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Not So Dark Raises $80 Million to Help Restaurants Thrive in Post-Pandemic World

Paris, France, 27th Sep 2022, (King NewsWire) Not So Dark, a Parisian food tech startup, raised $80 million in Series B funding to help restaurants thrive in the post-pandemic world. The round was led by Kharis Capital and Verlinvest, with additional participation from Conviviality Ventures. To date, Not So Dark has raised $105 million.

Compared to the average Series B in Europe of $47.3 million, this is a significantly large raise, which reflects both the current opportunity in the market as well as Not So Dark’s position in the space.

During the pandemic, Not So Dark competed with kitchens through a ghost kitchen model, but quickly shifted gears to focus on franchising their virtual delivery model to physical restaurants. This enabled smaller eateries the ability to run a mobile delivery operation from their own kitchens with a digital franchise that works in the background.

Founded in 2020, during a time when physical restaurants were struggling to survive, Not So Dark’s co-founders Clement Benoit and Alexandre Haggai saw an opportunity to help.

“Pivoting and starting from zero was a massive undertaking… but [the] future of the online delivery industry [is] in forging partnerships with traditional restaurants — not competing with them,” said Clement Benoit, co-founder of Not So Dark.

The firm uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to power its integrated data analytics platform which is responsive to price, demand, and competition changes. The company has a dedicated research and development team that continuously optimizes menus to meet market demand through original brands like Vegedal, Como Kitchen, Coquillettes, JFK Burgers, and Gaïa Pita.

Headquartered in France, the company has a portfolio of 150 partners that operate in more than 100 cities. With the fresh capital, Not So Dark plans to expand its footprint “across Europe at a very fast pace,” said Benoit.

Not So Dark claims that its franchised virtual delivery model boosts the profits of existing kitchens by over £50,000 per month with no need for additional investment, overhead, or interruption of existing kitchen activity. This is achieved by unifying all delivery platforms in a single NSD app and quick assembly of orders. The firm offers an “invisible footprint” that doesn’t require any changes to an establishment’s existing business.

In just 15 days, the Not So Dark team comes in and optimizes space for fast assembly – equipment, workflow and all. The new injection of capital will help the company expand its market leadership in France while also moving into new markets across Europe. 

With a portfolio of 9 brands, 300 virtual restaurants, and an audience of 30 million, Not So Dark has quickly become a go-to provider for high-growth companies that want a one-stop shop for their food delivery needs.

Media Contact

Organization: Not So Dark

Contact Person: Clément Benoit

Email: [email protected]


City: Paris

Country: France

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Solid Raises $63 Million To Revolutionize Embedded Finance

Buffalo, NY, United States, 27th Sep 2022, (King NewsWire)Solid, an embedded fintech platform, has raised $63 million in Series B funding to expand its product offerings and aggressively expand into new verticals. The round was led by FTV Capital, with Headline as an existing investor also participating.

With the influx of funds, Solid plans to bring its potential solutions to new markets such as travel, logistics, construction, healthcare, education, and the gig economy. Previously, the firm raised $5.7 million in a Seed round and $12 million in a Series A. It officially launched its infrastructure as a service in April 2021.

The company’s chief executive Arjun Thyagarajan commented on the round and its implications: “The company built a comprehensive fintech infrastructure from the ground up, so others don’t have to. Now, any company can quickly create bank accounts, crypto wallets, send payments, and issue cards to their end users, right in their product experience, while Solid does the heavy lifting of building and maintaining compliant fintech infrastructure.”

This sentiment was echoed by Robert Anderson, partner at FTV Capital. Anderson also joined Solid’s board of directors as part of the investment. Anderson said: “With over two decades of investing in category-defining fintechs, FTV has been closely following the rise of banking-as-a-service, or BaaS. Solid is meeting a real market need for modern fintech infrastructure, delivering a best-in-class platform that encompasses technology, compliance, and everything in between. The company’s strong financial position, explosive growth, and caliber of clients speak for themselves, and the company is delighted to back the leading fintech-as-a-service platform with unmatched leadership and a commitment to compliance, technology, and customer experience.”

This is a potential solution to what has been a long-standing problem in the financial technology space. Thyagarajan explained: “Historically, companies that wanted to launch fintech products had to piece together dozens of point solutions at enormous upfront and ongoing costs. It could take years before they had a live product.”

The company has seen tremendous growth over the past year. Thyagarajan notes that even as the broader economy contracted, their business grew rapidly, with 10x growth in revenue, customers, and transactions processed over the past 12 months.

This is likely due to the growing realization among businesses of all sorts that embedding fintech products into their existing offerings is a way to help increase user engagement and potentially drive incremental revenues.

Looking to the future, Solid’s co-founder and president, Raghav Lal, said: “With over 100 fintech programs and $2 billion in transactions processed on our infrastructure, year to date, Solid has quickly become a go-to provider for high-growth companies that want a one-stop shop for their fintech needs. The company is just getting started.”

Media Contact

Organization: Solid

Contact Person: Arjun Thyagarajan

Email: [email protected]


City: Buffalo

State: NY

Country: United States

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Dr. Elena Klimenko had already earned her MD when she sought a more well-rounded approach to treating her patients.

(NEW YORK CITY) – Dr. Elena Klimenko is passionate about helping people whenever they have questions or concerns about their health. She began her medical practice by focusing on conventional medicine, but eventually decided to offer patients additional options and treatment intervention choices for their health and wellness. That’s when she discovered the benefits of integrative medicine.

By including integrative and functional medicine practices like homeopathy, acupuncture, IV therapy, biopuncture, bio-magnetic therapy, cosmetics within her practice, doctor Klimenko develops thorough treatment plans that address each person’s illness’s root cause.

“When people feel confident and beautiful, those emotions translate into a stronger health foundation,” said Dr. Klimenko. “We aim to help each patient achieve results they find are beautiful, both internally and externally.” That’s why doctor’s procedures include using non-invasive cosmetic procedures like fillers and Botox.

Four crucial benefits of Integrative Medicine:

— It takes a multi-disciplinary approach to treatment from a person-first perspective, treating the whole patient, combining the needs of the body, mind, and spirit to deliver solutions for core health concerns.

— This process sets the foundation for improved overall health by actively addressing nutritional status, immunity, hormone imbalances, and environmental toxins.

— Each visit emphasizes the therapeutic doctor-patient relationship.

— It applies to primary or specialty care.

Dr. Klimenko then uses her experience as a traditional MD to have each treatment tailored to a patient’s unique requirements, creating a highly personalized process.

“It is essential for treatment plans to incorporate an individual’s culture and daily obligations,” said Doctor Klimenko. “We look at the various possibilities of what could interfere with certain recommendations, such as work responsibilities vs. exercise needs or spiritual dietary restrictions, to ensure we’re treating the individual at every level.”

By combining conventional and integrative medicine, Elena Klimenko offers a thorough approach to maximizing patient health and wellness outcomes.

“My goal is the same with each patient,” she said. “We work together to optimize their well being and confidence in their personal health. It could be full-term holistic care or a one-time visit – each person receives the support they need to reach their health and wellness preferences.”

Medical office of Dr. Klimenko provides support from the moment someone reaches out for assistance. “From the moment I arrived at the office until the time I left, each and every person I interacted with was personable,” wrote Erika Cline. “Dr. Klimenko is exemplary at reviewing not only test results, but [also] explaining the impacts in a digestible manner.”

More information about Dr. Elena Klimenko, including how to schedule an appointment, is available on her website.

About Dr. Elena Klimenko

As a board-certified internal medicine physician, Dr. Elena Klimenko uses her extensive experience in a community clinic, serving underserved New York communities. She also operates a private practice in Midtown Manhattan called Healthy Wealthy and Wise focusing on individual care for complex chronic illnesses and other serious illnesses. Dr. Klimenko fuses a traditional Western approach with integrative practices, enabling patients to receive a well-rounded treatment approach that may include biopuncture, IV therapy, bio-magnetic therapy, and other integrative and functional medicine methods.

Dr. Klimenko is also the author of the book How to Have Better Health: Functional Medicine 101.

Elena Klimenko, MD – Functional Medicine

280 Madison Ave #905

United States

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Woking Boiler Repair Specialist 2022 Annual Maintenance Price Report Released

Woking and Surrey Boiler care specialists, Mulgas, has released a report about affordable boiler repair services in the region. The company offers these services at prices lower than the national average amid the UK’s cost-of-living crisis in a bid to help families and property owners manage rising energy bills.

According to the new price report, more than 87% of broken-down boilers are fixed by Mulgas engineers on the first visit, and their normal repair price is 27% less expensive than the national UK average. The company states that this has been made possible by decades of experience in the field and successful collaborations with renowned boiler manufacturers like Vaillant and the Worcester Bosch Group.

According to the country’s energy regulator, UK homeowners will experience an additional 80% hike in their yearly household energy bills, which follows a record 54% increase in April. The most current price cap–the highest gas companies can charge customers per unit of energy–will take effect on October 1st, right as the colder months get underway. Recognising the growing burden on the consumer, Mulgas stresses the importance of servicing one’s boiler as soon as possible to improve the operational lifespan of all makes and models of boilers and home heating systems.

Mulgas repair and maintenance offers advantages like access to licenced engineers, user-friendly appliances, the availability of spare parts, and annual CO2 savings of about 1,300 kg.

Owner David Murphy began his career in 1980 as a British Gas apprentice engineer. He earned his certification as a heating engineer in 1983. A promotion to technician came very quickly after, and he remained employed with British Gas for many years in various capacities before Mulgas was founded. David continues to work directly on the front lines and imparts his vast experience to the current Mulgas engineers.

A spokesperson for the company said, “It’s important you have your boiler serviced annually not only because the boiler manufacturers recommend this but for safety and efficiency reasons also. Faults can develop slowly with your system or boiler and doesn’t always result in a complete and sudden breakdown. A service would usually identify this issue before it becomes a large costly one.”

Interested parties can read more about Mulgas Boiler Care Specialists at

Mulgas Ltd

9D Manor Way

United Kingdom

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SP2S Launches “Quit Smoking Campaign” To Raise Awareness About The Hazards of Tobacco Use In Indonesia

The three innovative founders pledged to raise awareness of tobacco use through a healthy movement.

Malaysia, 27th Sep 2022, King NewsWire, The brand SP2S has been aligned with the awareness movement on tobacco use in Indonesia. Founded by three great founders, Alvin Yeo, Nicholas Wong, and Alex Lew, they decided to join in this healthy movement to eliminate more smoke quitters in the nation.

The story begins with a notable hardship journey along the way such as limited movements, shipping delays, and limitations in online marketing. But the hardship leaves great consequences when all their partners are stocked consistently with them within a short period of

For more information, please visit

According to research, tobacco use in Indonesia is strictly high with 57 million of their people involved in this unhealthy movement. In deeper insight, 63% of men and 5% of women were calculated as smokers and that is 34% of the whole nation’s population. This huge figure is the motivation for these founders to raise more awareness movement in the country.

The founders said, “Our aim is to advocate a healthier lifestyle by stopping tobacco use with alternative methods that we offer. Other than that, our aim is to provide knowledge to smokers to put their minds away from tobacco addiction. With this, we can reduce the addiction rate not only in Indonesia but also in the Southeast Asian region.”

For more information, please visit

Other than that, they also pledged to enhance the methods of stopping tobacco use with innovative products. It is one of the ways to stop and push the movement to the next level. The founders positively said that the only motivation that pushes them further is the objective of
making the world a better whole again. The world will be better without tobacco use and towards the more greener environment in the future.

They’re aiming to expand their business internationally as their domestic market has been stabilized. In the alignment of raising awareness of tobacco use in Indonesia, they are able to increase the movement and believe it will bring more benefits to the smokers. Through massive market research in Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam, the founders pledged to raise more efforts 
and awareness to stop tobacco use globally.

For more information, please visit

The efforts made by them were joining the awareness organized by the community of quit smokers itself. The event was to build a wide network of the same movement that the brand’s objective. That is the key planning of expanding the markets to USA and UAE to name a few.

Despite all obstacles, the founders managed to overcome them and create great milestones throughout the years. One of their biggest achievements was gaining the certification of quality from ROHS and CE. It is one of their innovative product that reduces tobacco use for the citizens.

Among the best awards, they had in collections are Enterprise Legal Advice for Corporate Partner, Recognised Online Platform Certification, Exhibitor Honourable Certificates, and Top 10 Flavour Awards in Indonesia.

For more information, please visit






Media Contact

Organization: SP2s

Contact Person: Media Relation

Email: [email protected]


Country: Malaysia

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Google Ad Grants Application | Chamber Of Commerce Marketing Strategy Launched

The recently enhanced service has been designed to help local Chambers of Commerce take advantage of Google’s advertising credit grants for promoting non-profit and educational content online.

More information is available at

With the recent move, Center For Innovation & Marketing offers guidance to clients to create content specifically designed to meet Google’s requirements for gaining advertising credits.

While a local Chamber Of Commerce can provide a wide range of networking and cross-selling possibilities for organizations, the feasibility of each is dependent on its membership base. Finding innovative ways to attract new members is a cornerstone for achieving long-term growth. Center For Innovation & Marketing allows clients access vital marketing funding with their Google Ad Grant marketing strategies.

As the most used search engine in the world, Google offers a proven way for any organization to increase its exposure and visibility online. The company’s AdSense grant service helps organizations leverage the Google effect, helping them promote their educational content without paying advertising costs normally associated with using the platform for website visibility purposes.

Center For Innovation & Marketing explains that a local Chamber of Commerce can access these grants by developing non-profit content that educates and coaches businesses. This content can be produced in various formats, including blogs, articles, webinars, podcasts, and online courses.

The educational content can also be presented in the form of events and workshops, which also offers an opportunity for Chamber of Commerce groups to keep members up-to-date with their future networking events. By using Google Ad Grants, these organizations can also increase their membership base while also cross-selling their products, services, and training.

The Center For Innovation & Marketing educates its clients on the requirements they need to adhere to when applying for Google Grants, while also helping them receive continual funding by remaining compliant.

When speaking of the service, a spokesperson for the company said, “We help companies become purpose-driven organizations and can secure grants in 60-90 days.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting

Eezee Media UK
[email protected]
8 Poppy Way
8 Poppy Way
United Kingdom

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Val Vista Lakes Invisalign For Misaligned Teeth Clear Aligner Treatment Launched

When left untreated, crooked teeth can become more than just an aesthetic concern since they can also lead to significant dental issues like tooth crowding. With the latest treatment, the staff at Snow Family Dentistry can now fit patients with Invisalign clear aligners to straighten their teeth.

More details are available at

Straight teeth are associated with enhanced dental hygiene and good gut health. Patients seeking to straighten their teeth and lower their risk of chipped or cracked teeth in the Mesa, Arizona area now have access to a proven treatment option.

Before the treatment commences, a member of the dental team determines whether a patient’s issue is appropriate for the Invisalign treatment. Soon after, the patient is given a diagnosis, information on the design procedure, and a price estimate.

Snow Family Dentistry constructs the aligners to suit the patient, and since they don’t include any sharp metals, there is no risk of inflammation, which is sometimes associated with metal braces. With the help of customized clear aligners, the patient’s teeth are straightened predictably. Transparent and removable, they provide the patient with greater convenience. Invisalign can help with sleep apnea as well

Invisalign is recommended to patients seeking to address gaps or significant spacing between their teeth. The clear aligner can also resolve overbite and crowding, underbite, and other dental issues. According to the Snow Family Dentistry team, clear aligners are the gold standard for the treatment of misaligned teeth, although they are not recommended for smokers, small children, and the elderly.

About Snow Family Dentistry

Snow Family Dentistry is a dental practice based in Mesa, Arizona, and led by Dr. Dallin Snow. In addition to emergency treatment and family dentistry, the practice offers restorative, preventative, and cosmetic dental services.

A satisfied patient said: “I am so happy I found Snow Family Dentistry. The staff makes you feel so welcomed right when you walk in the door and their hospitality and customer service is the best I’ve ever experienced at any medical or dental practice.”

Interested parties can find more information at

Snow Family Dentistry

4540 E Baseline Rd # 110

United States

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Premier Garage Cabinet Company Expands to Manatee, Charlotte, and Lee Counties

Premier Garage Experience, a custom garage cabinet manufacturer and organizing company, just announced its expansion into Manatee, Charlotte, and Lee counties. In a recent interview, Daniel Comparetto, the Premier Garage Experience’s CEO, said, “we are seeing an increase in demand on the Suncoast, and we’re getting calls from all the way down in Naples asking us if we’d design a new garage for their home.”

With expansion into those new counties, Premier Garage Experience has opened a new warehouse and office in Venice in order to satisfy the supply chain issues that most companies are seeing, especially as our winter residents’ demand increases. Daniel and his wife Kayla, both former Marines, are training new installers to make sure they can fulfill the demand that is assuredly going to increase in the coming months.

Another reason for the expansion is that Premier Garage Experience has become the exclusive Florida distributor of Gerhart Slatwall Storage Systems and is now retailing and installing these unique garage wall storage systems along with epoxy floors, ceiling racks, and custom garage organization cabinets. These new systems totally change the functionality and usability of a garage while making every garage safe by removing the clutter of garden tools and sports equipment that pose a safety hazard in a garage.

In a recent interview, Daniel also said that “when we create a 3D design right in the customer’s home, it exceeds their expectations. They can envision what their new garage is going to look like right on our iPad.” He went on to say that ” It’s no secret that accidents often happen in garages. Most people use their garages to store items like sharp tools, chemical products, and household clutter, and the chances for cuts, bruises, and slips are accelerated when there is no safe way to store all those things away.”

Premier Garage Experience has become a one-stop shop for all garage organization needs and continues to supply extraordinary products, services, and designs. For an in-home custom three-dimensional design or to get a copy of their upcoming “2023 guide titled “7 Mistakes to Avoid When Organizing Your Garage,” you can call (941) 499-8265 or visit their website

Premier Garage Experience is a licensed, bonded, and insured company with offices in Parrish and Venice, Florida.

The Premier Garage Experience
[email protected]
1255 U.S. 41 Bypass
Unit 3
United States

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World Humanitarian Drive “Trilateral Global Summit” A Success!

WHD Trilateral Global Summit

“Trilateral Global Summit 2022” was held successfully in London

Participating Leaders predict “India to be the next Trade Capital of the World by 2035”

London, United Kingdom Sep 27, 2022 ( – Dr. Abdul Basit Syed FRSA, Inaugurated the third edition of the “Trilateral Global Summit – 2022” in London from September 13th – 15th, to promote the idea of “Trade 4 Peace.”

Globally 43 country leaders spoke at the “Trilateral Global Summit.” Sessions were held at the prestigious venues of Lancaster Gate and the Royal Society of Arts in London.

Trilateral Global Summit” focused on promoting the integration of the global economy and businesses as a pathway for peace, by inviting global leaders, dignified royalties, and prominent speakers from 43 countries consisting of Former Heads of State, Finance Ministers, Bank CEOs, Policy Makers, Journalists, Corporate Heads, and Business Leaders.

Many world leaders and visionaries from various fields gave a stunning speeches about their vision to Capitalise on the opportunities of investments, trade, banking, global policy, and other sectors connecting it with humanitarian values.

The summit was organized by Dr. Abdul Basit Syed FRSA, a world-renowned British Indian social activist, and entrepreneur. He is a global influencer, campaigning for peace, unity, and equality by navigating constantly interacting with global leaders, dignitaries, and scholars in over 50 countries to create a positive global impact by being the Founder Chairman of an International NGO “World Humanitarian Drive (WHD)” which currently has active humanitarian support volunteers and operations in 12 countries. He has consistently campaigned for Peace, Education, and Trade harmony initiatives around the world.

Keynote Speakers include:

HE Anthony Carmona, 5th President of Trinidad and Tobago

HE Erna Hennicot-Schoepges, 1st Female President of Luxembourg Parliament

Hon. Gareth Thomas, Shadow Trade Minister of the UK

Hon. Gunnar N. Lindemann MdA, Member of Parliament Germany

Hon. Paul Clark, Former Under-Secretary of State for Transport UK

Dr. Andrew Nevin, Partner & Chief Economist, PWC Nigeria

Dr. Raghavan Seetharaman, CEO of Doha Bank, Qatar

The leaders who spoke at the summit were passionately focused on the development of Trade & Investment with other countries through the WHD platform of Trade 4 Peace and expressed their prediction for India to be the next Trade Capital of the World by 2035.

The “Trilateral Global summit primarily focused on enhancing “Trade 4 Peace” (T4P), an imperative initiation by Dr. Abdul Basit Syed’s founded International NGO “WHD” to build trade harmony by breaking down Silos of trade by innovating opportunities for establishing interdisciplinary approach effectively. By proficiently leveraging the multilateral trading system and security to develop a fair-trade cycle to strengthen our world economy and peace.

Dr. Abdul Basit Syed conveyed his avid interest to the eminent guests in exploring future investment opportunities in the UK, India, Africa, and the middle east is of prominent interest to strengthen the global economy for peace.

The summit sessions were held for three days and all the participating leaders observed a minute of silence to show their respect to Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and by extending their thoughts of condolences to the British Royal Family on the Queen’s passing at the spectacular event.

Prominent Awards were presented to various global dignitaries by HE Anthony Carmona, 5th President of Trinidad and Tobago, and HE Erna Hennicot-Schoepges, 1st Female President of Luxembourg Parliament, for the recipient’s contributions in various fields.

HE Erna Hennicot-Schoepges and HE Anthony Carmona released the first copy of the “World Trade Order” book written by Dr. Abdul Basit Syed FRSA.

The summit concluded with the innovation of peaceful ideas as a mission with spectacular Art, fashion show, dance, and music festival performed by world-renowned artists to coincide with London Fashion Week. Viva Andrada O’Flynn of Love Viva Cakes and Crafts made delicious desserts for the guests.

Global leaders congratulated Dr. Abdul Basit Syed for organizing this summit with a clear vision and ambition to promote Peace in the world through trade.

Connect with World Humanitarian Drive:







Email: [email protected]

WHD Chairman Dr Abdul Basit Syed with Mr Eugene Ankomah WHD Secretary General UKWHD Malaysian DelegatesWHD poster

Media Contact

World Humanitarian Drive

[email protected]

Source :World Humanitarian Drive

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Switzerland-based Food Manufacturer “Active Food” Selects BatchMaster ERP

Neuchatel, Switzerland Sep 27, 2022 ( – The two-year-long pandemic was a period of immense business disruption. Switzerland-based food manufacturer Active Food responded to these business challenges by rethinking its business methods and supply chain. In the middle of 2020, they set out on the quest to find a future-proof ERP Software that could streamline their operations, optimize their processes and redesign their workflows. Their search came to a fruitful conclusion after a call with the executives at BatchMaster.

Active Food was previously using SAP Business One on SQL, which was not fulfilling the entirety of its present-day business needs. They started searching for a software suite with MPS/MRP functionalities along with batch production, formulation, new product development, quality control, and production planning capabilities. After scouting for almost two years, Active Food eventually found a BatchMaster Manufacturing’s add-on with SAP Business One, which was the perfect fit.

Along with the primary requirements listed above, Active Food was also looking for some industry-specific functionalities for its health supplement and nutraceutical operations. Which, BatchMaster Manufacturing with SAP Business One is equipped with APS (Advanced Planning and scheduling) for downtime management, sampling management, and NC/CAPA. The company’s requirement for multiple language support (mainly French) was also fulfilled by BatchMaster.

After much deliberation on the issue of inventory, Active Food opted to implement BatchMaster WMS (Warehouse Management System), which will enable them to trace the movement of stock using barcodes and assist in the process of labelling. BatchMaster’s Managing Director, Mr. Sanjay Panjwani said, “We are ecstatic that clients from the European region are showing their trust in our product. We are looking forward to this association with Active Food and are sure that our consultants and implementation team will meet their expectations.”

About Active Food

Set up in the foothills of Switzerland’s Jura Mountains, Active Food focuses on food supplements, nutraceticals, and nutricosmetic products. Working hard to develop exclusive formulae with a research department that works at the cutting edge of innovation, Active Food provides tailored services with manufacturing capabilities that range from test batches to large-scale production.

About BatchMaster Software

BatchMaster Software is one of the market leaders in offering enterprise software solutions for the process manufacturing industries. Through a vast industry experience with over 2500 implementations worldwide, BatchMaster clearly understands the unique industry challenges and offers ERP solutions that support industry-specific functionalities, and handle critical processes of the micro-verticals. BatchMaster empowers organizations to streamline their operations, reduce wastage, bring down costs, increase profits, improve compliance and manage safety to keep their customers happy and satisfied.

Media Contact

BatchMaster Software Pvt. Ltd.

[email protected]


Brilliant Solitaire Plot 6-AOffice 201-A to 204-BScheme 78, Part-II

Source :BatchMaster Software Pvt. Ltd.

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