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Alchemy Pay Partners MEXC Global to Provide Fiat On-Ramps and Crypto Acceptance

European MEXC Global users to be able to deposit fiat with credit and debit cards

MXC tokens will be accepted across Alchemy Pay’s merchants and partners network

ACH token trading is now available on MEXC Global

Singapore, August 6, 2021 – Cryptocurrency service provider MEXC Global (“MEXC”), which operates a centralized cryptocurrency exchange serving more than six million users, has partnered with Alchemy Pay (“Alchemy”) to integrate Alchemy’s hybrid crypto-fiat payment gateway to better serve MEXC’s European market.

This integration will provide fiat on-ramps that will significantly reduce barriers to entry for crypto investments on MEXC’s European users will be able to deposit fiat onto MEXC Global with their credit and debit cards.

“Our partnership with MEXC Global is a significant milestone in mitigating the gap between cryptocurrency and fiat to drive overall crypto adoption in the European region.” Said John Tan, CEO of Alchemy Pay. “This is a win-win situation. Experienced investors have an easier way to invest funds in crypto, while MEXC Global can now target crypto-curious investors with no crypto holdings.”

The partnership further entails the integration of MEXC’s MX tokens onto Alchemy Pay’s hybrid crypto-fiat payment gateway. This creates more use cases for MX tokens as they will be accepted as a form of payment by Alchemy Pay’s merchants and partners network.

MEXC Global now supports trading service for Alchemy Pay’s ACH token and will add margin trading in the near future.

About MEXC Global

Founded in 2018, MEXC Global is a centralized exchange that employs a high-performance mega-transaction matching technology. The MEXC platform is run by a team of professionals with extensive financial industries and blockchain technology experience.

Currently, MEXC Global has more than 6 million users in more than 70 countries around the world. The exchange completes 1.4 million transactions per second, which results in increased efficiency and enhanced performance. In the interest of strengthening security and ensuring optimal data integrity, supported by independently hosted server clusters in Singapore and South Korea to ensure security and data integrity.

About Alchemy Pay

Alchemy Pay is the inventor of the world’s first hybrid fiat and digital currency gateway solution for businesses and investors. Alchemy Pay powers seamless crypto and fiat acceptance for merchant networks, developers and financial institutions, and powers adoption of blockchain technology by making crypto investment and DeFi services readily accessible to consumers and institutions in the fiat economy. Today, Alchemy operates in 18 countries and regions and has touchpoints with more than 2 million merchants through partnerships with industry giants such as Shopify, Arcadier, QFPay and more.

For media enquiries, please contact: Katherine He

[email protected]

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Atlanta GA Jimmie Stephens Relationship Coach – Communication Zoom Plan Launched

Atlanta-based life coach Jimmie Stephens has launched The School of Marriage and Relationships, a counseling service that will offer weekly sessions to couples on communication, respect, and strategies for maintaining healthier relationships.

Further details on this are available at:

The launch of Jimmie Stephens’ School of Marriage and Relationships will deliver helpful one-on-one counseling sessions for couples experiencing difficulty in their relationships. These sessions will cover a wide range of topics to help them communicate better, resolve unsettled conflict, and lead more productive relationships.

Relationship coaches provide couples with the tools and insight needed to broaden their perspectives and improve communication, leading to healthier relationships. This is especially relevant to couples facing difficulty due to extended lockdowns, sudden career changes, and various other factors resulting from the current pandemic.

Jimmie Stephens will be tutoring the School of Marriage and Relationships through his consultancy – The Good Life Jimmie. Participants can expect to learn about communication tools, relationship boundaries, and systems to establish mutual respect and growth within a relationship.

Jimmie’s School of Marriage and Relationships is open to married and unmarried couples as well as single individuals. Counseling is provided through weekly 30-minute sessions with class recordings and additional content sent to participants via email. Membership is designed to run on a monthly basis and can be canceled at the participants’ discretion.

Jimmie is a published life coach, public speaker, and relationship communication trainer. His publications, currently available for purchase on his website via the link above, include eBooks that cover financial management in relationships, conflict resolution in marriages, trust-building, and other related subjects.

Jimmie said: “Committing to a healthier lifestyle is just that – a commitment, and it’s a big one that will take a lot of dedication. My goal is to provide you with accountability, understanding, and support to help you re-imagine your life. As a professionally trained and experienced relationship and life coach, I have the tools and understanding to help you to create the life you imagine and get a renewed sense of self.”

Interested parties can find more information on Jimmie Stephens’ School of Marriage and Relationships here:

The Good Life Speaking and Coaching
The Good Life Speaking and Coaching

10136 Deep Creek Dr. Uninon City GA. 30291

Union City
United States

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NFT: from physical objects to authentication of everything by Metaverse, security should never be ignored

The rise of NFT is both the natural result of Internet and blockchain development and the response to the urgent need of a more convenient way of authentication and circulation of artworks.

Based on blockchain, NFT is more than tamper-proof, open, transparent, and traceable – it is also unique. Its inherent properties as collectibles allow it to be linked to the art world in the first place; but it can also map physical objects such as properties, land, cars, and even virtual assets. A typical example is the trendy Metaverse that has gone viral recently. It is safe to say that NFT can authenticate everything; and everything can be NFT-ed.

Security issues after the NFT emergence

NFT everything will create a whole new world, but the development of any new technology has to go through a process from rough to fine. Security issues such as copyright, repeat sales, theft and storage have already emerged.

1. Copyright

In a world of networking, the ease of access to resources and the availability of deploying smart contracts on blockchains make infringement prevalent, such as the case of Swedish illustrator Simon Stålenhag’s unauthorized work made into NFT. The consequence of this “freedom” in the blockchain is that if the first creator of the NFT is not the actual creator of the physical artwork, then there is a high probability of copyright disputes.

2. Repeat sales

Although most NFTs are currently deployed on Ethereum networks, it is however, not the only public chains where NFT smart contracts can be deployed, so at present there is no way to prevent a creator from deploying the same mapping on different public chains. If two different buyers purchase two NFTs with the same mapping, which one is the unique one?

3. Theft

Like other cryptocurrencies theft on the blockchain, NFT’s theft problem is largely due to the theft of keys and mnemonic phrases. The NFT boom has attracted not only collectors and investors, but also hackers. Hackers steal private keys by implanting Trojan viruses into computers, using malware to record keyboard input and screenshots. Losing the private key almost means losing the cryptocurrencies, so it is recommended to use physical media to back up the private keys and mnemonics, such as copying them on paper with a pen, and then keeping them in a safe. Be careful when taking screenshots or photos, and don’t store them in an internet-connected environment to prevent theft.

4. Storage

NFT provides a new way to transfer value, but whether it can be permanently stored may have not been seriously considered by most users. And data loss cases have occurred in the short time since NFT emerged. Musician 3LAU sold an NFT album for $11 million on NiftyGateway in early March, but the NFT was soon lost.

The reason for this problem is that most NFT tokens themselves are currently stored separately from metadata and media data. Although the tokens themselves are stored on the blockchain, the NFTs store actual contents as a simple URI string in the metadata which is stored on a centralized node. This is a sub-optimal solution for the Ethereum network congestion and the high cost of storage on it. With this approach, metadata and media data can be lost or replaced at any time, and if lost, the NFT becomes worthless even though the token is still stored on the chain.

NFT storage solutions: decentralized storage and multiple backups

Taken together, storage is the most critical of the four security issues mentioned above. Because copyright, repeat sales, and theft, while important to buyers or collectors, do not affect the existence of NFTs and relevant mappings in the world, but only how they exist and to whom the ownership belongs.

For the entire NFT market and even the whole collectibles market, however, storage is a solution to the long-standing or even permanent problems of NFT, which is where the true meaning of NFT value lies.

As we can see from the media data loss case, the root cause of the storage problem is that a programme which seeks to decentralize is using a centralized storage approach.

Decentralized storage and multiple backups are the best solutions to this problem.

1. Decentralized storage

At present, most NFT trading platforms do not specify how the tokens are stored. Most platforms use centralized storage methods, while a few other platforms recommend decentralized storage. Decentralized storage is still new relative to centralized cloud storage. Projects such as Filecoin, Arweave, Storj, MEMO are tackling blockchain-based decentralized storage. They work by slicing the data and storing the fragments on many edge nodes around the world, using blockchain decentralization technology to achieve data integrity and storage reliability; and the failure of any single edge node will not cause data loss. It is much more reliable than centralized storage.

2. Decentralized storage network of IPFS

IPFS is by far the most widely recommended decentralized network and is itself a storage tier for Filecoin. IPFS is a protocol that addresses contents by integrating existing technologies (BitTorrent, DHT, Git, and SFS) to create a peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol that seeks to create a faster, safer, and more open next-generation Internet.

This is the approach recommended by many NFT trading platforms, including Opensea. The famous digital platform Hashmask, which is known for its mask styles, stores all NFTs with IPFS. The Punk platform CryptoPunks does not currently announce how its NFTs are stored, but all the 10,000 NFT images in its SubstraPunks game are stored on IPFS.

3. A better solution: Metastorage

Although IPFS is one of the few solutions, it is actually not perfect. Its advantage is content addressing, but there are still deficiencies in storage. The essence of IPFS is that, if there is a link, there is a “Content ID” (CID) – as long as the data exists, the data can be found; but if the data does not exist, then the link refers to a blank. From this perspective, IPFS is more like a system that “processes data but does not store data”.

Metastorage( is a storage project developed based on MEMO ( and for empowering Metaverse & NFT. Its storage method is “IPFS+MEFS”. MEFS is a file system built upon MEMO, and MEMO is a blockchain-based distributed storage project established in 2017 which is known for its high availability.

MEMO aims at high availability at the very beginning of its design stage – it improves its storage performance from three aspects: space utilization, data verification speed, and data repair performance. And it has found the best balance between security, reliability, and availability. Its innovative data layering mechanism can effectively improve the efficiency of storage space, providing verification certificate within 1 second. And the original RAFI technology can significantly improve the data repair capability.

Metastorage leverages the advantages of both IPFS and MEFS to create a double cycle storage. With only one click, it is linked to both IPFS system and the MEFS system, realizing decentralized and reliable storage and double backups at the same time.

Therefore, relatively speaking, Metastorage with the combination of “IPFS+MEFS” has excellent storage performance and should be paid attention to and used by most of NFT trading platforms and creators.

In the digital age, storage is an ultimate problem that needs to be solved throughout the whole time, and even more so for the NFT world which has high expectations of permanent storage. Storing NFT metadata and media data on a decentralized network and making multiple backups will eliminate the embarrassing case of losing the media data while the ownership remains. And decentralized storage and multiple backups will make it possible to NFT everything.

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Croydon VIC Lawn Care Landscaping Professional Mowing/Planting Services Launched

Motley Group has announced newly updated lawn care services for customers in Croydon, Victoria. The full-service landscaping and gardening company also provides a gutter clean for each new client.

For more information, please visit:

The latest service update includes laying synthetic turf, expert planting, timber work, and all outdoor lighting services. Customers can also rely on the trained team for fencing installation, paving, tiling and concrete work.

The full range of services includes garden maintenance, green and hard waste removal, landscaping, lawn care, and pest control.

For homeowners who feel as though their lawn is looking tired, calling a landscaping expert is an affordable and reliable way of restoring the property’s exterior. Motley Group will work with customers to bring their garden project vision to life.

Professional gardening is also available for customers wanting to maintain or improve the quality appearance of their lawn. Motley Group provides lawn edging, mowing and blowing, hedging, pruning, and a variety of other services.

For Croydon, Victoria homeowners, there are a number of benefits to hiring a professional lawn care company for garden work. Professional lawn maintenance experts can ensure that no accidental damage occurs throughout a landscaping or mowing project.

Lawn care can also be highly intensive, and families who hire the experts at Motley Group can save both time, energy and money. Whether customers are elderly and don’t want to risk injury or they don’t have time to mow their own lawn, they can rely on Motley Group to cover their lawn care needs.

With this gardening service update, the company continues its focus on providing the best lawn packages for local residents. They encourage customers to get in touch to discuss their lawn care goals, and will provide a tailored solution to meet these needs.

A spokesperson for the company states: “For all your garden and maintenance needs, whether you need regular maintenance or a one-off garden tidy up, Motley Group is the perfect solution for every type of garden.”

Those wishing to find out more can visit the website here:

Motley Group
Motley Group
[email protected]
Lusher Road,


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Dallas Roofing Experts Making Key Hires For End Of Summer Push

The summer is beginning to wind down; however, these are still busy times in the roofing industry and should be until winter, as fall is a great time in the Dallas area to finish roofing projects. In addition, this year, revamped online marketing campaigns have helped The Dallas Roofing Experts increase overall business by over 60%.

While this success is to be celebrated, it has also added minor growing pains. The Dallas Roofing Experts have had to make new hires in all central departments, including hiring new salespeople, roofing crews specific to replacements and repairs, and new administrative positions; as with more projects coming in, admin becomes so essential to pulling permits and scheduling jobs correctly.

Months ago was a particularly bad season for hailstorms. As a result, many homeowners are trying to patch up minor damages, while many are looking to get full roof replacements in Dallas, TX. The combination of a rough season with an increased presence online has The Dallas Roofing Experts receiving inbound calls every day from homeowners with roofing needs.

Alain, a partner roofing contractor with The Dallas Roofing Experts, had this to say, “You always feel very fortunate to be in a position where hiring is a necessity; it shows growth and a trend in the right direction. We really think this has a lot to do with how great our roofers are at their jobs and the marketing that has helped increase the number of people we can help. We look forward to staying busy right up until the weather dictates we can’t and believe we have the team and marketing in place to accomplish that goal.”

For homeowners and business owners that live in or around the Dallas, TX area, contact The Dallas Roofing Experts for all roof repair and replacement needs. Free estimates are provided, in addition to financing if needed. If there is extensive damage done to the roof via hail or other storms, there is a possibility insurance can cover a new roof. Contact The Dallas Roofing Experts to find out more.

The Dallas Roofing Experts
The Dallas Roofing Experts

1910 Pacific Ave #9250

United States

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Capitol Tech Solutions Takes the Gold in International 2021 dotCOMM Awards

Capitol Tech Solutions received a Gold Award for Marketing, PR, Advertising, and Digital Agency in the 2021 dotCOMM Awards announced August 1.

The program, administered by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals, touts the important role of creative professionals in web, social, and digital platforms.

The 2021 dotCOMM Awards competition featured more than 2,000 entries from multiple countries. Typically, about 13 percent of entries win Platinum with a score of 90-100, 13 percent win Gold with a score of 80-89, and about 5 percent win an Honorable Mention.

This is the first year the dotCOMM Awards have recognized the Sacramento-based digital transformation firm, an indicator of the agency’s growth in software development, web design, and digital marketing.

“I’m proud of the high-quality work produced by our software developers, web designers, and digital marketers,” said Capitol Tech Solutions CEO Bobby Reed. “Winning a Gold dotCOMM Award signals to our current and potential clients that we are a leading digital transformation firm in Northern California.”

The Software Development and Digital Marketing divisions of Capitol Tech Solutions have found success in recent months securing contracts with California state agencies.

The dotCOMM Awards are an annual evaluation of submissions over a two-month period. Each entry is judged individually and not against other entries in the same category. The evaluators do not allow for additional material to explain design choices, the dotCOMM website states. Judges evaluate all work on its quality, creativity, and resourcefulness.

KVIE, the Northern California PBS-affiliate and Capitol Tech Solutions client, received an Honorable Mention in the dotCOMM Awards in the nonprofit category.

Capitol Tech Solutions

Capitol Tech Solutions is a full-service Digital Agency in Sacramento, Calif., serving its partners since 2004. The company’s mission is to understand the unique business goals of each of its clients in order to create tailored solutions that not only meet but exceed their goals.

CTS strives to be considered its clients’ long-term digital partner. To see a full description of Capitol Tech Solutions’ services and previous work, please visit the website atâ?¯

Capitol Tech Solutions
Capitol Tech Solutions
[email protected]
2830 G St
Suite 200
United States

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Binemon accepts more Cryptocurrency by the acquisition of DRK Exchange

California, USA, 6 Aug 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Binemon NFT Game, the name that has been and is still attracting tons of curiosity among the Blockchain game community by its impressive achievements in a concise period. Even more surprising is that they made a bold #GameFi move when acquiring, a part of the DRK Chain ecosystem, to serve their members exclusively.

According to the analysis data from more than 2 weeks after the launch of Chapter 1 – Prometheus, Binemon has recorded over 300,000 sold Eggs, 24,100 active wallets and over 1.1 million transactions made on DRK Chain. These astounding figures display the massive potential of a new business that is on track to become the second unicorn in the field of “play-to-earn”.

In the 3rd day of Binemon’s AMA event, the team shared an “acquisition agreement between and Binemon” event with the community. The acquisition decision seemed to be made based on their desire to obtain the technologies that is providing, such as: Cross-chain, Anonymous Smart Contract, DEX, SWAP V2, Farming, Staking, Lending, etc. to combine with NFT Game and create a whole new concept: #GameFi (Finance Game).

The enormous advantages for Binemon after acquiring DRK Exchange is a Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange, which means all transactions and user information are stored and processed on the smart contracts – DRK Chain’s smart contracts are more specific. This operating mechanism enables the “decentralization” movement advantages such as no registration and KYC required, nearly zero transaction fee, fast trading/deposit/withdrawal TX, always secured and anonymous.

Over 1 week before the acquisition was announced, trading volume and Total Value Locked (TVL) of had significantly increased (more than 2.5 million Dollars) to meet the liquidity demand from the “play-to-earn’ game in the coming time. The goal of the Binemon team, through this acquisition of, an all-in-one DeFi product that assembles all essential features to be seen in the DeFi movement, is to help their players get familiar with the crypto world and hence, optimize their profit. Meanwhile, Binemon will be enabled to diversify its business portfolio in the future.

In Conclusion is indeed still not a big name in the industry, but through their functioning products and the upsurge of NFT Game, this combination is sustaining Binemon in its long journey well-prepared.

In no time, Binemon will release their PVP game mode with many exciting features, displayed in brilliant internet meme-inspired 3D graphics and is promised to be one of the prominent NFT Game in the market.

Social links

Telegram Group:

Telegram Channel:


Media contact

Company: Binemon

Contact Name: Chris Neilson

E-mail: [email protected]


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Adepoju Olaoluwa Itunu a fitness enthusiast: Inspiration for the young generation

Ludhiana, Punjab, 5 Aug 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Shocking news about Adepoju Olaoluwa Itunu

On Monday 26/07/2021

A recent update was received about the international level swimmer and heavyweight lifter Adepoju Olaoluwa iTunu

The prince is said to not be able to participate in any sport till further notice reason says prince adepoju olaoluwa itunu  is currently undergoing some serious medical attention  which is as a result of the accident he has in his knee and also some bone issues in his finger  

Prince adepoju olaoluwa itunu hasn’t comment or say anything regarding his accident, recently everyone has been curious why he wasn’t seen in the Tokyo Olympics and he has given a single comment about that, according to sources it was said in an interview with a Novel company called Ukiyoto during his interview he Made mention of himself appearing in the Asia games and now with this new news I think he won’t be participating

Adepoju olaoluwa itunu is an award-winning author which has achieved many miles in the whole of novels his latest novel is said to hit an estimated sale of 3.3 million and he made it on top of the billboards all over the country  

Not just that he is said to be one of the most romantic novelists and recently it was noticed he released a pop song called When you left

Adepoju olaoluwa itunu is a multi-talented humanitarian in our recent interview it was Said that the top novel writing company Dreame gave a full-time author contract to him with including a lot of benefits which is said to be higher than 6000$+, he is also said to be releasing at least 2 novels including a novel of the song WHEN YOU LEFT he released

A philanthropist, an active social worker, businessman, contemporary romance novelist, author, model, fitness freak, songwriter, and singer, Adepoju Olaoluwa Itunu has led and excelled in all the fields he has stepped on. His achievements at the mere age of 23 have made many mouths speechless and amazed.

He is a fitness enthusiast who is inspiring the young generation to lead a fit and disciplined life, making him the CEO of Fitness Emperor and Ola Educonsult ( A firm ensuring the realization of students yearn to access education globally). He wants to lead by example and show the youth that fitness and health are fundamental to a person’s mental, spiritual, and financial growth, and he is surely doing so. He is a sports lover who has a passion for sports, international swimming, and weightlifting.

This award-winning author proved that his contemporary romance novels are bestsellers and gain a large audience. His novelties offer passion, hope, observation, research, and expression of his personal life which connects emotionally and hits straight to heart. He has traveled to more than ten countries to get the idea of love. To date, he has published ten novels; and was nominated as the best author of the year in the world of literature. 

Though he is said to have a company and many other sources of income it is still so sad that he isnot going to be participating in the Asia games anymore which he has earnestly trained for, for so many years we wish him a quick recovery

send your wishes to him on Instagram @alex_olaoluwa

Media Contact
Company Name :- AOEC PR
Email Id :- [email protected]
Company Website :-

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Pure Cashmere Legwarmers A Must Have.Back to School Collection Launch.

Cashmere Boutique, an online vendor of cashmere products, has announced the launch of their updated selection of cashmere Leg warmers. Since the company was founded in 1999, they have provided over 250,000 customers with a wide variety of high-quality cashmere products.

More information is available at

The launch of the updated apparel catalog brings customers a selection of soft, warm, and durable warmers. These are a must have for Back To School. The company’s pure cashmere apparel is made exclusively from grade-A material, which is 14-15.5 microns in diameter.

Regular wool is composed of heavy, bulky fibers. Over time, the added weight of wool products is burdensome, and they lack the breathability of finer materials.

In contrast, cashmere products protect the wearer from the elements without weighing them down. Sourced from Capra Hircus goats that live in frigid conditions above 14,000 feet, cashmere is lightweight, warm, comfortable, and breathable.

These Leg warmers are available in several colors, including black, Camel, Crimson, Vanilla, Espresso and Charcoal.

These are one size fit all and can be worn inside boots, along with dresses and under pants.

Cashmere Boutique offers affordable prices for Top Quality product.

Cashmere boutique kept its prices low by getting rid of many mid channels. They have their own factory in Nepal. Also they sell exclusively online and do not have any physical stores. They got rid of the wholesale mark up, the cost of a brick and mortar store, salesmen commission and passed all those savings to our customers.

Those who prefer to shop through Amazon can browse Cashmere Boutique’s leg warmers at

Rated Amazon’s Choice.

A satisfied customer said: “Well worth the money. Regular acrylic legwarmers either itch or they don’t work.

My lower legs are always cold, but never with these on! And so soft!”

Cashmere Boutique
Cashmere Boutique

109 Huyler Landing Road

United States

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2021’s Best Side Hustle Ideas for Women, Moms & Students in New Quiz Chatbot exciting website launch features a cutting edge chatbot quiz to match moms, dads, students, and retirees with the best side hustle for their situation. This service is free for all website visitors. It is reported that the launch will take place on August 2, 2021.

In a space where most competitors simply add a page to their website and fail to cause much of a stir, has opted to be and do a little more, for exponentially better results for its audience.

Zena Homily, founder at, says: “We wanted to make stand out from the rest of the work from home (or anywhere you want) websites. We believe our quiz bot does an incredible job of matching moms, dads, students, and retirees with the best side hustle for their situation. More and more these days, website visitors are searching for quality information delivered through the best interactive experience.”

The site offers worthwhile recommendations for anyone who needs to make extra money. The goal is to connect people with the most profitable side hustle they’re looking for. As Zena says, “It should go great unless the quiz bot decides to take a vacation!” has always thrived on the idea of standing out and making waves. It’s all part of the fun and it’s going to actually take into account your experience, working time available, and income needs, which is better than other websites that have no visitor interaction. The unique quiz is just one of the many ways stands out from the pack as a go-to source for side hustle income recommendations.

When asked about the best side hustle quiz, Zena Homily said: “We think it’s going to be a real hit because people need to find make money from home solutions and this connects them with opportunities that work.”’s personalized side job recommendations for moms, dads, students, and retirees gives people individualized direction they need to get started with an easy side hustle for their situation. The service is set to ‘go live’ August 2, 2021. To find out more about the quiz chatbot and the options endorsed by itself, visit and take the quiz.

PO BOX 4832

Oro Valley
United States

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