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HPool Developed And Upgraded By Alex Yang Emerged As The Top POC Mining Pool Within Four Years

Alex Yang, a Singapore-based entrepreneur, founded HPool, a POC mining pool which emerged as the top POC mining pool in just four years. Alex recently discussed how the POC mining pool is shaking up the blockchain industry at a press conference. He stated that after carefully comparing and studying the various verification methods of the consensus algorithm, he found that both the POW and POS are not working, and only POC can trigger the most primitive spirit of BTC. By making equity investment, Wanxiang blockchain labs helped Alex to create a near-monopoly project in the POC field – which he named HPool. The POC mining pool was later upgraded by Alex and his team.

The role of the mining pool is to allow miners to concentrate their computing power and share the computing power income so they can obtain a more stable income per unit of time. This has great significance to build consensus in a decentralized network. Large miners can calculate a stable return, and small miners need not worry about not being able to obtain income on time in the competition with large miners, thus forming a virtuous circle. In other words, the role of the mining pool is to disperse scattered computing power, integrate it so that small computing power can get smooth income. It can be considered as a task distribution and revenue smoothing system for block generation.

User orientation has always been the principle of the crypto company since it was founded. In addition to the basic mining pool services it provides to users, it also has a user service system which includes online status monitoring, offline push notifications, joint pledge mining, etc. These can lower the barriers for ordinary users to participate. The complete user service made HPool popular in the market since it was established.

For a long time, HPool has been in the top few POC mining pools. In 2017, legendary programmer Bram Cohen had retired from BitTorrent’s great success, planning his next big move: Decentralized hard disk mining blockchain project: Chia. Three years later, his Chia has a close intersection with Alex’s HPool. From 2018 to 2020, HPool has been in a tepid state. An investment from Fenbushi capital, a well-known name in the industry, has further consolidated HPool’s leading position in the POC sector. Even though the market doesn’t have much enthusiasm for POC at this time, Alex’s enthusiasm remains the same. This comes from his belief in POC consensus algorithms and the technical logic behind them.

In April 2021, the price of Bitcoin reached $63,000. The market cap surpassed Amazon, Tesla, and Facebook, only after Apple and Google among those giants of enterprise. The value of Chia, a project that Bram Cohen has run for three years, has increased as well. Through the investment and support of CoinBase. The world’s only listed digital asset exchange, Chia quickly started a whirlwind among miners. From mining pools to individual miners, they all actively participated in this hard disk mining experiment. The reason behind this is very simple as well. In the beginning, Chia’s cost could be covered by its return in one week. This star project of POC has naturally drawn attention of Alex. He began to promote Chia in HPool’s mining pool. Due to the years of accumulated technical experience and the leading position in this industry, HPool has been chosen by most miners naturally as the link of their mining pool.

However, users reported in some forums that HPool was secretly deducting computing power, resulting in a decline in their earnings. At that time, HPool was the only mining pool with large computing power on the market. When Alex and the team discovered this problem, they studied the technical vulnerabilities and data broadcast therefore identified the problem. During this period, the HPool team began to work extremely hard to dispel rumors. They used simple words explaining to every miner and user the technical principles and computing power issues in major forums, media, and websites.

On the other hand, the popularity of Chia made the mining rigs difficult to buy. Some suppliers began to sell the mining rigs under the name of HPool, hoping to get more profits from it. Later, when the price of Chia dropped, they then pretended to be the official to publish radical articles, trying to lead their conflict of interest with the users to the official. This caused many miners who bought mining rigs to go to HPool, asking for an explanation and solutions. HPool has to explain to customers one by one. At the beginning of this incident, Bram, founder of Chia, chose to stand with the miners to criticize HPool, ask users do not use HPool because of the problem of stealing computing power.

Facing the crisis, Alex shared the latest technical knowledge with the miners, meanwhile dealt with the remaining problems of the mining rigs business. At the same time, he actively contacted Chia officials and provided all necessary materials, showing the fairness of HPool by the transparency. With Alex’s continuing efforts and the improvement of Chia’s mining ecology, the crisis was finally resolved. Miners found that HPool can get the highest profit compared to new mining pools, so most of the miners finally chose HPool. HPool withstood the test of the market. Since then, HPool has been firmly occupying the first position in the global ranking of POC and Chia mining pools.

In the near future, more mining pools will participate in the competition and share HPool’s market. But for Alex, clarification of various misunderstandings remains the top priority. Secondly, POC mining pools can bloom. Each mining pool has its own characteristics, there is no product that could satisfy everybody. Sufficient service providers of mining pools can bring positive competition to the industry therefore meet the different needs of various users better.

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AOS received another investment from Intershore Consult after SoftBank

Recently, Intershore Consult Fund launched a special investment fund of USD 10 million, announcing the official investment in AOS project, boosting the AOS metaverse plan, and vigorously laying out the metaverse track. The funds will be used to integrate global digital asset copyrights, increase product and core technology research and development, as well as strengthen team building and operations, and unite with AOS to build a metaverse of landing intensive applications.

AOS (Artificial Intelligence Operating System) is the first operating system based on blockchain underlying technology to open up the metaverse under UNICORN PARK, Canada. AOS uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to provide personalized services to the upstream and downstream of the industry as a metaverse ecological project.

Based on AOS, users can carve out AI-NFT with autonomous soul, autonomous consciousness, and high-level self-learning ability, and build character influenced by the distributed character library on the chain, and gradually complete neural network-style self-learning and perfection. And gradually form a system in daily accumulation, the distributed character library takes Chinese I-Ching as reference and makes appropriate interference construction for AI’s character. AOS connects the first generation physical carrier, the AI four-wheel drive robot Mars_1, to the metaverse and the real world, creating a whole new user experience.

The global spread of the COVID-19, which has not only caused massive monetary overshoot around the world, but also driven an accelerated transformation of global work lifestyles to remote virtualization, has driven NFT and the metaverse to become the most popular hotspot in 2021 across multiple industries including blockchain, internet, and digital entertainment. Intershore Consult Fund recognizes that AOS is not a product of this year’s hot trend of chasing NFT and metaverse, but stands at the crossroads of digital assets in advance and incubates and builds AOS, a blockchain infrastructure towards the virtual world, through a series of development and exploration in the technical product market to embrace the trend and promote the digital economic revolution.

As a leader and evangelist in the digital asset fund industry, Intershore Consult Fund adheres to the concept of “technology changes digital finance”, serving the industry, supporting projects and grasping the dividends of digital asset development. By joining forces with AOS, we will provide comprehensive support and quality experience for our team and users through top-notch products, technology, capital and services, turning the “utopian fantasy” of the metaverse into “the future is here”.

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BSHIELD- the Top Expert on Token Security

Block Security Shield (BSHIELD) is developed by the core members of a global blockchain technology research alliance. Its core team has served global well-known blockchain projects and platforms such as libra, Kraken, Bitfinex, and coinbase. The BSL security protocol aims to provide secure on-chain protection for blockchain ecological applications. The BSHIELD technical team is committed to improving the overall security, privacy and availability of the blockchain ecosystem, and providing ecological users with effective data and security solutions and services.

1. The wallet initiates authorization of applications such as DeFi

2. BSHIELD starts access scan code

3. Authorize payment and burn BSL tokens

4. Authorization allowed after verification, transaction authorization / payment of GAS fee / authorization denied by threat found

5. Authorization application instruction completed

Blockchain technology has brought a wave of disruptive revolution to the financial field and entity enterprises. DeFi is undoubtedly the hottest topic in the blockchain ecology in 2021. The total market value of DeFi in 2020 exceeded 22 billion dollars, and 100 billion dollars in March 2021. DeFi has surely become the strongest track in the blockchain field, with a daily entry of billions of dollars. It is believed that that DeFi will be worth over US$300 billion in the next six months.

As DeFi projects can provide more and more diversifying functions, their hidden security issues are gradually exposed. There have been 32 thefts and frauds in the cryptocurrency market this year, with a total value of US$2.99 billion lost. Among them, the hottest “O3 Attack Event” in August has cost users up to $1 billion. The security of DeFi application environment is a pressing problem that the project party and users care about.

By right of years of experience in fields of layer code programming, contract development, and blockchain application security business, and strong layer code vulnerability discovery capabilities,BSHIELD is able to provide users around the world with the most secure, stable and fast chain transaction authorization environment service.

In terms of system tuning and problem diagnosis, there are also a large number of high-end talents gathered in this team. Since the corresponding services can quickly scale in accordance with the changes of number and scale of users from the overall architecture point of view, it is ensured that users in all regions can experience the same high response. At the same time, BSHIELD makes full use of technical means such as CDN, cache, and memory matching to boost the overall performance of the system and maximize the user experience.

This is BSHIELD, escorting for your digital assets on the chain!

Martin Jery
[email protected]

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The Next Big Thing in Fintech to watch out for- Alphatrion Tech

AlphaTrion Tech now combines blockchain technology with its financial services, helping its AlphaX trading platform gain an edge in a highly competitive market.

AlphaTrion Technology is registered in Cyprus on the 20th of July, 2015 with the Cyprus Registrar of Companies. Founded in 2015, the goal is to build a team with a trusted platform from the ground up that can help everyone stabilize their crypto earnings, keeping in mind investor sentiment that can lead to losses. AlphaX, a trading platform of AlphaTrion is committed towards revolutionizing cryptocurrency trading owing to the unfavourable trading of cryptocurrencies directly on exchanges due to constant monitoring of positions so as to maximize profits and avoid losses.

Fintech is gaining momentum, especially in the minds of many investors. The astronomical growth of financial technology and the integration of financial technology and services are consistent with the needs of the time. These technologies can not only improve service, but also consolidate the customer experience.

Chris Skinner claimed that “ignoring technological change in a technology-based financial system is like a mouse starving because someone moved its cheese.” It sounds hilarious, but it is factual and obvious, as can be seen from the explosive development of financial companies and start-ups to the technological dimension after following the trend. Furthermore, as the banking industry has evolved from a traditional system in a closed physical building to a technical support system for financial services, the system has been greatly improved by integrating blockchain technology, as seen by AlphaTrion Technology.

AlphaTrion Technology is committed to spreading financial technology, integrating innovative technology components such as big data and artificial intelligence, and transforming business software, keeping in mind AlphaTrion Technology’s pioneering role in subverting traditional industries in automated data trading algorithms.

Following the overwhelming popularity of using data to optimize data-driven decision making, AlphaTrion has made the most of the enormous opportunities of cryptocurrencies and their proprietary algorithms.

The desire to educate, support and strive to see investors succeed in their goals are some of the approaches to business adopted by AlphaTrion Technology, with these approaches built around four cornerstone tenets which are;

  1. High Quality Performance: Ensuring a sustainable high return-on-investment with a very low risk despite market conditions
  2. Competence: Inculcating skills, knowledge, relationships and attitude dedicated to establishing strength.
  3. Diligence: Diligently approaching all work situations with integrity and commitment to duty.
  4. Innovation: Open to new ideas, products, structures, and markets with the hope of creating unique and innovative products to the market.

AlphaX Trading Platform possess an ardent focus on social trading, user experience and knowledge sharing. The trading platform is built with utmost security in mind, simplicity, and functionality. It is an invaluable tool well equipped for both expert and novice investors.

New investors in AlphaX platform are allowed to enter the highly lucrative crypto assets market with reduced risk and reward expert investors with tokens from their followers after offering value-added services to their follower base.

Benefits of AlphaX Automated Trading Platform

  1. Guaranteed profits
  2. Able to operate 24/7 with high-speed auto-trading
  3. No transfer time required; less liquidity tied up
  4. More markets to arbitrage

Averagely, traders tend to have at least 2-3 exchange accounts since their tokens are listed on different exchanges. Managing portfolio and trading across different exchanges poses a serious bottleneck and thus, AlphaX remains resolute about addressing this problem.

It is quite challenging for investors to track all profit through many exchanges. Rather, tracking profits through diverse platforms wastes time and consumes energy. AlphaX Portfolio Tracker was designed to address this menace.

In order to manage portfolios and trade effectively and efficiently, compared with other arbitrage software, AlphaX possess the following features;

  1. Simple/Fast Registration
  2. Profit sharing program
  3. Easy to add Fiat/Crypto
  4. World Standard Security
  5. 24/7 Customer support
  6. Advanced Trading Design
  7. Advanced Trading Engine

In short, AlphaX focuses on building a platform that monitors major cryptocurrency exchanges and is constantly looking for arbitrage opportunities and thousands of other types of transactions to use robots to initiate these transactions.

A real advantage of AlphaX is that it has a powerful and advanced combination of cross trade order books and uses statistical methods to predict potential arbitrage opportunities.

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How is MDX committed to optimizing transaction experience and building a prosperous ecosystem of MDE

In February this year, Mdex became the dark horse among diversified DeFi projects. Thanks to its multiple user incentives, Mdex achieved high performance in TVL and user transactions at the beginning of its launch, overtaking Uniswap and PancakeSwap, securing “double championships”.

At first, MDEX’s high TVL and transaction volume were not convincing to the users who believe these impressive data performances were mainly achieved by strong user incentives. However, this is nothing but a misconception. MDEX at present stills manages to stay on the top ranking in terms of these two indicators and even are on par with PancakeSwap and Uniswap after it greatly reduced user incentives.

Official statistics from Mdex show that in July, a dismal month for the overall crypto market, Mdex’s transaction volume exceeded $25 billion, with an average daily volume reaching $812 million. The total number of users surpassed 4 million, while the total rewards distributed to Mdex users amounted to $95 million.

According to Coingecko’s data, based on its daily transaction volume of $800 million in July, Mdex would rank second in DEX or top ten among CEX, overtaking the well-known exchanges such as OKEX, given the current market momentum.

As the chart below shows, MDEX remains very stable in terms of its transaction volume, immune to the reduced revenue from transaction mining. Pancake’s transaction volume, on the other hand, is less strong than that of MDEX.

Meanwhile, MDEX experienced a steady rise in the total number of transactions, which reflects higher user activity, albeit a far cry from Pancake. However, such a gap is quite normal considering the much stronger ecology of BSC compared to Heco which is Mdex’s main battleground.

With a stable data performance, MDEX firmly secures its leadership in the DEX field. This encourages us to think about other reasons for Mdex’s strong momentum: user loyalty does not come from financial incentives, but rather the good transaction experience offered.

Mainstream DEXes employ the AMM model for on-chain transactions, which have solved the problems of insufficient liquidity, difficulty in finding token pairs, troublesome procedures and high transaction fees. The aim to make on-chain transactions faster and more convenient becomes the single spark that can start the fire of the Defi prairie as it can unleash the potential of liquidity mining and help projects to rapidly gather a certain level of liquidity at their early stage.

However, every coin has its two sides. While users enjoy the convenience offered by the AMM model, they have also lost some initiatives, since they don’t have access to market information, and can’t trade at their desired price.

To address this issue, Mdex first introduced the Markets function through a professional market charting tool TradingView. This newly launched function allows users to view price movements and transaction depth, etc when trading on MDEX, thus greatly improving users’ initiative in performing transactions.

And recently, Mdex has taken a further step by introducing the service of pending order transactions to make transactions easier for users. Currently, mainstream DEX projects commonly suffer from a poor user experience that is caused by the low depth of pending orders and limited transactions. Most Defi users therefore still need to go to CEX for pending order transactions. MDEX has solved this issue by innovatively combining the depth of pending order transactions with that of the liquidity pool, a strategy that can greatly enhance user experience, thus avoiding the situation in which no transaction is reached due to the low depth of pending order.

With strong user incentives, Mdex has established good transaction depth and liquidity, and stills aims to further improve users’ transaction experience. The Markets function and pending order transaction enable Mdex users to enjoy both the security of DEX and the convenience of CEX. These two steps are the very exemplar of Mdex’s deep commitment to its transaction products.

In addition, Mdex has more to offer. Aside from enhancing user transaction experience, Mdex is slowly growing from a DEX to a prosperous ecosystem. The IMO and the $30 million Hunter plan are already underway; derivatives and stablecoins are being developed as scheduled. The upcoming DAO will also contribute to the growth of the Mdex ecosystem.

As an open platform, the establishment of DAO will encourage the autonomy of the MDEX. This means that Mdex holders will be able to submit proposals, vote for governance, and decide on both major and minor matters for Mdex governance, injecting more vigor for MDX.

To participate in the governance of Mdex, users first need to stake MDX in the Mdex Boardroom to obtain the voting and governance right before they can participate in voting for governance to decide on a number of matters ranging from adjusting Mdex’s mining pools and using the ecological fund, to selecting cooperation projects and even changing the development direction.

MDEX also plans to reward users with equities for their participation in DAO governance. MDEX will soon launch the election plan for board members, and 21 super directors will be elected through MDX voting. The elected board members will enjoy rights to initiate proposals and receive high revenue dividends, while users can participate in the governance of Mdex through voting and get corresponding rewards.

It is worth noting that Mdex is currently developing in multiple chains, and stakers of MDX, regardless of the chains they trade, can enjoy governance rights over across Mdex’s ecology, including future products.

Another long-term benefit for MDX community and its token holders is that MDX will soon launch its second halving on September 2, during which MDX output will be reduced to 20 pieces per block. This means MDEX will enjoy an even lower inflation rate. This, accompanied by an increase of MDX application scenarios, will eventually propel the outstanding market performance of MDX, on the basis of a good user base and diversified qualified products.

Currently, Mdex is on par with Uniswap and PancakeSwap in terms of certain important data performances but the market value of MDX is much smaller than the other two. This means that MDEX still has lots of potentials to unleash. At the same time, Mdex also enjoys broad application scenarios in the future. It can be said that MDX boasts a very promising investment prospect that is worth waiting for.

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MaMo Experiment Phase 1 Public Sales Recap

The Phase 1 of Public Sale was launched on 4 September 00:00 UTC and was intended to end on 7 September 23:59 UTC. However the 2 billion MaMo was sold out within 1 Day 17 Hours 11 minutes 51 seconds. The Phase 1 Public Sale was all sold out on 5 September 17:17 UTC.

We are really grateful for your support and trust in us. The Phase 2 Public Sale will be launched on 9 September 00:00 UTC. There are 4 billion of MaMo open for sale in Phase 2, which means there are more for you to grab! Each MaMo price is at $0.000095 for Phase 2.

Meanwhile there are still 1 Airdrop and 2 BUSD Giveaways going on right now!

MaMons can still join our Airdrop 3.0 at , remember to complete the tasks to be eligible to participate in the Airdrop 3.0!

Also, we are giving out 50 BUSD to 10 lucky MaMons!

What should you do?

1. Invite 3 friends into the community and tag 3 of them.

2. Claim the MaMo Airdrop at

3. Screenshot and send proof in the MaMo NFT Community at and your BUSD wallet address (BEP20 Address)

Last but not least, the final giveaway of 500 BUSD!

How to participate?

1. Purchase MaMo at

2. Send proof and BUSD wallet address to us at

3. We will verify the submitted proof and pick 10 lucky winners.

If you’re an NFT artist or NFT creator, you may hit us up for collaborations too! Please email us at [email protected]. Otherwise if you need other kinds of collaborations, please send us your proposal attached in the email. The relevant team will contact you ASAP.

Ever wonder why we say that MaMo is an one-of-a-kind NFT project? Let us tell you more.

Our NFT gamification is one of a kind.

This is how the game works: Users have to purchase MaMo Tokens in order to open a NFT jigsaw puzzle on a random basis. Each puzzle is segregated by different amounts of token mining according to the puzzle difficulty level. The unlocked jigsaw puzzle will be having a buffering duration and the owner can trade freely amongst each other. When a single puzzle game is completed, there will be a 72 hours window to determine those who are holding the most NFT jigsaws in a single puzzle and thus be entitled the ownership of the NFT puzzle.

Do stay tuned for the Phase 2 Public Sale if you want to grab above 800% of profit!

If you have any other questions, please do contact us at:

Email: [email protected] 

Follow us at:





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Grain Yield Increase and Disaster Reduction by “Fen long” Technology Invented in China Contributing to Improve the Better Future of Human Being

Editors Note:

In recent years, natural disasters such as drought and waterlogging occur frequently. Climate warming has triggered various disasters that affect existence, which has brought unprecedented challenges to grain production, ecological environment and world peace maintenance. “Fen long” technology, the new method of farming invented by Wei Benhui, the Chinese inventor, can help to solve these problems in the world to a certain extent and make the human future better by multiple using “5 kinds of resources”, soil and its cubic natural rainfall, oxygen, temperature, humidity and solar energy.

In August 2021, the yield of highland barley in the saline-alkali soil, which was transformed by “smash-ridging” technology in Zangzhong Village, Zhaqi Town, Zhanang County, Shannan City, Tibet, China, the roof of the world, increased by 38.67%. The highland barley yield of smash ridging sand soil farmland in Kemai Community, Changzhu Township, Naidong District, increased by 1121.73 kg, with 25.43% of increase range, and the straw yield also increased by more than 20%. Peng Xinhua, the researcher of Nanjing Institute of Soil Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences has implemented smash-ridging sweet potato experiment in Jiangxi Province, and the result was that the yield increased by 89% to 117%. The maximum production increase of wheat of heavy coast saline-alkali soil in Dongying City, Shandong Province was 154.22% after being transformed by “smash-ridging” technology. The production increase of cotton of heavy saline-alkali soil in Yuli County, Xinjiang Autonomous Region was yet 81.17% in the fourth year after being transformed by “smash-ridging” technology. Over the past decade, “smash-ridging” technology was applied to nearly 50 kinds of crops such as rice, corn and wheat in 28 provinces such as Guangxi and Xinjiang, and no more rich water, pesticide or other production costs was required while the production increase was generally 10% to 50%, the quality was improved by 5% and the increase production in saline-alkali soil was 20% to 100% after transformation. Experts estimated that, the natural disaster such as waterlogging, drought, high temperature and low temperature may be reduced by more than 20%, and soil environment improvement,and crop biomass increase will reduce carbon by more than 10% and increase  ground air humidity by 10%.

Invented by Wei Benhui from Guangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences, “smash-ridging” technology is a major new method of farming, which can realize a new round of production increase, quality improvement, water conservation, disaster reduction, carbon reduction and sustainable development of agriculture and contribute to widen the space of human existence and development.

In March 2021, “smash-ridging” technology was shown on the world’s No. 1 screen in Times Square, which stated that the smash ridging agricultural machinery and smash ridging farming that would not mess the soil layers for ultra deep ploughing had broken through worldwide problems such as “physical” production increase of agriculture and physical transformation of saline-alkali soil. “Smash-ridging” technology which has shocked the world is common technology, common welfare and common wealth of all mankind.

The advert of “smash-ridging” technology marks that the world has ushered in a very rare new agricultural revolution. The technology is simple, widely applied and sustainable for hundreds of years. It has realized increase of grain production and decrease of disaster to benefit human being.

1. Creating subversive fifth farming mode, which is worldwide used

“Smash-ridging” technology is named after vertical burying, high-speed rotary-cut smash soil, ridge and suspend by using spiral, hollow and other “drill” farming tools invented by Wei Benhui, instead of the “plow” which has been used for 5,500 years. “Smash-ridging” technology has become the fifth efficient farming mode after slash-and-burn cultivation, man power, animal power and tractor ploughing in the history of human farming. “Smash-ridging” technology structured “smash-ridging agriculture” technology system that matches smash-ridging agricultural machinery, smash-ridging farming and smash-ridging cultivation and overturned traditional farming way and agricultural production technical philosophy by using the scientific concept of “ultra deep ploughing and deep loosening the soil without messing the soil layers”. The worldwide universal technology expands the space for human existence and development, and its scientific connotation and characteristics are as below:

First of all, fully excavate natural resource utilization that the earth feeds human being. With 5 kinds of natural resources, soil, the grain producer which the mankind survives on, natural rainfall, oxygen, temperature and humidity and solar energy, once more multiple positive utilization can be realized on the basis of existent farming and agricultural utilization to promote a new round of agricultural production increase, quality improvement, water conservation, disaster reduction, carbon drop and sustainable development.

Secondly, trigger deepening utilization of the surface soil of earth with a light force. Loosened soil increases several times over., and most of soil is granular, and granular structure surface is smooth. Unit weight decreases by 10% to 20%, and available nutrient increases by 10% to 30%. Basic fertility improves by 10% to 30%, and applying quantity of chemical fertilizer for planting crop can reduce by more than 10%.

Thirdly, create cultivated land reservoir with loosened soil and expanded volume. Natural rainfall reserves approximately double, which provides conditions for human being to utilize rainwater and snow water again. Soil porosity enlarges approximately and oxygen increase approximately by one time. Soil microbial community and quantity increase by almost multiple times.

Fourthly, create soil ecological environment that is suitable for crop growth. Smash ridging cultivation requires soil ecological environment with balanced water, fertilizer, gas and heat. The crop takes roots in the earlier stage, strengthens in the medium stage and becomes powerful in the later stage. It features production increase and quality improvement with resistant to drought, high and low temperature. The root system is particularly developed with fibrous root increasing and activity strengthening. The photosynthetic efficiency improves by 10% to 30%, and the stress resistance such as drought and high and low temperature improves by approximately 20%, while  biomass increases by 20% to 30%.

Fifthly, create suitable environment for crops based on ecological conditions in which high agricultural yield is still available and consumption of agricultural “chemicals” is achievable even the consumption of fertilizer and pesticide can be reduced by more than 10% and some plastic mulch can be reduced. Some of polluted soil can be “purified itself”. For example, reduction of heavy metal pollution (reduction of cadmium content of rice) is a physical effect that other chemical means can hardly match.

Sixthly, realize no ecological area or crop variety limit. Almost all crops and some traditional Chinese medicinal materials in rice field, dry land and even saline-alkali soil can be applied to from Hainan Province at low latitude (18°N) to Xinjiang and Heilongjiang at high latitude (45° to 50°N), from Beihai of Guangxi at low altitude (10 to 15 metres) to Shigatse of Tibet at high altitude (over 4,000 metres), which indicates that there is no obvious limit on ecological area or crop variety, and it can be generally used in the world.

2. Application in China’s cultivated land and saline-alkali soil in 2021, with outstanding results

Test on smash ridging has been implemented in many places of China, and the result showed that comparing with traditional cultivation, the yield of rice increased by 15.5%, that of corn increased by 12.26%, and that of peanut increased by 8.05% with no fertilization.

“Smash ridging” technology has been applied to 50 kinds of crops such as rice, corn, wheat and potato in 28 provinces all over China for more than a decade, and production increase achieved 10% to 50%, and production increase in saline-alkali soil after being transformed achieved 20% to 100% with no increasing fertilization or irrigation volume. There are many cases of production increase in various places. In Yuanjiang City of Hunan Province, yield of smash ridging rice increased by 26.5% in that year, and it still increased by 12% in the fourth year after the first smash ridging cultivation. The yield of smash ridging wheat in Fuping, Shaanxi Province increased by 29.9%, and that of the second crop of corn increased by 34.89%. The average production increase of rained farming sugarcane was 32.5%.

In 2021, the cases of production increase with “smash-ridging” technology occurred frequently, and the results are outstanding.

Firstly, rice production continuously increases with smash-ridging technology. Yaoguao Town, Longhui County, Hunan Province used to be the breakthrough point where Academician Yuan Longping’s hybrid rice yields reached 900 kg per mu. In April 2014, “smash-ridging” cultivation was implemented, and the yield of hybrid rice increased by 25% in that year. It has been the 8th year since “smash ridging” technology was implemented, but the yield of hybrid rice is expected to increase by 10% or so. The yield of second crop of rice after rice smash ridging was implemented in Yongan Village, Shifu Town, Nanning City, Guangxi Autonomous Region increased by 9.5%.

Secondly, smash ridging water conservation and continuous high yield lasted for many years. In 2021, the third year after “smash-ridging” technology was implemented in Yanshan, Cangzhou City, Hebei Province, the yield of wheat with water conservation increased by 18% with irrigation reduction by nearly 2,000 cubic metres per hectare. In 2021, the sixth year after “smash-ridging” technology was implemented in Fanjiazhai Village, Guyang Town, Lankao County, Henan Province, the yield of wheat increased by 10.3%.

Thirdly, smash-ridging agriculture and saline alkali soil transformation in highland region. As previous statement, the yield of highland barley of saline alkali soil in Tibet, the roof of the world, increased by 38.67%, that of highland barley of sand soil cultivated land with “smash-ridging” technology increased by 25.43%, that of highland barley straw increased by more than 20%, which can effectively solve the problem of lack of grain and feed in Tibet.

Fourthly, the history of high yield of sugarcane in a large area with smash-ridging technology was made. “Smash-ridging” technology “145” demonstration base for planting sugarcane was built in Guangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences. On March 6, 2021, upon experts’ acceptance, it increased by 38.3% than conventional cultivation. “Smash-ridging” technology “145” demonstration in Binyang of Guangxi, is expected to make history of green ecological high yield of sugarcane in a large area with entire mechanization to bring a sample for China’s and the world’s sugarcane planting technology.

3. Increasing grain yield and decreasing disaster by conforming to the nature, and all the mankind getting a better future

The best living quality and survival and development environment with abundant and tasteful food, fresh air and visible blue sky and cloud are mankind’s good wishes.

The earth is endowed with 5 kinds of inexhaustible natural resources, soil and its stereoscopic spatial natural rainfall, oxygen, temperature and humidity and solar energy. Soil is the “producer” of grain and other agricultural products the human being survives on and the “regulator” of natural environment to relieve drought, waterlogging and other natural disasters. In order to realize the above dreams, human being has to profoundly comprehend and properly utilize the “5 kinds of natural resources”, which is the fundamental obedience to the rules of resource utilization for mankind’s survival. For a country, the more proper utilization rate of “the 5 kinds of natural resources” of the stereoscopic space, the more secure grain and ecology in the country, the more fortunate of national life, which is also in this way for all the world and all the mankind.

The core of “smash-ridging” technology is to multiply sound utilization of the above “5 kinds of natural resources”. Its pioneering scientific contribution is based on the principle of “ultra deep cultivation and deep loosening (by utilizing the soil resources of plough sole which human being has not utilized yet), loosening soil at original site, granular soil, once off completion of soil preparation., and no tillage or light tillage for conservation tillage for years”. Meanwhile, “smash-ridging” technology is almost applied to various land resources including cultivated land and saline alkali soil so that agricultural available resources have expanded substantially. Furthermore, yield increase can be maintained with properly reducing fertilization. Additionally, it is easy to popularize and apply, and it is merely to replace tractor “plough” cultivation with smash ridging “drill”. Rice field is 25 cm deep, and dry land is 35 cm deep, and saline alkali soil is 40 cm deep. Expected effect is achievable with no excessive input or technical instruction required.

Wei Benhui said that invention of spiral and hollow “drill” tillage implements would certainly bring a major change of tillage implements and modernization of series products of smash ridging agricultural machinery equipment. The world will usher in great new times of “smash-ridging agriculture”.

According to expert’s estimates, if 1 billion mu of farmland and 300 million saline alkali land are cultivated in China, 130 billion kg of grain can be increased every year and 300 to 400 million more people can be fed. If land “smash-ridging” technology is implemented in 50% of farmland in the world, yield of grain can be increased and more people can be fed.

With “smash-ridging” technology, 40 to 50 cubic metres of natural rainfall reserve can be increased for cultivated land per mu, and drought, waterlogging and other disasters can be reduced. Recently, heavy waterlogging occurred in Henan Province. Because light tillage is carried out in most of cultivate land (most of loosened soil of plough layer is 12 to 15 cm), the soil of button layer is compacted and moves upward due to rolling by tractor wheels for years. Adding the road extension and ground hardening in the villages, there is no more place for water reservation. If “smash ridging” technology is implemented in half of cultivated land, such affect of rainstorm can be reduced greatly. Also, with improving smash ridging soil environment and significant increasing crop biomass, the goals including carbon reduction, peak carbon dioxide emissions and carbon neutralization can be achieved early, and global warming can be relived greatly.

“Smash-ridging agriculture” and its entire production technology system invented and created by Wei Benhui have surpassed the existent agricultural production mode and have been affirmed and supported by Yuan Longping and other more than 10 Chinese academicians. The technology system has been practiced to almost all crop varieties from low latitude to high latitude and from low altitude to high altitude. It can be popularized globally and is expected to be a new mainstream technology in the world to lead the trend of agricultural cultivation development. The future will be better for all mankind. (Written by Heng Yi)

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Wei Benhui, the inventor of “smash-ridging” technology, Chinese cultivation expert, secondary researcher of Guangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences, has acquired 21 achievements in sugarcane, Chinese yam, potato, cassava and “smash-ridging” technology, 18 national, provincial and ministerial awards, 15 invention patents. He has bred 26 new varieties of Chinese yam. Additionally, he has published 10 works such as Chinas Ecology for Grain Increase with Smash Ridging Alive Soil and Chinese Yam Cultivation as well as more than 170 papers. He has won the titles of National Outstanding Scientific and Technological Worker of China, Special Allowance Expert of the State Council, Guangxi Excellent Expert, Guangxi Outstanding Contribution Expert, Guangxi Most Beautiful Scientific and Technological worker, etc.

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Bit.Store–A Super Convenient Way to Buy Into (and Out Of) Bitcoin

Crypto currencies, especially Bitcoin, are going mainstream. It seems that its wildest oats have been sown as traditional investors begin to take significant positions. Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are being packaged by crypto market makers to serve such traditional investors, as Morgan Stanley purchased $240 million in Grayscale’s “Bitcoin Trust” just last week, and Goldman Sachs has publicly confirmed plans to have a substantial crypto portfolio as well. Meanwhile, average consumers can expect more convenient ways to buy crypto, too, particularly considering PayPal’s recent promises. Whether PayPal will be inexpensive for average consumers, however, is a serious question.

The prospect of holding crypto currencies for the average consumer can seem quite prohibitive if you don’t hunt around for solutions. Compared with traditional assets, most solutions you find have unfamiliar complexities and risks. There are specialized wallets for cryptocurrency with unique protocols and real potential for users to make mistakes that cannot be undone, such as irreversibly transferring to the wrong party or irreversibly locking themselves out of access to their crypto holdings. The peer-to-peer, decentralized, and pseudo-anonymous realm of cryptocurrency is new territory, out of which come reports not unlike those of early European adventurers to other continents–fabulously enticing and nightmarishly forbidding in equal measure. As usual, the truth is in between.

A rather unfussy app I learned about from friends living abroad is a good example. The app is designed for the average investor–the average credit-card user, really, and can very easily put such users into Bitcoin holdings. Go in with a credit card, come out with BTC–it’s that easy. When things are easy, though, they can also be viewed positively, or negatively, as minimal. You won’t find candlestick charts, “market” vs. “limit” options, or steps to take involving stablecoins. What you’ll find is more akin to online shopping. With Bit.Store, the entire process of buying BTC is as simple as buying a regular product. You just need to link up your bank card, determine the amount to buy, place your order, and you’re good to go.

Compared to exchanges like Binance or Coinbase, Bit.Store’s simplicity is more like PayPal, or Square’s Cash App (Cash App, in fact, had $2.7 billion in transactions in Q2 2021).

Bit.Store is a “custodial” app, and the custodians are Bit.Store partners Coinbase, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by assets, and Cobo, Asia’s largest crypto wallet by assets. While this means more security and lower risk it also means you can’t withdraw or deposit BTC itself. But it does arguably let you do something better, which is very easily convert fiat to crypto and back again. Another global firm, PWC, further ensures security and regulatory compliance as auditor.

Bit.Store is mainly aimed at the Southeast Asian market, and actually first launched in Indonesia. Indonesia has a relatively relaxed policy environment around crypto, a population of 300 million, ranking 3rd after China and India in Asia, and high internet penetration. But the app is adding countries from Hong Kong to Canada, so without a doubt it’s going to grow. The exchange rates are extremely reasonable, and prices lock in without making you rush to complete purchases. Bit.Store is a perfect way to get started with investing in Bitcoin as well as other popular crypto currencies. It may, in fact, be all you’ll ever need.

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FTNDEX Decentralized Exchange Officially Launched

When it comes for the decentralized exchange, you may be familiar with Uniswap and Sushiswap, and their platform coins uni and sushi are very successful.

FTNDEX launched the IDO sector at the same time as the BSC chain on September 1st. The total number of FTN tokens issued is 210 million, of which 1 million have entered the initial trading pair, 4 million have entered the IDO private placement sector in the early stage, and the remaining 98% have all entered smart contracts, which are mined through NFT interactive games and liquidity mining. After understanding, the mining method adopted by FTNDEX is quite different from the traditional decentralized exchange!

Firstly, the output of FTN Toke has its unique algorithm and distribution ratio. As shown in the data in the figure, it can be seen that after going online, the daily output of the head mine is 216,000, and the output is reduced by 10% every 120 days. As time goes by, it takes about 5 years for the coin production to become less and less.

Secondly, the dual mining mode has created a better market consensus. FTNDEX mining sector has launched NFT interactive game sector and LP liquidity mining sector simultaneously. Through NFT game, you can obtain NFT four-leaf clover mining machine to produce coins, and you can also participate in liquidity mining by pledging LP Token.

Thirdly, quadruple market value management avoids a large number of smashing cases + about 98% of smart contract output ensures the steady growth of coin price, As shown in the figure, the quadruple market value management includes the repurchase and destruction mechanism of games, players and exchanges. First, in the NFT interactive game sector, 45% of all revenues will be distributed to all participating users through smart contracts, 50% will be used for repurchase and destruction, and the remaining 5% will be used for public welfare, GAS fees and community building. The second destruction mechanism is the consensus destruction mechanism. All USDT proceeds obtained from participating in NFT interactive games will simultaneously destroy FTN tokens with a value of 50% when they are withdrawn. The third destruction mechanism is produced by transaction fees. On FTNDEX platform, 0.3% will be charged for each transaction, and 0.1% of all transactions will enter the fund pool to be repurchased. When the coin price is lower than the 72-hour average price, the smart contract will be triggered for repurchase and destruction at 5000USDT each time. The fourth destruction mechanism comes from NFT transaction fee sector.

Fourthly, FTNDEX will be launched into the NFT trading market simultaneously, and the NFT sector will provide convenient circulation, trading and lending services for various assets in the meta-universe and chain tour economy.

Fifth, build FTN-LEA trade union. Speaking of the union, all gamers will be familiar with it. By joining trade unions to receive or distribute tasks to earn income, FTN-LEA trade unions will build a global trade union alliance, and the assets owned by trade unions will be leased for trade union members to use these assets to participate in corresponding game tasks, so that trade union members can earn income by playing and earning (P2E) in trade unions. At the same time, it also expands more users for meta-universe and chain tour economy.

In conclusion, we can have a general comparison and understanding between the traditional decentralized exchange and FTNDEX.

Open the official website through the blockchain browser:



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GIBX-SPAC Is Born, Aligning With The Strategic Development Of GIBXChange And SWAP

Introduction: Adhering to the core concepts of compliance, safety, and innovation and taking the protection of user assets as the primary criterion, GIBX-SPAC makes its debut.

What is GIBX-SPAC? What is the magic power that is able to propel the popularity of the entire GIBXChange Forward?

The essence of SPAC is a company created or sponsored by investors ranging from private equity or hedge fund professionals to high-net-worth individuals. These investors promote the creation of the SPAC through their successful record of raising funds, aiming to raise funds through an initial public offering, to use the proceeds to acquire one or more unspecified businesses or assets determined after the initial public offering. It has become a popular tool for various transactions.

Once SPAC raises funds in the initial public recruitment, the funds will enter a safe, interest-bearing trust account. At the same time, SPAC will seek acquisition opportunities and negotiate merger agreements to acquire companies or assets.

After completing the acquisition, SPAC investors can convert their shares into shares of the merged company or redeem SPAC shares to recover the original investment and generate interest during the trust fund period.

GIBX-SPAC, which has two strong endorsements, is now a global sensation, and everyone is rushing for it. 50 million shares open for public exchange, and 100% of GUSDT™ can be exchanged for GIBX-SPAC equity. GIBXChange issues 20 million to a maximum of 100 million units for US$10.00. This amazing strength makes it dazzling. And behind GIBX-SPAC is the powerful GIBXChange endorsing it.

In an environment where all countries are constantly pursuing and improving the concept of digital assets and supporting technologies, GIBXChange has created a myth in the industry since its establishment. As a leader in digital asset exchanges, GIBXChange is committed to being a platform for everyone to trade as a vital link in the blockchain world and has launched many significant events that attract investors worldwide, letting users grasp the opportunity of generating wealth.

As the world’s first decentralized digital asset exchange covering foreign exchange functions, it has a compliance license from a global authority digital asset service provider and provides safe and reliable digital asset service for millions of users in more than 50 countries.

As a representative of a decentralized exchange, it has three core components: a new underlying blockchain trading platform, a new generation of trading protocols, and a cross-chain decentralized exchange. The system is designed in five aspects: “asset security, market flow, fair transaction, ecological openness, and transaction experience,” covering the complete architecture of the leading technical and business logic of decentralization.

In a new environment where digital assets occupy a unique resource advantage, digital assets are the central hub linking the blockchain and the physical world and play a significant role in promoting the development and evolution of the entire industry. As one of the leaders, GIBXChange faces the storm and reaches cooperation with many world heavyweight organizations, further increasing GIBXChange’s reserve strength and making the powerful GIBXChange the cornerstone of wealth. It also brings more excellent protection to GIBX-SPAC.

Only a professional and experienced team can make the platform a more secure, stable, and efficient operation and make investors’ and users’ assets more secure. There are only a few births of the digital economy. Still, I believe that shortly, with the support of the world’s top teams, GIBX-SPAC will lead the innovative model of currency transactions and derivative transactions by providing several mainstream virtual digital asset transactions. Which can allow us to successfully become the number 1 among enthusiasts with a safe, fair, open, and efficient blockchain digital asset trading platform!