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DAcoin’s full ecological chain exchange is officially launched, creating a world-class blockchain asset trading platform

The emergence of electric lights broke the convenience of light; the emergence of spacecraft broke the boundaries of space; the emergence of the Internet broke the boundaries of information; and the emergence of blockchain broke the boundaries of value. Technology makes borderlessness possible. Dacoin, the world’s first borderless on-chain transaction platform, will realize borderless value exchange with cutting-edge information technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, cloud services, big data, and 5G.

Dacoin is the world’s first public chain platform for digital asset trading on the borderless chain. It is established by colleagues who retain the basic functions of traditional trading platforms such as currency trading, OTC trading, transaction mining, and C2C trading. Dacoin exchange main chain + DAcoin platform ecological side chain” “main chain + side chain” public chain, Dacoin, with its excellent technical strength, successfully broke the three major conveniences of traditional digital asset trading platforms and created new ones for Dacoin exchange users Experience of the digital economy.

Dacoin will integrate the data of major entities in all major industries and major fields to jointly create the level of digital economy traffic, and build a shared network of machine trust. Solve the problems of data access, encrypted transmission, sharing, trusted transaction, storage, etc., realize the safe chaining of global industrial data and assets, promote more industrial individuals to join the alliance, conduct data integration, maximize the value of data, and jointly create a data A digital economy alliance with borderless circulation, open value sharing, and industrial collaborative innovation.

Dacoin implements the operating rules of the underlying system, the financial contract of the upper system, and the public supervision of the outer physique with open, transparent, safe, reliable, and efficient blockchain technology, relying on the community’s group decision-making and borderless joint management to dynamically balance the enterprise The rights and obligations of participants in the ecosystem, such as institutions, regulators, investors, and developers, protect the common interests of all participants, and make inclusive finance truly the cornerstone of human digital economy, thereby maximizing the optimal allocation of resources. Make finance more efficient and make wealth more free.

Technology without boundaries

Dacoin builds an open and shared blockchain underlying technology, and continuously integrates emerging technologies such as 5G, AIAR, and big data, allowing Dacoin’s borderless on-chain transaction platform to be based on functionality and application scalability, so that more institutional platforms can be based on Dacoin develops its own DAPP application based on the underlying technical architecture of Dacoin to truly realize the commercial use of blockchain.

Assets without boundaries

The Dacoin borderless on-chain trading platform not only supports the barrier-free circulation of platform currency, legal currency trading, and currency trading, but also supports traditional asset trading such as foreign exchange, funds, and securities. It is a veritable all-asset trading platform. Assets have no boundaries, which means the seamless connection of blockchain + finance, which not only provides a more comprehensive investment plan for blockchain exchanges, but also opens the door to the era of new transformation and upgrading for traditional Internet finance.

Ecological without boundaries

Dacoin vertically establishes a four-dimensional direct interaction architecture of value chain, enterprise chain, supply and demand chain, and space chain. In the scene of many participants and high radiation financial transactions, it realizes zero-distance and zero-time communication between many participants. To collaborative governance, streamlining processes, improving efficiency, and saving costs.

The core spirit of blockchain technology is that everyone is a participant, with decentralization and decentralization. At present, there is no real connection point between mining and trading platform users. DAcoin is committed to bridging the gap between trading platform and mining and building Robust, positive circular economy model. Let users get more benefits.

The encrypted asset trading platform is an important channel connecting miners and encrypted asset users. Ordinary users have no opportunity to invest in mining machines and can only choose to purchase encrypted assets to participate in the blockchain industry. On the other hand, miners, which should be the most important link in the blockchain industry, are niche and marginalized. In fact, we can see in the Bitcoin white paper that the most important feature of Bitcoin is that everyone can participate in mining, instead of being monopolized by several large mining pools, which is very unfair to ordinary people.

At present, all mainstream exchanges are not fair and opaque, which runs counter to the concept of blockchain technology and the autonomous newcomer mechanism. Borderless on-chain exchanges are emerging in the industry with their unique advantages. Bullcoin borderless on-chain exchanges are born at the right time, and will lead the industry with their strong technical strength and the concept of fairness, democracy, justice and transparency.

In order to seek greater breakthroughs, the data storage exchange will develop the DAcoin exchange, an infrastructure full ecological chain exchange suitable for the digital economy trading environment.

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8th Grade Prospect Ryan Lutness Taking Middle school basketball by storm

United States, 23rd February 2021, ZEXPRWIRE Prospect Ryan Lutness class of 2025 has been making big waves in the basketball scene. His skills are similar to players like Kyrie Irving and Jamal Murray. Ryan Lutness has developed a consistent jump shot and has the ball on a string, while also possessing great facilitating capabilities. He can score when he wants and set the team up to score.

Ryan Lutness has a great base to build upon in his highschool career. He will most likely continue to attend Garnet Valley through his highschool career.

Ryan Lutness stands at 5’7 and weighs 130 LB. He can move quickly because of his smaller size. His smaller size also makes him a defensive pest. Ryan size is his main downside because taller players have an advantage on guarding him and scoring on him.

He’s been making a buzz on social media gaining 30k followers in the past year. He’s definitely made a name for himself in the 8th grade basketball scene.

Ryan’s contact information:

[email protected]

Instagram: Kinglutness

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Announcement : SoterOne’s official website is LIVE!

We are stepping into the era of data intelligence. In this era, we are enjoying the convenience brought by big data while facing the huge risk of privacy leakage. To solve this problem, SoterOne, which focuses on data privacy protection, takes advantage of this trend.

SoterOne is an innovative blockchain platform based on machine learning (ML),  multi-party secure computing (MPC), and differential privacy protection (DP) for user privacy protection and data federation.

SoterOne’s website is officially launched globally on February 23, 2021!

SoterOne has developed different series of data applications for various needs of users in different industries, such as copyright, electronic contract, user privacy authorization, precision marketing, used by government, medical and banking, education and enterprises, etc.

Whether you are a data owner (such as big data enterprises like Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) or a data user, you can find application/data models that fit your demands on SoterOne platform. Via data encryption, decryption and machine learning algorithms in SoterOne, you can achieve the automation of the whole process of modeling training, modeling completion, and modeling prediction. Last but not least, the completed results of modeling training and prediction with encryption are recorded on the SoterOne chain with openness and transparency, so that users “know the overall but not the individual”.

SoterOne’s blockchain platform provides comprehensive data query and model training services for global enterprises, and helps customers to master the operation of data management and model training and production, etc. Users can either retrieve data, purchase data and train models from dataset as data users, or register data and share encrypted data as data owners, in order to maximize the scale of data use, reduce the cost of data use, and discover in-depth value of data.

The motto of SoterOne is “Data generates value while privacy is strictly protected.”  — SoterOne maximizes the value of data while strictly protecting the data privacy.

Welcome to explore our website! We look forward to having you join us in our SoterOne ecosystem and becoming a member of this new generation of the global blockchain information ecosystem!

You can find us from the following channels:

Official website:



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“The Homestretch w/Adrian Duran‪t” podcast

United States, 22nd February 2021, ZEXPRWIRE Join Olympic and College Head Track & Field Coach Adrian Durant as he interviews Track & Field stars from around the globe. Learn about their journeys to the top and all of the trials and tribulations that they had to endure and overcome. Experience these tales of triumph and learn what it really takes to win.

Join us today

Where World Champions, Olympians, and other amazing individuals talk about their relentless pursuit of success.

Listen now: Click Here for Apple Podcast

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Turing creates Global Radar Digital Ecology

As a decentralized innovative blockchain financial platform based on the combination of industry and finance derived from Radar system, Turing is a bridge between traditional assets and emerging digital assets. It can help users realize investment and financing quickly and cheaply and the free convertibility, payment and circulation of global currencies.

Turing breaks the monopoly of traditional financial institutions on the investment and financing market, which is similar to Radar’s breaking the monopoly of traditional financial payment system.

The participants of Turing include ordinary users who need to trade digital assets around the world, blockchain technical teams or organizations seeking venture capital, and institutions and companies seeking financial solutions in the field of digital assets.

Turing conducts end-to-end solution for debt or equity raising through STO. It provides integrated functions of digital asset design, major issuance and post-transaction management services for users’ financing needs with the support of an experienced team of investment banking experts. We will bring “best-in-class” design and execution capabilities, tailored to the needs of each customer.

The core value of Turing is to achieve the free flow of global funds, break regional and policy restrictions, improve the efficiency of resource allocation in the financial system, and transfer funds from those with no production opportunities to those with higher production opportunities and capital scarcity, thus creating greater value for the society. Turing is about to attack, continuing the legendary glory.

TURING ,Integration of finance into life.

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Rapper Badabing Releases Most Controversial Hip Hop Track Since NWA’s FTP

Detroit, Michigan, USA, 21st February 2021, ZEXPRWIRE Song Addresses Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, And Similar Police Confrontations With Blacks

Detroit and Miami rapper Badabing has released the highly controversial and highly anticipated Hip Hop track KKKilla KKKop to all major music sites including Spotify and Itunes. The track is already being held as the theme of the protest movement and the new FTP recorded by the rap supergroup the NWA.  The track was inspired due to the tragic deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and others in confrontations with police.  

The song takes listeners on a one way trip to the true reasons behind the lethal confrontations, with lyrical skills that are being compared to Tupac Shakur, Ice Cube, and Chuck D of Public Enemy.  Terry “Badabing” Lovely examines every aspect of the incidents that led to the American protest movement from the perspective of a MAGA cop. The grade A lyricist is shockingly prophetic with his verses that accurately predicted events that later unfolded in cities like Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Lexington, Los Angeles and his hometowns of Detroit and Miami. 

The track is already being touted by critics as an instant classic and #1 hit. The song constantly increases the heat with each verse. Just when the listener thinks it cannot get in hotter, Badabing turns up the heat to the street heat level unseen since the grand heyday of Hip Hop in the 80’s and early 90’s.  The song answers the top two  questions asked by many pundits such as Charlemegne Da God, numerous pundits-what  is behind the killings and how can they be stopped? Badabing’s take is highly controversial, and contained in the double titled track KKKilla KKKop-Sex, Lies, and Julienne Frederico. From the CD cover to the track title, to the lyrics, the song is relentless in pushing the artistic envelope as the gangsta tune delivers an audio version of the infamous TV show “The Shield” and the critically acclaimed movie “Detroit” from the director of “Zero Dark Thirty.”

Badabing’s flow and lyrical genius ensures that Hip Hop and rap are back as the artforms and street media they were meant to be.

Contact Details

Terry Lovely
[email protected]

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Moodoff Day Nonprofit Encourages People to Spend a Morning without Technology

Sydney, Australia, 20th February 2021, ZEXPRWIRE Moodoff Day Ltd. have announced their upcoming landmark 10th annual ‘Moodoff Day’, a worldwide smartphone addiction awareness campaign that aims to highlight the dangers surrounding technology and in particular, that of smartphone addiction. Started in 2012, the campaign has since steadily swelled from a small, fledgling idea with a local emphasis into that of an ever-growing worldwide movement.  

Smartphone addiction has gradually become a more widely-understood and now, unfortunately, that of an ever-increasingly well-established phenomenon. With the sudden emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic early last year, and with the on-going impacts still being felt around the world, the resulting lockdowns have only served to amplify the concerns surrounding the near-constant use of smartphones. 

The use of electronic technology has unsurprisingly surged during the restrictions, with internet services seeing a rise from between 40% all the way up to a 100% increase in traffic— much of that use being facilitated by smartphones. This is a serious cause for concern, with the link between smartphone addiction and the resulting potential for psychological (and even physiological) harm a clear possibility.

Moodoff Day hopes to bring some much-needed awareness to this issue at this more important time than ever by asking people to ‘tune in by switching off’. Aim to go just 5 hours on Sunday the 28th of February without the use of any electronic technology. This means no emails, no tweets, no Facebook posts, and definitely no smartphone use. Instead, they want people to reconnect both with themselves and with others; spend some quality time with loved ones, go for a walk or a bicycle ride through your local park, visit the beach or spend some time in a café, enjoying a coffee and some uninterrupted conversation with friends.

Contact Information

Name: Erik Bigalk
Company Name: Moodoff Day
Mobile Number: +61 447 019 107
Email ID: [email protected]
Website: Click Here
Facebook: Click Here

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The World Still Needs P-Lotus

Indiana, USA20th February 2021, ZEXPRWIRE – P-Lotus has released a studio album every three years since 2009. This is an impressive feat considering the fact that P-Lotus plays many different roles in the entertainment industry besides rapper. This rap music entrepreneur is the founder and president of Phenomenal Entertainment, a Fort Wayne, IN based entertainment company that provides marketing, production, and publishing services, concerts, and community events. Although it is a challenge, P-lotus has always been able to balance the pursuit of his dreams of being a world-renowned rap artist and the day-to-day responsibilities of running a business. However, it was at the end of 2018 shortly after the release of his 4th studio album “EMOTIONS” when P-Lotus decided to step away from artistry and focus on his business and playing the key role of music manager for close friends and fellow artists such as Nicky Neptune (Indianapolis, IN) and Nephew Slim (Atlanta, GA).

From the end of 2018 to now the beginning of 2021, P-Lotus has not released any music. In the past, you would get mixtapes and feature appearances from P-Lotus in between albums but not this time. This has led many of his music fans to question whether he was done putting out music for good, but no, the music saga of P-Lotus continues. He has reemerged from behind the scenes and has merely reinvented himself as an artist and his approach to marketing himself and his music. P-Lotus is set to release his 5th album “RAPPER MODE”, which would technically be considered an EP (extended play single) because it only has 4 songs. He has already shot two official music videos from the EP, one video is for “Rapper Mode”, the title song and first single of the EP.

P-Lotus on why he decided to start releasing music again: “I have yet to find a rapper who can do it quite like me. Not even saying I’m the best, it’s just that no one says the things I say the way that I say them. I make music that the world needs to hear. The world still needs my perspective. The world still needs P-Lotus.”

It is true that P-Lotus brings a unique perspective in his music as a young black male in America and he finds simple yet creative ways to communicate complicated ideas. Two of his most popular political statement songs are “I Love My Country” and “Stop Killing Us”, which speak on the realities of racial injustice and promote unity amongst all people regardless of skin color. These types of themes, personal experiences and overall positive vibes will still be found in his music and are what his fans have grown to love and expect from him. P-Lotus hopes that his new music will resonate with this new generation of music listeners because a lot has changed in the two and a half years since his last release. But P-Lotus knows one thing that has not changed, “the people still need inspiration”.

Please contact Dre at [email protected] or 260-232-2647 for interviews, appearances and further info.

Stream and download the single >>> Here

All P-Lotus Links >>> Here

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Meet Matthew Zar, Title Attorney from Zar Law, PLLC

Texas, United States, 20th February 2021, ZEXPRWIRE Matthew Zar is the founder of Zar Law. He practices personal injury, insurance litigation, and commercial litigation. Matthew has fought for the rights of over a thousand clients in both personal injury and insurance coverage disputes. Matthew has served in lead counsel in many lawsuits throughout the United States, including jury trials. Matthew also routinely represents commercial litigation and appeals. Matthew is also admitted to practice in Texas State and Federal Courts and U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.

Before starting Zar Law, Matthew Zar worked at a prominent law firm as business torts and intellectual property litigator, a position that gave him extensive experience in federal courts. Matthew is a regular participant in multidistrict litigation and is experienced in mass tort litigation.

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GoldKey.Finance Starts ICO Presale Now

New York, United States, 20th February 2021, ZEXPRWIRE GoldKey Finance is a user-governed financial services provider powered by blockchain and its DeFi derivative. The platform offers decentralized financial services that cushion users from the volatility of centralized financial services that often result from corrupt dealings and poor regulations on the markets.

Driven by users, Goldkey unlocks the full potential of the blockchain system to create decentralized financial products. This system eliminates complexities and vulnerabilities that emerge from erratic events prone to centralized financial systems including economic depressions and instabilities. Goldkey is a trustless system powered by the user, and for the user. 

What is GKEY?

A product from GoldKey Finance, GKey is a DeFi protocol that provides users with the best yields in the Ethereum ecosystem, just with an internet connection. GKEYis purposefully unique and provides a fully secure and transparent experience, backed by audited smart contracts and a powerful token system.

GKEY offers a suite of services starting with staking and farming that users can access from one platform.

Features of GKEY

While still in their earliest stages, digital currencies and DeFi are demonstrating impartiality as an option, in contrast to the conventional monetary systems. Here are some features of GKEY: 

Decentralization: The DeFi protocol distributes its authority to participants in its ecosystem, rather than individual or central entities. This eliminates risks of compromise that would result from targeted attacks on centralized protocols offering the platform additional layers of security and creating a transparent and trustless ecosystem.

Functionality: GKey is a multifunctional protocol and ERC-20 token. Its decentralized governance makes it a top priority for smart contracts on the Ethereum ecosystem. GKEY offers a suite of services, including staking and farming, that are accessible on a single platform.

Usability: GKEY’s platform’s design is aimed at simplicity and built on an interactive user interface (UI) to enhance their experience when accessing multiple services that GKEY offers. 

Finally, GKEY has developed an integrated protocol with a simple and interactive interface that is user-controlled and incentivized to grow users’ crypto portfolios through transparency.

Website: Click Here

Telegram: Click Here

Contact Details

Name – Francisco Santos
E-mail – [email protected]
Phone no – +1 7328239666
Company – Goldkey Finance Ltd
Country – United States
Address – 525 Riverdale Avenue
Yonkers, New York 10705, United States