciling and murals are used to provide a wide range of wall decor options for clients.

Constantly on the lookout for improvement in the services provided, and through extensive research and customer feedback, Hanover Adams and York Painting Contractors now offers Local Hanover Power Washing. This services concrete, brick, stone masonry pressure cleaning: patio, driveway, sidewalks, pool decks, etc., and house pressure washing on various exterior surfaces such as cleaning of the outside surface of the rain gutter and spouting, windows & shutters, doors, etc. Hanover Adams and York Painting Contractors offers their services in various locations including Hanover, Abbottstown, East Berlin, and Littlestown.

Hanover Adams and York Painting Contractors provides high-quality painting services tailored to the needs and budgets of their clients. They go beyond print ads to provide real-world service, and their goal is to ensure that each of their clients are fully happy with their painting services. When working on a project, the company typically tries to keep the disruption to a minimum. Their commercial services are designed to provide a full range of services, meet the unique needs of each client’s property, and meet each project’s demands according to its specifications, budget, and timeline.

The painting contractor is a well-known commercial painter. Over the years, they have developed a reputation for providing reliable, high-quality services. Their comprehensive commercial painting services have a level of quality that few businesses can match. The company keeps all of their painting tasks on budget thanks to their large crew. When there are unexpected delays, such as weather-related issues, it is very convenient to send additional painters to the job site. This level of adaptability helps the team at Hanover Adams and York Painting Contractors to please their customers.

Hanover Adams and York Painting Contractors oversees all projects from start to finish, ensuring accountability from the beginning and never abandoning the client during the process. They offer a range of services in addition to interior and exterior commercial painting projects. These projects help to preserve, improve, and increase the market value of their client’s property. Their success, however, can be attributed to their ability to strike a balance between hassle-free interactions and high-quality work.

Power washing and faux painting are among the many services offered by Hanover Adams and York Painting Contractors, thus, pioneering the paint and coatings industry today. Their services go beyond residential and commercial painting, as they provide state-of-the-art painting and coating jobs with various textures and colors to choose from. The paint and coatings used are an original blend of various fusion styles, giving clients the most comprehensive choice for a truly unique and individualistic customization process. Hanover Adams and York Painting Contractors comprises the right painting and decorating contractors for their clients’ projects in Pennsylvania. Their decorative painting provides a long-lasting solution for their clients’ bathrooms, playrooms, and bedrooms using the latest techniques and high-quality materials to ensure proper surface bonding and easy maintenance.

In addition, the company offers flexibility and one-of-a-kind designs for each room. To build an infinite wall decor set, Hanover Adams and York Painting Contractors combine stenciling and murals. Their metallic finishes, in particular, are stunning, bringing in texture, color, and light with a significant wow factor. Also, their faux painting will enhance their client’s unique decorating style, regardless of the size of their house, all while achieving overall aesthetic objectives.

Hanover Adams and York Painting Contractors is located at 525 Carlisle St rear, Hanover, PA 17331, US. For high-quality painting services and more, contact their team by calling 717-524-4587 or visit the company’s website for additional information.

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Hanover Adams and York Painting Contractors
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Jessie T
525 Carlisle St rear
United States

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Ocean Protocol is born to protect privacy transactions

With the development of the blockchain industry, the use of digital assets is becoming more and more popular. Due to the traceability of transfers on the blockchain technology chain, people’s demand for private transactions of digital assets is becoming stronger and stronger.

In order to achieve private transactions between digital assets, people have made many attempts. Among them, the current relatively effective is to use anonymous coins that can hide the transfer path on the chain for transactions. However, with the upsurge of decentralized finance based on public chain assets such as Ethereum and TRON, the use of anonymous coins for transactions, due to its limitations, can no longer meet people’s needs for private transactions. So is there any better solution to realize the private transaction of digital assets?

The Ocean Protocol was born as needed. It is a blockchain protocol with cross-chain functions, non-custodial, and privacy protection at its core. Through non-interactive and concise zero-knowledge proofs, it is possible to completely block the on-chain tracking between the transfer-in address and the transfer-out address of all digital assets, so as to protect transaction privacy.

Ocean Protocol uses smart contracts to establish a fully decentralized non-custodial anonymous fund pool. After the user’s digital assets are encrypted in the fund pool through simple zero-knowledge proof technology, after a deposit and withdrawal operation, the chain link between the deposit and withdrawal addresses is completely broken, without changing the user’s asset attributes and ensuring asset security. , To provide users with anonymous and private transactions.

The first version of Ocean Protocol Ocean 1.0 supports privacy transaction services for digital assets developed based on the TRC20 standard, and the upgraded Ocean 2.0 version will implement a packaged cross-chain asset mapping technology for all digital assets. Privacy transaction services. While anonymous coins and other private transaction services only protect the private transactions of their own assets or certain types of assets, OCEAN is already protecting the private transactions of all digital assets. This will establish Ocean’s unshakable leading position in the field of privacy transactions.

Let the ocean continue to live, let privacy be firmly in control.

Ocean Protocol, a completely decentralized protocol for the privacy transactions of digital assets.

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Mining Giant Bitmain Invests in Crypto Mining Platform BitFuFu

HONG KONG, 07 APRIL 2021 – BitFuFu, the world’s first crypto mining standardization platform, has made an official announcement that Bitmain, the largest mining company in the world, has invested into their platform. The funding will be used to further support the efforts of both companies towards reaching a mutually beneficial collaboration, and facilitating the ongoing development of the mining industry.

Following announcements of their strategic partnership, BitFuFu has officially received investment funding from the world-renowned mining company, Bitmain. Bitmain and are joining hands to expand to future markets in mining, as well as the full integration of tools from both sides, such as mining equipment, mining facilities, and industry expertise. This information comes shortly after BitFuFu reportedly made a huge order of 8000 units of the S19Pro Antminers from Bitmain.

The mining giant has been a strategic partner of BitFuFu, and according to the company representatives, Bitmain intends to continue to support the BitFuFu platform through its valuable mining resources and connections, including mining machines, pools etc. BitFuFu and Bitmain aim to openly collaborate with each other to achieve mutual benefits in the long run, and to

further bolster the development of the crypto mining ecosystem.

A company representative at Bitmain expressed that the future goals of Bitmain entails heavy emphasis on the enrichment of cloud computing tech and integration of its resources. BitFuFu has currently introduced a joint login function with Antpool. Users now only need one platform account to access both services, eliminating the need to build, login, and maintain multiple accounts. This improves the user experience and adds flexibility for clients to easily switch between cloud computing services and mining through the BitFuFu platform, which allows customers to adjust according to market conditions and sentiments.

BitFuFu, was formally launched on December 15th, 2020 as the industry’s first computing power standardization portal. adheres to the ideals of transparency and computing power standardization, and in February this year, the platform has reached a strategic agreement with Bitmain and has since established a reliable supply of mining resources and connections to the partner institutions of Bitmain.

For further information about BitFuFu and their collaboration with Bitmain, please refer to their official website.

About BitFuFu

BitFuFu is the world’s first platform to offer crypto mining services to users with standardized mining hashrates. The aim of BitFuFu is to provide users access to Bitcoin at a lower cost. By collaborating with Bitmain, its hashrate products have achieved the first-class service through one-click transactions, eliminating complicated steps, such as selecting proper mining and mining machines, maintenance of machines, and connection of mining pools. The BitFuFu Platform allows customers to access the world’s top miners, such as Bitmain, Whatsminer, Innosilicon, and international mining farms in Russia, the United States, and China.

Official website:

Media Contact

[email protected] 

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The Korea Economic Daily Joins Klaytn in its Endeavor to Conquer the Crypto Space

The Korea Economic Daily – one of the largest financial media outlets in Korea, operating over 10 multi-media properties covering digital and print media, TV, and publishing, has partnered with Korea’s leading mobile messenger provider, Kakao and Ground X, to bring the KLAY cryptocurrency to both mainstream Korean and global users.

So far, 32 well-known enterprises such as Binance, Huobi, Maker, or LG Electronics have joined the Klaytn Governance Council (GC), The Korea Economic Daily being the first media enterprise to join the (GC).

The Klaytn’s Governance Council’s role is to operate Klaytn’s consensus node thus, The Korean Economic Daily will serve as a key decision-maker in Klaytn’s business and technical agenda.

Crypto Rewards for Users

To familiarize the Korean public with the crypto world and the Klaytn blockchain, The Korea Economic Daily in partnership with, one of its subsidiaries, has organized a series of events meant to both promote the Klaytn ecosystem and reward the readers with the Klaytn’s native token – KLAY.

Users will receive KLAY rewards in return for subscribing to Hankyung’s news service, or to its variety of other platforms – from financial investment platforms to content consumption platforms.

Overwhelming Public Reception to KLAY

Since the initial announcement, user reception has been overwhelming, with thousands of readers experiencing cryptocurrency for the first time. By introducing cryptocurrency to potentially millions of first-time users, Klaytn and the Korea Economic Daily is at the forefront of pushing the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency in Korea.

The organizers were also thrilled

The ‘Korea Economic Daily’ President Kim Jung-ho, declared “We are very happy to co-operate with Klaytn and other industry leaders across all verticals; from IT and Finance to Gaming, leveraging our technological know-how and experience in large-scale service operation. As long as we continue to play a significant role in the global market, we will continue to contribute and help establish Klaytn as the standard blockchain platform for global users.”

Also, Jason Han, the CEO of ‘Ground X’, stated “The significance of a media conglomerate like the Hankyung Media Group joining the Klaytn Governance Council is not lost on the industry; Hankyung joins a vast group of leading global companies already actively pursuing multiple initiatives to grow the Klaytn eco-system.”

About Klaytn

A future-proof layer one solution, together with its native digital asset KLAY, Klaytn seeks to address the current issues of speed, scalability, and cost.

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Rabbit Finance — The yielding mining excess earnings protocol supporting 10 times leverage

The world has witnessed the inexorable rise of DeFi decentralized finance from 2020. The trend tends to be increasingly strong and drives a lot of new business to come into being. Seeing from the data of loan, money management, and exchanges of Defi programs, Defi satisfies the real needs of many investors, which makes the data keep rising on the chain. At present, the amount of total lockups of Defi has surmounted 100 billion USD across the world.

That is because the Defi has sprouted in the market of blockchain, the birth of Defi makes it possible for investors to experience the appeal of decentralized financial service. Whether it is a loan, insurance, or money management, it is executed via the code on the chain or the pre-set rules automatically and without facing the risks of black casework of brokers. On the one hand, the investors tend to be more at ease for their fund is hold by them; on the other hand, the use of funds is increased and they have more choices when choosing and matching their investment strategy.

At present, various kinds of Defi emerge endlessly. However, a one-stop Defi product that can satisfy all kinds of needs is still absent in the market. In this context, Rabbit Finance comes into being.

What is Rabbit Finance?

Rabbit Finance is a leveraged yield farming protocol based Binance Smart Chain (BSC) released by Rabbit Finance Lab. It supports users participating in liquidity farming through over-lending plus leverage to get more revenue.

When the user has insufficient funds but wants to participate in DeFi liquidity farming, Rabbit Finance can provide up to 10X the leverage to help users obtain the maximum revenue per unit time, and at the same time provide a borrowing pool for users who prefer stable returns to earn profits.

As predecessors of this area like Link, COMP, and BAL are fighting alone, Rabbit Finance, a latecomer, has started to propel resource integration to be the one for all of Defi.

Defi ecology, on the Rabbit Finance, ambitiously included modules like lever gun pool + arithmetic stablecoin, NFT+ arithmetic stablecoin. For Rabbit Finance, they hope to build the Defi ecology through the easy to more advanced and Interlocking combination of functions.   

It makes it possible for users to experience the various context of the use of DeFi in a one-stop way, as well as yielding rich returns.  

The feature and value of Rabbit Finance

Rabbit Finance provides lever gun pool arithmetic and can support up to 10X the leverage, which means the return of the earnings of the users can be inflated tenfold. 

Figuratively speaking, if you are mining in a CAKE/BNB pool, maybe you have your liquid token worth 1,0000 RMB mining in the pool, and the revenue there is 100%. However, via Rabbit, you can borrow extra asset mining in the pool to get 1000% annualized returns(the interests and costs were taken out), this is the most direct way to maximize the revenue.

Of course, same as other levers, if the price trend is at a disadvantage, the risk of clear existing. Even so, you can still borrow USD or BNB from a much safer pool of money and get reasonable annualized returns under lower risks.  

On Strategy, Rabbit Finance adds to the mechanism of reinvestment to maximize the users’ earnings. The bounty hunter can act reinvestment at any time and then converts them into the LP tokens for the pool you are farming and compounds them onto your farming principal so you can maximize your APY.

Besides, when the bounty hunter pitches on the pool and executes the reinvestment, 30% of the bounty of the pool is used as buyback funds to promote the value of the token.

Why does reinvestment raise the value of the token? This can be explained by the supply and demand relationship in economics. When the demand exceeding the supply, the value of the asset is bound to raise. According to the deflation mechanism of Rabbit Finance, the 30% of reinvestment earnings is used to repurchase fund to realize the continuous deflation of the token. In the author’ perspective, the deflation mechanism of Rabbit will become the vital factor for realizing the price of token. Continuous buyback and dispose make it possible for the volume of token supply to decline on a limited scale. These will drive the token to be increasingly precious. When Rabbit achieves its implementation, the price of the token is expected to rise correspondingly.   

The 30% of the bounty of the pool is used as buyback funds to promote the value of the token. For this service, 0.4% of the bounty pool is directly given to the bounty hunter as a reward, the remaining 69.6% will be converted into LP of the pool and pledged again to obtain compounding returns. The huge power gifted by repeated investment makes it possible for investors to make more profits.

Except for the value increase driven by the token deflation, Rabbit has some other values. For example, before Rabbit coming into being, gun pool tokens can do nothing but to govern. However, Rabbit holders can mortgage their stakes to the board to share bonuses. As long as Rabbit Finance is profitable, its holders are given the right to share the bonus as shareholders and make easy money.   

NFT (Non-fungible Token) is an emerging niche market for nearly everyone to take his chance. It is predicted by the specialist that NFT has its potential to become one of the world’s biggest market. The authority of the Rabbit has given much thought to its token. Rabbit Finance Lab will continuously empower Rabbit token, for example, Rabbit holders can snap up irregular issued NFT artwork, and the Rabbit will be automatically locked up during this period. Its circulation will be blocked and its value is expected to be pulled up in a short term. Holding NFT can accelerate mining, empowering the NFT with value with the help of Rabbit.

These two parties are of reciprocal relationships, that is to say, holding Rabbit makes it possible for holders hold NFT, the appreciation of NFT token reacts on the appreciation of Rabbit.

Words in the End

From ordinary investors’ perspective, there are high entry barriers to use traditional finance—it’s hard for borrowers to raise a loan, while the providers get low earnings. Rabbit is expected to solve this problem under the context of Defi to give its users high earnings as well as increasing the liquidity of the fund. This is just one kind of benefit and change made by Rabbit Finance to investors. In the future finance world, Rabbit Finance will play a bigger constructive role. 


This article does not contain any investment advice. Investment always involves risk, be careful with every decision.

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XELS Launches Eco-Conscious Blockchain Platform for Carbon Offset Credits

Blockchain-based carbon offset platform XELS provides global access to the decentralized carbon market and its ERC20 token will launch on Bittrex Global on April 8th, 2021. 

7th April 2021, Tokyo, Japan, ZEXPRWIRE, XELS is one of the leading startups tackling climate change by increasing participation and transparency in carbon markets, listed its eponymous XELS token on Bittrex Global on April 8th, 2021. 

Tokenized Carbon Credits

XELS will provide both businesses and individuals access to a blockchain-based carbon offset platform, initially focused on tokenized voluntary carbon offset credits. These credits are increasingly attractive to companies that want to show consumers they’re serious about reducing their carbon footprint.

Tackling Fraud With Blockchain

Since the birth of carbon markets following the Kyoto Protocol and Paris Agreement, fraud has hindered the effectiveness of carbon credit sales and trading. Bad actors sometimes sell fake or expired credits, and “recycling” fraud had led to the double spending of unretired credits. Carbon markets are the perfect use case for blockchain’s distributed ledger technology, as transactions cannot be modified, reversed, or duplicated. Tokenized carbon credits can also be “burned,” with a public transaction hash proving it has been retired forever.

XELS founder and CEO Takeshi Nojima explains the XELS vision: 

We believe that decentralization is the only way that carbon markets can work effectively. XELS will enable the industry to maintain open, transparent records – from generation, to sale, to retirement. Making it easy for corporations to transparently offset their carbon without fear of fraud will make them even more willing to combat global warming, and it will pay dividends as far as consumer trust that they’re truly intent on making a difference for the environment.”

The XELS Token

XELS will exist as a platform token that will be used to access a future suite of stablecoins that are pegged to various industry-standard voluntary carbon offset credits. In the future, the company also seeks to offer “compliance” credits, which are heavily regulated under national cap and trade agreements. 

Japan lags behind European nations, where businesses are compelled to buy compliance credits to avoid heavy taxes. XELS is already in talks with numerous listed companies in Japan that are keen to get on board with Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga’s target of reaching net zero domestic emissions by 2050.

Reducing Blockchains Carbon Footprint 

While XELS will exist as an ERC20 token at launch, the company is cognizant of concerns surrounding the high energy consumption associated with Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies.

Later this year, XELS will migrate to a proprietary, low-energy blockchain that the company has been developing since 2017. XELS Chain takes a hybrid proof-of-stake and proof-of-work approach, while enabling users to run a full node on a basic laptop without the need for power-hungry mining hardware

From April the 8th, 2021 the XELS platform token will be available to trade on leading cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex Global.

Businesses or individuals interested in accessing the decentralized carbon market of the future with XELS, can contact [email protected] for more information.

Media Contact Details 

Contact Name: Mitch Hammer
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Phone: +81 80 9400 0536

Learn more about XELS –

Buy XELS on Bittrex Global – 

Follow XELS on Twitter 

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XELS is the source of this content. This Press Release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest. 

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Millions of FOLLOWERS — First Cloud Promotion Campaign of Fresh Opportunities for Jinan Triggers New Growth Drivers

On the afternoon of March 30th, 2021, the kick-off of the cloud promotion campaign named Fresh Opportunities for Jinan with the theme of Join Jinan for a Win-Win Future, was unveiled in the Rongmeiti (Convergence Media) Studio of Jinan Daily Newspaper Group (JDNG) Building. As the reporter learnt, this event was the second cooperation between Jinan Investment Promotion Bureau (JIPB) and JDNG, following the online investment promotion activities last year.  

JIPB, an important player in boosting the economic growth of Jinan, the capital city of Shandong province, actively follows the major national strategy of ecological protection and high-quality development of the Yellow River basin and grasps the strategic opportunity of advancing the city’s growth, seeking to provide continuous impetus for its progress through exploration, innovation and solid work in investment promotion. While JDNG, a pioneer in the reform and development of the mass media across the city, adheres to the vision of “Great Integration” based on the modes of “Media + Government + Service” and “Urban Growth Accompanied by Integrated Media Development”, taking a positive part in shaping a new media landscape. And it throws itself to energize the city’s development and thus, an integrated media picture of Jinan mode with Shandong’s characteristics has come into being.  

This cloud promotion campaign, rolled out by the joint effort of the two, is committed to extending Jinan’s presence around the world, showing its fresh development opportunities in key fields. It aims to display the city’s new image and advantages in economic and social development and investment environment in an all-round way, thus deepening its communication with domestic and foreign businesses.  

New Opportunities for the New Era 

Jinan Promises Strong Support for Investors 

“In the new era, Jinan provides you with new opportunities, new platforms, new policies and new services for your investment and development here,” said Yin Qingzhong, deputy mayor of the city. He made a commitment that the government would offer strong support for investors’ convenience and strive to shape Jinan into a place for passionate dream builders.  

Using cloud platform on the spot, he introduced all the new opportunities in a systematic way to multinational companies, well-known enterprises, financial institutions and business associations, further drawing the attention of domestic and foreign businesses and thus strengthening their confidence to invest in Jinan. He added, “The fresh opportunities come out of the new growth blueprint, out of the major national strategy of the Yellow River basin, and also out of the government’s solid support for a better business environment.” 

“Today, Jinan is blending into and serving the major national strategy of ecological protection and high-quality development of the Yellow River basin. We, following the new orientation, new aims and new requirements presented by the provincial Party committee and government, vigorously seize the strategic opportunities of “Strengthening Provincial Capital” to speed up Jinan’s progress in scientific and technological innovation, smart manufacturing, ecological progress, cultural advancement and make it a better place to live. We can see a new landscape featuring a strong East part of Jinan, prosperous West, beautiful South, emerging North and superior Middle is taking shape,” said Zhang Jun, deputy secretary general of Jinan government and director of JIPB, “Investors and companies will embrace a broad platform to play as well as a great space to deepen cooperation in various fieldswith us and others.” 

Following are the speeches made by Sun Meng, director assistant of Jinan High-Tech District Administrative Committee and chief of Investment Promotion Department, Zhang Yong, deputy director of Jinan Pioneer Area Administrative Committee, and Zhang Ji, deputy director of Jinan Medical Center Administrative Committee. 

“In recent years, Jinan High-Tech District is committed to high-quality development and has joined hands with Jinan Pilot Free Trade Zone, Jinan Comprehensive Bonded Zone and Zhangjin Comprehensive Bonded Zone to complement each other’s advantages, creating a service-oriented platform for economic growth,” said Zhang Meng, “During the Fourteenth Five-Year Period, the High-Tech District will give a full play of the scientific, institutional and policy advantages with institutional reform and a better climate for innovation and startups as its underpinning, and put high priority to fostering industries and enterprises with international competitiveness. All these efforts will lead to a pilot zone featuring innovation-driven and high-quality development and further opening up.” 

“The building of Jinan Pioneer Zone has been written into Outline of Ecological Protection and High Quality Development for the Yellow River Basin and listed into National Economic and Social Development Plan 2021,” as Zhang Yong told us, “The Pioneer Zone devotes itself to promote the integrated application of Green Technology + Green Industry, oriented by Carbon Neutral, to build one of the largest green city demonstration zones across China. And we have been exploring to apply BIM + CIM in order to forge a digital, modern and smart city demonstration zone and we had initially defined the high-end equipment and smart manufacturing, digital economy, high-end exhibition, hydrogen energy, high-end green development as the five leading industries. Besides, we adhere to project-centered mode with leading government officials assisting key projects and all-sided service.” 

And Zhang Ji showed, “Jinan Medical Center upholds City-Industry Integration with Industry as its Mainstay, guided by high-end medical service, in order to create a balanced industry circle with medical care, education, research, industry, health maintenance and service. It will set up four centers, including medical center, life science and technology innovation center, rehabilitation demonstration center and smart-life center. All these will contribute to build the place into a city-industry integrated, ecological, smart, international and green place.” He added, “During the 14th Five-Year Plan Period, we will strive to build more than 20 high-end clinical research centers (specialized hospitals), over 300 research companies (organizations). A balanced industry circle and a medical system are taking shape with a covered area of 12 million sq. m, over 130 million RMByuan in investment, a total output value of over 50 million RMB yuan and 240 thousand permanent residents.” 

First Cloud Promotion Campaign Attracts Millions of FOLLOWERS 

Four-Leveled Convergence Media Promotes Jinan in an All-Round Way 

According to incomplete statistics, as of 6:00 p.m. on March 30th, the first cloud promotion activity, covered by over 60 media including apps of People’s Daily, Xuexi, Phoenix News, The Paper and TouTiao and other well-known news websites or apps across the country, has been read for tens of millions of times with more than 5 million followers in total. All this shows that media plays an important role in presenting Jinan.  

It is reported that this campaign, initiated on March 30th, will be ended in June. It is extended both online and offline, including one city level comprehensive campaign, 12 events in districts and counties and N times of special activities (in zones and on apps), which is “1 + 12 + N” for short. It uses an integrated promotion with four-leveled convergence media (CCTV + provincial + city + district/county). Supported by the Rongmeiti Studio of JDNG, the activities will be covered by new media apps including LoveJinan under JDNG, Xinshibao, and Jinan app as well as Jinan Daily and Jinan Times.  

Besides, all the activities will be lively broadcasted on national platforms such as Xuexi,, Xinhua News Agency and CCTV, and leading platforms such as Wechat, Weibo, TikTok, Baidu, Sohu, TouTiao, and economic media such as Economic Daily, 36Kr and Phoenix. Moreover, they will be forwarded on hundreds of media, including the Party media, sub-provincial apps and overseas media. All these effort will help Jinan be well-known across China and beyond.  

“Online and Offline Investment” Opens Up a New Way 

Jinan Investment Expected to Achieve a “Good Start” in the First Quarter 

2021 is both the first year of the 14th Five-Year Plan period and the first year for Jinan to implement the national strategy of the Yellow River basin and build Shandong into a modern and prosperous province in the new era. “Attracting businesses and investment is the most direct and effective way to expand total volume, improve quality, and optimize development structure,” said Sun Licheng, member of the Standing Committee of CPC Shandong Provincial Committee and secretary of municipal Party committee of Jinan. An official from JIPB showed, “Following the strategy of Strengthening Provincial Capital, we will offer strong support to help Jinan improve its functions as a provincial capital and raise its urban primacy ratio.”  

As the reporter learnt, cloud activities like cloud promotion and cloud investment manifest the vitality of Jinan and its innovation capability and driving force.  

Statistics show that in the first two months of 2021, the actual use of foreign capital in Jinan was US$310 million, with an increase of 28.5% over last year, ranking the second in Shandong in terms of total amount, registering a strong uptrend. The project scheduling indicates that the first three months will continue to maintain a double-digit growth, which is expected to achieve a “good start” in the first quarter. 

What’s more, in five days’ time, i.e., from the signing of key foreign investment projects in Shandong on March 18th to the Meeting of Deepening Cooperation between Shandong and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan on March 23rd, Jinan had holden two provincial signing activities, which were carried forward both online and offline, with 14 projects signed and US$1.354 billion recorded. 

These fascinating figures have been witnessing the concerted effort made by all people across Jinan and all levels of government staff of the city in pursuing the major national strategy of ecological protection and high-quality development of the Yellow River basin and in grasping the important opportunities of strengthening the provincial capital as well as in exploration, innovation and solid work to bring in more businesses and investment. 

Reported by Xu Kai  

Edited by Shi Mengfei 

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WitLink Crashes The Soft Cap Target During The On-Going Pre-Sale!

London, UK, 6th April 2021, ZEXPRWIRE With the increased adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to solve different industrial processes, the field of AI and ML is certainly the future of human existence. In a bid to close the existing gap and revolutionize the present-day AI space, the team behind WitLink has introduced its decentralized marketplace to the benefit of AI enthusiasts.

WitLink is a project geared towards giving AI enthusiasts, including students, trainers, professionals, enterprises, and AI experts the opportunity to profit from the artificial intelligence and machine learning space.

WAI Token

WAI is an ERC-compliant token and the native token of the WitLink project. The WAI token can be used for different purposes on the WitLink network, including to offer projects, purchase computing resources, and reward payouts for computing resources.

Additionally, POS token holders will be rewarded with the WAI token for their activities on the WitLink platform. Plus, the token can be used to pay platform fees and other goods and services.

On-going presale!

WitLink continues to present opportunities and that through the on-going Presale. With the Soft-Cap achieved, now it eyes the hard-cap!

WAI token is available to be purchased through BTC, ETH, BCH, and USDT. The price of 1 WAI token is 0.15 USD. And the listing price is confirmed at $0.25!

Here is WitLink Dashboard

In the first phase tokens will be sold with a bonus of 1% in the purchase and referral bonus of 3%. The second phase a bonus of 0.5% in the purchase and referral bonus of 2%. The third and last phase with a bonus of 0.25% in the purchase and referral bonus of 1%.

Minimum token purchase of $1000 applies to receive bonus in the purchase.

About WitLink

WitLink is a blockchain-powered marketplace for everything Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The intention of the project is to bridge the existing which technology firms face while accessing artificial intelligence and machine learning experts.

WitLink accommodates a wide range of AI enthusiasts, including AI experts, students, AI service providers, enterprises, as well as, AI trainers. WitLink parades a team of experienced AI and ML experts who understands the blockchain ecosystem and how to use data to achieve automation. The team is also proficient in using artificial intelligence and machine learning to solve the challenges of mankind.

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KAKLAB, Born for NFT Metadata Storage

From February 2021, NFTs have continued to heat up. Traditional giants including Christie’s auction house, NBA, and LEGO have deployed NFT scenarios, which can be seen as the best combination of traditional industries and blockchain technology. Then technical flaws are emerging with NFT popularity. In addition to liquidity of NFT, the storage of metadata is one of the biggest pain points. At present, the metadata of a large number of NFT works are stored in centralized off-chain servers that a server failure or data loss may cause instant disappearance of value of these NFTs.

KAKLAB is a blockchain system developed to solve the problem of NFT metadata storage, whose underlying technology of file storage is realized through IFPS, which can be regarded as an incentive public blockchain of IPFS. But the biggest difference is that KAKLAB smart contract carries virtual machines to realize functional replication, so as to establish a complete NFT ecosystem, including NFT issuance, trading, and financial derivatives. It can even carry out the segmentation and reorganization of NFTs, thus enhancing the liquidity. Therefore, KAKLAB can be regarded as a combination of Filecoin and FLOW.

KAKLAB had finished market survey in the beginning of 2020 and entered the technology research and development phase at the end of 2020. From the leaked information, it is expected that the Mainnet of KAK File will be open sourced in mid-2021 and virtual machines and smart contracts will be launched before the end of 2021. At present, KAKLAB is in contact with several investment institutions, it is also opening up investment quotas for community groups. Relevant information can be consulted through official mailbox.

The content and metadata of NFTs are stored separately from the NFT smart contract. For example, if you buy an NFT, the token itself is stored on the blockchain. However, because large files such as videos cannot be stored in the current blockchain systems, media related to tokens are usually stored off-chain.

That is to say, the data of NFTs is decentralized, but media corresponding to NFTs adopt off-chain storage, with only hash value data of these files stored in the NFT metadata. The storage method of NFT is determined by the artist or the platform, which means that the corresponding photos, videos and other files of NFTs may be stored on a centralized server. The off-chain storage location of an NFT is usually an HTTP URL link, which links the file to a specific site controlled by the data owner. If an NFT relies on the metadata of the HTTP URL, this means that it is impossible for NFT holders to own the NFT, because issuers need to continue to maintain the server to make this NFT meaningful. In other words, once the servers shut down, the content of this NFT will be disappeared.

KAKLAB uses distributed storage to achieve permanent storage and uniqueness of NFT metadata, which to a large extent guarantees the security and scarcity of NFT assets. Nodes become storage service providers by staking KAK, who provide hard disk space for file storage and obtain income within a specified time. Therefore, KAKLAB is a project that uses hard disk storage space for mining. In view of the current popularity of Filecoin, once the KAKLAB Mainnet is launched, FIL’s crazy rise will reappear again as an upstart in the NFT field.