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Is Trump Taking Security Meetings for Granted?

Donald Trump on Friday chaired a meeting with his National Security Council which was created purposely for detecting and preventing election interference in the American national elections. The meeting was aimed at stipulating all the activities that several federal agencies were taking in order to protect elections from external interference.

Reports from the white house has it that the meeting was conducted in less than an hour leaving democrats fuming over the alleged lack of responsibility by the president in combating election fraud. The last American election has been marred by controversy with reports claiming that Russian hackers were involved in alleged rigging of the poll which Donald Trump emerged successful.

There has been outcry by members of the oppositions for action against the “intruders”. The government has however been very passive in taking steps to stop election interference. The State Department was given $120 million to combat this problem and they have since used none of the funds.

The Trump administration has been quite about the reports of Russian involvement in the 2016 election. Sources from the White House indicate that the government has no meaningful strategies to combat this problem. The brief security meeting on Friday further increased this point.

The government’s passiveness in this issue has angered the Democrats. Sen Mark Warner accused president Trump of inactivity and claims that the president is the main reason why the government has been reluctant in investigating Russia’s role in the 2016 elections.

On Tuesday last week, Special Counsel Robert Mueller had indicted 12 members of the Russian Intelligence service for hacking materials that were used in the pro-Trump WikiLeaks campaign propaganda.

Reports said that the same Russian hackers are the ones responsible for the phishing attack against Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill. The attack was unsuccessful though according to the senator in his public statement.

There are several warnings from intelligence agencies which state that Russian hackers are particularly interested in future elections and they will try and influence results of various polls which seem to benefit them either directly or indirectly.

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