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FX Media Group’s Owner Tachelle “Shamash” Wilkes Curates Music Video to Combat Covid Depression


New York City, New York Jul 14, 2022 ( – Tachelle “Shamash” Wilkes, FX Media Group’s owner is at it again. This time, the versatile artist curated a video for the song, “Keep Holding On,” sung by former Voice contestant, Maiya Sykes who was on team Pharrell back in 2014.

Tachelle acknowledges that every time she hears the song it sets a fire of hope in her – allowing her to garner new strength while uplifting her spirits. It was to this end that Tachelle decided to produce an accompanying music video with confidence that it will touch many people in the same way.

Tachelle’s thoughtful act is deserving of praise and commendation. The world is still healing and slowly recovering from the adverse effects of Covid-19. With the pandemic forcing many people to be isolated from loved ones for extended periods of time and abandoning many of their old routines – depression can easily set in. The music video is Tachelle’s contribution to helping people cope with depression, and it can be seen on the website of FX Media Group via the following link –

It is important to mention that FX Media Group is focused on leveling the playing field for women’s representation in TV, film, streaming platforms, and entertainment with a BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) focus. “Each project we create entertains and takes us one step closer to not only healing ourselves but the planet. This newly curated music video is not an exception,” Tachelle enthused.

She continued, “I just happened to stumble upon Maiya’s song on Soundstripe a few months ago and I was drawn in by its positive and inspirational lyrics and felt right off that this song deserves a music video, so I created one.” A combination of good tunes with excellent visuals can be very therapeutic. Music has been described as a natural antidepressant because it aids the release of serotonin and dopamine in the brain. These hormones ultimately lead to heightened feelings of happiness and well-being.

“Look, we all have been through so much these past few years and any and every little bit of happiness and inspiration can enlighten us to move forward with our lives in a positive direction. I do hope you would lend a hand to help combat Covid depression out there by taking care of yourself and checking on people in your circle when you can. Self-care and community are key components to battling depression. Together we can make the world a better and happier place for all of us. Do check out my music video, and don’t forget to send it to those you know will benefit from seeing it. They will be glad you did.” Tachelle also expressed, “Please don’t be afraid to get help, talk to a friend or family member when feeling depressed, and definitely seek out a therapist if needed.

About Tachelle “Shamash” Wilkes

Tachelle has worked as a set teacher with kid actors on TV shows, films, and projects such as; Grammy & Golden Globe winner & Oscar-nominated The Greatest Showman, Manifest, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The Met Opera House, The Blacklist, Orange is the New Black, God Friended Me, Hulu’s Wutang: An American Saga, CBS/Paramount Plus’s Evil, HBO’s City on a Hill, New Amsterdam, NBC’s Life, Nicole Kidman’s The Undoing on HBO, Jennifer Lopez’s Marry Me, 50 Cent’s Power Book III: Raising Kanan and many others.

To know more about Tachelle and FX Media Group, visit –

LogoTachelle 3

Media Contact

FX Media Group

[email protected]

Source :FX Media Group

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Miami startup seeks to bring their one of a kind, ‘nutritious and delicious dog treats to Florida and beyond

A Paw

A Paw’s Nation explodes into the high-end pet treat market with premium macarons explicitly designed for dogs

Miami, Florida Jul 14, 2022 ( – One Florida startup is looking to make the lives of dogs everywhere a little bit sweeter with their new endeavor; handmade dog macarons.

All told, creating a quality macaron specifically for dogs that is both healthy and delicious took over 2,000 tries and two years before the recipe was finalized.

But as their growing client base will attest, the finished product was worth every attempt as A Paw’s Nation has quickly grown from a family-inspired pet project into a rapidly expanding business.

“I guess you could say it all started in my grandpa’s kitchen years ago,” said A Paw’s Nation founder Renaud Untereiner. “I remember one time working in the kitchen with my grandfather during the holidays making cookies. See, he had two passions, one was cooking, but the other was dogs. When I went to make the biscuits, they distracted me, and the recipe didn’t come out quite right, and they all had this little foot attached to them.

“With A Paw’s Nation, I drew from that memory and those two passions that drove him to create macarons that dogs love.”

Behind the sweet canine, treats is a desire to let dogs share in an occasional sweet indulgence with their owners.

“I wanted to let them have that same experience, but in their own way,” Untereiner said. “That meant creating these treats with organic human-grade ingredients. We then take those ingredients and make each macaron by hand, ensuring each macaron that we sell is crafted to the highest of quality standards.”

And of course, the quality of food, for humans of their four-legged friends alike, depends entirely upon the person crafting the food, and for Untereiner, finding the best person to create his one-of-a-kind treats was paramount in launching A Paw’s Nation.

He found that perfect partner with chef Mathieu Hamon, who has worked tirelessly with Untereiner to launch the company.

“The same care and attention to detail I offer my best clients can also be found in these macarons,” Hamon said. “We knew from the get-go we wanted to offer the best for our four-legged friends and I take goal to heart.”

Creating the unique product, Untereiner said, takes both science and the best of French pastry tradition.

“Hamon was an amazing chef to work with to develop these macarons, and together we dug into everything we could learn about dog-friendly ingredients, nutrition, and potential allergy concerns and created a recipe that is puppy approved and healthy, sophisticated, and fun.”

As part of creating those high-quality, organic treats, both Hamon and Untereiner are proud to support domestic producers.

“Every one of our ingredients is from right here in the U.S.,” Untereiner said. “We get flour from an established environmentally responsible farm in Texas, and our syrup comes from the same people in Wisconsin that drive forest management and wildlife habitat regeneration. I love that we can, with something as simple as a dog treat, help support so many other hard-working American entrepreneurs.”

The company has a wide range of flavor options, including fresh mint, mango, peanut butter and jelly, raspberry, sans-chocolate, and strawberry.

“For those that aren’t sure which flavor might suit their furry friend the best, we offer convenient packages that include three of the flavor options,” Untereiner said.

Initially offering their product at local farmers’ markets and venues, he said the brand had seen accelerated growth with the recent launch of an online store.

Currently, the store ships to Florida, New York, California, Arizona, Oregon, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina, but Untereiner said the expansion to all of the U.S. is expected soon.

“It’s exhilarating to see the rapid growth and humbling as well,” Untereiner said. “We knew early on we had a small base of loyal followers, but to now see and hear from dog lovers across the U.S. that their dog loves these treats and our commitment to quality and sustainability is tremendously rewarding.”

For more about A Paw’s Nation, visit

A Paw

Media Contact

Renaud Untereiner,, Founder A Paw’s Nation

[email protected]

(786) 562-2525

5600 NW 7th Ave. Miami, FL 33127

Source :A Paw’s Nation

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The 127 Yard Sale Celebrates 35th Anniversary

website slideshow for 2022 35th Anniversary

Also known as “The World’s Longest Yard Sale” this unique event has been drawing hundreds of thousands of people (shoppers/vendors) each year since 1987.

    Chattanooga, Tennessee Jul 14, 2022 ( –

  • The route stretches across 6 states (Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama) from Gadsden, AL in the south to Addison, MI in the north.
  • Rain or shine, the 127 Yard Sale is held annually and has never been canceled–not once!
  • This year the 127 Yard Sale will be held on August 4th-7th, 2022.

Since 1987… Delivering That Nostalgic Experience People Crave

In 1987 there were no smartphones and most people didn’t even know what a cell phone was. Paper maps were used to navigate trips. No thank you! Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon didn’t yet exist–no posting pictures of your best finds for your friends to see online. How did anyone survive? Technology has come a long way since 1987.

But what hasn’t changed is what makes the 127 Yard Sale such a memorable pastime. Getting up early with your friends or loved ones and hitting the road, not sure what hidden treasure you might find along the way. The interesting people you meet. The delicious food is cooked fresh at a local diner or old-time general store. Some things you can’t fully describe with words, but the happy feelings you are left with after experiencing the 127 Yard Sale will never be forgotten.

Rain Doesn’t Stop 127 Yard Sale Shoppers and Vendors

The 127 Yard Sale always goes on rain or shine. Rain is very common in August, especially in the southern portions of the route in Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama. However, rain clouds are typically scattered and showers are brief so if vendors are forced to close they will reopen as soon as possible. Keep in mind that forecasts often change drastically in just a day or two as well.

“Every year people ask me how rain will affect the 127 Yard Sale? I tell them, it won’t! It’s always going to rain somewhere on the expansive 690-mile route, but the vendors are prepared and ready to handle it. Worst case scenario you take a break and get a bite to eat and then get right back to shopping.”

– Josh Randall (Director of Media Relations for

127 yard sale lee station pikeville tn

Media Contact

Josh Randall (Director of Media Relations for

[email protected]

10372 Brockdell Rd


This article was originally published by IssueWire. Read the original article here.

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TopFlightsNow Highlights The Advantage of Flight Cashback over Airline Miles

FlightsCashback TopFlightsNow

Las Vegas, Nevada Jul 14, 2022 ( – Each year millions of travelers save on their expenses via the different airline miles programs offered all around the US. However, it’s always better when consumers get a choice between different services. explores just this, in their latest publication about flight cashback.

What is a flight cashback?

A flight cashback is a simple dollar value a traveler gets back after each booking. A good cashback program is one that needs no dedicated credit card or other commitment.

TopFlightsNow highlights that a program like this gives more freedom to customers. They are not locked into an airline’s or an airline alliance’s routes only. This fact gives travelers more choice and a better chance to actually find cheap tickets.

They also stress that a good flight cashback program offers more than just airline tickets. A good program lets customers get cash back on hotels and rental cars as well.

Flight cashback programs can range from 5% to 10% of cashback on traveler’s purchases.

How is cashback different from airline miles?

TopFlightsNow states that the main difference is the currency. In the case of a cash back, it’s simply USD. People taking advantage of the cashback program receive money for their money spent. They in turn can spend their cashback any way they want. Even on non-travel expenses.

Airline miles are generally tied to one airline or one alliance. TopFlightsNow mentions that this limits the things travelers can spend airline miles on. They also lock users in a system where it’s encouraged to pick a certain airline to receive further rewards.

Of course, generally speaking, users get a bit more via airline miles since it’s in the best interest of airlines to keep customers buying their own seats.

There is also another aspect of airline miles as TopFlightsNow makes a note: travelers usually get other perks than just points. They can receive free baggage or priority boarding if they have an airline credit card.

When it comes to cost real cashback programs and airline mile programs both come with a yearly fee. They are actually similar in cost.

Travelers can combine rewards for more saving

The main highlight of TopFlightsNow is that travelers can actually combine this real cashback with other rewards. As the cashback program is not tied to anything users will get a cashback on all bookings.

When booking a trip they can usually enter their airline loyalty number or get cash back on their credit card as they would normally do for all purchases.
Customers can even activate their loyalty discount when booking a hotel on the most popular booking sites. When everything is combined, travelers can save up to 10-15% of their total cost.

Media Contact


[email protected]

Source :TopFlightsNow

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Printronix Announces First Industrial Grade Color Laser Printers of its Highly Anticipated Portfolio Expansion.

Printronix Industrial Laser Printers

California, United States Jul 14, 2022 ( – Printronix, the leading global manufacturer of ruggedized industrial printing solutions, today announced the launch in the Americas and later this year in EMEA of two Printronix Industrial grade laser printers. The LP654C is the world’s smallest industrial grade Letter/A4 color printer ready to perform at high-speed, high-quality full color. The device prints 35 ppm and can manage media weight up to 256gsm, and up to 52″/1.32m in length. The LP654C’s innovative Space Saving Technology includes full front access, allowing the printer to fit and operate in a very tight space, only requiring 1″ space around the sides.

The new tabloid/A3 color printer is the LP844C with the smallest footprint and capable of printing speed up to 36 ppm. In addition to standard paper, both printers will work on a variety of specialty media like magnetic media, synthetic paper, in or outdoor quality label stock with media weight up to 256gsm and up to 12″ x 52″/1.32m in length.

For 48 Years Printronix has been the Leader in Industrial Printing Solutions with Award-winning High-Speed Line Matrix and Serial Dot Matrix printers.

Rich Egert, General Manager of Printronix Laser Printer Solutions, adds: “The launch of these new industrial grade laser printers marks the next step in Printronix’s mission to provide its global customers a one-stop-shop for all industrial printing needs. Developed with a focus on high reliability and built with the extensive use of high-quality components in place of plastic, make these are the most robust printers in their class. Separate toners and long-life drums enable a high duty cycle and maximum use of consumables ensuring the printers keep printing and printing, making it ideal for our industrial customers requiring high volume printing and high-quality color coverage.”

Mr. Egert adds: “Our industrial customers around the globe are using the Printronix equipment in mission-critical applications and therefore are demanding as much equipment uptime as possible. All our industrial-grade laser printers will come with a standard, 1-year, on-site manufacturer’s warranty, with the option to purchase extended warranty agreements that extend coverage up to five years in total. Customers purchasing extended warranty agreements will also benefit from our ‘Service Performance Guarantee’ (if we cannot fix it, we replace it!) and the Printronix Fleetcare Industrial Managed Print Service Solution (IMPS). Printronix is the only printer manufacturer in the world offering this Service Performance Guarantee.”

Printronix is adding these new products to support our professional Industrial customers and make sure that all their devices are performing efficiently and are providing maximized uptime at the best-in-class total cost of ownership. These printers will be ideal for industrial applications in need of color at high speed with high quality such as invoices, color-coded picking tickets, GHS Labels, hazardous material forms, and magnetic media for warehouse shelf labels, etc. Our industrial customers are in retail, manufacturing, food, beverage, transportation, and logistics they have been asking us for many years for these solutions and with these printers, we are ready to serve them.

To view the complete Printronix series and request more information, visit

About Printronix

Printronix was founded in 1974 and headquartered in Irvine, California. A manufacturer of industrial printing solutions, offering the most-trusted selection of ultra-dependable printers, supplies, and services for demanding environments. The company offers two of the most trusted brands in industrial printing, Printronix and TallyGenicom, which are well known throughout manufacturing, distribution, retail, food & beverage, banking, government, and other enterprises across the globe. The combined portfolios include the highest quality line matrix and serial dot matrix printers and are reinforced with the addition of the Printronix Industrial Laser Printers.

In October 2021, Acacia Research Corporation (“Acacia”) acquired Printronix. Acacia is a publicly traded corporation (Nasdaq: ACTG), that acquires undervalued businesses with a primary focus on mature technology, life sciences, industrial and certain financial services segments, and pursues opportunities for value creation.

For additional information, visit


Facebook: PrintronixPrinters

Printronix press contact:

Arthur Verweij

[email protected]

Media Contact


[email protected]

7700 Irvine Center Drive

Source :Printronix

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Millennials Drink the Most Wine

Steven Zoernack

Steven Zoernack: Wine, Vineyards and Wineries

Mendoza, Argentina Jul 14, 2022 ( – By Steven Zoernack

If you hear the word “millennial” up against the word “drinking” it might conjure up visuals of craft beer in frat parties, or perhaps underground speakeasies with handcrafted infusions and artisanal bitters. But, in actuality, a recent study by the Wine Market Council suggests that millennials (defined in the study as those being born between 1980 and 1995) drink a total of 42% of the country’s wine.

When broken down into generations, this number is astounding compared to the 30% of the wine in the U.S. that baby boomers drank in their time, and only 20% of the wine was consumed by Generation X. Studies also showed that “high-frequency drinkers”, or drinkers who consumed alcohol several times a week, millennials drank 3.1 glasses per sitting, more than any other generation. When broken down into gender rather than age group, women made up two-thirds of those frequent-wine drinkers. Amongst the millennial generation, that number was closer to 50% of a split.

According to Steven Zoernack, the average millennial spent $20 a bottle. Amongst all other generations, that number was just 10%. Millennials, ever the hippest generation, not only spend more dollars per bottle on average, but they are buying wines from more obscure places like Oregon, Chile, and Greece over California standards that were so popular with the baby boomers. California has been the most popular location for wine for some time, but millennials may be shifting that tide.

A study also showed that in 2014 44% of drinkers aged 21 to 27 years old have never tried the beer brand Budweiser. In the year 1992, a study on young drinkers showed that 70% of young drinkers drank beer, in 2013 on 40% of that same age group drank beer, and the interest in wine and liquor consumption amongst the age group had shot up in that same time period. What’s more, the beer that those young consumers do drink is all from smaller craft distilleries rather than the big names of Anheuser-Bush, MillerCoors, and Heineken.

In 2013 a study showed that an estimated 297 million cases of wine were consumed in the U.S. alone. A 1.6% rise from 2012. That made wine consumption grow for the 20th consecutive year, and that dramatic trend has continued since. In fact, in the 2013 study, baby boomers were still the largest wine consumers in us at 43% of the consumption, and millennials at only 24%. That’s quite a jump in wine drinkers in just a few years, showing the groundswell of youthful wine drinkers has not only continued but accelerated. 28% of millennials reported drinking wine on a regular basis, compared to 19% of their older counterparts. And a full 50% of millennials reported having talked about wine on Facebook at least once.

“One wonders what the Gen Xer’s have been up to, as many of their wine drinking stats can compare with that of the generation before the boomers, of those 67+ years in age”, says Steven Zoernack. “Also as Generation X gets more into their 40’s, we are seeing a rise in wine consumption there as well”.

Steven Zoernack: Wine, Vineyards, and Wineries

Media Contact

Steven Zoernack


(941) 9097370

1990 Main Street Sarasota Florida 34236

Source :Alliance

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Magic: On The Road To Becoming a Unicorn Tech Startup

Inspired by their own work challenges Magic founders developed a service that does tasks for you

San Francisco, California Jul 15, 2022 ( – Magic is a flexible, on-demand workforce solution that’s shaking up how businesses outsource tasks. It’s powered by vetted, college-educated remote workers experienced in admin, sales, marketing, and customer support best practices. A fully remote Y Combinator and Sequoia Capital-backed startup, Magic can source, screen, and qualify virtual assistants to help scale business operations. For more information, visit today.


Magic Inc. is continuously growing as an on-demand virtual assistant service that’s transforming how outsourcing works for both individuals and businesses. It works to become a unicorn tech startup with a global product that allows people to get things done quickly.

Back in 2015, Magic founders established Pluslabs, a blood pressure monitoring company. This led them to tech startup accelerator Y Combinator where founder Paul Graham challenged them to provide a solution to a problem that they face instead.

Inspired by their long to-do lists and inadequate time to get work done, they came up with a service that handles everything for you with just a text message–like magic! “People shouldn’t have to spend their time figuring out the details of getting the things they want,” CEO Mike Chen explained, “[Magic] is kind of like you had a friend, or assistant or family member you can go to and say ‘Hey, I need this’ and then it’s done.”

Chen had the website up and running which they shared on Facebook. A hundred Magicians were hired to operate the text-based personal concierge service. Magic Concierge rapidly gained traction on Product Hunt and Hacker News that, within two weeks, it became the talk of Silicon Valley.

Six months later, Magic was able to raise venture capital and expand its operations to facilitate the growing demands of clients. President Aaron Kemmer shared, “We think the early product was kind of like JARVIS–it’s AI that isn’t there yet powered by people. But, that’s much harder to deliver at a scale that a lot of people can afford.”

Since then, Magic’s growth shifted to providing dedicated assistants to businesses as low as $10/hour. Today, the startup has served more than 1.2 million virtual assistant hours in different industries such as internet software, media, healthcare, renewable energy, and real estate.

Magic Assistants are college-educated remote workers sourced and screened by Magic to help businesses easily fill in work gaps and boost productivity. VanNess Agency owner and Magic client Vanessa Hansen remarked, “It wasn’t [just] the quick turnaround, [but] the quality of the person that you found for me, too.”

All clients need to do is book a discovery call to get started. For businesses looking to have a remote team, there are also Magic Teams that take away the hassles of hiring. Magic can assemble a team of virtual assistants to remotely handle operations. At a flexible price, businesses can adjust their team size according to their needs.

On the road to becoming a unicorn tech startup, Kemmer envisions their products, Magic Assistants and Magic Teams, to become the default platform for businesses looking to scale and remote workers looking for a flexible gig. The thriving startup also aims to provide more business roles to outsource and expand its virtual assistant service outside of the United States. Let Magic grow with you and make headway with the developments in the on-demand workforce and talent acquisition.

Magics growth shifted to providing dedicated assistants to businesses at just 10hourMagic aims to expand its virtual assistant services with more roles to offer outside the US

Media Contact

Magic, Inc.

[email protected]

San Francisco, California

Source :Magic

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Brandstory Launched A Premium Digital Marketing Services in Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates Jul 15, 2022 ( – For emerging start-ups and tech enthusiasts, we offer digital marketing, SEO, and website development services.

Brandstory has announced the launch of its new office in Dubai to serve both D2C and B2B brands. This new branch will help brands from Dubai enhance their digital presence through sensible investment across digital channels and platforms by leveraging the edge of digital marketing agency in dubai

In order to achieve exponential growth for businesses and professionals, Brandstory uses a unique and strategic approach. Everything is possible with just a click in this era of technology. A professional brand manager should look out for Brandstory as his or her business ally. Along with their consumers, they intend to achieve great heights with the help of an efficient team of skilled professionals.

Brandstory: To make a difference in the digital world.

A PR agency in Dubai like Brandstory is skilled at slaying this game as a digital marketing agency in Dubai has become a significant part of the success of a business or service. Their team consists of highly skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable individuals. Brandstory has every medium to stand as a factotum for their clients, but maintaining the same efficacy and command becomes difficult with high-pitch duties.

For the best service possible, they have a specialized team of experts. To provide the ultimate results of SEO activities, their certified Google SEO consultants bring creative and innovative ideas to the table. Our technical team is well versed in analyzing, optimizing, researching, and tracking digital data. As the leading PR agency in Dubai, Brandstory stands out from the competition. Depending on the needs of their clients, they offer local, national, e-commerce, and app store optimization services.

The emergence of digitalization is at its peak, and companies need to hire a separate website developer to ensure their digital story is as seamless as possible. Brandstory offers its best services in Dubai for Web design, so you are never left behind.

They provide a variety of website development services, such as:

– On-demand customized and personalized web design in Dubai

– Distinctive and Static websites

– Corporate web designs

– Responsive web designing

– WordPress web designs

– Redesigning

By building user-friendly websites for their clients, Brandstory competently connects producers with their audiences. Among their services are Responsive Website Design, UI UX Design, Mobile App Web Design, Static Website Design, Dynamic Website Design, WordPress Design, E-Commerce Website Design, Landing Page Designs for e-mail and ad campaigns, and Designs for Website Applications. Hire their web design dubai services, including domain registration, web design, hosting, SEO, website maintenance, e-commerce, portals, and content management systems.

About Brandstory

Whether you are looking for effective, efficient, or impactful digital marketing strategies, Brandstory is the epicenter of digital utilities for your company. Their services are top-notch and very affordable. In Dubai, they are the best digital marketing, SEO, website development, and social media marketing companies.

With its team of skilled professionals and technical experts, Brandstory has ruled the marketing world since its inception. In order to deliver exclusive services, they understand their clients’ and target audience’s needs.

A trusted digital marketing agency in Dubai, Brandstory, constructs an excellent online identity for established and emerging startups to transform the identity of a brand. Professionals can benefit from Brandstory as it has had a vital contribution to digital marketing, and they have uplifted the zone with its power of innovation and execution.

Media Contact


[email protected]

G5, Al Meheri Plaza, opp DBC Building, Al Khabaisi Area, Deira Dubai – 81577, United Arab Emirates

Source :Brandstory

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Immotor Technology Completes over $28 Million Series C Financing, and will Deploy Portable Energy Storage Equipment


Shenzhen, Guangdong Jul 15, 2022 ( – Recently, Immotor Technology Co. Ltd, a leading green energy technology company announced it has raised $28 million in series C financing. The round was led by Utrust fund, followed by PTT Public Company Limited, PIVL(group member of PETRONAS), and Hyperchain Technology, with participation from existing investors PKSHA SPARX Algorithm Fund and Uone Capital.

This new funding will be mainly used for innovative technology R&D, new product development, international/domestic market expansion, and building city energy networks. In addition to the energy swapping business expansion, new consumer energy storage products will be launched for global consumers, including portable power stations, home energy storage, etc.

“Based on the experience of light power battery research and development and battery swapping services, Immotor Technology is now running multiple product lines,” said Daniel Huang, founder of Immotor. “With the help of two new investors, PTT and PETRONAS, Immotor is actively exploring the Southeast Asian market. The first phase of cooperation products with PTT have been delivered in 2021 and received a warm response in Thailand. The second phase of products is to be delivered on a large scale within this year. This series of products can help us lay a solid foundation in developing the market of e-scooters battery services globally. “

“We want to use our technology, products, and channel advantages to do more things in the field of light new energy, from clean energy, photovoltaics, energy storage, battery charging and swapping, portable power station, and other sub-sectors, and provide all-round energy application experience and services for global users.” It is reported that the Immotor consumer energy products series will be online in the third quarter of 2022.

Regarding the scheme of IPO, Daniel Huang responded, “Immotor Technology is open-minded for the capital market and will disclose it to the public in proper time.”

Source :Immotor

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India’s most celebrated Actress Padmini Kolhapure, is set to receive award at the City of Angels Women’s Film Festival

2021 City of Angels Womens Film Fest

Mega Blockbuster Actress from PREM ROG, Padmini Kolhapure set to receive Angel Award Sept 4th at City of Angels Women’s Film Festival Red-Carpet Awards Gala.

Los Angeles, California Jul 15, 2022 ( – City of Angels Women’s Film Festival is proud to announce that one of India’s most celebrated actresses, Padmini Kolhapure will be receiving an Angel Award on Sept 4th for inspiration to women in the film industry, for her extraordinary work as an actress. Ms. Kolhapure will be flying in from her native India to receive the award at the Annual Red-Carpet Awards Gala at Bella Blanca in Los Angeles, California.

Padmini Kolhapure’s career spans decades as she began her acting career at the young age of seven. She was catapulted to fame with the mega-hit blockbuster PREM ROG when she was discovered by the iconic director, Raj Kapoor (whom she continued to make films with)also V Shantaram, B. R Chopra, Rajkumar Santoshi, and many stalwarts from the industry, and went on to star in other hugely successful films such as SATYAM SHIVAM SUNDARAM, PREM ROG, WOH SAAT DIN, PYAAR JHUKTA NAHIN recently PHATA POSTER NIKLA HERO and a web series DIL BEKARAAR with yet another popular Director Habib Faisal, just to name a few and continues to win audiences hearts with her natural flair on screen.

Ms. Kolhapure has received numerous awards and Filmfare awards for her remarkable acting. The beautiful actress is also a renowned and gifted singer and in fact, comes from a musical family of renowned singers of national importance in India. She is the niece of legendary singers Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle.

Tickets for the City of Angels Women’s Film Festival Red-Carpet Awards Gala are available on Eventbrite today. We hope you will join us in honoring Ms. Kolhapure.

Padmini Kolhapure

City of Angels Women’s Film Fest

Actress Talk show host Brenda Mejia attends 2021 City of Angels Womens Film FestPadmini KolhapurePadmini KolhapurePadmini Kolhapure

Media Contact

GTK PR Talent Agency, LLC

[email protected]


220 E Bonita unit 111San Dimas CA 91773

Source :City of Angels Women’s Film Fest

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