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NFTs: Transforming the World of Art Collecting

Grapes on the Vine

Introducing the Maestro Extraordinaire

Los Angeles, California Jan 13, 2022 ( – NFTs: TRANSFORMING THE WORLD OF ART COLLECTING

Patrick O’Brien was a precocious, adventurous, wanderlust-stricken 19-year-old man who was hell-bent on actualizing a dream, one that had haunted him since the age of 12: to see Monte Carlo, and thus walk in the footsteps of Sean Connery. Patrick had long been mesmerized by the James Bond character, lifestyle, and all the exotic lands. Patrick would ultimately travel through Canada and twelve European countries–most notably Italy and France–in ninety-seven days, paying homage to the many important temples of European art and culture: Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel, Uffizi Gallery, The Louvre, Musee D’Orsay, the Prado, etc. This is how and when his growing interest in fine art completely flowered.

Patrick was awestruck when, in 1994, billionaire Bill Gates purchased Leonardo da Vinci’s Codex for a whopping $32,802,500! Gates promptly had it scanned and transposed into digital images: a precursor to NFT (non-fungible token) art, which is now all the rage with well-fixed art collectors. The record for the highest sale of an NFT object of art is $69.3 million.

One Sunday while out running errands, Patrick spotted out of the corner of his eye what appeared to be a garage sale. Curiosity piqued, he did a U-turn and much to his sheer delight, it wasn’t a garage sale at all; it was a gentleman–who bore an uncanny resemblance to “The Most Interesting Man in the World,” character actor Jonathan Goldsmith of Dos Equis fame–selling utterly gorgeous paintings out of his home gallery in Temecula, California.


This exceptionally talented man’s is Kip Dodge, who besides being a gifted, prolific painter, enjoyed a whirlwind career in automotive design, aerospace, engineering, and program management. Growing up in the Midwest and summering at the family’s cottage in Michigan, Kip taught himself to express his thoughts and experiences through evocative visual art. Indeed, he was drawn to artistic pursuits from a very young age–he was, many would say, a prodigal son. Kip’s uncommon intelligence and creativity enriched such behemoth organizations as NASA, Lockheed Martin, and TRW. He availed his many-sided expertise to top-level missions to Mars, Pluto, the moon, and Earth itself. Was there anything this man couldn’t do?

Kip has clearly blurred the lines of art, engineering, and science, earning him the nickname “The Renaissance Man.” Was he the “second coming” of Maestro da Vinci, perhaps?

Now extremely close friends who live five minutes apart, Patrick and Kip have embarked on a new journey, a collaborative enterprise that will most certainly satisfy the world’s swelling interest in NFT art. Kip’s fantastically beautiful, museum-quality Tuscan landscapes and still-lifes, as well as his dramatic abstract expressionistic pieces, gladden the hearts and souls of those fortunate enough to behold them. Vineyards, wineries, and stately villas colorfully explode off their canvases, beckoning admirers into the creative imagination of Maestro Kip Dodge, who, according to Patrick O’Brien, founder of Global Luxury Art, is undoubted “The REAL most interesting man in the world!”

Tuscany in Blue FramedTuscany Last Light FramedSunlit Tuscan Earth FramedTuscany Breaking Light Framed

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